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A week ago my local urologist found a nodule on my prostate, I have had an enlarged prostate for years, and I am taking Flomax. Also last week my PSA level was 4.89,I haven't had a PSA since 2013, but it is normally in the three level over five years ago

48 year old male, recently had psa tested. Results were psa total 1.40, psa free 0.1, psa %free 7.1%. Any reason for concern given low psa %free?

52 male w/rapidly elevated psa, poor free psa test, dre that shows thickening upper right quadrant with nodule. Will docs sedate for biopsy if rqstd?

79 yr old father psa 6.1 biopsy showed gleason 3+4 prostatic carcinoma, otherwise in perfect health condition, what would the treatment options be?

95 yr old grandfather has enlarged prostate and PSA 30 (since 7 months) - does this definitely mean cancer (and mets) or could it be something else?

A psa 6.9 is biopsy needed?

After 2 months of prostrate cancer ochidectomy is it ok to put on weight and travel? Last psa score was 30 which came down from 95 in a month.

After 3 yeras of a prostate braquiterapy, the value of PSA is 2.980 ng/ml is it normal? Now I fail in sex consumation because My pénis is nota hard en

After a prostate biopsy that showes no cancer. Can i recieve testosterone injections. That my psa is 300?

After age 65 how often should one get a prostate exam and PSA test done?

Age 69.5 I have had a psa of up to 8.6. Antibiotics lower it to 6.5. Also have bhp+. Do i need a biopsy?

Answer plz my dad has two masses in urinary bladder 3.9 x 3cm dr has recommended biopsy i'm so worried?

are doctors trained in prostate milking or they just realize how to do it vs prostate massage. Does there always need to be medical evidence for it?

Are pelvic floor exercises bad for the prostate? I read that increasing blood flow to the prostate isn't a good idea! is this true.My prostate is enl.

Are psa tests for men over 75 necessary?

Are there any less traumatic and invasive alternatives to prostate biopsy in response to a high psa, such as MRI of the prostate?

Are there proven ways to maintain prostate health (I'm 30)? Anything I can be doing now (other than screenings) to pre-empt prostate problems later?

Ask a health question... Having prostate cancer that is large, will doing kegal exercises cause more damage if it produces a pain?

Ask a health question...What is best treatment for prostate gleason 9?

At what age should a man get a prostate check-up?

Avodart keeps PSA low. So how would the PSA test help somebody diagnose prostate cancer if the med keeps the number low?

Can a doctor determine the difference in cancer and prostitis by a prostate exam?

Can a man be sexually active during the period that he is undergoing treatments for prostate cancer?

Can a man have prostate cancer with no pain symptoms? A cyscoscspy showed no cancer fragment but still scared got told chronic prostatitis for sure

Can a primary care doctor diagnose you with prostate cancer based on a psa test that shows elevated psa?

Can a psa of 6.5 be an indication of prostate cancer or can it be simply an infection, my father in law has this but is being left for a month.

Can C4 level indicate cancer?

Can hard prostate be caused due to BPH. the US G says homogeneous echo texture ?

Can hemorrhoids cause a higher PSA count?

Can masturbating daily raise my psa ti 11.4 no cancer has been found on biopsy.

Can masturbating daily raise my psa to 11.4 no cancer has been found on biopsy.

Can my previous prostate cancer surgery have anything to do with my recent acute gout diagnosis?

Can orchitis cause raised psa?

Can prostate scars caused by a biopsy evolve into prostate cancer? Is there research to confirm / deny?

Can you please tell me which is the top course of action if you have prostate cancer?

Can you run a fever a week after a prostate biopsy?

Cardiac n sugar patient, under treatment for BPH, PSA upto 3 yrs ago was normal. Now PSA-100. Whether biopsy is advisable n future course of action.

Cause in 53yo male of: psa 4.7, psa:free psa ratio 8.9%, mri shows bullish mass on prostate. Urologist says all is ok. Should I get a second opinion?

Could I get some information on treatment for fising PSA (my level is know 1.49)?

Could prostate cancer appear in your bloodworm? does having a swollen or enlarged prostate automatically indicate cancer?

Dad had prostate removed in 2004. Psa rose in 2013 prompting radiation. First psa after treatment .05. Docs want it at 0.00. Should he be worried?

Dad had Prostcanc10 yrs remove Prostate, PSA -0. Recent surgery PSA inc from 3-6..remove lymph nodes in pelvic area R/L-no canc.test neg PSA Incr. ?

Dear Doctors I am 43 y.o, 3 years ago my PSA was 4.8 and now it is 6.7, with a free PSA ratio of 4, How concerned should I be of Prostrate Cancer?

Diagnosed with azoospermia-noa with fsh(24.3), testosterone-165, free-3.31, small testicles(each 3cc). Suggest needle biopsy or tese or mtese? Age-30

Do I need a prostate biopsy if my psa is 2.4 and I am 65 yr old?

Do men have to wear condoms after having a prostate biopsy?

Do men with a higher prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level have a worse prostate cancer prognosis?

Does a high psa score mean cancer?

Does a psa level of 8.5 indicate prostate cancer?

Does an inactive prostate cause health problems?

Does finasteride for enlarged prostate really cause depression at high rates?

Does hormone therapy for prostate cancer cause loss of muscle mass?

Does hormone therapy for prostate cancer cause mental confusion?

Does Lupron (leuprolide) for treatment of prostate cancer, also stop the formation of seminal liquid.

Does the level 10 psa indicates a malignant prostate growth for sure ?

Dr i had a testicular microlithasis.When i asked my urologist he said don't worry it is a deposit of calcium.Some says it is a cancer please clearify it?

During my annuall physical, my g.P. Only took blood psa, for the prostate...Isnt a prostate exam (the finger) recommended?

Enlarged prostate of 42 grams.DRE find it hard.P.S.A 4.51.age 56 .. should we worry prostate cancer ?

Enlarged prostates new vescular tretment -how safe is it?

Father has prostate cancer. Spreded on outer prostate.did test to see if in bladder and it wasn't. Bone scan next if not found in bladder can it ther?

Fatherinlaw found out last wk prostate cancer in pelvic glands, bladder, stage 4. How much time does he have only took one set of hormone shots so far?

For 6 I've had prostate issues even had biopsy at 39 PSA was 3.9 test was neg. The last two years PSA .7 with free PSA 26%. Still symptomatic some days worse than others. Worried Drs missed cancer.

For a 65 year old male, what is the normal psa value?

For several years my PSA test has been increasing. Recent prostrate biopsy was negative. What else cause increased PSA?

Friend has prostatectomy 5 years ago and now psa risen slowly to .4radiation for 8-10 weeks advised but should he first stop testosterone?

Good evening, pt with prostate cancer & TURP done for him in 2010 & now on hormonal therapy but the tpsa level increased > 70. Why? What to do? Thanks

Had radical prostactemy, PSA level that has been 0.8 in last 2 readings. Doing hormone treatment, should I do radiation as well or diet changes?

Had radium seeds for prostate cancer 3yrs ago still have a Foley due to enlarged prostate would a tur help to get rid of cath or any other way ?

Has anyone ordered screen for prostate cancer using the new pca3 gene test?

Have stage 1 prostrate cancer with psa 7.6. Have considered calypso radiation or should I wait for it to higher into sage 2. Psa was 5.6 in juy 2011 and jumped to 7.6 in dec. 2011. Have been told by some to let it go higher before doing anything and oth

Hello, My PSA went up to a 5, recommended prostate biopsy. The result was negative. Should be concerned? Thanks!

Hello. I am a male 42. What is your advice with regards to prostate screening for someone my age?

Hi I am 56years old and I have prostate problem for ten years in last 6 months PSA my blood increas from 4 to 8.5. I use Tamsulosin Hexal 0.4mg ,&Fina?

Hi just been told by consultant that I have an enlarged prostate but due to my age44 does not want to administer drugs but did not explain why?

High creatine 600, have 3strokes, and prostate enlargement, any possible solution?

High psa 9.0 biopsy negative .What now?

High psa level, and enlarged prostate does that mean cancer?

How can I ease my anxiety about a female doctor doing a prostate exam?

How can I get better orgasms after having my prostate removed from having cancer. Post 5 years?

How can I self check that I am suffering from prostrate cancer?

How far along are they finding new tests for prostate cancer?

How frequently should prostate biopsy be done?

How high would DHT need to be for it to be treated? In general would it be ok to treat a abnormal DHT even if a digital prostate exam was normal?

How long after a needle biopsy until psa levels settle back to"normal" if you need another psa test? Thanks JC

How long after a prostate biopsy should blood be leaking out?

How long after having a prostate biopsy should I be seeing blood in my semen?

How long does the prostate specific antigen take?

How long should I wait after having a prostate biopsy before having another psa test?

How many days I should abstain bicycling to do psa?

How many grams of prostate is in mormal range in men, my age is 36?

How often should a man with advanced prostate cancer have imaging studies and what studies should be included?

How regularly should you check your gleason score for prostate cancer?

How safe is a prostate biopsi I've been advised to have a prostate biopsi, how safe are they

How soon can I try sex after prostate cancer surgery?

How would i know if I have raynauds? Are there different "degrees" of it? I do have psa.

How would prostate carcinoma be managed 5 years after orchidectomy if the psa level has increased?

Husband age 61 has PSA of 5.8. His younger brother just diagnosed with prostate cancer and having surgery. Is level 5.8 ok or need follow-up?

Husband is 40 and has a 3.1 prostate level withb psa test. Doc will retest in 6 months she says its high. Should we see a urologist before then ?

I had a biopsy half the prostate is benign cyst the other half is cancer gleason 9 can I have a pvp to open the urethra up ?

I am 34 , has had frequency of urination intermittently, thoracic pain at night, CBC , bmp blood normal, could I have bone mets from prostate cancer?