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A year ago i was treated for cervical mild precancer cells . What are chances its back? I've been experiencing pain during and after sex with bleeding

Anxiety will cause an increase in cervical mucus, is that true?

Anyone ever have cervical dysplasia due to HPV and had it go to fatal cancer?

Are cervical adenopathy and cervical adentints the same thing?! they keep diagnosing me with differnt things!

Are there any good vitamins that treat dysplasia and prevent cervical cancer?

Are there any noticible symptims for cervical cancer?

Are there malignant cells in the semen of a man with multiple myeloma? If so can this be dangerous for a woman with a history of cervical dysplasia?

Are there supplements to fight cervical dysplasia?

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Can cervical cancer stage 1a be misdiagnosed? Like a 'false positive'?

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Can doctors induce coma to stop advanced cervical cancer?

Can i get cervical cancer in within a year of my leep for severe dysplasia?

Can invasive cervical resorption be caused by leukemia?

Can mild cervical dysplasia come back as cancer when they do a biopsy?

Can my migraine be linked to a cervical cyst that i have?

Can pinworm infestation lead to complications such as cervical cancer?

Can someone tell me how long will the cervical cancer jab ache for?

Can undiagnosed cervical cancer cause infertility if treated to late?

Can vagina infection lead to cervical cancer?

Can you describe the initial signs of cervical cancer?

Can you get a kidney infection from a cervical biopsy?

Can you please discuss the of the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Can you please lay out the primary symptoms of cervical cancer?

Can you tell me if possibility of cervical cancer would cervix be unusually hard?

Cervical cancer examination can tear hymen?

Cervical ectropion due to be treated by laser; symptoms much worse - bleeding daily & abundantly, not related to intercourse. Potential other disease?

Cin 2 please explain, all i heard was cervical cancer n zoned out from shock. What is it, is it curable?

Could cervical cancer symptom include hardened cervix and possible a growth?

Could my bloody urine be caused by cervical cancer?

Could pain during intercourse indicate cervical cancer? If I have pain during intercourse, could this be an indication of cervical cancer? .

Could pain during intercourse indicate cervical cancer? If I have pain during intercourse, could this be an indication of cervical cancer? .

Could you tell me what happens if my cervical cancer has not gone after treatment?

Could you tell me what happens when you are diagnosed with cervical cancer?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with cervical lymphadenopathy?

Do lots of people get cervical myelopathy, or is it unusual?

Do you necessarily have to go through chemotherapy if you have vaginal cancer?

Does anyone have recurrent cervical lesions?

Does level II cervical node is at the upper part or lower part of the cervical?

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Help please! is cervical cancer fatal if undiagnosed until symptoms show?

How can cervical cancer be diagnosed and treated today and in the 90s?

How can I make my cervical dysplacia go away?

How can poor hygiene contribute to increase risk for vulvar and cervical cancer if no infections, no itching, no tenderness?

How common is it for cervical cancer to come back after a cone biopsy?

How common is it for somebody to get cervical lymphadenopathy?

How did I get mild dysplasia and is it curAble an Why am I bleeding so much .

How do you get diagnosed with cervical cancer?

How does pneumonia cause cervical lymphadenophaties?

How far can cervical cance progress in three years?

How fast can an abnormal pap transform into cervical cancer, how long does one typically have before this happens?

How is a cervical laceration treated?

How is cervical cancer diagnosed and treated?

How is cervical cancer treated? What are the common treatments for cervical cancer? Will I have to get a hysterectomy?

How is cervical cancer typically treated?

How long does it take for severe dysplasia to progress to cervical cancer if not all abnormal cells are found and removed?

How long does it take to die from either cervical or uterine cancer with no treatment whatsoever?

How long does it usually take for moderate cervical dysplasia to turn into cancer?

How many percentage i can get cancer cervical due to doctor found a abnormal cells in my cervical ?

How often does one bleed in cervical cancer. I was diagnosed with hpv last yr but w/ squamous metaplasia. I have brwn discharge but comes out 1-2 time?

How to differentiate pid, cyst, infections, uti, cervical cancer?

I am have a lot of pain in my cervix I am at risk for cervical cancer and i haven't been checked since august 2012 what should I do?

I had a cervial biopsy and my results said that i had ordinary condyloma and chronic cervicits. What is the treatment so i can be fully healthy?

I had a cervical biopsy 2 weeks ago they seen a white spot and I have a lot of vaginal pain and excessive discharge could I have cervical cancer ?

I had a radical hysterectomy 25 years ago due to cervical cancer. I am having a brown discharge. What could be causing this?

I have a question let me know uterine cervical cancer 1, 2, 3, 4 stage treatment ?

I have a stage 1-2 cervical cancer, how would they treat it?

I have mild cervical dysplasia. What should I do to help my body fight it off along with the HPV?

I heard that if you have bad menstrual cramps you may have cervical cancer. True or not?

I was wondering what are the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer?

I'm a survivor of cervical cancer is it true that a pap cannot be done if you have BV ? I'm concerned due to symptoms

I'm most worried about cervical cancer. What exactly are the symptoms?

I'm wondering why are cervical cancer symptoms so confusing?

I'm worried I have cervical cancer. What are the symptoms?

I've been diagnosed with severe cervical dysplasia. Will I be able to have sex again?

If cervical dysplasia is present long enough will it turn into cancer?

If I have residual cervical cancer, is there a way to take care of it without hysterectomy?

If I thought I may have aids or even cervical cancer how would I no? What's early symptoms?

If my biopsy came back with severe dysplasia level 3, does it mean that I have cervical cancer?

If the woman was diagnosis with HPV cervical dsyplasia would it be in mouth also or just the cervix. Due to no symptoms in her mouth.

If you have cancer of the vaginal canal, will smoking worsen it?

In cases of cervical cancer, where is the pain in the vagina typically situated?

Is a cervical biopsy a bad sign?

Is B12 deficiency caused by cervical cancer?

Is bleeding after sex a definite sign for cervical cancer.

Is cervical erosion a symptom of pcos?

Is having more than one period a month a sign of cervical cancer?

Is invasive cervical cancer visible in a pelvic exam?

Is it likely that hpv16 infection progresses to cervical cancer in 1 yr. if she takes immune-suppressing-allergy medicine for just a month?

Is it possible that not having a period to be a sign of cervical cancer?

Is it possible that the cervical tumor will be removed? My mother in law has stage 3b cervical ca

Is it possible that with bloody discharge could indicate that I have cervical cancer?

Is it possible to have cervical cancer for months without having any severe symptoms?

Is it true that a cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (cin1) can be related to nutritional deficiencies?

Is it true that HPV or cervical cancer considered a genitourinary disease?

Is it unusual to get cervical cancer?

My doctor just found a lesion on my cervix that indicated squamous cell L cervical cancer what will they do? Does clindamycin vaginal cream help???

My husband has cancer in his throat and neck ..diagnosis is hpv16.. Should I see a gyn? Does that indicate I have the hpv16 cancer as well?