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 how will my doctor know if I have stomach cancer?

Are hunger pains a sign of stomach cancer?

Black stool and abdominal pain for a few days now. could it be symptomatic of stomach cancer, colon cancer, ulcer? I am a worried

Can 15 year olds have stomach cancer ?

Can a doctor tell if I have a tumor in my stomach just through palpation?

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Can a gastric sleeve cause colon cancer?

Can a GI doctor detect cancer in your pancreas while doing a scope for something else?

Can a person have a stomach or intestinal cancer that only causes pain during and after eating? If so, why?

Can an abdominal ultrasound visualise the stomach itself? Like if there is stomach cancer

Can antacids cause stomach cancer?

Can carcinomas or sarcomas of the colon, esophageal, stomach cause a fever?

Can coffee help gallbladder cancer?

Can eating kimchi cause gastric cancer?

Can gastritis cause cancer?

Can I have cancer of esophagus if i'm vomiting blood ( black) every morning?

Can kimchi cause gastric cancer?

Can metastic colon cancer cause fever ,nausea and vomiting ?

Can pancreatic cancer cause a burning sensation in the stomach?

Can sushi cause stomach cancer?

Can you tell if there are any differences in stomach ulcers and cancer symptoms?

Can you tell me anything bout cancer.?

Can you tell me is alcoholism increased after stomach cancer where the stomach is removed?

Can you tell me is inflammation of stomach a symptom of stomach cancer ?

Carcinomas (colon, esophageal, stomach cancers) cause a fever?

Could a 17 yr old get cancer in the esophagus, stomach, or colon ?

Could a GI doctor detect pancreatic cancer while doing a scope?

Could gastritis cause stomach cancer?

Could I have stomach cancer? What are the tests for it?

Could lying down with a laptop on my stomach give me bladder cancer?

Could my friend have stomach cancer?

Could pancreatic/stomach cancer be rare?

Could you tell me what are the symptoms of stomach cancer?

Could you tell me what happens after colon cancer gets into the stomach lining?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with stomach cancer?

Do you always get a mass in stomach with oeasophogus cancer?

Do you think it could be obvious if you had stomach cancer?

Does metastic colon cancer cause vomitting and fever?

Does pancreatic cancer cause severe acid reflux? Or only stomach cancer causes it?

Does stomach cancer skip a generation?

Does stomach cancer throb?

Gastric pain in pit stomach flatulence stool is foamy&hapns often.Did chemotherapy&radiation 4 cervix cancer in january.Plz help?

Has a child ever gotten stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer?

Have you ever heard of gist cancer? It's supposed to be some stomach or intestinal cancer?

Help please! could colon cancer cause abdominal burning sensation?

Help please? What are the symptoms of stomach cancer?

Hi could you tell me if you have stomach distention with ovarian cancer u are able to suck your stomach in or would it not be possible?

How are GI cancers diagnosed?

How can pancreatic cancer affect digestion?

How can I eat well during cancer treatment if nausea?

How can I prevent GI cancer?

How can I tell if I have cancer or an ulcer.?

How can you tell if stomach cancer is spreading?

How common a symptom of colon cancer is stomach pain? Im scared of stomach and colon cancer I heard stomach cancer is really rare please shed some light

How could i know i had stomach cancer?

How could i know if I have a stomach cancer?

How do doctors treat stomach cancer?

How do I know if I have stomach cancer or an ulcer?

How do people get gastro intestinal cancer?

How do they test for stomach liver or bladder cancer's.

How do you get stomach cancer?

How do you prevent stomach cancer?

How does a person eat after surgery for stomach cancer?

How does cancer affect the stomach?

How does pancreatic cancer cause indigestion/ heartburn?

How does stomach cancer effect the body?

How is stomach cancer diagnosed?

How is stomach cancer diagnosed?

How likely is it for stomach leadings to stomach cancer?

How long can you have to have gastritis for to be at serious risk for stomach cancer?

How much of the stomach is removed in people who have stomach cancer?

How often does intestinal metaplasia of the stomach turn into stock stomach cancer? What are the numbers?

How to check for a stomach or colon cancer? Is the only sure way to get endoscopy?

How to tell if I have stomach cancer?

How typical is it for a 13 year old to get stomach cancer?

I have stomach cancer, how many years I will live?

I am 34 years old and I have the symptoms of ovarian cancer except for bloating, my stomach is flat and i feel no lumps. Do I have ovarian cancer?

I have hypochondria bad im 22 and last few weeks all I can think I have is stomach or colon cancer because of slight abdominal pain should I worry about those cancers?

I have nausea everyday. Could it be cancer?

I have stomach cancer maybe, what to do?

I have stomach issues, scared I have stomach cancer. I've had upper gi-clear & a CT scan of abdomen- was clear- what r chances I have stomach cancer?

I have stomach.Pains on and off im 22 don't drink or smoke what is liklihood its stomach cancer?

I have symptoms of stomach cancer?

I n afraid i m in stomach cancer ??!?

I think I might have stomach cancer. What should I be on the lookout for?

I want to put away my fears of stomach cancer so can someone give me a estimated percentage of stomach cancer occurrence in their 20s?

I was wondering is alcoholism increased after stomach cancer where the stomach is removed?

I'm 23 yr old having stomach pain, gas, inflammation, and bowel problems. My grandmother had colon cancer. Can i test for cancer this early?

I've been diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia. Will I get stomach cancer eventually?

If I have stomach aches or similar to indigestion or colon cancer symptoms, how can I tell?

If someone had pancreatic cancer, will pepto or maalox be effective for stomach pain?

Interested to know how does stomach cancer kill you?

Is antral gastritis serious problem? Is this starting stage of ulcer? Is any chance there to cause cancer?

Is her2 treatment recommended for stomach or gastric cancer? Pros and cons?

Is it possible for 18 year olds to have stomach cancer ?

Is it possible for a 14 year old to get colon cancer? Or stomach cancer.

Is it possible for a 14 year old to have stomach cancer ?

Is it possible to have a big stomach from lung cancer?

Is loose stool a rare cause of stomach cancer and how rare is stomach cancer in my 20s?

Is loss of appetite in 22 yr old common symptom of stomach or colon cancer?