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Friends dad has liver cancer that has spread into the blood and reached his brain and is halucinating constantly will he survive ?

I used diatomaceous earth yesterday and my mother with lung cancer is breathing heavy in spurts ?

kidney cancer. This ruptured during op to remove. would this have spread cancer cells? He has tumours now and a little in hip bone. Prognosis?

15y/o friend diagnosed with osteosarcoma in the left tibia. She started chemo today. What is her prognosis? Thanks :)

1st my Mama had a stroke then 4 months later it was found out that she had gallbladder cancer which had spread to a part of her Liver what stage ?

1st stage breast cancer was removed in march, had radiation therapy(30day), now taking tamoxifen, but coughing phlegm now, can it be a transfer to lungs?

2-positive breast cancer stage 1 level 3 how much longer to live what to expect 70 years old?

29 yo. Pat. grandmother 1st diagnosis w/breast [email protected], to return x3, taking her [email protected] I've painful non-mobile lump, L brst. Odds of fam history repeating?

29 yrs. 2yrs after chemo & radiation-hogkins(VEPEMB) Dec'2013. Menopause symptoms in u/s. Hot flashes. Planning for kids. Kindly suggest best treatmen?

3 cycles of chemotherapy so far for metastic colon cancer shows therapy working , if 2 cycles are missed due to ill health , will cancer start growing agsin ?

3 mets at present small , organs all fine , bloods fine , but chemo not responding . Mets may b ablated . How long can the person live now ?

30/f. Findings on liver,lungs,brain,pancreas. Stable for 2 1/2 years. Extreme fatigue. Dr's are not helping figure out cause. Cancer? Very concerned.

43 year old woman lung cancer, how long do I have to live?

48 in the hsptl barely able to eat drink speak stage 4 trip neg bc ductal carcinoma it spread everywhere has listeriosis in her blood shell fight this she's too sick for treatment please help me?

58 Years old diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer and spread to liver with 7+cm tumor and lesions in the lung. What kind of life expectancy?

61years, 9months ago i had radi&chemo after a total hysterectomy, i had a cervical cancer, grade iii.Do i need to make checks and what checks should make?

63 year old man, liver, lymfnodes and lung cancer. What are chances for survival?

66 year old male, overweight. Had a tumor on his pancreas removed. Developed pneumonia and high fever and slipped into coma. Prognosis?

73/m surgery (last month) for stage 4 lung cancer successful This week coughing, took to the doc, cavitary lesion present, did cancer came back?

76 yr old female with stage 4 SC Lung cancer & in liver. Not on treatment. Presenting with hand shakes & skin peeling off her hands- whats happening?

78 yrd uncle has lung cancer bone mets now weakness in legs, blood transfusions 3 x pwk & referred to palliative team. How long left approx.?

80yo father diagnosed with early colon cancer. Inadequate margins, retreated. Expired 9yr later from obstruction how can I get slides to know my risk?

87 yr old dad just had partial gastrectomy for adenocarcinoma. 26 lymph nodes removed & 9 tested positive. Is there hope w/ that prognosis? What next?

92 year old woman who had adenocarcinoma 20 years ago and top lobe of lung was removed has now been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer large mass in righ u?

A 72 year old man is diagnosed with a 7cm primary tumor in his colon, which has spread to the liver. Which of?

A close friend of the family has cancer , but can't speak anymore? Is that brain mets causing it?

A family member has 4 open bleeding wounds on his penis since may 2012. Oncologist did surgery in december. New medical cream every week. No cancer.

A family member has lung ,throat,brain long does a person live for?

A family member, 56 yrs female, was diagnosed with carcinoma left breast in 2001 and underwent a masectomy. What are some ways to help her recover?

A friend of mine has stage 4 lung cancer and has spread to 2 other areas.the chemo has shrunk 2 of the 3 turmors, what should be done next?

A GrownLady is 72 years can she do a surgery for ascending colon cancer and it hasn't spread (Thank God)? Is it safe and what are the risks Thank you

A liver met of 5.2 in a colon cancer pt, does 5.2 SUV uptake mean the cancer is aggressive ? Does a higher suv mean more aggressive cancer. ?

A person survived melanoma without treatment for 20 years?

A prostate biopsy can inject bacteria into the prostate itself and possibly spread cancer cells to a location they hadn't occupied previously?

A tumour, colon, is attached to the aorta what are the treatment options, particularly if the tumour is diagnosed as cancer, but contained?

About how long can a person live with pancreatic cancer?

About how long can a person with stage four liver cancer live if they are being fed through a g-tube, diaretics and being treated for a bad infect.

About how long can someone live with metastatic breast cancer?

About how long does one stay in each stage of COPD? What does it depend on.?

Advanced metastatic liver cancer.Tumors 15cm&7.5. High liver enzymes, fatigue after 2nd chemo session., embolization not possible. Any help!

Advice? When diagnosed with terminal cancer how come some live longer than others?

Advice? Would my mom go bald due to the radiation from chemo?

After a bowel cancer chemo, it has now been more than 48hrs is it still contagious ? (1st chemo) as there a little children around. Thanks

After brain tumor is resected and going thru radiation and chemo how is it determined if the cancer is gone? Just if tumor doesn't grow back?

After chemo starts, how quickly will my mom be sick?

After I finished chemo treatment 2 years ago for breast cancer, I had port removed. For the past week, I have been feeling pain where it was removed?

After kidney tumour removal, they now suspect stray cancer cells have gone deeper into kidneys and bone marrow what are his chances, he is 69 my dad?

After neoadj Taxol, (paclitaxel)A/C,herceptin,tumor shrunk by 1/3 but pathology shows lympho vascular invasion.How is this treated? Does it mean it's in my blood?

All the types of kidney cancer requires total nephrectomy??? Or it's depending on the aggressiveness and grade and size of the cancer ??

Already found a nsclc squamous low grade tumor in one lung.. Is it possible to have a higher grade tumor or cancer type like sclc in the other lung ?

Am having 1st chemo treatment and staying 1 overnight in hospital. Does this mean I'll have chemo entering body (have port) for 24 hours?

An acquaintence of mine stopped chemotherapy due to said extreme nausea. Died seven months later. What could she have done to extend her life?

Anaplastic thyroid cance for 70 yrs old man, he made the surgery and will take radotherapy wiz chemo.I wanna know how many yrs or months he will live?

Anaplastic thyroid cancer, surgery made but before treatment he got pneumonia lung? What is the case now? Should start treatment or its the end?

And i got a letter through the post from my doctor asking if i want the cancer ovarian vaccine, could someone please advise me?What should I do?

Andreas has pancreatic cancer with no spread to nearby organs. After three rounds of chemotherapy, both oral and infusion, the tumor has shrunk from 4.8 to 2.8 cm. The tumor is not operable due to scar tissues. Is there any other option?

Any chance of curing stage 4 adenocarcinoma. Doctors are saying my father is affected with stomach cancer and spreads to underlining tissue of trunk.

Anyone gone through chemo and had normal kids later?

Approx how many mets and how big should they be to call colon cancer terminal ?

Are A549 cancer cell lines specific to the Adenocarcinoma sub-type of lung cancer, or does it mean something else?

Are multi spinocelluar ephiteliomas sign of metastasis? Thanks

Are nodules and mets the same thing in a cancer patient ?

Are oral cancers normally aggressive or non-aggressive and slow?

Are there any future risks to marrying a girl in her mid-20s who has been cancer free 6 mos (had lymphoma for 3 yrs) & possibly having kids with her?

Are there any long term stage IV neuroblastoma survivors for children over 1 year old?

Are there any susceptibilities to lipomas with gist? Other cancers in gist patients?

Are there drs. Who work on cancer patients for free? After chemo/rad destroyed my gums my teeth began chipping. I can't afford trtmnt./pymnts

Are there new treatments for bladder cancer coming to market soon?

Are there prognostic factors that are important for resected intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma?

Are tumors in the lung usually a result of metastatic cancer?

As t surgeons, would you operate on a lung carcinoid if you thought 4 liver cysts <1cm were mets?What would we do without health.Tap

Ask a doctmy husband was told in dec. That he had prostrate cancer then in feb. We were told that it was the aggressive type and he would hor for free?

Back in 2008 My sister was diagnosed with secondary peritonel cavity cancer inoperable primary was breast' how long can we have my sister please ?

Barrett's, how long before metastasis becomes dysplasia?

Been taking chemo and radition for 9 months supposed to go back to chemo but not sure she wants to go. stage 4 should she go back to chemo or ,?

Besides keep sucking out the fluid from abdomen for ascites patient, what could be a better treament? Chemo tried and failed, she has mesothelioma.

Best guess what would is the prognosis of an 87 y/o w/ metastatic bladder cancer that spread to the lung without treatment and is otherwise healthy?

Bf has testicular cancer. Nervous its choriocarcinoma. But is it possible to have choriocarcinoma tc for 2 years without knowing? Grows fast right?

Biopsy showed necrotic granduloma lung adenocarcinoma. What can I expect?

Bladder tumor pathology showed low grade, noninvasive tumor. What will treatment be? Chemo, etc?

Bowel and liver cancer, 26th session of chemotherapy 14 months on, dad feels like he has a burning marble in throat, has cancer spread to gullet, ?

Brain, liver, lung and cervical. Someone close to me has all four.. What is her chance of survival?

Breast cancer stage 2a. Last chemo on 4/7/14. In hospital, fever keeps spiking. Could cancer have spread?

Brother has mediastinal germ cell cancer with mets all over body. Just stopped chemo because not working. How long until he dies? Afp is now 31, 000.

Can 6yr boy survive stage 4 NB ? Finished treatment , then relapsed 3 months later? 2 new lesions found . Prognosis? Friend of a friend. Ty .

Can a 2cm liver cancer tumor increase to 25 cm within 2 weeks in most cases/?

Can a 80 year old man with a collapsed lung and stage 3 cancer live long on life support?

Can a 84 year old with stage 4 cervical cancer be cured and how lond does a person in stage 4 live?

Can a aortocaval node be cured / treated which has metastases ? It's 10 mm in size in a colon cancer pt where primary is removed

Can a breast cancer survivor get pregnant? My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She and i want to know how this will affect her having children, and what we can expect. What effect will the treatments have on her? Is it safe for her to h

Can a cancer patient receive chemo after having a serious case of pneumonia? Pan can stage 4.

Can a diagnosis of lung cancer which already has spread to the liver, be mistaken for something else?

Can a man have a pelvic squamous carcinoma please? If so what are the symptoms and outlook?

Can a patient stage 1 papillary thyroid cancer with BRAF mutation positive live more than 20 years ( she is 51 years old) ? Thank you very much!

Can a person be healthy with no complications but still have melanoma stage 4?

Can a person live two year that has stage 4 kidney cancer without treatment?

Can a person live up to 5 years does it make a difference if you were diagnosed stage IV colon cancer than if were stage III but now hav a liver met?

Can a person live up to 5 years with stage IV colon cancer ? 1 liver met and 1 node . Primary removed last year

Can a person survive forever with second stage of livet cancer?

Can a tumor in my bladder kill me soon or does it slowly work? Im 26 year old male ? Thx