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2 yrs ago my mother had breast cancer. She did surgery, chemo, radio, and is now on hormonal therapy. Now she has pain in her ribs. What could it be?

3 years ago i had breast cancer.Had chemotherapy was put on tamoxifen then letrozole, now have complex cyst on uterus.How likely is this to be cancer?

68y,left breast IDC in 2011,received Chemo+Radio+lumpectomy.Now,Angiosarchoma in same breast,had mastectomy.All margins are clear.Need Chemo or Radio?

8 years ago i had breast cancer and recovered from cancer, but now bone and the doctor told me that at a very early stage and gave me the pills hormo?

A friend was told to freeze her ovaries or ovarian tissue before her chemotherapy (for breast cancer), is this a common practice or still experimental?

A woman was diagnosed as breast cancer that metastasized to the peritoneum she's takin chemotherapy will it be effective she's over 70 no mastectomy.

Advanced lobular breast cancer. What is the success rate when a mastectomy, 3rd generation chemotherapy and radiation is done?

After a lumpectomy for stage 1 breast cancer, will a doctor always assign that you get radiation treatment, or does it depend on the patient?

After breast cancer a year ago , mas. Chemo and rad. My tumor numbers are 10 is that good ?

After breast cancer operation, what medications do you have to take?

After chemo for breast cancer, could anything go wrong while doing the radiation?

After having chemo and radiation for breast cancer, would your hair come in different textures?

After lumpectomy what are the best measures to practice to prevent one from having a lump or breast cancer.

Any effects of radiation for breast cancer?

Anybody have any other alternatives for breast cancer screening?

Anyone have stage 1 breast cancer with her2/neu positive er/pr negative?

Anything my friend can do for neuropathy brought on by breast cancer chemo?

Are brain metastases common among breast cancer patients?

Are root canals linked to breast cancer?

Are there any other alternatives to tamoxifen for breast cancer?

Are there negative effects of breast cancer treatment/ mammography after a year? What should I expect?

Are there others ways to treat breast cancer besides chemo?

Are there particular genes involved in breast cancer?

Are there ways to treat breast cancer besides chemo?

Been diagnosed with breast cancer, for which lumpectomy & radiation suggested. I have pmle. Will this be a problem when it comes to radiation?

Breast cancer - mastectomy and treatment after, what is the process like?

Breast cancer : how long and how much does it cost for the hormone treatment?

Breast cancer : how long and how much exposure to the pill or hormone treatment causes it?

Breast cancer chemotherapy in hepatitis b patients?

Breast cancer stage 1b with 1/3 lymph node micrometastasis at 1.9. Left breast, pt 32y. Radiation therapy controversial. Need opinions?

Breast cancer staging according TNM means what?

Breast cancer:mastectomy done;1/12 affedctes nodes; positive hormonal receiver; score0;stage 2; is there a possibility to have a breast cancer again?

Can a CT scan be wrong in metaststic breast cancer to the lung if the pt is on on chemotherapy and breast cancer was stage 2 grade 3 at diagnosis?

Can all breast cancer patients carry the brca genes?

Can Breast cancer come back after surgery , chemotherapy and radiation, after 2 month?

Can breast cancer radiation treatment cause stomach issues?

Can daily exposure to x-rays have any effect on a fibroadenoma or other breast tumor?

Can drysol lead to breast cancer?

Can gleevec (imatinib) cause a lump in the breast?

Can having a double mastectomy help stop the spread of bone cancer?

Can having your ovaries removed prevent breast cancer?

Can I exercise while taking letrozole for breast cancer?

Can I take vitamin d while on chemotherapy for breast cancer?

Can I use estrogel if i had triple negative breast cancer?

Can it be that a person be cured from stage 1 triple negative breast cancer?

Can male breast cancer reoccur in the thyroid after 8 years of mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Can photoacoustic breast imaging solve the conventional challenge in diagnosing breast cancer for patients with dense breast tissues?

Can radiation for breast cancer be used with vns implant for depression?

Can raloxifene drug used if breast cancer?

Can sleeping with electric blanket on throughout the night cause childhood leukemia, breast cancer, or other cancers?

Can taking tamoxifen for breast cancer treatment induce cancer of the uterus ?

Can the experts please talk about the newest breast cancer treatment + free or cheap for stage 4 breast cancer?

Can the hormone drugs taken after breast cancer surgery cause other cancers?

Can the intake of tamoxifen for breast cancer affect our uterus ?

Can the stage breast cancer be determined before or after surgery?

Can there be a scientific link between breast implants and cancer?

Can triple negative breast cancer recurrence be considered rare after 5 years?

Can u give me some interview questions to ask a doctor about breast cancer treatments?

Can using deodorants really cause breast cancer?

Can you have estrogen-, progesterone-, and her2/neu receptors. "triple negative" with dcis? My mom had dcis with no chemo. Can you be triple negative

Can you let me know how many months after treatment would breast cancer metastasize to other parts of the body?

Can you let me know how many of you out there have heard of inflammatory breast cancer?

Can you please suggest treatment for ER pr positive breast cancer?

Can you please tell me about the 2 main treatments for breast cancer?

Can you please tell me future treatments for breast cancer?

Can you recommend natural remedies for someone with her-2 positive breast cancer, or breast cancer in general?

Can you tell me about breast cancer, can an oncologist tell a patient how long a lump has been in their body?

Can you tell me about breast reconstruction to prevent cancer?

Can you tell me about experiencing metastatic breast cancer to the eye?

Can you tell me about hormone receptive metastic breast cancer?

Can you tell me how has the treatment of breast cancer changed over the years?

Can you tell me how is breast cancer "hormone dependent"?

Can you tell me how is breast cancer hormone dependent?

Can you tell me if I have breast cancer or if it's my anxiety. Would my blood results have shown some abnormality if i had breast cancer?

Can you tell me if that breast cancer operation is compulsory?

Chemotherapy hormone receptor positive node breast cancer?

Could you give me some advice about a portacath for breast cancer chemotherapy?

Could a double mastectomy help stop the spread of bone cancer?

Could a pheochromocytoma cause inflammatory breast cancer or vice versa?

Could breast cancer usually spread to more places then just the breast?

Could it be possible to have a recur from triple negative breast cancer even after being in remission for 10 years?

Could male breast cancer reoccur in the thyroid after eight years of mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy?

Could premerin homone replacement cause Paget breast cancer?

Could radiation therapy for breast cancer be giving me a cough?

Could radiation treatments for breast cancer cause scar tissue in the lungs?

Could you tell me what are other options other then chemotherapy for stage 2 breast cancer?

Describe breast cancer staging according tnm?

Diagnosed w/ ducal carcinoma in situ 5/13. Am menopausal. Had lumpectomy and radiation. Now on tamoxifen. Am rn and at conference heard arimidex (anastrozole).

Diagnosed with breast cancer at 23 and had a double mastectomy at 25. What can I do to prevent my panick attacks?

Do fertility drugs cause breast cancer ?

Do i need a pet scan after surviving breast cancer? I had breast cancer (stage 1) and treatment was successful. I just had a mammogram and there was no cancer. Treatments were chemotherapy and radiation.

Do i need radiation therapy if I have early stage breast cancer with clear margins?

Do most women with stage 2a breast cancer always have a recurrence?

Do people with stage IV metastatic breast cancer often undergo chemo?

Do small breasts have a better survival rate with breast cancer because of early detection (via self-exam)? Or are they handicapped by breast density?

Do you always need a mastectomy when you're diagnosed with breast cancer?

Do you have to be at least 18 to have a mastectomy if it isn't for breast cancer or tumor reasons, simply cosmetic?

Does a breast cancer patient benefit from chemo if she is er+, pr+ and her2-?

Does a prior benign breast biopsy increase risk of breast cancer?As in, does the biopsy itself or the inflammation from it cause cancer later in life?

Does anastrozole tablets for breast cancer also treat bone cancer in women with metastases?