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Endocervical/transformation zone component present. and EPITHELIAL CELL ABNORMALITY was on my pap results. what does this mean?

Abnormal cell growth

Abnormal cells found in breast cyst aspirate. Cells chunkier than normal. What could cause this?

Abundant benign appearing follicle epithelial cells present. Scattered micro follicles noted. Abundant epithelial cells hemosiderin-laden macrophages ?

Abundant benign appearing follicular epithelial cells, hemosiderin-laden macrophages and colloid present, favor adenomatoid nodule. ?

Are abnormal cells removed with a colposcopy biopsy?

Atypical endocervical glandular cells favor neoplasty on recent pap. What does this mean?

Benign endocervical tissue showing immature squamous metaplasia, what is that?

Biopsy report of buccal mucosa: infiltrating moderately differentiated keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma. What does this means.?

Biopsy report: severely dysplastic keratinizing squamous cells. Does it mean that there is a cancerous growth?

Can abnormal b cells be detected in thymic hyperplasia and be nothing or does this mean something more serious? Lymphoma?

Can bacterial vaginosis cause atypical glandular cells?

Can cellulitis be caused from a cell biopsy?

Can pneumonia cause atypical cells in a sputum cytology?

Can you explain my papresults.Endocervical/transformation zone component present,EPITHELIAL CELL ABNORMALITY,Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion?

Can you tell me are precancerous cells on cervix serious?

Can you tell me, are precancerous cells on cervix serious?

Causes for atypical squamous cells finding on pap with a negative hpv? Can these cells just go back to normal? Does this mean cancer??

Cervical smear test result contains superficial and intermediate squamous cells metaplastic cells & neutrophils cells in background neg for NILM?

Could a pap result of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ascus) mean cheating?

Cytology report says : Benign squamous cells with leukocytes. No dyskaryosis seen. What does this mean ? Is it necessary to take vaccination ?

Cytology report: smears show fragments of adipose tissue and few histiocytes. No duct epithelium cell is present. No malignant cell. Is it good news?

Describe the purpose of a keratinized stratified squamous cell (keratinocyte).?

Do atypical cells usually mean cancer?

Do you remove abnormal cells in the cervix surgergicly?

Does an IUD cause precanerous cells?

Does atypical cells mean I already have cnacer cells?

Does endocervical cell mean it's cancerous?

Does endocervical component mean endometriosis?

Does the presence of spindle cells in a pap smear always indicate cancer or can they be present with moderate or severe dyskariosis? Ie cin3?

Does this mean I do not have uterine cancer? Results from biopsy last week. Endometrium, biopsy: Inactive endometrium with stromal breakdown. No atypia or malignancy identified Not sure what the Stromal breakdown means either????

During endometrial cancer surgery, atypical cells were found in the peritoneal fluid. What does this mean.

Endocervical and/or squamous metaplastic cells?

Endocervical cell mean what?

Endocervical cells are present. What does this mean?

Endocervical components are present, what does this means?

Endometrial cells on pap means cancer?

Epithelial cell abnormality, High-Grade Squamous Intraephithelial lesion, atypical glandular cells and sever dysplasia. What should my concern be?

Epithelial cell abnormalties atypical aglandular cells nos. What does this mean from my pap?

FNAB RESULT SAYS: Epithelial cells on a background of fibromyxoid stroma. Wat does it mean doc?

For what length of time can someone have abnormal cells before they become pre-cancerous or cancerous?

Found out I have ascus cells in ovaries. What is this? What causes it? What are treatments? What are risks?

Hello doctors, what does it mean when cancer cells are benign!?

Hi Doctor, what it means small fragment of squamous cells with dysplasia, benign endocervical cells present. Thanks?

How are abnormal cells removed from the cervix?

How can the cancerous cells hurt other cells?

How fast do abnormal cells become cancerous in the cervix area?

I get my lab result they said there is epithelial cell abnormality low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, colposcopy required, what I have?Dangrous

I got an Unsatisfactory smear result. It states that NO Endocervical and Squamous Metaplastic cells seen & poly.neutrophils are present. Help please.

I had a Pap smear and it stated possible low grade squamous epithelial lesion and mild changes to inner endocervical cells. Should I be concerned?

I had abnormal cervical cells removed with a leep 10 years ago, am I more likely to have ovarian cancer because of the previous cell changes?

I have a result in pap smear which have remarks as "mostly intermediate cells, few superficial cells.Mild inflammatory background." What does it mean?

I've had a few papsmears done the first one didn't have enough cells the other two showed cancerous cells, does that mean I have cancer?

If HPV causes cell changes in cervix can they be fixed by your body on its own?

If I have CIN 1- cell changes - does it mean I have the dangerous types of HPV that cause cancer?

If pap smear is abnormal, atypical squamous cells of undetermined endocervical/squamous metaplastic cells are present. + HPV is positive. I worry?

If the doctor told me I have the epithelial cell abnormality low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion how soon I can be pregnant ?If I can?

If you have high-grade cervical dysplasia, does that mean that you have cancer cells?

In Moyamoya disease, what is meant by "intimal thickening"? Are the cells proliferating, or are they just growing larger without division?

Invasive moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.. What does this mean? Severe squamous dysphasia meaning also please.

Is a high grade squamous lesion cancer. I also have abnormal squamous cells. I'm waiting to get a colpos copy. ?

Is intermediate and superficial squamous cells and no evidence of dysplasia in pap smear normal?

Is it an overgrowth of keratinocytes or increased keratinocyte adhesion?

Is squamous metaplasia due to HPV ?

Is there anything I should do if I have minor cell changes?

Is there much difference between neoplastic and dysplastic cells?

L Nipple single duct discharge. Cytology report no malignant cells seen mostly proteinaceous material; rare foam cells and leukocytes present. ??

Large detached squamous epithelium in bone marrow biopsy. What does that mean?

Lymphocyte 40.4 what does it mean?

Mixed atrophic and parabasal cellular pattern found on my pap. what does it mean?

My 65 year mothers pap smear report says squamous epithellial cells of mainly intermediate and parabasal type. Moderate anisonucleosis and dysplasia?

My biopsy report showed 15% atypical cells. My doctor says it is cancer. My research says those are suspicious cells. Advice me please?

My fna of thyroid revealed groups of epithelial cells in macrofollicular patterns. Are these bad/pre-cancer cells? What should follow up treatment be?

My pap says : negative for intraepitethal or malignancy, reactive cellular changes. Should i be worried? What the reactive cellular changes means?

My pap smear and my results were endocervical/transformation zone component atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance?

My pap smear said normal, but what does this mean "Endocervical Component/Squamous Metaplastic Cells from Transformation Zone are Present."?

My pap smear showed scattered cells and intermediate and superficial cells.Everything else is normal no inflamation and no dyslapsia and no cancer.

My pap smear shows predominantly parabasal cells, intermediate squamous cells, few superficial and endocervical cells with sparse inflammatory cells?

My pap smear(atrophic) shows predominantly parabasal cells with scattered superficial squamous cells. No dyskaryosis is seen . What does this mean ?

My pap smears show predominantly superficial and intermediate squamous cells along with many neutrophils.Few spores and pseudohyphae of candida albica?

My test report shows intermediate squamous cells metaplastic cells and neutrophils cells what does that means?

My test result says" Endocervical parabasal intermediate and superficial cells seen. No evidence of interaepithelial lesion seen." what does it mean?

Neoplastic follicular cell, what is this?

Non-diagnostic on my thyroid biopsy, few benign squamous epithelial cells & small amount of colloid. No thyroid epithelial cells are seen? Am i ok?

On top of cancer, what could cause abnormal cells on the cervix?

Pap bacteriology results were rare white blood cells, moderate epithelial cells, moderate bacteria, no clue cells. What does this mean?

Pap report says inflammatory changes inspecific in squamous and endocervical cells, Immature squamous metaplasia?

Pap result: "squamous: cell numbers & preservation satisfactory. No abnormality or only reactive changes" what does this mean?

Pap results indicate "Rare metaplastic cells identified" What is the significance of this?

Pap results: atypical endocervical cells and atypical squaomous cell. Dryness severe inflammation, blody smear, bacterial vaginosis. Is this dangerous?

Pap smear results say normal/negative for interepithelial lesions or malignancy but also says reactive epithelial cell changes. What does that mean?

Pap smear results. Epithelial cell abnormality, asc-us, endocervical home component present. Partially obscuring inflammation. Normal?

Pap smear reveals mainly superficial and intermediate squamous epithelial cells.few endocervical cells and marked leukocytosis with candida buds?

Pap smear says atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance.No trichomonas seen, scanty polymorph nuclear cells, gram positive bacilli.Mean?

Pap was not normal Endocervical/transformation zone component present. Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance asc-us What is this cancer?

Pap/ HPV reflex to hpv16/18 with ct/cg show endocervical , glandular or metaplastic cells/ or parabasal cells present. Is this simply inflammation?

Parietal Cell Ab result was 10.0 what does it mean?

Parietal Cell Ab result was 10.0 what does it mean? nobody will answer

Please explain pap results: "rare hyperchromatic groups of atypical glandular cells, favor endocervical". What could this mean?

Precancerous cells on my cervix, what to do?