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Im 20 years old been sexually active for 3 years when is the right time to get a pap smear done?

1 ascus pap having spotting and extra discharge negative HPV and cultures all neg. Pap 6 months later normal xtra discharge tiny spotting still there y?

11 weeks 4 days pregnant. Is it normal to bleed after a Pap smear ?

20 y/o first pap smear 2 days ago. Also stopped the pill after 1.5 yrs. Gyno said I bled during pap, but now it's full period bleeding. Is this normal?

21 and sexually active with one person only. Should i be worried and a get a pap smear? Never have done it before.

25, F. How often should you get a pap smear? Is it the same length of time if you don't have periods? (PCOS)

40 day postpartum checkup but bleeding.. Will the doctor do a pap smear ?

46 yrs. Starting having period every 2 weeks off and on for last year. Doc did pap smear, thyroid chk & ultrasound. All normal. Am I in pre-menopause?

A doctor on here asked me why I had a Pap smear test done at 18... Aren't you supposed to have a Pap smear done once you're sexually active?

Abnormal pap for two years recent birth and recent normal pap (yay!). When would be the next time get pap?

About 6 months ago I was told during my pap smear that my cervix has started to close. What does that mean?

After a pap smear while pregnant when is it safe to have sex?

After papsmear, can I have sex?

After you've had a total hysterectomy do you still need to get a yearly pap smear done?

Any advice? I have never had a paps smear and know i should. Do i just go to my regular doctor or do I need a gyno?

Are pap tests recommended for a woman over 65 yrs of age?

Are there any options for me if I can't afford a pap smear?

Are you supposed to bleed during a first pap smear ?

At 22 and 24 years old i was told by my primary dr i didn't need a pap smear because i was a virgin. Im still a virgin and am 26. Should i go for one?

At my pap smear the dr said when he touched my cervix it bled easily. What can cause this?

At what age do you need to start going to the gyno for pap smears, etc. if you are a virgin. ?

At what age should you get your first cervical smear?

Brown discharge after pap smear. What does this indicate?

Can a 15 year old get a pap smear if she is sexually active?

Can a cervical smear affect monthly periods?

Can a doctor determine early pregnancy through a pap smear?

Can a family physician do just as good a pap smear as gyne?

Can a gynecologist test you for STD without telling you, if you came in for routine yearly Pap smear? I am a self pay patient.

Can a nurse take wrong pap smear? I got negative both from HPV test and pap smear but is there any chance the beginner nurse didn't take it correctly?

Can a pap smear delay your period?

Can a pap smear test determine how long ago you had sex?

Can a Pap test cause spotting 4-5 days later?

Can a virgin undergo an endocervical swab?

Can being on your period affect your pap smear results?

Can birth control affect the results of my pap smear? Could my birth control pills cause an abnormal pap smear result? .

Can guys have a smear test?

Can HPV cause spotting ?

Can i get a pap smear during ovulation spotting?

Can i get a pap smear test done a day after my period is done?

Can I have colposcope for bad pap if pregnant?

Can I have pap smear 6 months after caesarean birth?

Can pap smear affect mucus from pill?

Can pap smear help you get pregnant fast?

Can paps smear on the first/second week of pregnancy cause miscarriage ??

Can period blood mess up the results of a pap smear?

Can std's like HIV be picked up in a pap smear exam?

Can u have trichomonoisis for ten years if u have not had a pap smear done in that tie frame ?

Can virgins have to get pap smears?

Can you be forced to get a pap smear or pelvic exam?

Can you find out you can't get pregnant by a pap smear?

Can you get a pap smear being a virgin? I have irregular periods and need to see a gyn. What should I do?

Can you get abnormal pap smear due to pregnancy?

Can you have an abnormal pap smear just because you are newly pregnant?

Can you have intercourese before a papsmear test?

Can you lose your virginity due to a pap smear test?

Can you need a pap smear even if you and your boyfriend are in a comitted relationship?

Can you pick up a bacterial vaginitis from a doctor's office while having a Pap smear ?

Can you still have a smear if you think you could be pregnant?

Can you tell me possible reasons why my cervix bled during my pap test?

Can you tell me why my cervix bled during my pap test?

Can you try for a baby even if you've had an abnormal pap smear?

Could getting a pap smear done to tell me why i don't have a period anymore?

Could i get same day STD test results during a pap smear?

Could i go back to my ob doc just for pap smears?

Could pap smear show that the person had an abortion?

Could PID cause bleeding after sex? (had normal pap test 11 months ago)

Do all women need pap tests annually?

Do all women need pap tests?

Do doctors check for PID in paps?

Do i need a pap smear for discharge in my vagina and what other test will be done? Do i need a pap smear for discharge in my vagina and what other test will be done?

Do i need to get a pap smear if a virgin?

Do i need to get pap smear if i have not had sexual intercourse?

Do I still need a pap test if I got the HPV vaccine and am a virgin?

Do pap smears have any effect on your period coming sooner or later?

Do women under age 21 need to get a pap smear?

Do you need a breast exam whenever you get a pap smear?

Do you need a pap smear to get the birth control shot?

Do you need to undergo a cervical pap smear even if you haven't had sex since you last had one?

Do you think I should get a pap smear if i'm not sexually active?

Docs can you explain what is a cheap way to get a papsmear and mammogram?

Does a woman still need a pap smear if she was a virgin and is only with one man (husband) now? When can she stop pap smears?

Does a woman that has had a hysterectomy need a pap test? Lost my cobra

Does anyone else get this spotting when having a pap/cervical smear?

Does microgynon 30 make smears abnormal?

Due a pap smear but just had vag swabs to test for thrush and sti's. Do i need to go again for pap smear or will swabs show same results a pap would?

During pap smear my dr said my cervix was tender is this cause of miscarriage or chlamydia?

During the pap test shuda i bleeda lot?

During the pap test shuda i bleeda lot?

Gave birth 5 weeks ago, if I had cervical cancer would my gyno have been able to tell? Had HPV and colposcopy 5 years ago, had clear paps after

Had a complete hysterectomy done in 2009. Been getting pap smears done yearly, never had any abnormal paps in the past. Do i need to continue to do so?

Had a negative pap smear but still foul smell?

Had a pap smear 4 days ago, is it possible to bleed after sex?

Had complete hysterectomy, was told can get cancer in the lining of vagina, so therefore pap smears should continue after hysterectomy but every year?

Has anyone had a pap smear done and had a inflamed cervix, but never had sex?

Have a UTI will my pap smear hurt?

Have uti, why do I need to get a pap smear?

Hi how r u...r u gyno ?

How long does a pap smear exam take?

How bad does it hurt to get a pap smear with speculum?

How common is cervical cancer for a 25 year old who has never had a pap smear? I have engaged in sexual activity but have not had intercourse.