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At what age should someone with a skin tag start screening for bowel polyps / cancer (have had the skin tag since age 19 and am 31 now)?

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Can melasma lead to skin cancer?

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Can skin cancer be as problematic as other cancers if not detected early enough? Live very near beach. Is skin cancer 99.8% curable with excision?

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Can you give me cancer scare..please?

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Can you let me know how many time can you get sunburned before you start developing skin cancer?

Can you let me know how many times does a person have to tan until they get skin cancer?

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Cancer: Can being in the year round hot sun in Florida cause early cataracts and skin cancer?

Coler of skin cancer?

Could a ACE inhibitor cause skin cancer?

Could a neoplasm of uncertain behavior on skin of breast be cancer? I have to do biopsy frm EACH breast and one has skin changes like orange peel skin

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Do I have skin cancer ?

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Does any doctor here know about skin cancer called cycoma? What can you tell me?

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Does melanin in the skin prevent cancer?

Does Melanoma or any skin cancers appear on the skin for a few days, then disappear for a long time. Then reappear again? I have a mole doing this.