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1 month colon resection, no stoma. Bowel w/ some bright red blood, is this normal?

1/4" diameter of mucus in stool 3X/wk, loose stools 1x/wk. severe health anxiety. Worried about Colon cancer. No family history. Cancer or IBS?

16 year old worried about colon cancer ! symptoms, abdominal pain for a week , on/off constipation for 5 months, blood in stool 2x in past 2 months?

19 years old. Change in bowel habits but go everyday. Sometimes blood on toilet paper from known hemorrhoids. Should I be screened for colon cancer?

19, male having diarrhea right after normal stool, watery, blood test fine, no blood or constipation, can it be colon cancer I'm scared!!!

20 male, colon cancer runs in family,dad had polyps since 11. i have huge pressure and aching cramp in butt after poop or random. narrow stool, blood?

21yr old male, could this be colon cancer?Blood on stool,Rectal bleeding(bright red/darker at times,) painful bowel movement, big & hard stool, etc.

23 .F No cancer history. Since 2 days inconsistency in BM. I go once a day but find hard to release. Lil narrow stools. Got blood Colon cancer?

24 years old colonoscopy nothing serious but i have sometimes thinn stool?

25 y/o. Recurrent anal bleeding. Blood in toilet, paper, can't tell if on feces or from dripping. Maternal grandfather had colon cancer. Anysuggestion?

25 year old male. found blood on tissue in december. black, tarry stool month later. now undigested food and always pencil thin stool. colon cancer?

25 yo female, no family history of colon cancer - bloating ulq, sometimes with pain. No blood in stools, changes in stools from constipation to softer stools. Gas, loss of appetite. Colon cancer?

26 male. Have had recent bout of constipation. Poo returning to normal but intermittent pressure in anus. Almost like gas. Colon cancer? Prostate?

26/male, had bright red blood on stool in 2009, happening again now, i'm extremely scared it is colon cancer, what advice can you give me? Colonscopy?

28 yrs old, male. Do narrow stools always indicate colon cancer or are there other reasons? No blood in stool. Bloating and gas.

2bm a day 1st normal 2nd usually loose/diarrhoea. Not constipated. Fbc normal, stool culture normal. Worried colon cancer. What could it be?

5 yr son had a colonoscopy & removed 1polyp 8days ago but now he's not passing stool daily. He passes stool once in 2 days is it normal?

Abdom.Swelling pain and blood in stool.Change in bowels.Dr found 1small polyp in stomach and colon 2mm.Said I have hemorrhoids & ibs.Should i be worried?

After colonoscopy they founnd inflamed colon and red patches what doese this mean?

Air bubbles in urine a symthon of colon cancer?

Am 28 yrs, hemoroids patient(2nd stg). Hav bad bloating stomach. Ph level of stool is 5.0. Scared if it is a colon cancer. Pls advice?

Are inconsistent pencil thin stools a sign of colon cancer?  I have them 3 out of 4 days

Are irregular bowel movements a sign of colon cancer?

Are smelly farts a symptom of colon cancer?

Are there other causes of bloody stools besides cancer?

Are there other signs of colon cancer besides bloody stools?

Ascending colon pain age 21 change in bowel habits and no anemia went to the er three times and everything clear.Scared it might be Colon cancer.

At 45 years old is Colon Cancer likely? The doctor looked and said hemorrods

At what age would having blood in stool make a doctor start to worry about cancer? Age 20 years? Age 25 years?

At what point do I need to worry about colon cancer? I've had pencil thin stool for a week now and can't completely empty my bowels.

Been having blood in stool on on it for two weeks significant amount could this be colon cancer also have small hyatal hernia but taking meds?

Been having thin/narrow stools.Clear rectal exam by gp/no blood in stool.Should i fear colon cancer?I'm 39 &had adenocarcinoma insitu of cervix 4yrago

Been having white globs in my stool that float. What could cause besides pancreatic cancer? Could it be cancer? I had pancreatitis a few years ago.

Blood after a bowel movements - how likely is cancer?

Blood after a bowel movements - how likely is colon cancer?

Blood diareah mucus in stool. Had sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy with adequate view. All normal other than internal piles. Should I still worry?

Blood everytime I have bowel movement. Could this be colon cancer?

Blood test for constipation from colon cancer?

Bloody stool on warfarin and chemotherapy?

Bowel cancer now have black urine and blood infection, should I be concerned?

Bright, red blood from anus...Constipation? I'm only twenty, but colon problems are known in my family (colon cancer, polyps). Should i go to gi, or?

Brother had colon cancer resolved. I am 46 and have round dark stools, medium larger size. Then diarrhea Watery mucous? need colonoscopy. Ideas?

Brown thin liquid leaking from anus during the day..not in large quantity ? Is this related to colon cancer? What could cause this?

Can a change in bowel habits mean colorectal cancer?

Can a piles turn to rectal cancer?

Can changing what you eat help with rectal cancer?

Can colonoscopy(done by an incompetent doctor) cause colon cancer? Suppose the doctor nicks something you know? There's bright red blood in my stool.

Can fat hard stools + a mass for 1 year on sigmoid colon every morning be a sign of colon sigmoid cancer without having blood,fever,fatigue?

Can green stool be a sign of colon cancer?

Can holding your stool in cause colon cancer when you are 50?

Can impacted stool in large colon and rectum cause black stools? What are your expert opinions?

Can oil in stools be from cancer?

Can the colon block my stool to get stuck in my rectum????

Can there be a ribbon color that represents cancer in general?

Can thin stools be caused by bowel cancer?

Can watery stool mean I have colon cancer?

Can you have a hot stone massage if you have bowel cancer?

Can you have colon cancer that causes flat stools two years after clean colonoscopy?

Can you have floating stool in stomach cancer?

Can you tell me how is rectal cancer affected by stool?

Cause for a white dissolvable liquid surrounding feces? Not thick. Had colonoscopy 7 days ago. Been waiting for biopsies. Colon was visibly good.

Colon cancer. Do you always have to have blood seen in your stools?

Colon issues 4 yrs, had sigmoidoscopy (35 cm) and 4 Ct over 3 1/2 years. Only found diverticulousis, crampy, mucusy stools, occaisonal blood, cancer?

Colonoscopy doc found internal hemorrhoids, treatment is not helping symptoms, i can barely poop and only a little. Could it actually be colon cancer?

Colonscopy showed bleeding Ulcer and inflammation in upper rectum.. can cause dark and hard tip of stool?

Constipation. Mucus only bowel movements every 20min. Colonoscopy , blood test, CT all normal, no polyps. Pain in large int. What could this be?

Could a simple blood test in arm tell if you have stomach or colon cancer?

Dad had polpys. High risk bowl cancer. Blood /mucus every time I go. Bowel cancer? Sigmoidoscopy normal other than piles.

Dad had polyps high risk of bowel cancer. I have blood in stool every time I go and mucus. Constant upset stomach. Had sigmoidoscopy but normal .

Difference between melena ,hematochezia and dtsentery?

Do all rectal/colon cancer have bloody or black stool?

Do all types of cancer cause bloody urine?

Do colon cancer polyps cause constant blood in the stool or intermittently? Do polyps only bleed when they're ruptured from straining passing stool?

Do colon cancers randomly occur anywhere in the colon, or are they concentrated in the part closest to the rectum?

Do i need a colostomy bag if i get bowel cancer?

Do narrow stools always indicate colon cancer?

Do pencil stools mean I could have an intestinal blockage or cancer?

Do thin ribbon like stool mobements in case of colon cancer continue all the time or is it ab on and off thing?

Do you think I have colon cancer? I have trouble passing, soft stool a little bigger than a pencil and sometimes mucus in stool. Help please. I'm 21.

Does a cal protectin level of 104 mean I have bowel cancer? Sigmoidoscopy was clear other than piles.

Does a little bit of bloody mucus mean rectal or colon cancer?

Does a sigmoidoscopy detect bowel cancer? I've had blood and mucus and sigmoidoscopy was clear?

Does abnormal Stool greenish ribbon looking with spots come from ibs and hemroids ? Colon / capsule endo / upper endo negative . Could be Colon outsi

Does blood in stool always mean cancer?

Does bright red blood with stool most likely mean colon cancer? My anus area feel itchy afterwards im 22 what are my realistic chance of colon cancer at 22? I have no family history

Does colon cancer always make your stools bloody?

Does constipation and/or holding poop in(while at work) increase one's risk of colon/rectal cancer or bowel cancer?

Does cover change the calibre of stools if one has cancer.

Does fibre supplements change calibre of stools if one has cancer?

Does green stool means cancer? I sometimes have this problem along with pellet like stool and constipation. Does this mean colon cancer?

Does having pencil thin stool mean I have colon cancer?

Does high calprotectin mean bowel cancer?

Does liver cancer make your urine bloody?

Does poop sticking to the toilet mean colon cancer?

Does the small intestine also get polyps and cancers like the colon does?

Does thyroid cancer cause blood in stool?

Does toilet paper cause colon cancer?

Dr says I have inflammation in my anus that is why I c streak of blood on stool. I'm still worried it is colon cancer at 41. No hist of this in family?

Dr. Says I have inflammation in anus that's why see streak of blood in stool. 41 still worried colon cancer no family history of it though. Do I worry?

During colon prep with golytely- im clear now but have black tissue particles coming out of me what is that?!? That's not normal. Its not stool.