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1 doc on here mentioned avoiding bpa plastics to help prevent breast cancer. What are bpa plastics?

24 y/o m. 5'7" 180lbs. Does having heartburn and high cholesterol suggest pancreatic cancer?

30 years old, diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, breast cancer hereditary in family, try my best to eat healthy, did my diet bring this about?

45yr old female had 3b colon cancer. now clear for 1 yr. she refuses to diet/exercise. obese. odds this will make cancer return?

Any truth that that vitamin b17 can cure breast cancer?

Anyone tried turmeric powder for breast cancer? Does it help?

Anyone using oxaliplatin and 5-FU for colon cancer?

Are any OTC health products helpful if you have cancer and will get chemo?

Are black raspberries effective in preventing cancer?

Are certain foods better after breast cancer surgery?

Are poppers (amyle nitrate) bad for health? I have prostate cancer (seeds implanted for ext beam radiation) and started poppers once a week.

Are soy products recommended for those with a family history of breast cancer?

Are there agents that can induce cancer through mutagenesis?

Are there any flowers associated with cancer?

Are there any specific food to take and to avoid while in chemotherapy for breast cancer in stage 3. Age is 60 yrs and vegetarian.

Are there any tips for healthier eating/prostate cancer?

Are there specific dietary recommendations for someone with cancer?

Aresteroids for terminal brain cancer. Necessary to reduce?

As a doctor do you feel that tobacco is the main cause of lung cancer, or is it the chemicals big companies pt, or is there not enough research?

As milk comes with lots of health risks, inc colon, breast & prostate cancer can a 11yr old get sufficient calcium without milk and how?

Ask a health question...Why should a cancer patient stay away from amino acids that cause cancer to grow?

Avemar powder for cancer?

Balanced diet for duodenal peptic ulcer and prostate cancer (gleason 3+3).

Been prescribed anti depressants. Is there an association between breast cancer & anti depressants (fluxatine)?My mother had breast cancer I have POCS

Bf wants to know what beer ingredient fights cancer?

Biron for bone health, does it cause any problems with having once had breast cancer? I thought it would mess with estrogen

Breast cancer awareness items where can I buy them?

Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy living?

Breast cancer with chemo. Should i eat organic or all natural chicken and turkey.Some say no hormones and atb some just say no hormones. I'm confused?

Brilliant for preventing cancers. What ought i be eating to prevent cancer?

Can lycopene in tomatoes helps prevent cancer?

Can a healthy diet help prevent breast cancer?

Can anti oxidant n resveratrol increased the effects of chemotherapy for cancer patient?

Can any doc tell me what's DMSO and tamoxifen and why is it used in cancer research?

Can artificial trees made of PVC cause health problems includ. cancer to adults?Can these trees cause cancer b/c PVC releases dioxins, arsenic,&lead?

Can breastfeeding help cancer be prevented?

Can carrot can help prevent cancer from spreading. What more food can help?

Can cocaine use cause ovarian cancer?

Can colon cancer patient whom going through chemotherapy now taking Liqua Health Spirulina? Does this products helps to provide nutrients to the patie

Can dietary fiber help prevent cancer or improve cancer survival?

Can doing too much exercise cause cancer due to the free radicals?

Can eating pomegranate help prevent breast cancer?

Can endocrine disrupting chemicals cause breast cancer? Is it likely or merely myth?

Can hormone therapy be a bad thing for prostate cancer patients?

Can ifg-1 supplement exacerbate prostate cancer?

Can Methylparaben and Propylparaben which are found in hand cream cause or increase the risk of cancer?

Can microwave food give you cancer?

Can overall cancer rates rise with introduction of the microwave oven?

Can residue from lithium cause cancer?

Can some form of mass emotional damage cause cancer?

Can soy milk cause breast cancer or cancers....I heard it from different people that it can just want to know some facts?

Can starting a vegan diet slow down stage 4 cancers?

Can taking collagen powder raise risk of breast cancer?

Can there be a special diet to help reduce prostate cancer?

Can there be an association between the consumption of animal products and diseases and cancer?

Can too much fluoride consumption cause cancer?

Can USN protien cause cancer?

Can vitamin d give you cancer?

Can vitiamn b17 prevent and cure cancer? I heard that eating certain fruit seeds will prevent cancer? Is this used for cancer patients?

Can you controll on increase of WBC in blood cancer patient to control cancer by using hiv?

Can you explain if it's true that glutathione can lead to cancer?

Can you help? Could shark oil be good for a patient in terminal conditions from stomach cancer?

Can you please suggest a liquid diet, high calorie menu or recipe for a mouth cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation?

Can you please tell me what exactly is connection with aluminum in deodorants and breast cancer?

Can you please tell me which is the top cancer prevention you can recommend?

Can you take the supplement dhea if there is prostrate cancer in the family?

Can you tell me about cannibis oil and cancer?

Can you tell me how acupuncture reduce lung cancer?

Can you tell me how many apricot kennels can I eat per day to stop the prevention of cancer?

Can you tell me is it true nothing in the oustide environment causes cancer?

Cancer: is there any large study scientific proof that regular exercise, in moderation, lessens the possibility of the diagnosis of cancer?

Concerned about cancer from use of permethrin cream 5%. Please advise how high of cancer risk this causes. Used for possible scabies infestation.

Could a fat malabsorption problem be from cancer?

Could a handful of dip cause cancer?

Could alkaline water fight cancer?

Could an early stage small cell lung cancer cause vitamin deficiencies? Thinking around B12, D, K, E.

Could anastrozole 1mg tablets for breast cancer also help in preventing bone cancer in women?

Could coffee cause cancer have chemicals in it?

Could ginger and vitamin d fight cancer ?

Could glutathione linked to cancer?

Could graviola(sour soup) really kill cancer?

Could i get cancer from diet mountin dew?

Could someone get cancer from diet mountin dew?

Could sucralose cause cancer?

Could you tell me how much faith should one place in an alkaline diet for cancer prevention?

Could you tell me if talc causes cancer, why is it that it is found in antacid tablets and makeup?

Could you tell me what are different leads to of breast cancer besides heredity?

Dear doctor .. Can I use kelp supplement of GNC trademark during chemotherapy for breast cancer ER+ /PR+ -HER2-, and is it safe to take wheat germ oil?

Did anyone know much regarding a new prostate cancer drug?

Dies L-arginine help against cancer?

Dietitian specializing in cancer said vitamin A betacarotene in carrot juice is very harmful to patients with lung cancer - should it be avoided?

Do calcium supplements decrease prostate cancer risk? If so, how many mg/day? Should a man stop calcium supplements after finding prostate cancer?

Do cancer patients lose their hair from the chemo or the actual cancer? Also is it just women that lose their hair or men too?

Do docs think that coffee consumption affects the chances of getting pancreatic cancer?

Do hormone shots actually help in fighting colon cancer?

Do I need to by fagonia cretica tea for breast cancer?

Do I need to do chemo for my breast cancer? I might want to do like g rancic.

Do microwaves cause cancer? I've heard several times that microwaving your food can cause cancer.

Do you know are hormone shots helpful in fighting colon cancer?

Do you recommend pure raspberry keystones? Any contraindications with breast cancer?