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2012 was diagnosed w/ kidney cancer, had surgery removed 18% of left kidney.Having reoccuring UTI sence im scared could cancer be coming back?

38 yo, BRCA I & II negative, sister died from stage 4 breast cancer. intermittent occassional, burning pain top right breast.

4 weeks into chemotherapy for all leukemia, have insane knee pains in bed. any advise please?

After chemotherapy sessions for cervical cancer, pain in bones is normal or not ?

An online website says that back pain is a major symptom of cancer. Some adults over the age of 55 have some degree of pain. Do they all have cancer?

Are all tumor that come back metastatic ones?

Are cancer tumors in the neck hard or soft most of the time and do cancer tumors keep growing if left untreated?

Are head and neck cancers always terminal?

Are prostate problems/ prostate cancer typically associated with rectal pain? Butthole aches/slight pain.

Arm cancer how do you know you have it?

Back cracking a lot, do I have cancer?

Best pain medicine for pancreatic cancer?

Bone cancer that has spread to lungs. Would symtoms be severe at this point? Waiting for scan for spine pain, now developing cough, fatgue, worse pain.

Bone inside butt left right painful + lower back bone pain. What are my chances of bone cancer? 61yrs of age.Prostate cancer radition 2yrs ago.Psa .35

Breast cancer and uterine cancer in my family. I have back/leg with ovarian volume at 49ml, 19mmthicken endomet wall. Constipation and pelvic pain?

Breast cancer stage3 i have occassional pain on my waist it occurs a liittle bit and then it fades . Is it a sign of bone cancer im 47 yrs old?

Can breast cancer cause upper back pain?

Can a oesophageal ulcer turn in to cancer without treatment IV been having a lot of middle chest pain what are the symptoms of oesophageal cancer?

Can a sore coccyx be a sign of ovarian cancer?

Can a sore tailbone be cancer?

Can advanced cervical cancer cause DVT s in legs and groin?

Can breast cancer cause upper back pain?

Can chemotherapy hurt you more than cancer left untreated?

Can chronic pain in your ankle mean you have cancer?

Can colon cancer cause pain in the buttocks?

Can colon cancer stop causing pain at a given spot and start causing pain at another spot? Will local pain at cancer location increase with time?

Can doctors tell me what does pain in muscle behind a (potential) basal cell skin cancer indicate?

Can groin pain be linked to ovararian cancer? What is the cause of groin pain?

Can I have another surgery if my esophageal cancer has come back and spread?

Can I have another surgery if my lung cancer comes back?

Can lung cancer display itching shoulder blades?

Can non aggressive breast cancer metastasize to bone? I have er/pr+, her2- breast cancer w tumors in spine and rib. Dr unsure both are related.

Can nutcracker syn be caused by a hysterectomy? Aggravated by a history of cancer?

Can ovarian tumor cause a rib fracture?

Can pain caused by colon cancer switch locations? For some time period its in the sigmoid, then in transverse, etc. (pain is felt only at one part)?

Can severe posterior nosebleeds be a sign of lung cancer?

Can sore/tenderness in the tailbone area when sitting in certain positions be a sign of colorectal cancer?

Can symptoms of pancoast tumor spread to the feet and the other arm?

Can tailbone pain and colon cancer be related?

Can tailbone pain be a sign of colon cancer ?

Can uterine cancer cause pain from groin to knee?

Can you please tell me why god allows my husband to suffer horrible pain from lung cancer and cancerous tumors on his spine?

Can you see from a colonoscopy if there is a cancer in the bone in the back?

Can you tell me about rectal bowel cancer surgery and been left with pain because of nerve damage?

Can you tell me if aspirin is taken during terminal cancer pains?

Can you tell me if there are types of cancers that do not cause pain until it is too late?

Can you tell me the symptoms of bone cancer in the back?

Can you tell me what is the best treatment for ewing sarcoma cancer affecting upper limb of left hand?

Can you tell me what it is like with uterine cancer, could i not have pain before?

Can your colon cancer come back after 5 years of being in remission?

Chemotherapy. How do you handle the pain and.Discomfort of chemo?

Could back pain be lung cancer if I don't have any other symptoms?

Could I have gotten a GI or lymphoma cancer from 3 abdominal, 1 head and 1 chest CT from '09 until '12?

Could intermittent stomach problems for a month be caused by advanced testicular cancer?

Could left hip pain indicate colon cancer or something else?

Could neuroblastoma cause pain?

Could ovarian cancer cause a burning type pain that only occurs during ovulation time?

Could slight breast pain mean cancer or muscle strain?

Could their be cancer in your back?

Could you please tell me where is leg pain in regard to ovarian cancer?

Could you tell me if someone has osteosarcoma in their thigh and it spreads to a lung, what happens?

Could you tell me what are really early signs of bone cancer in leg?

Could you tell me what happens when cancer moves from breast to bone and then head?

Diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall. Partial mas. In oct & 1/2 through radiation. Armpit just strarted swelling, hurting & chest pain. Worry?

Do people diagnosed with endometrial cancer have back aches and headaches?

Do people with sarcoma have a lot of pain?

Do people with tongue cancer have a lot of pain?

Do you have back pain if you have bladder cancer and that's early symptoms?

Doc said epidodimitia when I went after a month of antibiotics still in pain worried about cancer would a doc def spot cancer feelin down their.

Does a sore groin mean cancer?

Does breast cancer usually cause pain anywhere?

Does cancer hurt? Any pain at all just from the cancer itself?

Does cancer that has been in remission always come back?

Does cll cause tumors? My cousins has tumors in his chest and in his neck. Sometimes he can't hear well out of his left ear.

Does early symptoms of bladder cancer is pain in the back?

Does middle or thoracic back pain usually mean cancer or an infection?

Does pancreatic cancer cause muscle spasm type back pain?

Does persistent thoracic spine pain worse at night in a cancer patient in remission with normal cancer marker & ESR still need urgent imaging workup?

Does your back hurt if you have colon cancer?

Dull constant ache in leg- cervical cancer?

Experiencing joint, bone and muscle pain 7 months after thyroid cancer DX. Fvptc, multifocal with capsular invasion and classic ptc. Worrisome?

Father diagnosed with carcinoma. Swollen abdominal nodes but not lymphoma. Further testing tmmrow. Probable cancer? No abdml pain or bloody stool.

For my discomfort and my enlarged ovary and how can they know for sure it isnt cancer?

For what length of time can you have lung cancer before you start to feel symptoms?

Found a lump on my l side rib cage in the middle, I have vhl a history of islet cell cancer of the pancreas both adrenals don't function, is this lump bad?

Friend, Pan can stage 4. No chemo for 3 months because of complications. Pain, bowel obstruction, pneumonia now. Will the cancer start growing again?

Gurgling type feeling and intermittent pains in ovarian area... Gas? Abnormal pap in march squamous intraepithelial lesions atill need biopsy 25yr old

Had full hysterectomy for cervical cancer no cemo or radiotherapy due to lupus and on methotrexate will my cancer come back?

Had lumpectomy radiotherapy for b cancer no sign of spread is it poss it could have spread to lungs bone I have a lot of pain in clavical & shoulder

Had lung lobectomy but cancer is in lymph node and chest wall. Now I have terrible nerve damage pain all the time. What can be done. ?

Had thyroid cancer and removal 3 years ago and didn't have to do any radiation, can it come back? Im worried I have a 2 year old and one on the way

Have ewing sarcoma . Is the pain constant?

Have had a pain way down in pelvis for over a year. If it was cancer wouldnt something already happen?

Have had multiple chest xrays. How much is this likely to increase my cancer risk? What kinds of cancer would be associated with chest xrays?

Have shoulder aches for a few months . Could it be lung cancer? Shoulder isn't painful. I'm a non smoker

Having pains up my sides. Was wondering if cervical cancer can grow from the inside out?

He is in stage 4 prostrate cancer with extreme pain especially around the pelvic area. Symptomatic treatment is on. Is this normal?

Hello I am a 28 year old female with a history of smoking for 7 years I am having terrible upper mid back pain now for a month... Lung cancer?

Hello.. My mother in law is feeling pain in her abdominal stomach lately after brachy therapy what is that? She has cervical cancer 3b

Hi doc what to do when pain in cancer?