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1 great aunt breast [email protected] 71 no other history most women had hysterectomy so don't know if ovarian cancer is issue should I get brac tested?

2 of my aunts and grandma had breast cancer it is iam so depressed i can't sleep as iam sure that me and mom will have cancer in future?

25 year old with family history of smoking. My father died of lung cancer at the age of 47, my paternal grandpa died of acute respiratory failure at the age of 76, and my maternal grandpa died of prostate cancer at the age of 80. What and when should I te

3 family males including my dad died of skin cancer. Should i ask to be tested for the cancer gene?& what preventative can I do other than sunblock?

36 year-old woman whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 34 and a PALB2 mutation wonders if mastectomy is needed to lower her risk.....?

86y/o, smoker with CEA 72.5 its my grandpa, should I be concerned about that, what r the pprobability it is cancer I read for malignant above 10? =(

A doctor found that my father has polyps in his colon. Can you give me a list of questions that i can ask his doctor so we are informed. Father is old?

A mom has pancreatic cancer at age 75. (Her mom died at about 45. Cause unknown). Chances that two 55 year old daughters will get pancreatic cancer?

Advice please? My 70 year old mom just got diagnosed with stage 1 level 3 breast cancer?

Am 32 - no children yet. Best way to determine 1.Ovarian cancer-pap smear or ca 125 & 2.Breast cancer-mammography or ca 15-3 granny died of ovarian ca?

Am i at risk of developing cancer in future since both my parents died from this terrible disease...And does meat eating cause cancer? Please help!

At what age should I start getting tested for colon cancer? My granddad died from it in his 40s.

At what age should you be screened for breast cancer or cervical cancer if grandmother and aunt had each at early age in 30s/40s? Brca testing?;

Aunt and grt-grandma (dad's side) died of ovarian cancer. Both post-menopause (aunt 59, ggm late 60s), both had kids in 20s. Heredity or coincidence?

Both grandpas died of colon cancer. One in 60s, other 80s. When should I start getting screened?

Both my uncle&my dad had lung cancer&lymphoma at the same time is this rare&could it be genetic?Many males have died from same for generations back!

Brca1 and brca2 stands for?

Can a family history of cervical cancer be passed down through the men's line?

Can a man ?Still?Father ?Kids after prostate cancer surgery?

Can a man still father a child after having his prostate removed due to cancer?

Can cancer be passed down?

Can cancers be hereditary?Esp throat cancer; my great-grandfather had it, then my grandmother, how much is there a risk that my father & i develop it?

Can i be in danger of having breast cancer am 21 my aunt had breast cancer and my uncle died of cancer also my grandfather died of cancer ?

Can I be my mom's caregiver if she has stage 4 breast cancer?

Can I take bc pill even if I have a history of breast cancer in my family? (Mother passed away and grandmother survived)

Can parents be screened to find out if they carry breast cancer genes?

Can there be anything that can be done for my dad who has stage 4 stomach cancer?

Can you let me know how many mutations does it take to cause cancer?

Can you tell me any tips on how to tell my mom i might have testicular cancer?

Can you tell me how to tell my mum I think I might have cancer?

Can you tell me if a father has cancer in the brain what r the chances of any of his kids having it when there older?

Can you tell me if my aunt has cancer, then is there a low/medium/high chance that my dad, and then i, may also have inherited the genes?

Can you tell me what you suggest if a father has cancer in the brain what r the chances of any of his kids having it when there older?

Can you tell me what you suggest if my aunt has cancer, then is there a low/medium/high chance that my dad, and then i, may also have inherited the genes?

Child with cancer is scared of chemo, need advice on how to deal with them?

Could children get pancreatic cancer?

Could my grandmother have cancer?

Could you tell me if my grandmother had breast cancer and my mom doesn't will i get it?

Could you tell me if my twin brother has pancreatic cancer and i die, can I donate my pancreas to him?

Could you tell me the chances of someone of 29 having ovarian cancer with no family history?

Could you tell me what is the youngest recorded age for melanoma?

Dad died of pancreatic cancer at 37. He was a heavy drinker& chewing tobacco user. Could this be inherited? No other family members have been diagnose

Dad died stomach cancer and mother lymphoma cancer what are my chances of getting cancer?

Dad has cancer please help?

Do great-aunts having breast cancer affect risk for this disease?Or is it only first-degree relatives, (mom, sister, daughter)? 2 great aunts had it.

Do I have increased chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer if my mother and great grandmother both have/had it?

Do many DES kids have some kind of vagina cancer or something wrong down there?

Do most families have someone in them who has/had cancer? Are there actually many families without any cancer?

Does having polycythemia mean that my kid has cancer?

Drs, does cancer has anything to do with heredity?

Fam history uterine/colon/prostate/breast cancer on both mom/dad sides. All diagnosed before 50. Am I at an increased risk?

Father died (esophageal cancer, 1994), brother has Barrett's (4 years) and now I have Barrett's. Meds don't help much. Should I be worried?

Father died of a brain tumor, gliosarcoma, 20 years ago. Is this hereditary? I'm a female in my mid 30's and always been in good health.

Friend's brother died of pancreatic cancer at 32. Used to be a drinker. What would cause it so early?

Grandfather died colon cancer age 45. Aunt/uncle Colon cancer 47/49. Mom 6 polyps, age 49. I have bad anemia (h/h 7.2/27)no appetite, wt loss. Cancer?

Grandmother had breast cancer lived she didn't get young what are the odds of me getting breast cancer?Is it passed on by family?I don't smokeordrink

Grandmother had lung cancer diagnosed at 89... is this genetic?

Had holiday gathering with multiple family members and found out that many had metastatic breast cancer. What can I do to prevent it?

Has any child ever gotten pancreatic cancer? What's the youngest age?

Have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, what are the chances that this was hereditary?

Heard prostate cancer screening is very controversial. Why is this? My dad is 55 should he get screened or no?

Hi I just found out my grandmother died from Angiosarcoma and Pulmonary Metastasis, are these in any way hereditary??

Hi, just wondering...My mother had colon cancer and my father has Crohns..what are my chances of getting either one?

How are children tested for cancer?

How can I best support a friend whose mother is diagnosed with brain cancer?

How can I explain death to my daughter who has a terminal cancer?

How can I help children suffering from cancer?

How can I help my daughter cope with my father-in-law's cancer diagnosis?

How can I support my mother who is suffering from stage IV colon cancer?

How can I tell if its cancer family member has a mole that is dark and has grown

How can I tell if my mom has kidney cancer?

How common is pancreatic cancer in patients <25 or younger, with no family history of it?

How do I comfort my friend who just found out her teenage daughter has cancer?

How do I tell kids grandma has blood and lymph cancer? What do they need to know?

How do I tell my young children their grandma has cancer and may die soon?

How do I tell my young daughter that her mother has cancer?

How do I tell others that my wife has cancer?

How do you get genetic testing for cancer? Every family member older then me ie parents aunts and uncles have all died with cancer and now younger bro

How do you tell your ten year old son that he has cancer?

How high is my breast cancer risk if two of my aunts and one of my cousins each had it twice?

How is breast cancer passed down in families?

How likely is colon cancer is a 20-25 year old male who doesn't smoke, drink, good diet. Father's mother died of colon cancer, but dad is totally fine.

How likely is getting cancer if your mother and two grandmas had it?

How likely is getting pancreatic cancer if my great grandpa had it?

How many relatives need to have had breastcancer before you should get genetic testing for the BRCA genes? My mother contracted breast cancer, I am 40

How often should I have an endoscopy test? My grandfather had stomach cancer, grandmother died from oesophageal cancer and mother suffers from ulcers.

How rare is a positive cdh1 test? My dad & two of his siblings died of stomach cancer before 40, youngest was 21. Considering genetic testing

How strong is the link between HRT and breast cancer? Maternal grandma is bc survivor and was diagnosis after being on HRT for many years.

How to figure out the chances of carrying the cancer gene?

How to handel haveing lupus and cancer at the same time?

How to help my boyfriend cope with his mom's cancer diagnosis?

How to know if my dad might be suffering from pancreatic cancer?

I already had my period this month I'm not totally sure when I think it was on the 5th & now I have it again & I don't have a doctor or insurance an my mother died when I was 12 from ovarian cancer so I'm not sure what to do please help?

I am 28 My moms mom died at 61 from breast cancer and my mom at 46 had abnormal mam with normal ultrasound says it's lymph node what does that mean?

I am 35 years old. My mother's sister died of breast cancer years ago. Am i at risk of getting this disease? My doctorsaid that I have mass in my left breast. Please help.

I am 48 menopaused and suffering from symptoms. Am i at high risk if i take HRT knowing that I have 2 aunts diagnosed with breast cancer (at old age)?

I am adopted no family history just diagnoised with sm slow growing breast tumor. I am thinking of double mastectomy because I have no family history.

I had cmml age 10 (yes cmml) my mom, grandma , and grandpa all had other types of cancer, bresat, lung, colon when should start get screened for them?

I had skin cancer 3 years ago, my question is can I get cancer again somewhere else? Cancer runs on both sides of my mom and dad's side of family.

I had testicular cancer and his sister died of ovarian cancer. Is this just a terrible coincidence or could it be hereditary?