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boyfriend was diagnosis with liver metastasis stage 4 primary unknown. Chemo& student didn't work now they put radiation beads in liver what's prognois?

;my husband had 2 lobes removed for nsclc on his rt. Sd. On dec. 24, began chemo 2 months later, but died on apr.18, why?

10 liver mets and a node in metastic colon cancer. Xeloda (capecitabine) irinitecan failed . Can anything be done ?

15yr old male,Adrenal pheochromocytoma with liver and lung metastasis.MIBG nuclide positive. is there’s any effective therapy besides chemo?

2 rounds of oxyplatin , first round cea jumped to 80, second round 55 . Before chemo cea waz 65. Can this 1 reading mean anything ?

28yohusbands nonhodgkins lymphoma has returned. He was in remission 2yrs had radiaton. How do I prepare his body for chemo nutritionally.

30 year old female, stage iii-b well differentiated adenocarcinoma in sigmoid colon 4 lymph nodes affected was surgically removed. What's better xelox or folfox for chemo? And why?

32 yo, breast cancer stage 1b, double mastectomy, micrometastasis in one lymph node. TCH treatment, followed by radiation. Prognosis thoughts????

32 YO, triple positive, grade 3, stage 1B breast cancer. TCH chemotherphy, had dbl mastectomy. What is survival rate?

33yo needs surg, chemo & rad tx for inv. Ductal carcinoma. Q: is IVF a good option for her to have a baby, what is cost of tx (no ins.) & prognosis.

34 yo breast cancer survivor. dx 2014. 18 months chemo, 33 rads, dbl mastectomy. end of chemo oct 2015. have lg lump below clavicle on cancer side?

35y stage i rectal cancer cured via lar w/ tme & wide margin, post-op biopsy clear of cancer in all 17 lumph nodes. Advice on follow-up & gene tests?

35year old brother still having headaches for two brain mets after surgery and sterostatic treatment . Why? (nsclc stage 4)

38 yo very strong FH breast ca, BRCA neg, Stage 2 IDC, 18 mo. s/p bilat radical mastectomy. No chemo. What is best f/u imaging/testing? Chemo?

3B squamous nsclc. Radiation shrunk tumor by more than half. Begin Abraxane/Carboplatin on 3/3/ Is this effective? Is it the preferred course?

40 yrs, stage 4 colon cancer spread to supra clavicular & para aortic nodes. Healthy & feel great, take xeloda (capecitabine). Dr says prog 1 - 2 yrs. Do I have hope?

43 yo female 1.5 CM stage 1 breast ca, idc, er/pr+, node neg, lumpectomy with neg margins, no lvi, oncotype score 11. Chemo+rt+tamoxifen or no chemo?

49 year old male has stage vi lung adenocarcinoma. No gene mutations receiving chemo and avastin (bevacizumab) received radiation on foot and brain. What prognosis?

55-y breast cancer after mastectomy with multiple liver spread, HER-2(3+) and EGFR(+). 8 cycles of TH chemo, liver mass shrink then regrow, and now on oral capecitabine + Trastuzumab for 2 weeks, no improvement. Please suggest treatment.

6 weeks after adjuvent carboplatin for testicular cancer after an orciectomy i feel sick every day and have wind?

6-year-old girl has ewing sarcoma. Finished chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, find that cancer cells spread. Dr said survival rate is 10% as it's in bones?

60 yo male starts 39 radiation, and low does carboplatin/taxol Wed. Is this effective on well differentiated squamous cell nsclc? Otherwise healthy.

62yo f w/ stge 4 colon ca on chemo-is there lots of treatment options to shrink ca that spread to both sides of liver? She has been on chemo for 1 yr

63 prostate cancer on lupron (leuprolide) and now cancer in lymphnode in chest would t cell shot help and can I do chemo and radiation together at same time?

70 years male with stomach cancer metastasized to liver and bone, is this a good chemo drug combination (capecitabine+oxaliplatin+zoledronic acid)?

70 years male, stomach cancer metastasized to liver&bone, on (xeloda+eloxatin+zometa), can or should he take antioxidants during chemo?

80 yr old w/ cancer btween kidney/colon with lung metastasis, giving her nexavar (sorafenib) & pain patches overall health has decreased is radiation good option?

87 yr old dad w/ gastric adenocarcinoma stage 2-3 no spread. Top surg/onco says resection but my brother says holistic way w/ no surgery/chemo/rad?

A CEA rise upon starting irinotecan in person with colon cancer suggest treatment not working ? Cea was Oct 8, dec 9, jan 10.

A friend w/ advanced pancreatic cancer. Chemo helped. Tumors in pancreas & liver. Intrathecal pump. Digestion problems. Released to go home. Hospice?

A friend, stage 4 pancreatic cancer, 1yr. Pain, machine controls her digestion, chemo 7 mo, tumors in pancreas & liver. In hospital 3 wks now. Dying?

A mass was removed from the colon. Why are you quarantine for 3 days after chemotherapy, and why do all of the utensils I used have to be thrown away?

A/c/t chemo for stage 2B breast cancer. Almost done with chemo and original tumor has shrunk but now there is a new tumor. How is this possible?

About 6 yrs ago my husband had colon cancer on both sides ... He had 60 percent of his colon removed .. He recovered fine with no radiation or chemo .

Abs lymph CT has been dropping steadily over yrs, now at 0.8, w/ ongoing precancerous lesion, history of cancer w/o chemo/radiation, hiv-. How to raise it?

Adjuvant tamoxifen or other chemotherapy for ER pr negative cancer?

After a hysterectomy, why do patients have to have chemotherapy?

After breast cancer how long does cytoxan and taxotere (docetaxel) stay in your body?

After completion of 6 cycles of chemo and mastectomy for early stage triple neg invasive carsinoma how to know there is no more cancer cells in body?

After taxol (paclitaxel) reaction for 3b squamous nsclc, husband is on weekly treatment, 2 wks abraxane, then 1 w/ abraxane/carboplatin. Is it normal & effective?

AFTER taxol/A/C for breast cancer stage2,path result-Lympho vascular invasion-shouldn't chemo resolved this? What now?

After treating recurred stage 4a cervix cancer with chemo , can it again reccur?

Age 76, stg IV ovarian cancer, debulking surgery, 3 chemos. Ca 125 normal. Is lymphnode dissection advisable? Comment on quality vs quantity of life?

Aggressive cancer growing again in my partners liver 3 months after chemo cycle treatment. What time frame are we looking at for her.

ALP level has gone from. 74 to 175, this mean chemo not working in a metastic colon cancer pt?

Ampullary cancer, spread to liver right after whipple. Chemo for 7 months and continuing. Lost 50 lbs. Prognosis? Can I skip a treatment to vacation?

Analysis ca, CEA was 1500 before chemotherapy and 20glesa radiation and now after 3 sessions became 1007 is this good mother has bone cancer secondary?

Anyone here been given 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) for cancer?

Anyone using metformin with jevtana (cabazitaxel) in treating advanced stage prostate cancer? If so is it holding down tumor growths.

Approx how many mets and how big should they be to cdll colon cancer terminal ?

Are chemo and radiation ever performed together for cancer?

Are chemotherapy and radiation considered cures for all cancers?

Are there any alternatives to chemotherapy treatment for metastic colon cancer?

Are there any experimental options we can exercise for my grandma (81) who has terminal stage 4 liver cancer? She only has a few months left.

Are there any genetic tests required (other than kras) for a 30 year old female with stage iii-b colon cancer after surgery and before adjuvant chemo?

Are uft chemo pills used for metastatic colon cancer with a met to liver and 1 aortocaval node?

Are you awake when they insert catheter for chemo treatment on breast?

At 42 yr diagnosis her2 pos br ca , triple pos , node neg . 7 yrs ago . Treatment : bilat mass, chemo, herceptin (trastuzumab) \oop . 6 yr a.I. Should i stay on a.I ?

B breast ca, bilaterally multifocally recurrent, s/p salvage mastectomy, with no distant mets except back lesion which resolved on neoadj chemo. ?Rt?

Beat cancer, last chemo two months ago, I had cyclophosfamide and iphosfamide doxarubicin, sexual activity and pre ejac, 1 month aft chemo. Chances?

Best institution for experimental protocol to add to nexavar (sorafenib) for metastatic HCC - 34 yo Asian male, s/p omental resection?

Bilirubin 74 in metastic colon cancer pt, what does this mean ?

Brast cancer and mastectomy;1/12 affected node;6sessions chimio;5weeks radio;5years tamoxifen .. What do you think abt this situation ?

Breast cancer, 2 tumors, one 1.4x1.7, the other .5. Biopsy states IDC, ER+, PR- and HER2 neg. Ki67 score 50 Treatment mastectomy, chemo and tamoxifen. What are your thoughs on treatment??? Patient is 32 years old

Can Radiotherapy be used for metastic colon cancer if chemotherapy is resistant ?

Can i stop chemothapary (paliative maintainance chemo) l have no any more health problem after 15 cycle of chemo?

Can 1 drop in cea at round 2 of chemotherapy suggest anything . Drop from 65 to 55. ? Metastic colon cancer pt

Can 7 liver mets suddenly show on a ct scan within 6 weeks of stopping chemotherapy in a mcrc pt ?

Can a 1 point CEA rise per Month on irinotecan mean chemo not working ? Irinotecan started in oct. Oct cea-8 Dec cea-9 Jan cea-10

Can a doctor be both a radiation oncologist and a hematology-oncologist?

Can a drop on cea at round 2 of chemo mean anything ? A drop from 65 to 55

Can a liver met and a node b treated with nano knife or cyberknife if chemo does not work ? Can this provide a cure?

Can a pancreatic cancer patient still receive chemo if they get a intrathecal pump for pain and digestion?

Can a person have pin point radiation after having all over brain radiation. A year ago? My m.I.L. Has adenocarcinoma. It spread to her brain. She had surgery a year ago to remove that tumor. She stopped chemo to do a trial med. She is back on chemo again

Can a precancerous tumor shrink within the span of 6 months only on chemo pills?

Can ablation be beneficial for metastic colon cancer with the following : 1 liver met , 1 node , 1 sub plueral nodule ?chemo not worked

Can all cancer patients lose their hair during chemo?

Can any doc tell me what's the best chemo pill to take at first stage of cancer?

Can anything b done for a liver met , 1 lung nodule and a lypmph node if chemo fails ? Does this mean no treatment for colon cancer pt?primary removed

Can chemo drugs do anything in my case (melanoma)?

Can chemotherapy cause bursitis?

Can chemotherapy cause cancer?

Can chemotherapy control my cancer?

Can doctors tell me what does radiation do for cancer patients?

Can efudex (fluorouracil) cause more cancer?

Can I use an abdominal EMS toner 2 years after colorectal cancer (single node involvement) having had resection and chemo. All scans since NED.

Can leukaemia patients need chemo compulsory? If they are in first stage?

Can methotrexate 2.5 once a week cause cancer?

Can Neo 102 b used for colon cancer with mets ?

Can people who are having chemotherapy give off much radiation?

Can radiation followed by chemo be as effective in treating primary CNS lymphoma as chemo followed by consolidation rt!

Can radiation therapy for breast cancer give me leukemia?

Can radiation therapy help stage 4 lung cancer?

Can someone with cardiomegaly go through chemo and radiation to treat uterian cancer?

Can someone with mets lung cancer to both lungs survuve fir long with targeted therapies?

Can the reoccurance of cervix cancer within pelvis be cured with chemo[carboplatin+taxol]?

Can tumors shrink without any chemotherapy or radiation or any kind of treatment?

Can you have pancreatic cancer if the ca19-9 is within normal value 32-33?

Can you please tell me how radiation and chemotherapy differ?

Can you please tell me how radiation, chemotherapy and dialysis differ?