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What doctor on long island performs a chemoembolization for a hepatoma?

What does it mean if a patient is to be treated with radical radiotherapy for a tumour of the oropharynx?

What follow-up care is necessary during recovery after surgery for esophageal cancer?

What food is best suited for a stage four bone cancer patient?

What happens if you had agresive cancer and after surgery you woudn't go back chemo. What are the risks?

What happens if you're at high risk for breast cancer but don't have it, would the surgery be completely out of pocket?

What important questions should I ask my erologist/surgeon before prostate cancer surgery?

What is an alternative to surgery for cancer in the rectum?

What is best approach to cure 1 cm malignent liver lesion? Surgery perhaps?

What is involved in the operation to remove metastatic osteosarcoma in the lungs?

What is selective neck dissection in early oral cancer?

What is the average time in surgery for removing a stage one thymoma?

What is the cervical cancer permanent recovery rates?

What is the difference between glioma and glioblastoma? acquaintance just diagnosed with one, surgery removed tumor. chemo+radi sched.Doc is positive?

What is the general procedure to treat epidydymal cancer?

What is the outcome of chemo to remove pancreas cancer when there is only little cancer left?

What is the probablity of a 80 year old woman surviving a chest cancer removal operation?

What is the prognosis for a male patient, 64 yrs old with cancer who has been told he has a perforated bowl.?

What is the prognosis for skin cancer on chest? Very large section cut out with reconstructive surgery done and pre-oral cancer ?

What is the projected outcome of adrenalectomy in case of pheochromocytoma ?

What is the rate of recurrence after successful lung cancer surgery?

What is the risk of abcess gum surgery if you have lymphoma?

What is the role of a pathologist during a c-section?

What is vaginal replacement in a cancer patient?

What kind of degree would you need tobecome an oncologist?

What kind of food should we give to 3rd stage cervical cancer patient who is about to undergo radiation?

What kind of surgery would be done on a hand with multiple squamous cell carcinoma one noted as 'invasive'?

What negative health consequences are associated with cancer radiation and/or cancer surgery?

What options do I have for construction after breast cancer removal surgery? I am a woman in my mid 30s diagnosed with left breast cancer and treated with total removal of my left breast. What options do I have for symmetry again? How many operations do w

What problems can my sister expect after her colon resection?

What should I know about the whipple procedure done for pancreatic or colon cancer?

What sort of recovery rates are there for lung surgery for stage IV lung cancer?

What specific kind of surgical treatment of low grade Acinic Cell Carcinoma leaves the least chance of future recurrance/metastases?

What surgeries can be done for someone with cancer?

What time do you have left with pancreatic cancer existing after whipple surgery? Stage 3. Ct scans are clear but patient won't/can't? Leave bed.

What to do in nonseminoma testis cancer with multiple enlage paln after orcheoctomy done..Whats are the survival chance?

What type of scans do you suggest for a patient post op stage 1 t2 ascending colon cancer in order to monitor for any futher spread.?

What will happen, if a patient undergoes leprotomy and not take chemo, in 3rd stage ovarian cancer?

What's my chance of surviving breast cancer with each type of surgery?

What's the % of recurrence of a stage iiic colorectal cancer removed by surgery folowed by regional chemo and is possible to recur in a distant organ?

When is surgery for pancreatic cancer possible?

When preparing for a liver transplant surgery due to stage 3 liver cancer, when do you start to take medications for the surgery?

When undergoing chemoradiation for cervical cancer, is it a guarantee that i will lose all my hair?

Which postoperative treatments do you recommend for people with colon cancer?

Whipple/Oncology: What is the likelihood of a persons demise during or directly after a Whipple IRE intensive operation for pc? Are there any numbers?

Who are the doctors/institutions that perform surgery for thyroid cancer with hidden scars?

Who is the best colorectal surgeon in sydney for cancer?

Who normally performs the ablation of a small hepatocellular carcinoma?

Why can't cancerous cells just be killed by chemo and be cured? How is it so difficult to get rid of cancer? Can surgeons not just take out the tumour?

Why does cancer spread so fast after surgery?

Why does dcis become invasive?

Why don't doctors just remove cancerous lungs instead of recommending chemo and radiation?

Why is a whipple resection contraindicated with metastases?

Why is fibroadenoma not curable after having a couple of surgeries?

Why might my kidneys have failed during my lung cancer surgery?

Why radiation after a mastectomy? I have already had chemo pre surgery

Why would a doctor who didn't initially recommend surgery for esophageal cancer change his mind?

Why would a surgical oncologist say that an EUS be done to determine if any active cancer cells remain within a pancreatic tumor. No sense to it?

Why would oncologists choose not to use any radiation when treating alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, primary site left leg, amputation ned in amputated leg.

Wife complete debulking for stge 4 ovarian cancer. No l-nodes involved. All cancer removed. Ca125 44 at diagnosis. Ca125 is 3 after 6 rds of chemo. What questions should I ask onc re: prognosis?

Will i lose all my hair when undergoing chemoradiation for cervical cancer?

Will treatment with BCG for bladder cancer cause possible complications to a recent aortic tissue valve replacement?

With oligodendroglioma, after operation and radiotherapy.How long do patients live?

Would an oncologist do an intensive operation to remove a small malignant tumor because chances are that cancer would then be curable or maybe not?

Would intensive cancer surgery (not skin cancer) be attempted if the person has not been off warfarin for at least 5 days?

Would it be acceptable to get a massage if you have advanced cancer?

Would you force a teenager with cancer to undergo chemotherapy against his will?