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Is surgery required as part of therapy of my localized esophageal cancer?

Is there a rough estimate range for the cost of the colon cancer surgery (tumor removal) in us?

Is there a surgical cure for lung cancer that has spread to the hip?

Is there a surgical procedure for pancreatic cancer?

Is there an alternative to surgery for cancer in the rectum?

Is there anyone who as had prostate removal and died in surgery?

Is trachelectomy safe if there is some cancer left?

Just diagnosed with 2 malignant masses in my left breast. One is 1.4 by 1.7 and the other is .5. Is Mastectomy recommended treatment verses lumpectomies. ?

Just heard back the acquaintance I know has glioblastoma. said tumor was surgically completely removed. doing radiation and chemo. life expectancy?

Laprascopic assisted low anterior resection of rectal cancer surgery scheduled in 4 days. What are the best things that I should do now to prep for it?

Large cancer tumor on knee back two years after major surgery on it. 87 y.o. Will cancer not spread faster if they don't get it all?

Lung cancer study's are outdated my pop has stage 3 recommended chemo to shrink mass and maybe surgery. Crazy how answers and outcome are unknown!

Male 90, buccal mucosa cancer, tumor size 10 CM x 5 CM x 3 cm. Dementia and angina , one surgeon advise palliative surgery other says hospice? Advise

Mesothelioma success treatment? When chemo not work, surgical not convincing as of multiple nodules on mesothelium tissue. Please advise.

Mohs micrographic surgery is the gold standard for treating skin cancers. What qualifies a doctor to

Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2 years ago she did was undergone a total hysterectomy followed by many cessions of chemotherapy. The last report for her MRI shows a newly discovered minimal ascetic fluid. Last ca 125 was 250 ?

Multiple tumors(75x25 mm) inside anal, doctor say surgery not possible to remove tumors, instead chemo&radiotherapy is going on, no hope of cure, please help?

My 8 yr old nephew has been diagnosed with a low grade astrocytoma glioma. Will radiotherapy be considered as surgery is NT an option.? Prognosis.?

My aunt had ia stage endometrial carcinoma but her cancer was metastatic after surgery? Any suggestions to treat it now? Great appreciate.

My bone cancer cured 6 yrs ago with chemo and operation.And two yrs after lung metastasis operated...What is the chances of cancer in future?

My bone cancer cured 6 yrs ago with chemo and operation.And two yrs after lung metastasis operated.What is the chances of cancer in future?

My brother is 68yr old with rectal carcinoma, chemo-radiotherapy have been given. What is the best surgical center known for rectal carcinoma resction?

My dad had prostrate cancer and had laser surgery to remove it . Now the doctors want to see if the cancer went to the bone marrow.. Is this normal practice?

My doctor has recommended chemotherapy prior to a lumpectomy due to the size of the tumor in my left breast. Common practice? Microscopic diagnosis:invasive ductual carcinoma macroscopic diagnosis: three cores of intermingled glistening gray & yellow

My father had transitional cell carcinoma, high grade ( grade 2) muscle invasive..In 2010. Radical cystoprostetectomy with orthotopic neobladder recon?

My friend has cancer of the throat and recently underwent surgery to remove the cancer? Will he need radiation?

My friend is 16 and he told me he has lung cancer.He says it runs in his family and that surgery can fix it and does not need chemo. Is this possible?

My girlfriend has invasive ductal breast cancer, what are her chances of a full recovery? She is 40.

My husband has been diagnosed with aggressive prostrate cancer grade 7. Do you think surgery is the correct way forward?

My husband just had a whipple surgery, (successful) they found some positive nodes, he has to undergo chemo/rad. How successful would treatments be?

My mom had a total hysterectomy 9 months ago, cervical cancer stage iii, what checks she should do?Her doctor tells that checks it isn't necessary

My mom had been diagonsed with breast cancer chest wall recurrence and surgery had been done and lump had been removed.

My mom has breast cancer and is having surgery. How serious is it if she must have surgery?

My mom has cervical cancer stage 2 dr's r saying have radiation and chemotherapy but it is possible to have surgery?

My mom has stage 4 breast cancer, last month had to have emergency surgery for a perforated colon. She is not healing even with a wound vac?

My mom has uterine cancer and she had surgery how can I know if she fully recovered?

My mom just underwent brachytherapy to treat her cervical cancer. Is there anything we can do to alleviate pain once the anesthesia wears off?

My mother 61 was operated for breast conservation surgery followed by chemo and radiation. How often should she get repeat mammograms?

My mother has confirmed with cervix carcinoma 3rd stage and she is undergoing chemoradiation treatment, so after tteatment is there any chance of recu?

My mother has stage 1c ovarian cancer ...But there has been spillage by surgery ..... But we had it operated within 2 weeks. Possibility of spreading?

My mother in law had debulikng surgery 4 weeks ago for ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed 3c. Her inscion is not healing . What about chemo?

My mother is opting not to do chemo and radiation for cervical cancer. What could happen if left untreated?

My mum diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2, doctor recommended. Surgery to remove whole breast completely. Is it possible for her to complete cured?

My mum is 70 and had a grade 3 sah she's 1 week into their clipping is she out of the critical stage?

My uncle has undergone cancer surgery two months ago, now doctors have declared. I want to know if there is any hope.

Myxofibrosarcoma, is mohs surgery recomended for this type of cancer and what else is usually recommended in these cases.?

Next Week: Should I ask what the cancer stage is if the surgical oncologist does not say what it is during a consultation?

Oncology: Can the use of IRE nanoknife for pancreatic cancer result in a smaller sized tumor post procedure? How long to note size difference?

Oncology: Cancer can be misdiagnosed and an operation can happen followed by a negative PET. Can a patient know for sure never had it to begin with?

One year post op for colon cancer what are chances for reoccurrence?

Oral cancer after surgery and radiation, recurrence after one year. Now started chemotherapy & doctor says not to worry. Will it fully cure or not?

Please explain reasons why whipple resection contraindicated with metastases?

Please explain why does the doctor not let my dad drink water after his colon cancer removal surgery?

Please help, how much risk is there waiting 2mths for cancer tumour removal op?

Please help! what is the procedure to treat epidydymal cancer?

Please let me know if there is anything (besides chemo/surgery) that can help a patient with stage 3 melanoma?

Please tell me, could a gynecologic cancer specialist do surgery?

Please tell me, could cancer be cured by cutting off the infectious part?

Recently had cancer removed and now set to have chemo. If all the cancer was removed how many times would I have to have treatment?

Reconstruction surgery favorable together with mastectomy for ilcis stage 1b, 0.8 cm?

Recuperating from pancreatic cancer and was advised to change from pan crease to pancrelipase. is that favorable treatment?

Renal Cell Carcinoma - had radical nephrectomy left kidney, cancer has spread to the lungs - surgery not an option. Life expectancy w/o treatment?

Right side lombectomy of Thyroid removed to Follicular Cancer that's not spread.The Consultant says i have to make my own choice on the 2 treatments .I could have Radioactive Iodine or see consultant every 2 months with yearly Scan .Oncologist Ideas?

Selective neck dissection in early oral cancer, what is this?

Should a laryngectomy be performed if pet scan is still showing activity in larynx after chemoradiation for t3n1mo scc of supraglottic larynx?

Stage 2/3 rectal cancer, 60-yr M patient, chemo+radiation, ok to have surgery to remove mass 2 weeks after treatment?

Stage iii-b crc removed surgically 2 weeks ago, 3 days ago surgery was performed to remove post op adhesion blocking the small intestines, suggested chemo is capeox. When should treatment begin?

Stg 4 ovarian cancer which has spread to, among other areas, liver and peritoneum. Just completed her 3rd rnd of chemo prior to a surgical consult. The questions: what is the likely quality of life after a surgical debulking? What would you say is the 2 &

Surgery, radiotherapy and chemo feel too terrible and invasive. Are there plants and preparations that can treat cancer cells?

Surgical oncologist's only: Survival rates for those with PC are disheartening. Is it true that cancer can be completely removed at Whipple operation?

Surgical oncology: Whipple may be the only cure for pancreatic cancer? But, it is a huge operation with many months of recovery? Go through it?

The oncologist keeps insisting on chemo but i would rather have surgery only for breast cancer, i would like another opinion is it always necessary?

Thymome b3 after surgery and treatment we Remarque 3adenopathy is it dangerous ?

Upon complete resection of a grade 1 ganglioglioma, what are the chances of cure?

Wanted to know if all brain cancers need surgery if it was spread from another cancer?

Was in the care of oncologists nothing could be done because of treatments for prior cancer. Would like to know life expectancy of untreated stage 2 Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina for a 65 year diabetic.

What are my chances of cancer coming back if I have breast-sparing surgery with radiation?

What are my surgery choices for intraductal papilloma?

What are procedures used for colorectal cancer screening?

What are some innovative treatments or procedures for spleen cancer?

What are survival times for gastric cancer after total stomach removal?

What are the chances of recovery for a patient affected by astrocytoma grade iii.?

What are the chances of recurrence of cervical cancer once cured and eliminated from stage 3b ?

What are the chances of recurrence of cervical cancer, once eliminated with 6 chemotherapy sessions ?

What are the chances of srvaival in colorectal adinoma carcinpma at the age of 70?

What are the chances of surviving colorectal cancer surgery at 85?

What are the chances of the cancer coming back if I had breast-sparing surgery with radiation?

What are the odds of colon cancer recurrence after successful surgical treatment?

What are the problems after oral cancer surgery?

What are the risks of lung biopsy surgery .? I have mass 5 cm in left lung and it's not cancer and so confused about the surgery ..

What can be done about cancer relapse with a disability?

What can be done fir peritoneal metastases?

What can be expected with surgery for testicular cancer?

What can I do if my girlfriend has invasive ductal breast cancer, what are her chances of a full recovery?

What can I do to cure heart cancer without surgery?

What can I expect if i've been diagnosed/treated for breast carcinoma in situ?

What can we expect from a stage 4 lung cancer patient with bone metastases- what can be done in case all treatments are ruled out?

What causes rectosigmoid carcinoma? Can it be healed?

What could happen if a person opts not to undergo surgery for multiple benign breast cysts?

What do clear margins mean in stomach cancer surgery?