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How effective is a wedge resection for treating lung cancer?

How effective is Mohs surgery for treating melanoma?

How effective is stenting for patient with 4th stage esophagus cancer at distal esophagus.. My uncle condition after stenting got worsen...

How effective is video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for treating lung cancer?

How is duodenal adenocarcinoma generally treated?

How is rad. Freq. Ablation performed on a liver tumor and what are the risks?

How long can a patient undergo radiotherapy?

How long can a persn live with invasive bladder cancer without treatment (t1g3)?

How long does it take for a bladder to heal is biopsy if performed where there has been external beam radiation damage? ( treated for prostate cancer)

How long does one 5cm large liver cancer tumor grow to spread? Doctor suggested surgery but dad wants to know how long can he wait before surgery?

How long is process of evaluating mass after mammogram including biopsy or lumpectomy? Then how long till radiation? Probable dcis or stage 1 ductal.

How long should a patient wait before starting chemotherapy and after the breast cancer surgery ?

How many surgeries are needed to remove lung cancer? My mother-in-law is in her 70s, and has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. How many operations will she require, and how far apart will they be?

How many years can my brodher service with oligoaastrocytoma grad ii, tumour is removed and radiation is to be taken now ?

How much chemo is typically needed after bone cancer surgery?

How often can you undergo radiotherapy?

How often do radioactive implants prostate cancer cause complications fistula?

How often should I have a colonoscopy and a scan after surgery and chemo is completed?

How rare is tubal cancer called stic and what are the most common treatments ?

How should I provide support for someone requiring breast surgery for cancer?

How soon should surgery be done, once a bladder cancer tumor has been diagnosed?

How to deal with dairrhea and which diet to follow during chemoradiation of cervix carcinoma?

How to treat burning discharge from vagina from patient with stage IV invasive bladder cancer after cystectomy?

Husband has Benign cystic peritoneal mesothelioma Oncologist wants yearly CT no removal suggested now. Maybe HIPEC/surgery later. Any thoughts?

I am a 49 years old male. I had a surgery to remove thetumor. Biopsy showed adenocarcinoma of lung. I received radiation and currently undergoing chemotherapy. I have a new tumor in my foot with lots of pain. What are the optionsthat i have?

I am a cancer patient and my doctor is out of town I am a breast cancer patient graded stage 2 carsanoma and had two breast tumors removed, a second for clear margins and five lymphnodes removed and were negative I have went through chemo, radiation, i go

I am in my early 80s. Parotid mass removal has been prescribed. If it's not removed, what is my life expectancy?

I am wondering if anyone can explain the ramifications of a partial thymectomy?. It was done durring a thyroid cancer recurrence.

I h osteoblastic sarcoma.Treated with chemo and operated.2 yrs after i got lung mets and removed by operation.What are the chances of future cancer?

I had a radical hysterectomy for cerv cancer, went through radiation & chemo, scan shows ventral hernia now. Did surgery cause this...Surgery?

I had breast cancer in 2010 and recently 3 brain tumors. Did the necessary treatments ( surgery, gamma knife. I would like to know if I am considered disabled because of the remaining life span?

I had classical seminoma in right testis.I was treated by surgery and radiation now after two year AFP markr is elevated im i having another tumer?

I had grade 3 invasive breast cancer and now I'm in palliative care as I have 8 lesions in my brain and my lungs are full. Radiation etc but how long?

I had stage one colon cancer in 2001 had surgery with no chemo or radiation needed have regular colonoscopies is the cancer likely to return?

I had surgery last nov and had a t1n1 tumor (2 mm) at the base of my appendix. I finished 12 treatments of folfox. What are my chances of a cure?

I have a friend that has stage 2 breast cancer, her surgeon says he might have to operate a least three times. Why is that?

I have a recurrent colorectal cancer. Just finished with chemorad. Waiting to go for surgery however doctor mentioned stenting uterus during surgery.

I have had a papilloma in my breast for over a decade. Ideally should it be removed?

I have invasive lobular carcinoma. What are my chances of complete recovery?

I have testicular cancer, and am schedule for surgery later this week. Is it a mild cancer?

I have type iia gynecomastia( breast tissue). I talked my doktor and he said that I should have operation. Is there any treatment except operation?

I just had the cyberknife procedure 1 week ago. How long does the fatigue go on? What is the success rate of the cancer not returning?

I learned that cancer can spread if you are opened up and operated on. Is that true?

I need some medical answers for my book. Some about cancer and general surgery.?

I recently had a total colectomy with ileorectal anastomosis for severe chronic inertiia that was unresponsive to other treatmentswhen they removed my colon they were surprised to find some areas of early stage cancer as well I had been undergoing regular

I want to know if it is possible to avoid acininc carcinoma surgery after knowing that there is a malignancy in early stage?

I was diagnosed with barrets, what are the chances of getting a cancer? Is barrets curable? What are the side effects of a surgery?

I was treated for stg 4 thyroid cancer in mid 1970's with surgery to remove as many lymph nodes possible and then given RAI dose? Could contribute to?

I was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation and sent home without any explanation?

I was wondering is a bypass surgery safe for a pancreatic cancer patient?

I was wondering what are the chances of recovery for a patient affected by astrocytoma grade iii?

I was wondering what are the procedures of radiation therapy and chemotherapy and how long does the procedure takes to clean the body from the cancer cells?

I'm going to be having surgery in a month for malignant hyperthermia. How can I prepare?

I'm having acute pain from my radical mastectomy surgery wednesday. Normal? I have high risk breast cancer

I've had parcial vulvectomy it was stage 4 no radiation was needed.I have been having symtoms again it has been 2 years. Should i expect this?

If a glio blastoma multeform is detected early, is it possible to resect with a a total successful conclusion.

If a patient is considered at highrisk for cancer and is already under the care of an oncologist.Should a low grade CT scan be recommended ?

If a surgeon removed a lung carcinoid and patient had liver mets, would he continue with op or just sew the person up?

If cancer is found during a different operation, will the surgeon stop the current surgery?

If detected at an early stage, can koch's spine with psoas abscess be cured only with medication (without surgery) ?

If I chose radiation over surgery for prostate cancer and the cancer came back. Would that mean my body would get too much radiation?

If I had colon cancer do I need to find center in surgical oncology?

If I had surgery to remove metastatic osteosarcoma from my lungs, would I need to have the whole lung removed?

If I have radiation therapy to my abdomen, will I still be able to have my colostomy reversed?

If i surgically remove growth, does that reduce life span or breast cancer mortality?

If one had a lumpectomy with clear margins, no node involvment and is on anti-hormones, is it absolutely necessary to have radiation?

If one surgeon says my lung cancer is inoperable and another wants to cut it out, how should I decide what to do?

If prostate cancer is diagnosed, should I have active surveillance, radiotherapy or surgery?

If the breast tumor is shrinking with chemotherapy is there a chance not needing surgery?

If you have cancer can you cut out the area of cancer and replace it with donor long?

Im a 24 year old healthy male, but i am about to have gallbladder surgery, my first ever surgery, what's my chances of surviving and being ok? imscared

Im a 75 year old woman with primary perictoneal cancer I decided dont to ay of the surgeries or chemo . Now what i what to (now ) is how do i have to live?

In 1997 I had an operation for rectal cancer. I had radiation and chemo. Now i have anal stenosis. What shall i do?

Inadequate margins done, now recurring colon cancer - expectations / what to say?

Is biopsy not a determining factor for klatskin? Pathology says no cancer but doctor says he saw it during operation and it is klatskin.

Is brain cancer surgery a routine operation for neurosurgeons?

Is bypass surgery a safe option for a pancreatic cancer patient?

Is cancer in post nasal Space curable?

Is implant radiation a very common cancer procedure?

Is it a bad idea for me to put off my lung cancer surgery for 6 weeks?

Is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to go near someone that is undergoing cancer radiation therapy?

Is it possbl to refuse chemo &RT in case of surgically treated endometrial cancer stage IIIc1 (20% lining ) only1 pelvic node involved.No para-aortic.

Is it possible for a cancer patient receiving chemo/ rad to develop cancer in an unrelated area? My 64 yr old father has esophageal cancer. In preparing for surgery he had a CT scan done and a 'spot' on his lung has been detected. Biopsy is scheduled, but

Is it possible to be completely cured of bone cancer?

Is it possible to cure bladder cancer without surgery?

Is it possible to cure lung cancer without surgery or chemo?

Is it possible to fully cure reccured stage 4a cervix cancer by chemo?

Is it possible to have surgery for my pituitary cancer?

Is it recommended to give chemotherapy before surgery to slow the growth of a cancer?

Is it safe for a surgeon to postpone uterine stage II cancer surgery?

Is it true that bladder cancer isn't curable without the surgery?

Is it true that cancer spreads faster after a person has been opened up for surgery?

Is it unusual for a lung cancer patient to have surgery with no radiation?

Is it unusual for elderly patients to completely lose their appetite after lung cancer surgery?

Is mastectomy really necessary for a cancer patient?

Is nodule reaccurance prevalent after voice surgery (laryngoscopy by laser)?

Is non cancerous pancreatic surgery less risky than if it were cancerous?

Is radiation therapy used to treat benign breast tumor? Mom told me she is to undergo 6 weeks radiation. She had a surgery done to take out mass

Is stage 3 breast cancer usually fixable with an operation?

Is surgery ever appropriate for metastatic cancer?