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1 beningn ln peridudonal at site of stricture. What kind of operation do I need?

43, single masect & chemo(completed) my surgery discovered Lymph/muscle positive IDC- Dr wants to do Radical Masectomy aren't these rare? I'm scared!

64 yr. Old man with prior successful prostate cancer radiation treatment 3 yrs ago. Solar plexus pain. What organ if concern with cancer?

72 yr/female had successful removal of stage 1 esophageal cancer a year ago along with chemo/radiation. How common is reoccurrence after 1 year ? Thx.

84yrs old male. Diagnosed w/ prostate cancer dr said can't do biopsy or surgery he has 7.50 is this the 3 stage is it why dr don't recommend surgery?

A 59 year old woman has undergone a left radical mastectomy, what does this indicate?

A patient,62-year_old,have got Cholangiocarcinoma. The Cholangiocarcinoma recurred after right lobe resection. Is there any suggested treatment in the US?

After a double mastectomy w/o metastasizing, what is the risk of another malignancy?

After having colon cancer they found me 4 tumor cancer in the liver. They are giving me chemoteraphy to reduce the sizes. And then perform surgery. What are my chances to survive?

Age 61: at 49 i had a full hysterec./benign fibr. Removal. A yr before succes. Treated stg 1 breast can.( if that is relevant). What other gynecological cancers am i still at risk for, and would they?

Age 79, male, colon cancer Pt3n1b, surgery finished. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy recommended ? or both?

Any natural remedies to help kill any possible cancereous cells remaining after total thyroidectomy if rai is not necessary?

Anyone use robotic surgery to remove prostate cancer?

As a cancer surgery survivor, how can I improve my body image?

As a cancer survivor, could I benefit from rehabilitation postop?

Besides surgery, how else are head and neck cancers treated?

Best treatment for mesenchymal chondrosarcoma? Has already undergone surgery, negative for tumor in all margins of resection

Breast cancer reconstruction patients: what does it mean when the doctor can't "find the magna site"?

Breast cancer ulcerated tumor (cancer is isolated in one area only) could i opt for radiation to shrink tumor prior to surgery, or must I have chemo?

Can a stent be put alongside a cancer tumor rather than do a turp?

Can a delay in colonic cancer surgery of 2 months upstage the tumor from Duke B to C ? thanks

Can a lower grade glioma can be cured without surgery?

Can a person in the very early stage of stomach cancer have the bariatric sleeve surgery?

Can a stage IV oropharyngeal cancer be surgically removed?

Can an 84-year-old woman survive surgery for angiosarcoma?

Can an 87 year old man just diagnosed w/ adenocarcinoma of the stomach cardia benefit from surgery if performed at a cancer hospital by a specialist?

Can an infusion port remain implanted for years when there is a diagnosis of cancer?

Can cancer come back after 19 years of remission? I had neuroblastoma at 13 months old. went through chemo, radiation, and surgery to remove the tumor. I'm now 26 years old and it wasn’t supposed to recur ever never.

Can CT and pet scan performed 2 weeks after skin and nipple sparing mastectomy with inplant also include chemotherapy ?

Can cyberknife surgery be used for lung cancer?

Can Eplcusa and breast cancer treatment be safely done at same time?

Can facial squamous cell cancer lead to brain cancer even if the initial surgery was successful?

Can I choose not to have RAI ablation for pap thyroid cancer? What are the risks of it returning vs permanent damage from RAI? RAI seems more risky.

Can i tell me if I am at high risk for breast cancer but don't have it, would the surgery be completely out of pocket?

Can lumps of bladder cancer that have spread to my lungs be removed with surgery?

Can PEMF help with stage 2 cancer post surgery?

Can post surgical inflammation/scarring from breast implants cause cancer later on life?

Can radio frequency ablation technique fully cure small malignent liver tumor?

Can radioactive seed implants for prostate cancer cause complications like a vesiculorectal fistula?

Can scare tissue develop and cause tenderness at lung cancer surgery site two years after surgery?

Can stage 4 oropharyngeal cancer be surgically removed, or it is too late?

Can you let me know is invasive ductal carcinoma really "no big deal"?

Can you start chemo with open inscion from debulking surgery. Diagnosed with stage 3 c ovarian cancer and am diabetic?

Can you successfully treat a recurrent colon cancer? This is my mothers third time.Had all lymph nodes removed after first surgery i

Can you tell me about pancreatic cancer surgical procedure?

Can you tell me how much time is the hospital recovery for adrenal gland cancer?

CANCER: Is the DaVinci Robotic System used for pancreatic cancer in any major medical center in the U.S.?

Cervical cancer after operation how long can restore health??

Colon cancer pt. surgery done . Aortocaval node contains a met. Is this dangerous ? Can it cause issues ? What best treatment for it ?

Colorectal cancer surgery and colostomy? Why does the doctor have to do a colostomy as part of colorectal cancer surgery? What is it exactly (a hole in my abdomen?) and how long will I have it?

Could breast tumors be eliminated with drugs without any operation?

Could cancer be cured by cutting off the infectious part?

Could I have radiation with untreated seroma?

Could people with renal tumors have radiation or chemo before surgery?

Could surgery of cancer (carcinoma right breast diagnoised as stage iii) result in reduction of life span?

Could you tell me survival rate of a person with Stage 2B BRCA with surgery vs. without surgery(or any tx for that matter)?

Could you tell me what's the chances of survival after surgery of a 76 yr old with emphysema?

Curious, if sb has a recurrence with a carcinoid lung cancer can it be operated on a 2nd or 3 rd time if needed?

DCIS calcifications ,biopsy itself removed all bad cells, lumpectomy pathology that followed 100% cancer free, radiation to aggressive?44 yr old.

DCIS, left breast, biopsy itself removed high grade cancer cells, lumpectomy path 100% cancer free. Radiation necessary? What about proton therapy?

Diagnosed with desmoid tumor in duodenum. Had surgery jan2013 & on tamoxifen. Now CT clear and was wondering if he should have reverse bypass surgery.

Did rp in 2010.My cancer was small, non agressive, no vascular invasion.After surgery psa undetectable .In september risen to 3.3 and october 5.5 .Help?

Do 33 year women after colon cancer and surgery, chemotherapy can have baby?Thank you

Do many people loose their hair following Whipple IRE oncology surgery? Is chemo part of the surgical protocol?

Do most cancer patients require an operation to remove the tumor, or is that just in late stages/severe cases?

Doc removed the left testis of my brother during hernia operation after finding out that he had cancer though in very early stage.Can he reproduce?

Does chemo radiation kills the remaining cancerous cells of a T4 colon cancer ? Surgery has been done and also how to know if there are stillcancercel

Does it matter if my colon perforation is from tumor or infection. I didn't have screening before surgery. T3nomo? No chemo.

Does it take more than one shot for skin cancer surgery?

Does repeated cycle of chemotherapy (6 sessions again after 6 months ) ensure complete cure of cervical cancer ?

Does surgery of primary cancer of the rectosigmoid junction require a colostomy?

Does the surgical resection of a brain metastasis alter the planning and subsequent local control achieved with radiosurgery prescribed for recurrence at the operated site?

Does well differentiated squamous cell nsclc usually respond well to chemo? Patient is healthy enough for surgery, if indicated.

Dr cattano you answered regarding my gallbladder polyps so now do I demand removal as I am petrified this is cancer?

For bone metastases what are the benefits and costs of local infiltration of anesthetic over palliative radiation?

For what length of time can you live with squamous carcinoma cancer with out treatment or sugery?

Glioblastoma and its a primal tumor. The va wants to operate again otherwise they will stop chemo. He's already had 1operation and the removed 80%.

Grandmother had surgery to remove part of her enlarged colon(cancer)& now about6months later doc says cancer returned&wants to put her in Chemo-advice?

Had chemo & debulk surgery for 4th stage ovarian cancer had 2 surgery for bowel obstruct now have hernia & bowel obstruction what's my life expectancy?

Hallo...i am sister is 28 and the doctors fund her inoadenoma at breast and they do was cancer and they want to do surgery at gu?

Has anyone experienced metastatic breast cancer to the eye or know of anyone who experienced it?

Has anyone had surgery with complete recovery for vulvar cancer?

Have been dignoss with rectal cancer, have been treated with radio and chemo, suregent say's he need's two inche's to not perform have been dignoss with rectal cancer , have been treated witn radio and chemo, surgent say's cancer is to low and must peform

He had done colon cancer operation , after chemotherapy treatment but has cancer percentage not reduce completely.can he outcome from illlness?

Hello my 29 year old son had hodgkin's lymphoma and completed treatment almost 5 years ago (surgery, avbd, radiation). He has some mild swelling an?

Hello Dr Bennett, I have experienced hardening of the bladder wall after chemo and radio treatment for stage 4 bladder cancer, will this condition go?

Hi docs, do you think it's advisable to give chemotherapy before surgery to slow the growth of a cancer?

Hi docs, is it true that radiation or bypass surgery are good treatments for cancer?

Hi, I had rectal cancer last year and had surgery that left me with a permanent colostomy. I had a PET scan and my oncologist sent me a copy of the ?

Hi, i want to find out about radiotherapy after breast cancer surgery, is it necessary? I don't know if i want it, thanks maxine

Hi.Ovarian cancer, spread to bowel.Was considered for HIPEC but spread to small bowel means surgery not possible.Any alternatives to palliative chemo?

High grade DCIS 1mm removed successfully, pathology showed no spread, what chance of reoccurrence and what prognosis or need for follow up treatment?

How can a patient still have cancer after lumpectomy? Cant find good surgeon (even if rich celebrities)? Not fair to need mastectomy vs radiation, etc

How can a Whipple operation be considered the only possible cure to PC when general MD's, and not surgical oncologist's, say survival rate is 2-5 yrs?

How can postpone life for syringocarcinoma patient after surgeries failed? The cancer cells are spread to goldbeater’s skin and peritoneum areas.

How can you identitfy that someone needs to be done a posterior victetomy surgery how can you determine that it is at its advanced stages?

How come surgical removal of a lung not stop lung cancer?

How dangerous is a transanal resection?

How does dcis become harmfully invasive?

How effective is a laparoscopic surgery for treating colon cancer?