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;m really worried. Also, I have a fibroadenoma on my right breast. Can anyone help me? What should I do?

14 and has huge purple scars on boobs. Could this mean breast cancer?

18 years old female had a left breast abscess underwent drainage 1 yearr before now she got recurred again with similar symptoms ?

18yr old female changes in right breast with severe pain! refured to breast specialist with no explantation why now need scans should I be worried?

2 suspicious areas in breast- 1 is gone and 1 is half the size it was 3 months ago.Dr said to come back in 6 months.Still nursing. Is this cancer?

2007 mastectomy w/reconstruction. Sudden swelling left breast arm neck and bottom of rib bruises on right leg. Breast MRI ruled out breast cancer ?

23yr old female, not married before, feel tenderness over areolas of both breasts, my dr.Told me that may be fibroadenosis.How to confirm, treat&prognosi?

26 y.o female with left underarm tenderness + swelling. no history of breast cancer in family. no breast lumps. achy when lifting arm. cancer?

27 yo male, 5mm lump under left nipple. A more mobile and smaller lump right nipple. No breast cancer family history. Protein supplements daily.

33 f healthy pain in breast bone above breasts 4 2 days now... Feel good otherwise have asthma but it's been fantastic suggestions?

35, last breastfed 2015, breast implants (12yr)&mirena (1yr). No periods on coil but did spot 10d ago, now breasts tingling, 1 firm &swollen. Cancer?

40s male with some L-side chest, under L-nipple pain.1wk antibiotics for slight infection!?, after normal R-L nipple-armpit lymph ultrasounds.Causes?

42 year old male. Found a knot in my left breast tissue which is getting more tender by the day. Could it be from the trazodone that i was put on?

5 ears ago mum had radical mastectomy in left breast.despite docs warnings she exercised and beared havy weights with left and which us now so swollen?

5 months ago diagnosed w bi-rads 3. Complex cyst and hypoechoic lesion in left breast. Having pain for the last 2 weeks in left breast . Normal?

5months post op from breast implants silicone under the muscle and have stinging pain in right breast. Is this normal? Could it it have ruptured?

6 mos ago, had normal breast US and MRI. I had a second bilateral US this week because I noticed changes in breast skin. Normal. Am I in the clear?

60Y/o Female Breast with lump, boils with pus discharge, swelling of the arm and affected breast. Discoloration of the affected part. Whats this?

60yo mom's mammogram found an irregular shaped, enlarged, non-fatty lymph node near breast. Any reason not cancer related? 4 masses in right breast only too

69 yo woman 8 months post lumpectomy, chemo, radiation. Affected breast markedly swollen, hot, tender, reddened. Opinion?

A listed symptom of pancreatic cancer is uneven, lumpy texture of the fatty tissue under the skin. What does this mean? My fattier areas feel lumpy!

After I had a breast exam and they determined it was benign I began getting boils on the same breast is that normal?

Am a 22yr old and i have a lump on my left breast. Doctors said its fibroadenoma. Is that dangerous? Is it necessary to extract it?

Anyone treated a recurrent fibroadenoma lump in a breast? What happens to it?

Are dangerous breast lumps likely to occur against the body, or usually in fatty breast tissue? I'm only 25. Don't want to overreact.

Are lumps behind the nipples a symptom of gynecomastia or just normal hormone fluctuations?

Are tattoos under breast painful?

Are these symptoms exclusive to breast cancer- darkening, pain, and skin peeling of the area where the lump is? If not, what could it be?

Area of fibrosis in breast. biopsy proven. how to get rid of it (medicines massage?) feels firm and scares me all the time with a breast self exam.

Armpit and breast inflammation swelling. What could it be?

Behind my nipple I have multiple small lumps. My nipples are puffy but no tenderness. Do I have gynecomastia? Or is it just chest fat that I can fix?

Behind my nipples I have thick tissue but behind one nipple the thickness is so much more than the pain. Help??

Bf's nipple is enlarged and he is having pain. Is this breast cancer?

Blood from breast abscess?

Breast bone that is also sore and tender. Is more likely that I have thyroid nodule, what to do?

Breast distortion on u/s stable if not smaller after 3 months... Is this likely benign then? Still nursing my son.

Breast FNA done 4 days ago. Cyst aspirated not near nipple. Nipple very sensitive when bra/clothing rubs against it. Could FNA or lidocaine cause it?

Breast heaviness, left breast only. Painful exam. Mammogram 2 small areas dense. Does this mean cancer? Started period at 9, stopped at 56. I am 57

Breast hematoma after lumpectomy - bruising is travelling down the stomach. What should I do?

Breast inflammation swelling while lactating. Who do I call?

Breast lift w augmentation 5 months ago with no problems. Tenderness at 11oclock in right breast x 2 week. No injury. No other symptoms. Suggestions?

Breast looks slightly indented on the side. Could it be fibrous changes? I'm 38. And I have large breast

Breast pain in left only, bruise forming, nipple flattening, redness on breast?

Breast self exam should end at age 85?

Breast self examination problem due to large breasts?

Breast tenderness, mainly in one breast, mainly in outside area and I'm 9 days away from period. Is this normal?

Breast tissue more prominent in one armpit than other. Normal?

Breast u/s.Showed cyst.Palpable w/o pain. Clear nipple discharge.Feels connected to tissue. Unmoving,Consistent 3 yrs.Familyhistory cancer.Concerned?

Breastfeeding 1 time a day.... Getting intermittent sensitivity in right breast. Had clear u/s. Is it likely nursing related or breast cancer ?

Breasts cone shaped small don't fill out bra, asymmetry, puffy nipples, secondary amenorrhea since age 14, will breasts ever fully develop now age 24?

Breasts extremely dense.Microcalcifications in upper outer quadrant left breast the posterior one third are loosely grouped on the cc.How bad is this?

Breasts itching daily. Nipple sometimes worse than rest of breasts but now everywhere. Lumps prev. found & ruled cysts. Breast cancer runs in family.

Cam a 32 year old female wih a 36a bra size get breast cancrr?

Can perimenopause effect the breast? Lumps etc...

Can a mastisis scar breast tissue and can it cause recurrent 'chest pain' years after a having a child?

Can a swollen mass in breast be caused by partner sucking breast?

Can breast pain be connected with lung cancer ? I've had a mammgram and ultra sound all good.. It's just in one breast.

Can bruises around your nipple be a sign of cancer?

Can bump on my right breast disappear during breast feeding? I have done usg and my doctor said it was lymph node

Can constant breast binding cause fatty necrosis? I have binded my whole puberty and now I have a lump on upper breast. I'm female, 16

Can cutting the side of your breast by accident cause breast cancer?

Can dimples on one breast be benign? I see 2-3 when i squeeze my breasts together, not when i raise them. US was normal. I am 25.

Can excessive compulsive areaola and breast stimulation cause a thrombosed vein and a cyst?

Can i get picc line on my arm for chemo? Breast cancer on left side. Had a massequetomy of both breast, lymp node doctor removed 2l and 3r. Thank you

Can inflammatory breast cancer rash be close to armpit?

Can inflammatory breast cancer rashes be close to the armpit?

Can large breasts cause back problems?

Can nipple be erect after core breast biopsy? Normal? For how long might this last? Thank you

Can picking a blackhead on the underside of my breast increase my risk of breast cancer? I pop it every once in a while but it always comes back.

Can sleeping on your breasts so that they have lines on after waking up from the pressure applied cause breast cancer?

Can Thoracic Outlet Syndrome cause nipple pain and breast pain in adult males? I'm a 56yo male, with TOS, and nipple pain x3-4 months.

Can thyroid medication cause tender breast?

Can we use almond oil for breast massage in pregnancy due reduce the pain n tenderness? I have breast tissue in my left breast checked by doctor.

Can you explain the findings on my breast ultrasound? Right breast 1.7x2.0x0.9cm cyst for Left breast 11oclock zone A position 1.7x1.6x0.6cm solid?

Can you tell me what to do if for last 6 months I've had a lot of discomfort in my left breast area. X-ray and MRI with color and are normal.?

Carry heavy bag on shoulder, now pain under right armpit and breast? Also last day of period lumpy breasts&under arm. Breast Lumps Related to endo?

Complex cyst, more than half solid and slight indentation in breast, both at 8 o'clock. Should I be concerned about this?

Constant breast pain in right breast, no lump or changes. Had inflamed glandular tissue in other. Should I be concerned? Been on pill for 8Yrs.

Could it be healthy for the area around a fibroadenoma be tender?

Could my skin changes & breast pain be anything serious?

Could there be any problems arising from having no areola?

Could you tell me what are physical signs that your breasts are still growing?

Could you tell me what is the reason behind the improper breast development, and hips not enlarging in girls?

Coulda sudden retracted nipple and slight burning mean breast cancer?

Crp level increased and painful cyst or lump in left breast?

DCIS rt breast in 2011 removed. Now, solid mass in left breast has grown 1mm since 05/2014. Primary wants me to see a surgeon? Is this necessary?

Did self breast exam. Feel several small lumps in armpit. It itches and pains. Have fibrocystic breast disease. What is cause? Is this normal

Do I have bone cancer if lumpy for a couple of years or longer?

Do you have to remove nipple jewelry when getting a mammogram and ultrasound on your breast ? My jewelry is acyrlic , not metal.

Does a mastectomy mean cutting off the whole tit including nipple?

Does breast fibroadenoma go away and tend to reappear in the same spot in 5 years? Or was it just hidden somehow and not clearly felt in breast exams?

Does injury to the breast cause by excessive poking and prodding cause breast cancer?

Does it affect the breast area by the armpit?

Does prednisone cause gynocomastia or enlarged breasts? If it does will it go away after stoping it?

Does pressing breasts hard or normally pressing them n sucking on nipples cause breast cancer ?

Does women with silicone breasts have altered sensation to touch?

Excluding cancer what could cause a small hard breast lump (mext to nipple) in a 39 yo male?

Few years ago i was surgery tumor in my right breast that size is 2.3 cm. Now new tumor in my left breast that size is 2.16 cm. What is the treatment?

Fibroadenoma or breast cancer - symptoms weight loss, itchy breast, abscess, breast pain fatigue ?

For 2 years I had sin 1 result from Pap test, this year had an abscess in right breast removed now I have a lump in my left arm pit, is it cancer ?