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After I was born, my mom needed silver nitrate for abnormal cervical cells(hpv).Would I have been infected since I was a vaginal birth? Is there risk

After mom took DES in pregnancy is it possible to get cervical cancer from this?

Any side effects to getting vaccinated for cervical cancer?

Apart from having sex, are there other causes of cervical cancer?

Are there any risks of developing cancer if having unprotected sex with someone who already has cancer? Not STDs or HIV, but cancer.

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Are there steps I can take to prevent getting cervical cancer?

Can 2 abortions course cervical cancer?

Can a 18 years old virgin get cervical cancer? And if the tests proved she had. Can she be treated and have kids?

Can a condom prevent cervical cancer or not?

Can a virgin who has also gotten the HPV vaccination, gardasil, develop cervical cancer? 18 y/o

Can a woman with HPV cervical cancer gives a man oral sex is it transmitt able. And she had her cancer removed. Her pap test is normal.

Can cervical cancer be transmitted through intercourse?

Can cervical cancer develop within six months after HPV infection?

Can cervical cancer from receiving oral sex?

Can cervical cancer if you're a virgen?

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Can cervical cancer shots make you miss two periods?

Can guys be checked for HPV that causes cervical cancer?

Can guys be checked to see if they have the HPV that gives girls cervical cancer?

Can having rough sex injure your cervix? Is it more likely to cause cervical cancer?

Can having sex as a minor lead to cancer?

Can I get cervical cancer between my 3 months check ups from HPV? Will it develop in such short time? If so, will o need to shift monthly tests then??

Can I get pregnant if I have cervical cancer?

Can ladies who have cervical cancer have a harder time getting pregnant?

Can man who does not have HPV get it by a woman who has a history of high risk HPV cervical dysplasia by her giving him just oral sex.

Can sexual promiscuity as a teen permanently damage the cervix, causing cervical incompetence in pregnancy as an adult (without any history of sti)?

Can teenage sex or pregnancy lead to cervical cancer?

Can the cervical cancer vaccine decrease the chance of contraceptive injection being effective?

Can the HPV (cervical cancer) jab hurt that you get in year 8?

Can there be another way i can take a cervical cancer shot?

Can u get Cervical Cancer from being fingered?

Can you get cervical and ovarian cancer together?

Can you get cervical cancer despite repeatedly tested HPV negative?

Can you get cervical cancer even if you had HPV shot?

Can you get cervical cancer from teen sex?

Can you get cervical cancer if both partners were virgins prior to sex?

Can you get cervical cancer if you and your boyfriend had only been with each other?

Can you get cervical cancer if you are a virgin?

Can you get cervical cancer if you're a virgin?

Can you get high risk HPV that causes cervical cancer from just genitals touching or from not having full penetration?

Can you get HPV from your partner if it has already turned into cervical cancer?

Can you get pregnant if you have stage 4b cervical cancer?

Can you have sex between cervical cancer jabs?

Can you still get pregnant if you get internal radiation for cervical cancer?

Can you still have kids if you get radiation for cervical cancer?

Can you tell me if a pregnant woman gets cancer, is the fetus's cells immune from getting cancer, too?

Can you tell me if a young woman (19) has the possible early signs of cervical cancer, will she survive?

Can you tell me what is the youngest age to get cervical cancer at?

Cervical Dysplasia HPV negative Very heavy periods for 7-10days Chge super plus every hour or less. 35yrs. One partner only in life. cervical cancer?

Cervical High Risk HPV caught early, but how do i know it hasn't spread through my vagina or elsewhere?

Could a virgin get HPV or cervical cancer even without penetration?

Could a woman get pregnant after having cervical cancer?

Could i be pregnant even though I have cervical cancer?

Could I get some information regarding cervical cancer?

Could I have given my baby the type of HPV that causes cervical cancer during his birth? I don't have warts, just one abnormal pap 1 yr after birth.

Could it be a good idea to test for HPV before getting a cervical cancer vacine?

Could someone get cervical cancer from only having sex one time at age 19?

Could this mean I am at risk for cervical cancer because I have flat warts on my face?

Could you tell me if my partner has/had cervical cancer, am i more likely to get penis cancer?

Do genital warts lead to high risk cervical cancer. Which is the truth?

Do I have a higher risk of getting cervical cancer if im on birth control and have hpv?

Do you have to be sexually active to get cervical cancer?

Do you think I should get circumsized to protect my wife from cervical cancer?

Docs, could a non-sexually active person get cervical cancer?

Doctor said I have high risk hpv. I had the cryosurgery and now my pap is normal. My husband and I did not use condoms before. Do we have to start now?

Doctors, what are the chances of getting oral cancer from hpv?

Does getting your first period at an age lower than 13 actually increase your risk of ovarian/cervical/breast cancer?

Does my cancer risk increase if i've been diagnosed w/ HPV then reoccurance to hsil two years apart?

Does oral and anal sex really cause head/neck cancer as well as anal cancer? Are there risks involved if both parties are HPV free and monagomous?

Does removing uterus eliminates HPV from my body?? Tested positive HPV16 & others. Don't want to do all follow ups and worry about cervical cancer.

Does smoking increase the chance of getting cervical cancer in women with endemetriosis?

Does the cervical cancer vaccine affect my chances of having a baby?

Does your partner have to have STD for you to get cervical cancer?

Expert opinions? Which strain of HPV increases the risk of anal/rectal cancer?

For what reasons might the gardasil commercial clame it is a cervical cancer vaccine?

Had one-time oral sex on HPV positive/immunocompromised (no HIV) woman. She had history of abnormal pap (non cancerous). Chances of HPV contraction?

Having been a "des" baby and cervical cancer in family should I wait for insurance before first pap in 6 years?

Hi my wife having chemo for colon cancer.It safe to me to give her oral sex..Thank you?

History chlamydia cervix inflammed (cured) got herpes also.2 years later your preg you did a i at higher risk of getting cervical cancer?

How are you tested for cervical cancer? Is pap enough to diagnose?

How can a woman with HPV cervical cancer transmitt it by oral sex. Does she have to have open soars.

How can having HPV lead to a miscarriage?

How can I avoid a sore arm after the next cervical cancer vaccine?

How can I deal with a sore arm after the 3rd cervical cancer vaccine?

How can you prevent cervical cancer if you already have hpv?

How could a woman get cervical cancer?

How definite is it to get cervical cancer by HPV? 100%? Do all patients carrying the virus get it even with proper observation and tests?Is HPV fatal?

How do you get cervical cancer? It runs in my family, so what are my chances?

How do you get cervical cancer? What can you do to prevent it from happening again?

How do you get HPV and cervical cancer? Can i get cervical cancer even if I have not had sex?

How do you prevent cervical cancer when he is already diagnosed with hpv?

How do you prevent getting cervical cancer when already diagnosed with hpv?

How does time of losing your virginity affect your chance of getting a cervical cancer?

How fast can cervical cancer be diagnosed? Currently sexually inactive but had few times of oral sex 4 months ago.

How high is the percentage of women who have HPV get cervical cancer?

How is it that a woman gets cervical cancer?

How is young age of first intercourse & cervical cancer related?How many get cancer due to this reason specially in those who have never had papsmear

How likely is having cervical cancer when HPV high risk positive?

How likely is it that i could get pregnant if I have cervical cancer?