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Are there possible negative side effects from radiopharmaceuticals? I understand that radiopharmaceuticals is when radioactive substances are injected into the body, and i assume a low amount of radiation is ok, but when does the amount of radiation injec

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Cushing's cavernous sinus radiation concerns? Can radiation cause thrombosis? Is radiation here debilitating during? Trying to get SSI disability.

Do after someone is exposed to herbicides or radiation?

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Friend was told that he was exposed to 800 millirems of radiation. Is this concerning?

Had a lot of CT scans.My dr always told me, cells repair after exposure to CT. How is radiation cumulative? How is the damage cumulative? Thank you

Heard pet scan expose equal radiation as ct.What will be the radiation for pet +ct which are using nowadays combined?Is it double the CT radiation?!

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How does ionizing radiation increase the chance of meningiomas even long after the initial exposure?

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How long after radiation can you tell if radiation has shrunk lung tumors?

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