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I have been spotting on and off for three weeks straight now and my paps have always came back abnormal. Should i be worried?

I went on Dec 6th for my check up and dr said everything looks well from cone biop 11 23. Is it safe to have intercourse. No bleeding or discharge .

1 year ago had post coital bleed (pcb). Dr. Did a leep, ecc, and d and c. All neg., no HPV or STDs found with paps. Now I have that pcb again- cancer?

12w pregnant had a mild abnormal pap smear can this harm the baby? Can I wait after birth to have cryosurgery?

2 weeks ago my pap came back abnormal my gyno says no grade but instead of wait she would prefer colo .The sameday i had my pap i found out I have uti.I also like to insert my hand in my vagina .Help?

24 female.Cramps +brown discharge constant x2 days.Abnormal cells neg for cervical cancer 2 years ago.Last pap clean 6 months ago. No std's. Not preg.?

26.3mm uterine lining in a 31yr old female. Bloodwork great and pap clear and no hpv negative. Gyn just wants me to start on birthcontrol pills. ?

36 weeks pregnant had pap smear today..Dr touched everything with gloves on before doing pap smear can I catch anything? Can it hurt my baby?

5 days of sporadic bloody discharge right after period ends. Since 4/2012. Pelvic mri. Office hysteroscopy. Uterine biopsy. Pap smear.. Anything else that should be checked or chalk up to hormones?

6 weeks pregnant pink blood on tissue this morning i douched last night because of bv. I have incompetent cervix should I go to the er?

8 years ago I had an abnor. pap smear they ended up doing a col and dr said I had white spots all around my cervix, now I have horrible periods?

Abnormal intermenstrual thick bloody vaginal discharge then spotting sometimes in addition to that+now pelvic pain. Normal blood work+ vagina swabs. Transvaginal ultrasound showed fluid over Pelvis. Not on the pill or sexually active. What do I have?

Abnormal lap OB said he saw some inflammation on my cervix I go back in 2 weeks for a colposcopy Can I have sex still 17w pregnant?

About my vagina. Worried about cancer. What are the signs?

After pap smear I am bleeding went to my dr again she said everything looks fine and healthy.But now i'm also bleeding w clots. What's the problem?

Anal and vagina itching for a week.went for my annual pap. I always use condom.Dr in external exam found nthg,had my vacines.What could be the reason?

Annual papsmear, colposcopy showed a 1cm object in the cervix. I hope it is just an uncommon lump, so in the best scenario what could it just be?

Are cyst on the outside of cervix concerning? Was not present at last pap in october 2013. Dr said will look more at next pap

At pap test dr said openin of cervix looked slighly irritated. I have a prolapse and play lots sports. Why is it irritated ? Will it affect result

Been spotting for 2 days after sex. Had precancerous cells removed 10 years ago. Could this be related?

Bleeding after sex - US & cervical screening clear 2 months ago, treated for ectropion but bleeding resumed. Could it be vaginal cancer?

Bleeding after sex and lower left abdominal pain? Pap smear is normal, std clear, trans vaginal usg is clear. What happened?

Bleeding after sex been to Drs and they say quite bad cervical erosion. Smear test last year was fine. No obvious lumps. Help! Could it be cancer?

Bleeding after sex lasting 3 wks. had pap and exam no STDs, infections, or leisons. not rough sex. what could it be?

Bleeding during sex not every time its bright red had coloscopy cervix fine had camera in uterus that's fine hormones checked fine. Can pid be cause?

Blood found in endometrial canal after complaints of irregular bleeding. Colposcopy neg for endo cancer and blood work came back fine. What is this?

Blood on toilet paper after sex, every time. Normal papsmear 3 weeks ago, no stds, gyno said everything looked normal. Why am i bleeding?

Bright red light bleeding one week after Pap smear with mild cramps. Post menepasal had irregular pap two years ago one of two strains of hpv?

Bumpy rough are around cervical os, currently 20wk pregnant but noticed this before. Last smear was 9 months ago, all normal. Ectropion?cancer?

Bumpy rough area on cervix around the os, currently 20wk pregnant but noticed this before. Last smear was 9 months ago, all normal. Ectropion?cancer?

Can a bacterial infection cause a Pap smear to come back abnormal? I'm worried cuz mine did back n March 18,2014..!!

Can a colposcopy have caused me to miscarry?

Can a DR spot signs that a female may have cervical by doing a viginal examination?

Can a pap miss adenocarcinoma? Concerned because of watery discharge, pelvic and back pain. Pap normal, hpv positive.

Can a pap smear diagnose cancers beyond the cervix or can is it limited to the cervix and vagina?

Can a pap smear to check for vaginal infection at 32 weeks pregnant irritate the cervix, to the point of dilating or effacing it?

Can a tampon to get into the uterus after having intercourse many times? Is it possible for a doc to miss (not see) a lost tampon during a pap smear?

Can a yeast infection cause an abnormal papsmear. I had candida a lot seen by the naked eye. But my dr did a papsmear and it came back abnormal abcus?

Can certivictis give u pain? I had a smear doc z my cervix was very red? :( worried?

Can cervical HPV cause symptoms? (Previously had abnormal cells, cleared & sorted) but everynow & again get smelly discharge? Normal?

Can having a tilted cervix make it harder to conceive? I just found out today when I was getting my pap smear

Can having multiple pap smears over the course of 3 weeks cause bad cervical pain and spotting in the 4th week?

Can HPV cause bleedin in urine?

Can menopause cause pap to come back abnormal?

Can scar tissue on vaginal vault, told from child birth commonly b mis diagnosis during pap (only by touch) then unnoticed by myself &same partner for8yrs unsure HPV tested @pap in 09 no size change no pain?

Can using a vibrator too rough days before Pap smear cause the results to be abnormal? If it does, does the cervix heals itself?

Can vaginal suppository cause very slight blood tinged mucus ? After ASCUS pap ND recommended herbal suppositories Cervix did look slightly inflamed/irritated at Pap test

Cervical ectropion covers all cervix. Lots of discharge no other probs. Remove it anyway?

Cervix bleeds a little heavier discharge 1 abnormal pap HPV negative culture on discharge shows nothing pap 6 months later normal. What is wrong?

Cervix small part red dr said its nothing to worry cause my pap smear was good but i am having brownish discharge after period, the past 2 periods?

Cervix tenderness on/ off and cervicitis. What does this mean? I am also taking doxycycline for the 3-4 day for 7 days.

Common 2 feel ur own cervix or uncommon? I doubt prolapse, what am i feeling if not cervix? Found 2 bumps on what i thought was my cervix, if vaginal tumors wouldn't recent colonoscopy catch this ?

Constant brown discharge but PAP smear test came back normal?

Cramping in my vagina. Should I be concern. Had a pap smear last month nothing came back?

Diagnostic hysteroscopy with biopsy on 2/13. Still bright red strings in vaginal mucous discharge. Never had with previous pap smears. Normal with this procedure? Usually no discharge in cycle either

Did pap smear yesterday,inflamed & bleeding cervix. Will go back after a week. Is there any medication i can take to stop my cervix from bleeding??

Do you know anything about this? I'm pregnant, and i went t my doctors apt. Last week and she did a pap- smear. She said there was a smell and bacteria inside of it that could be treated with a five day prescription. She said it was a cervix something. Do

Does HPV cause genital discharge? If not, what are its symptoms then for female?How do I know that an infection is happening (CIN) other than Pap test

Dr noticed visible white leisons on cervix during pap and i bled from pelvic exam. Pap results came back normal with no stds. Why do I have leison?

Dryness and itching on labias, how can it be treated? Pap smear and gyn exam/lab done, no infection.

During pap smear- my cervix was bleeding- is it a bad sign?

During pap smear, if dr touches bristols with her bare hands right before inserting to swab the cervix, can that cause abnormal results? Or infection?

Ehat would cause red small spots on inside of vagina. Would a pap smear tell what is cause. Does HPV affect menstrual cycle.

Endometrial cells on PAP 10 days after normal period. No history of irreg bleed. HPV+ Biopsy done. 50yrs old pre-menopausal. How worried should I be?

Every time I have sex I bleed & have very bad adominal pain, had to stop using tamponds, I've leaked milky juice 5years & no STD my pap smear inflamed

Excessive white discharge during sex for MONTHS. 3 normal paps,cultures & transvag ultrasound. No infections. Could my diet be a cause? My BC pill?

Experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding for almost a month. I had an ultrasound done, everything turned out fine. What's wrong with me!

Experiencing bleeding after sex & went to GP Had a Pap smear which was clear Been a while since however still worried Does a Pap smear check for STDs?

Experiencing vaginal tenderness trying to have sex& I was getting an Pap smear done an it hurt so much/pressure they couldn't do it just swabs Help!!

Female, 34. Speckled blood mixed with semen discharge after intercourse. Pap smear normal. Causes? Concerned. Doesn't happen often, only 2nd time.

For the last few months i have felt a BB size bump om the cervix. I have had a abnormal pap and a LEEP about 7 years ago. ?

Had a coloscopy done 1 week ago & i have an odor?

Had a Pap smear today, is it normal to have severe cramping after wards? I've never had this pain after a pap before.

Had a PAP, dr. says quite inflammed. i also bled alittle. He says most likely not cancer just an infection. What could cause this?! im worried

Had a papsmear done today and the doctor said my cervix doesn't even look like a cervix :-/ what does this mean?

Had a part of my cervix cauterize even though my pap was normal&i now I'm hearing now it wasnt necessary cause i didnt have ectropion.What will happen?

Had a smear on Thurs.I bled,nurse said there was a lot of discharge too.I've been on the pill 15 years.last smear was normal pain during sex?

Had a very painful Pap smear today when she was scraping the inside,then did internal and no pain. She was concerned but after internal she wasn't. Y?

Had bleeding after sex few time. Pap ok. Dr say cervix and vagina look healthy. Could it still be a gynaecological cancer? ( had c section 14 wks ago)

Had bleeding after sex twice just after coil fitted. pap 1 yr ago ok. Had colposcopy, Dr said cervix looks perfectly healthy.Could it still be cancer?

Had c-sec 7 months ago. When I strain in the bathroom I am bleeding vaginally. Had abnormal pap in nov. but no cancerous cells. What could cause this?

Had cervical exam done today found out I have a cervical polyp now I have mild cramp and slight bleeding. Normal after exam?

Had cervix cancer before. Same spouse. Having mild cramp wit little white discharge. Last pad smear n march. Everything normal. Per cancer cell gone?

Had cervix cryo 17 days ago. Today bloody discharge. Not much but worried. Gyn assistent said normal healing process. I'm worried cryo did not work.

Had cervix looked at as follow up from cryosurgery. All was good, except I had cramping and red/brown blood after the exam. Why could this be?

Had my first gyne visit yesterday, had a pap smear and had sex last night and this morning, now im having mild cramps is this normal LMP 5 nov no uti?

Had pap smear done yesterday. told I had slight discharge and blood. Im not close to my period, I had sex the day before. Could it be a latex reation?

Had sex after cervix biopsy and now I have bloody discharge--are the two related?

Had smear test today, nurse said could see cells on outside of cervix but not to worry also caused some bleeding i'm so worried now could it be cancer?

Had some bleeding after sex twice. Pap test one year ago normal. Dr examined my cervix, said it looks healthy,but could I have cervical cancer?

Has regular clear pap tests o. Have occasional bleeding . During pelvic exam dr saw white spots and inflammation been referred .Is it cancer?

Have been to hospital because I am 14weeks pregnant they have picked up white blood cells on my cervix could you please inform me of the possiblities?

Have postcoital bleeding for 8mo.Had 3 paps since found my cervix bleeds easily.Cleared an infection 6mo ago still bleeding.Low grade abnormal pap?

Have small bumps near opening of cervix. Had normal pap two months ago. No discharge. I also stopped Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) in january. Could these be normal?

Have small cuts outside and inside vagina. What would cause this. Had HPV in 2010. Two normal pap smears since. Is this herpes? What is diff bet two

Having mild bleeding (brown blood) and small clots for nearly a month after gyno appointment for abnormal smear. Results came back fine for smear?

Having problems with a gynecological smell, done smear tests, all negative, in the vaginal smear it says:big number of polimorfonuclears, what's that?

Having trouble with pap smears. It hurts a lot and on top of that I have vaginal spasims ? How do I over come both these?

Having vaginal discharge no odor or pain been going for almost 2 two years just had a pap smear everything came back negative. ...What could this be?

Hd my last pap smear 1.4 years ago which was perfect.No inflammation nothing, I am 24. When shud i get my next? From past 1.5 years m not sexualy activ