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0.7x0.4x0.2cm sessile serrated adenoma found in me acending colon (27 yr f) im so scared no history CA in family, don't smoke, chances of me getting cancer?

15 pack year smoker, 40 years old, quit recently, past 5 years benign colon and uterine polyps. No imed fam cancer. Suggest screening for lung cancer?

2 years old an possibility of having colon/rectal cancer. What can be done?

2 yrs. After a colonoscopy i had another and they found a large polyp in the colon is that unusual? I have colon cancer in my family is that a concern

20 mm polyp removed during colonoscopy. Likelihood of cancer. Family history of colon cancer.

22 year old male terrified of colon cancer my appetite hasnt really been there lately how likely is it due to colon cancer what are my realistic odds?

22 yr old I am are colon cancer a rare sign of colon cancer? Its not listed as the signs of colon cancer im scared I may have it because of noappetite

23F. Strong family history of colon cancer. Syncope, h/h 7.4/27.7. Fe studies showed anemia, hematologist referred to GI. Chances of cancer?

39 old enough for colon cancer?

3mm sessile polyp-transverse colon;path-adematomous.Mother had colorectal cancer in her 50s.I had breast [email protected];now 56. Follow up COLO how soon?

A friend's child was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer, is that a serious condition?

Afraid to death I have colon cancer?

Am I having any colon or stomach cancer risks by eating teen diet at college? Mom was strict due to cancer in the family.

Am I too young to have colon cancer screening at 40 if my parent had it then?

Anyone have rectal cancer removed without a colostomy?

Are large polups in the colon as a rule cancer?

Are people who have had ovarian cancer more likely to get colon cancer?

Are polyps the same as colon cancer? After the doctor takes them out, does a person need chemo or radiation? Can they grow back?

Are there any genes that will tell you what your course of colon cancer will be like?

Are there long-term effects of colon cancer?

Are there steps you can take to prevent colon cancer besides yearly colonoscopys?

Are young patients (<50y) with personal history of colorectal cancer but tested negative for hnpcc nonetheless still at high risk for ovarian cancer?

At what age should people check for colon cancer?

At what age should you start prostate cancer screenings if you have a family history of it?

At which ages are you more likely at risk for colon cancer?

Besides colon polyps, is there anything else that might increase my risk of colon cancer?

Can a colon infection raise your risk of colon cancer?

Can a colonoscopy help detect prostate cancer like from bulging?

Can an aspirin a day help prevent colon cancer?

Can an overdose of ionized radiation in one year cause colon polyps more than 20 years later?

Can anybody please explain to me why colon cancer so rare at 22? Even if I seen bright blood on stool? More than one doctor please chime in and help me understand what percentage of cases of colon cancer are there by age group

Can anyone tell me what causes colon cancer besides obesity?

Can aspirin treat bowel cancer?

Can children get colon cancer?

Can colon cancer patients get a colon transplant?

Can colon/colorectal cancers only symptom be back pain? How likely is this cancer in a 35 yr old woman? No immediate family history.

Can colonoscopy transfer cancer cells from a patient with colon cancer to a healthy person?

Can colorectal cancer develop this fast?

Can familial adenomatous polyposis affect the whole of the colon?

Can haemoglobin increase in 10 months if you have cancer anywhere in your colorectsl region?

Can metastic colon cancer cause severe breathlessness ?

Can mold lead to rectal cancer?

Can my hiatal hernia increase my chance of colon cancer?

Can my sister survive colon cancer that has spread to her stomach?

Can pancreatic cancer run in the family?

Can parasites contribute to cancer?

Can pinworm infestation lead to complications such as ovarian cancer?

Can polps or colon cancer come on quickly?

Can those who have celiac's disease have a higher chance of getting colon cancer?

Can you explain the relationship between roughage, cancer of the colon and cholesterol please?

Can you explain the relationship between roughage, cancer of the colon?

Can you get colon cancer from an enema?

Can you get colon cancer from wall thickening?

Can you have colorectal cancer w/o polyps? Can colorectal cancer grow where it cannot be seen by colonoscopy? If yes, How are these diagnosed?

Can you please discuss the of the signs you have colon cancer?

Chances of a 19 year old healthy male with no family history of colon cancer to have colon cancer?

Colon cancer spread to small intestine, what are the most aggressive options when this happens?

Could he or she can get colon cancer at a young age?

Could I have colon cancer and have no symptoms and not be aware of it?

Could it happen that a colon infection lead to colon could it happen thatcer?

Could you prevent breast and colon cancer while on orlistat?

Could you tell me what is the reason behind colon cancer?

Do you recommend daily baby aspirin for colon and/or preventive for skin cancer issues if I'm 66, no heart issues, recent benign colon polyp? Thanks!

Does a family history of cervical cancer pass down by men?

Does anyone have any information about genetics of intestinal cancer?

Does colon cancer always cause anemia? My GI doc thinks i'm cancer free because the blood count is good.

Does constipation mean you have colon cancer.Im 53 yrs old?

Does eating a lot of fiber prevent colon cancer?

Does everyone who gets colon or rectal cancer get polyps first?

Does exercise prevent colon cancer?

Does familial adenomatous polyposis affect the whole colon?

Does having an adenomatus colonic polyp in one's late 20s indicate a significantly increased chance of colon cancer later in life?

Does having gallbladder removed increase risk of colon cancer? Or does gallbladder removal cause colon cancer?

Does lactose intolerance increase your risk of colon cancer?

Does medicare cover colon cancer screening?

Does the brca2 gene also cause colon cancer? Or just breast and ovarian?

Does the susceptibility of prostate cancer to radiation run in families?

Familial adenomatous polyposis--how often does it progress to cancer?

For what length of time can a person have small bowel cancer?

For what reason colon part is usually prone to cancer in hnpcc (hereditary hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer)?

Gallbladder surgery and colon cancer, can you tell me more about the relationship?

Grandfather had colon cancer at 87, uncle had noncancerous polyps at 48. Mother has no polyps. Likely a colon cancer gene?

Grandmother died of colon cancer in her 70s. Granddaughter has had 3 clean colonoscopies in her 50 s. How often should I be screened?

Having uncelative colitis would it turn into cancer?

Hello i have microscopic colitis. Does this make me more predisposed to gastric or colon cancer? What causes this condition?

Help docs? Why is osteosarcomas more common in children, but colon cancer is more common in the elderly?

Help please! is colon cancer and bile duct cancer basically the same thing?

Hi I am 23 and had a single hyperplastic colon pylop removed 22cm from anal verge what are the risk will I get more or am I at low risk ?

His colonoscopy was negative, but theres family history of polyps. Does that increase the risk of cancer?

How can one get screened for intestinal cancer?

How can one get screened for intestinal cancer?

How can colon cancer affect the body?

How can I distnguish between bleeding piles and colorectal cancer other than undergoing colonscopy?

How common is it for someone my age to have colon cancer with no family history?

How could a lack of fiber (roughage) in the diet be a cause of colon disease, including colon cancer?

How do I find statistics and prognoses for young (less than 50 yrs old) stage 1 colon cancer patients who didn't choose colon resection?

How do I get screened for intestinal cancer?

How do I know if I have colon cancer? Family history.

How do you know if you have a family history of colon cancer if all the old folks get colonoscopies, get polyps removed, and say nothing about it?

How does a family history of colon cancer age for routine screening?