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Pap smear 61 years old no children not married. i have a narrowed cervix ! i have extreme anxiety. how do i have this procedure go better for me. ?

had leikocyts,eritrocyts and metaplasy in pap smear,answer NILM. in baqterioscophy i had leikocyts 40 - 50 and a lot of sticks.feel burning on vulva

Had mod.cervical displasia removed about 10 years ago with laser ablation surgery. Normal paps before and after. Had hpv tests past 5 years and they have always been negative. Chances for displasia to reoccur? Can stress/poor sleep make it return

13 weeks pregnant had colposcopy and biopsy done today due too serve dysplasia, what now.....?

26 y.O. Patient had a leep last year. Normal pregnancy after (recently delivered). Follow up pap is lgsil, confirmed CIN 1 on colpo. Repap 6 mo? 1yr?

2nd POS High Risk HPV pap in 6 months. Sex active 64 yo. Hysterectomy recommended - could not get cervical tissue for biopsy in August. Other options?

46 yr old, post menapause, last pap shows inflammation. Had cervical ablation, and several polyps removed 2 yrs ago. Is this normal?

55 yr M w anal cance r in Nov 2014. Feb 2015 finshed Chemorad . after 2 biop says higrade dysplasi. Treatment options?

6th pregnancy, i had a leep procedure done a year ago will i be at higher risk of cervical problems? X

6th pregnancy, leep procedure done a year ago, (cin3) 17mm depth was removed , will I have an incompetant cervix with 17mm being already removed? X

A cervical cone biopsy suture that measures 1.1x1x0.6cm is almost equivalent to what exactly? How much has to be taken away to have incompetent cervix

Abnormal pap, recommended colposcopy with possible biopsy, have already programmed knee surgery, which one I should have first?

Abnormal pap. Growth on outside of vagina but not cervix. I have to have surgery to get it removed. Is this a concern for cancer. I'm 20 years old. ?

After cervical cryosurgery, can you go into a pool?

After undergoing endometrial biopsy surgery, when can I start having sex? Want to make babies.

Almost a year ago, i had a pap that showed level three. 6 months ago, a culpo/biopsy showed level one. The dr said I should do a leep at that time, but i elected to wait. At this point, do I need a pap or another culpo/biopsy? Ps, i've had a leep before

Anyone here been given 5-fluorouracil (5-fu) for abnormal pap?

Anyone who has has cervical conization done have a fullterm baby?

At what point should you seek a specialist after 3 pap results in dysplasia, mild-moderate then severe. Cryotherapy and leep procedure. now pap sever ?

Can a dr tell during a colposcopy if the biopsy they take of the cervix is bad? Does cancer have a certain feature they can see? What about infection

Can cervical or uterine cancer procedure be done in a dr's office to resolve or./and remove cancer?

Can D&C be done to check abnormal bleeding in 46YO instead of endometrial biopsy? I'm deathly afraid of pain I'll experience w/ biopsy & no anesthesia

Can getting a leep procedure affect fertility?

Can getting a leep procedure stop you from having abnormal paps?

Can having a cone biopsy or removing my iud make me not ovulate?

Can having a leep or cryotherapy procedure increase your chances of miscarriages?

Can having cervucal cryotherapy make you not ovulate anymore?

Can i develop cervical cancer in a year? I had a leep a year ago for severe dysplasia i have my appointment next week... Really scared im 23.

Can I mastrubate 6 days after cone biopsy just on outside?

Can i still conceive after having a cone biopsy? Had a cone biopsy in 2001 for cervical cancer test.. Does scar tissue on cervix prevent me from getting pregnant?

Can i still get pregnant if i had a cone biopsy procedure?

Can my new family doctor tell if i had an abortion by induction by doing a pap smear 8 months after the procedure?

Can pathology show false positive for dysplasia if benign Nevus previously disturbed via laser ablation/cosmetic attempted removal?

Can recieving cryotherapy or a Leep procedure due to an abnormal pap cause infertility?

Can silver nitrate treatment on cervix for cervical ectropion effect my future chances of fertility?

Can the cervix grow back/go back to full strength after a laser cone removal of CIN grade 2 moderate abnormal cell changes procedure? Thx

Can the doctors tell if a person has cervical cancer before they get a cone biopsy done?

Can you get a womb biopsy without any anesthesia?

Cervical lesion age 33. & they did a colposcopy finding CIN II. My dr. didn't do a pap smear before the cone byopsy. I wanted to get pregnant but....

Cervix, uterus, biopsy - Mild to moderate dysplasia ( HGSIL, CIN - I / II ) What does that mean?

Colpo/biospy results hgsil cin3 (and bad HPV strain). Is leep the best way to go? I'm 26 and done having kids. Any chance it's still invasive cancer?

Colposcopy done with vinegar and iodine solutions. 2 biopsies taken. Having brown coagulated and tissue-like discharge. Normal? How long will it last?

Could a colposcopic biopsy have caused me to miscarry?

Could continuos colposcopies every year, or getting a leep be more harmful to the cervix?

Could having an endocervical polyp removed at the time of embryo transfer have a detrimental effect on the outcome?

Could HPV and cancer cells inside the cervix be removed with laser treatments?

Dear Sir, My wife had undergone Hysterectomy in November'14, but she is detected Cervical Cancer,after Proctoscopy conducted day before. Pls.Suggest?

Did Pap test 3 months post laser HPV CIN1 removal and its normal (no lesion). When to do next? Dr. says in Feb/16 (1yr post the surgery) is he right?

Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a loop electrosurgical excision procedure?

Do i need cervical surveillance during high risk pregnancy? have had 3 d & cs and 1 leep procedure all over 15 years ago

Do you get stitches with a cone biopsy?

Do you have to have a vulvectomy when you get precancerous changes on the vulva?

Does cervical tissue grow back at all after cone biopsy? 5 years post surgery and wondering if its safe to try to conceive?

Does receieving cryotherapy or LEEP due to hpv/ abnormal pap affect fertility and chances of having kids?

Does the cervical tissue grow back after a cone biopsy?

Dr performed a "colpo" and found low grade cell changes in cervix due 2 hpv.If i stay abstinent, will the HPV go away faster. Does it make a difference?

Endocervical biopsy during leep i have cin2 and high risk hpv?

Endometrial biopsy 3/3/15 results - tubal metaplasia and scant sample, so d&c hysteropscopy 04/14/15 results show no tubal metaplasia can it reverse?

Good evening. I made a Conization in the cervix in 2008, because i had a carcinoma in situ. I wonder if it is safe to use tampons or menstrual cup?

Good morning. I made a Conization in the cervix in 2008, because i had a carcinoma in situ. I wonder if it is safe to use tampons or menstrual cup?

Got CIN1 of HPV16. Dr wants to do laser to remove then will do Pap tests after 3months. Also an individual plan for me. Is he right? Is this the best?

Had 6abnormal papsmears, both low-grade and high-grade.1leep, 3 biopsies.Lastpap result=abnormal w/low-grade cells. What's appropriate/best treatment?

Had a cervical polyp removed two weeks ago would a doctor of contacted me already if it was cancerous? Worried

Had a colposcopy, white spot was found on my cervix. A biopsy done. What could possible outcome b. I have HPV & pre cancer cells i want 2 have kids.

Had a leep cone biopsy doctor billed for vaginal wall repair, is that right?

Had cervical cryotherapy on 09/30/14. Had sex on 10/28/14, once my OB/GYN said I can resume my normal life again. It's VERY painful! What should I do?

Had cold knife cone biopsy for cervical carcinoma in situ 4 months ago. Clear margins. Now I am having heavy periods. Concerned?

Had colposcopy yestday 2 remove pre cancerous cells, they are going for testing just to be sure, are pre cancerous cells obviously pre cancerous?

Had cone biopsy done cam back cervical carcinoma in situ w/clear margins. First abnormal pap ever with regular paps. What is chance of it coming back?

Had high risk cervical cells in 2012 but no tx because of pregnancies x2. Now have pap scheduled. Could it have gone away, or turned to cancer since?

Had leep last year from hsil. We might do IVF this year. Can leep-ed cervix carry multiples safely?

Had leep procedure 2008. Severe dysplasia. Papa have been normal since. Married. How soon can it come back if at all? Or turn into cancer?

Had my only child when 17 right after cryo & leep procedures. Had to have C-section r/t scar tissue. 28 now. Do u think ill have diff. C pregnancy?

Had the LEEP procedure for cin3 I wasn't told what type of HPV I carry. What tests need to be done to determine type? Also how do prevent spreading?

Has anyone else had severe pain during intercourse after a cold knife cone and laser ablation?

Has anyone ever lost a pregnancy from a cone biopsy procedure?

Have had a CIN 3 reading b4 & had loop biopsy proceedure done but having pain after sex now & heavy clotting..Could it have returned?

Have to have surgery to remove a patch/growth from vagina. What are the risks of cancer. Im 20. The doctor said my cervix was okay. ?

Having hpv 16&58 had cold knife conization 2 weeks ago due to HGSIL. Waiting for pathology results. Your advice for boosting immunity. I don't smoke.

Having my 3rd leep in 10 years for recurring hsil cervical polyps (1st leep was for mild). Should i be concerned? Should i look into a hysterectomy?

Hello I just had a loop cone biopsy March. I had a normal pap March 29. I'm currently 8weeks pregnant is this pregnancy at high risk.?

Hello. I had a colp done recently and was told my cells were changing - what does this mean?

Hi I recently had cold treatment to my cervix after having abnormal cells removed cin 2, it's been 3 weeks &I after sex I've bleed? Is that normal?

Hi- on pap smear shows cin1 - i want to get the cryosurgery just to be sure- is there a better method for this stage? Thanks

Hidden cervix after leep difficult to do smear test?

Hidden cervix after leep difficult to do smear test. What can I do?

How are precancerous conditions of the cervix treated?

How do I figure out my chances of being infertile? I was recently diagnosed this month with pcos. I also had a leep procedure done at age 15 for hpv

How does a colposcopy (cervical biopsy) compare to getting an iud, in terms of discomfort?

How does a colposcopy biopsy compare to inserting an IUD - in terms of pain?

How effective is lletz treatment for high grade dyskaryosis? Thank you

How fast can CIN develop? CIN of the cervix. I previously had CIN 3, but no HPV detected. Can it grow back quickly? Thanks

How fast does cervical cancer grow, in case on pap smears fails to catch it?

How is a cold cone biopsy of cervix done?

How long for result to come back >cervical/uterine cells to determine if cancer? Also vaginal ultra sound ? Can a cone biopsy remove cancer? Asap

How long is it for a checkup after a cone biopsy?

How long should I expect Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia lesion to improve when using imiqumoud 5%?

How long will I be off work after a cervical procedure to remove precancerous cells?

How much tissue is taken off the cervix for a leep?For leep are they essentially amputating a portion of the cervix?Scar tissue? How impact pregnancy?

Hpv treatment hello I have been told by my doctor that I am HPV positive and have CIN 2 and need treatment. He said either cone biopsy using the leep method or cryotherapy. I am really scared bc I am 32 years old and never had a baby. I am a student that