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80 yrs old diagnosed with non small lung cancer (local), developed pneumonia after the first carboplatin gemcitabine treatment. Is it treatable?

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Blood cancer treatment for a girl?

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Can i still have sex after undergoing treatment for uterine cancer? Will having sex while being treated for uterine cancer, or after treatment, put me in any danger? .

Can infecting someone with tuberculosis be a treatment for cancer? What are your expert opinions?

Can laser treatment help? I had breast cancer and they would not give me radiation because of the tumors. They said it would be worse? Can it help?

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Can you tell me more more about liver and lung tumors, how many types of cancer, treatment options?

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Can you tell me treatments for serious illnesses such as cancer?

Can you tell me what are the possible treatments for breast cancer?

Cancer radiation treatment i started radiation treatment for breast cancer. I met with the technicians several times. The technicians stated the treatment is complex. They did not agree with the measurements and stated they would not treat me until the

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Diagnosed colon cancer today.What are the treatments for.

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Doctor's. Like to know with ovarian cancer stage 3. If doctor tells you after treatment you are good will they give you chemotherapy for precaution ?

Doctors please tell me about the latest treatment of adenocystic carcinoma of saliva?

Does any doctor here know when cancer treatments like chemotherapy were first introduced?

Does anyone know where i can find best cancer treatment?

Does B17 help in treatment of cancer.

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Does votrient (pazopanib) for kidney cancer sometimes get rid of the cancer or is it just to treat symptomsk?

Expert opinions? Which are the leading cancer treatment centers for brain cancer?

Expert opinions? Which product is important for cancer treatment?

For a prostate cancer patient, can he start lhrh treatment first to see the effect, then go for orchirectomy? Any drawback to do this?

For this type of cancer: parotid gland cancer, high-grade, what are the treatment options?