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2 yrs ago my sister had a cancerous lump on thyroid i've just had partial thyroidectomy what's the chances mine will be cancer?

After total thyroidectomy with a small papillary carcinoma and no lymph involvement, what is recommended TSH level? Fam history of bone cancer

Are all thyroid nodules cancerous? Can you share some sources?

Are there signs of thyroid cancer on ultrasound?

Are thyroid nodules always thyroid cancer? I have a thyroid nodule and my levels of some thyroid hormone are low. My doctor wants to do more tests, but i don’t really understand what he said. Do I have cancer, or could it be something else?

Can thyroid cancer spread to the brain?

Can a thyroid disorder lead to thyroid cancer?

Can a thyroid gland regrow on my larynx after being removed due to papillary cancer?

Can a wbs after radioactive iodine identify other tumors elsewhere in body? What info is determined after this scan in those with thyroid cancer?

Can asbestoes give you thyriod cancer?

Can hypo thyriod turn to cancer?

Can I have a baby after treatment for thyroid cancer?

Can medullary thyroid carcinoma metastase to the lungs while being undetectable on a thyroid sonogram? Or by that time throyd nod are present?

Can metastatic papillary thyroid cancer spread to the parathyroid? Is this rare? Can recurrent pap thyroid cancer show up on parathyroid?

Can papillary or follicular thyroid cancer spread quickly? Or is the only fast spreading thyroid cancer anaplastic?

Can the i-123 whole body scan tell also if thyroid cells(cancerous & noncancerous) will uptake the i-131 during the rai treatment?(pap thyroid cancer)

Can throat cancer not thyroid cancer spread to thyroid bed? I had thyroid cancer 2 years ago and a follow up ultrasound found 7mm nodule on thy bed.

Can thyroid adenoma develop into carcinoma?

Can thyroid cancer be caused from asbestos?

Can thyroid cancer be treated?

Can thyroid cancer by cured via ayurveda?

Can thyroid cancer spread to the brain?

Can thyroid cancer spread to the gallblader ?

Can thyroid dysfunction lead to thyroid cancer?

Can thyroid nodes turn cancerous?

Can u have reccurence thyroid cancer with no thyroglubin?

Can you die from thyroid cancer?

Can you give blood if you have thyroid cancer?

Can you have signs of thyroid cancer on ultrasound?

Can you please tell me the mean time someone lives with stage 4c thyroid cancer?

Can you tell me about from 80%-90% sure of thryroid cancer?

Can you tell me about the medical name for thyroid cancer?

Can you tell me if my friend has breast cancer and results of a biopsy of her thyroid shows cancer, what's her prognosis?

Cancer detected in a thyroid biopsy?

Could growth hormone disease lead to cancer? Specifically pituitary cancer?

Could hyper para thyroid disease turn into cancer?

Could I have have thyroid cancer at age 15?

Could you tell me what are all the signs of thyroid cancer?

Could you tell me what is the pathogenesis of thyroid cancer?

Could you with thyroid disease still get thyroid cancer?

Do i need rai for papillary thyroid cancer if my #s were pt1b & pn1a if diagnosed @ age 39 ? Didn't list metastasis other than pn1a. Don't want rai.

Do papillary and follicular thyroid cancers secrete thyroglobulin?

Do thyroid microcalcifications mean cancer?

Do thyroid nodules grow into cancer?

Do you think I should be freaked out over the possibility of thyroid cancer?

Does american biologics thryoid glandular work?

Does calcifaction of tyhroid node mean cancer?

Does hashimotis of the thyroid mean cancer ?

Does hashimoto's thyroiditis increase your risk for thyroid cancer?

Does it always mean cancer when you have a very vascular thyroid on an US?

Does marijuana increase thyroid cancer to return?

Does thyroid cancer cause you to sweat?

Does thyroid cancer kill you?

Flushing caused by thyroid or cacinoid cancer?

Follicular neoplasm adenoma vs carcinoma of thyroid, if it's a possible cancer, what is the prognosis? And is radioactive iodine effective treatment?

Found calcium deposits on thyroid.What are the chances they are cancer? she had hodgins 20 years ago.

Had thyroid removed 4 weeks ago due to papillary cancer. Rai is tomorrow. Doc is looking at magnesium levels. Why. What does this do. What is concern?

Had tt a year and 3 months ago for metastatic papillary thyroid cancer. I haven't had rai. On the average did the cancer spread to other organs?

Hi i have thyroid cancer papilary carcinoma how much iodine i have to take everybday in this case ? thank

Hi, i was asked to do rai for my metastatic papillary carcinoma(i had a tt)a year &10 months ago.I never had my rai.Do u think my cancer spread a lot?

How can you tell if you have thyroid cancer in the cervix thank you?

How could a thyroid cancer metastasize into only one part of the body?

How do doctors know if thyroid cells(cancerous and non) take up the radioactive iodine after rai treatment for papillary thyroid cancer?

How do doctors know to check for thyroid cancer? What symptoms are markers for it

How do I know if the thyroid cancer has spread?

How do I know if thryoid cancer is a good possiblity here?

How fast does papillary thyroid cancer spread. Can I give myself 3 months for complete checks. Fna and molecular marker tests by www.Veracyte.Com ?

How is anaplastic thyroid cancer ruled out? In particular distinguished from suspected papillary carcinoma? Is it possible confusion between the two?

How is the rai dosage determined for metastatic papillary thyroid cancer?

How is thyroid cancer diagnosed?

How is thyroid cancer treated?

How many types of thyroid cancer are there?

How quickly do I need thyroid surgery when a 1.1cm nodule has been biopsied as probable papillary carcinoma ? Thyroid hormone levels normal.

How to determine if I have thyroid cancer?

How well does a thyroid ultrasound tell if you have cancer or not?

How will treatment for thyroid cancer affect my normal activities?

How would care for someone at home with anaplastic thyroid cancer?

Howv should I treat metastatic thyroid cancer?

I am very worried that i might have thyroid cancer. Any helpful advice?

I had a a total thyroidectomy to remove a 3 CM malignant nodule. Do i need rai treatment? If i do, how do I protect my family? I have a 13 years old.

I had a thyroidectomy which cancer was discovered. DR suggestedRAI. Curious on this treatment. Can cancer return after RAI? Is RAI harmful?

I had complete thyroidectomy. Biopsis said it was cancerous. Medullary thyroid cancer. Radiologist said all looked fine. Do I have cancer? Do i need t

I had metastatic papillary thyroid cancer and never had rai after total thyrodectomy. I wanna take it soon. Was it bad i didn't do the rai right away?

I had thyroid cancer 2 years ago. Just had ultrasound which showed 7mm node. Is it possible if it is cancer a cancer other than thyroid ? Like throat?

I had tt a year and 3 months ago 4 metast pap thyroid cancer. I was told to have rai which i didn't do so far. Could I have caused much damage by wait?

I have a mass on my thymus. is this definitely thyoma?

I have all symptoms of thyroid cancer but have no lump. What could this be?

I have diebetis and has thyroid cancer when should I have a cardiology check up?

I have papullary thyroid cancer with a mass. Fna was done on my thyroid, not my mass. My mass has calification also. Will my mass have same cancer?

I have symptoms of hyperthyroidism and a family history of thyroid cancer. Should I be concerned?

I recently had thyroid cancer and now I have been told i might have optic nerve swelling ( papilledema). Is this because i had thyroid cancer in the ?

I want to ask about carcinoma of thyroid gland .., way of treatment ?

I was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Please help me figure out what to do?

I'm a 39 year old male. A thyroid nodule was found during an ultrasound. % chance of cancer?

I'm an 18 year old female. How likely would it be for me to have Anaplastic thyroid cancer? i know it's the most aggressive thyroid cancer.

I'm concerned that radiation during a mammogram may increase my risk of thyroid cancer. Should I request a thyroid guard?

If dr asked to do biopsy does it mean it's cancer thyroid?

If have thyroid cancer and my thyroglobulin continues to be high, should I see a cancer specialist?

If I had thyroid cancer am I unable to donate bone marrow? On the website it doesn't specify thyroid cancer.

If I had thyroid cancer, would I be able to tell?