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 what is testicular cancer?

According to scan 1of my testicle is located in groin.Still it has risk of testicular cancer?

Any ideas on where can testicular cancer spread to?

Besides cancer, what are the common causes of penile lumps?

Can a hernia cause cancer?

Can a hydrocele lead to cancer?

Can a lump on a testicle be penile cancer?

Can a man have testicular cancer for a year and a half and still be in good overall health?

Can a mobile cause testicular cancer? Can i get testicular cancer from having my cell phone in my pocket?

Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a hernia and testicular cancer or epididymis ?

Can asbestos cause testicular cancer?

Can calcification of the testicle lead to cancer? Help please?

Can cancer cells travel from the urethra, through the vas deferens, to the testicles, and cause testicular cancer? Can this be a path of metastasis?

Can hydroceles lead to cancer?

Can i still have children if I have testicular cancer? I am asking because i think i may have it.

Can masturbating cause testicular cancer?

Can men who had cancer in one testicle have kids?

Can spermatocele cause pain in the groin? Or is it only testicular cancer?

Can testicular cancer be mistanken as a spermatocele by a gp?

Can testicular cancer spread by un-protected sex ?

Can there be cancer on the vas deferens?

Can too much masterbation cause testicular cancer?

Can you tell me anything about testicular cancer?

Can you tell me the pathological staging testicle cancer?

Can you tell me where does the lump in testicular cancer need to be to be concerned?

Could a hydrocele be masking testicular cancer?

Could a small lump in testes be definately a prostate cancer?

Could it be testicular cancer or a cyst?

Could it happen that an 11 year old boy has testicular cancer?

Could laptops be a cause of testicular cancer?

Could men still have children after they have had testicular cancer?

Could someone get testicular cancer if they are 13 are younger?

Could testicular cancer actually kill you?

Could you tell me what are common cancers that is found in the male gonads?

Do all testicular cancers have a lump on the testicle? If not, what percentage of testicular cancers have a lump/mass that can be felt on self exam?

Do epididymal or testicular infections lead to cancer?

Do I have OCD if I check testicle for testicle cancer daily?

Does discoloration of your testicles mean you have testicular cancer?

Does having one testicle or one "good" testicle increase the chances of testicular cancer?

Does neovascularity mean that a testicular lump is testicular cancer?

Had metastatic germ testicular tumor in right testicular and testicular removed. Will tumor happen again ?..Is it fully curable ?

Had testicular cancer in left testicular. & testicular removed. Yesterday diagnosed hydrocele in right testicular. Will it become a testicular cancer?

Have read the doubling time for nonseminoma testicular cancer is 10-30 days. What's the doubling time for seminoma?

Heavy masturbate can cause testis cancer and penis cancer?

Hello how likley are you to get prostate or testicular cancer age 41 thanks?

Hello i am scared i dont know if i have testicular cancer help please?

Help please! could blue balls lead to testicular cancer?

Hi, is it necessary to have a lump on testis for testicular cancer?

How can a doctor determine you have testicular cancer?

How can I be tested for testicular cancer discreetly?

How can I distinguish between testicular cancer and cyst?

How can I distinguish between testicular cancer and hydrocele?

How can I distinguish between testicular cancer and infection?

How can I know if I have testicular cancer?

How can I know if I have undiagnosed testicular cancer?

How can I tell if I have testicle cancer?

How can I tell if I have testicular cancer?

How can I tell my parents that i think I have testicular cancer?

How can you die of testicle cancer?

How can you tell the difference between testicular cancer and just epyditimitis?

How come I have testicular cancer, but nobody else in the family has ever had it?

How common is testicular cancer and what are the symptoms and prognosis thanks?

How common is testicular cancer?

How could I know if I have a cancer on my groin?

How dangerous are testicular cancers?

How do doctors determine if it's testicular cancer or epiditimitis?

How do drs distinguish between a cyst and testicular cancer?

How do I check for testicular cancer?

How do I know if I have testicle cancer or something else?

How do I know if I have testicle caner?

How do I know if I have testicular cancer?

How do I know if I have testicular cancer?

How do I know that it is a hydrocele and not testicular cancer?

How do you check yourself for testicular cancer?

How does a doctor check whether a man has testicular cancer?

How effective is treatment for testicular cancer?

How fast is testicular cancer growth? What is the speed of development for testicular cancer?

How much is for a testicular biopsy please answer?

How quickly can testicular cancer develop?

How quickly does swelling occur for testicular cancer?

How quickly does testicular cancer spread?

How quickly does testicular cancer spreads?

How reliable are testicular ultrasounds for detecting testicular cancer?

How to determine if I have testicular cancer?

How young can someone with testicular cancer be?

Hpv in men cause testicular cancer?

I had testicular cancer and given chemotherapy and operated.My one testicular removed.How long will i live with one testicular ?

I had testicular cancer had left one removed. Now cancer is back in there's no sperm in my semen. What to do?

I have a cist on my right testical can it become cancer cancer

I have a growth on the testicle or anywhere around it. Could I have cancer?

I have lumps on my penis does this lead to cancer?

I have testicular cancer !where in India blore do they do orchiectomy ?

I heard that an undescended testicle could be breast cancer, is this true?

I see that young men can't get testicular cancer still unsure. Can young men at the age of 20 get testicular tumors/cancer?

I was wondering what are some symptoms of testicular cancer?

I'm scared the doctor is going to tell me I have testicular cancer. How common is it?

If nothing can be seen in my blood, can I still have testicular cancer?

If you have sex with kidney cancer, after ejaculation, will that cancer be spread to the testicles?

In testicular cancer, how often is there not a palpable mass ON the testicle and the cancer is INSIDE the testicle.Difference between ON and IN common?

Is a soft lump in a testicle a cause of testicular cancer?