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Anyone know about sarcoma and whether it is a serious cancer?

Anyone know if cancers can be triggered by the interferon?

Approximately how many people are diagnosed by Adult Soft Tissue cancer each year?

Are Azoospermic men more likely to develop cancer?

Are cancer deaths always painful?

Are certain cases of colon cancer a lot more aggressive than others?

Are certain cases of colon cancer faster-growing than others?

Are certain cases of colon cancer more aggressive than others? Why?

Are men more prone than women to lethal diseases like cancer?

Are obese people or people with bad diets more prone to cancer? If so, what cancers?

Are people with a vast number of moles at risk of skin cancer?

Are people with lupus more likely to develop cancer? 

Are primary brain tumors rare in women in their thirties? Overall, what are statistics and likelihood? Healthy, nonsmoker.

Are some people more prone to getting rectal cancer?

Are strokes more common in patients with cancer?

Are there any "intact" esophageal cancer survivors, or are all pretty debilitated?

Are there medications that can cause ovarian cancer? Can certain kinds of medications actually cause ovarian cancer in some people? .

Are there medications that can cause ovarian cancer? Can certain kinds of medications actually cause ovarian cancer in some people? .

Are there more people with mastectomies due to cancer, or castrations due to cancer?

Autopsy studies show that 1.7% of average-risk people in 20s have an adenoma, so why don't they recommend screening for bowel cancer before age 50?

Beside having HPV is it true that people who have asymmeterical tonils are at risk for developing tonsil cancer?

Can a person die of cancer and not know they had it?

Can a person prevent cancer ?

Can alcoholism lead to cancer?

Can anybody tell me what melanomas?

Can anyone tell me what causes brain cancer in people?

Can brucellosis lead to cancer?

Can colon cancer effect respiratory, muscular or any others?

Can healthy people get radiation therapy to prevent cancer?

Can herpes lead to cancer in any way?

Can one get cancer from eating with the same utensil as the person with cancer(pancreatic).

Can people die from cervical cancer?

Can sinus cancer develop rapidly over the course of 2 months?

Can stomach pain in a generally healthy adult mean cancer? Which doctor treats cancer?

Can the secondary bone cancer patients live more than 20 years with this disease?

Can there be any range of people that are easily affected to breast cancer?

Can you explain to me how some cancers are treatable but others are not? For examp. How can 2 forms of leukemia at same stage lead to different prog?

Can you get nasopharyngeal carcinoma from kissing multiple people?

Can you outgrow cancer?

Can you please tell me if it's more dangerous for a post-cancer patient to smoke than a person who never had cancer?

Can you tell me how cancer causing agents usually lead to cancer?

Can you tell me how I could help people who have cancer?

Can you tell me is it really true that 1in3 people will develop cancer in their lifetime?

Can you tell me some of the episodes where house has a patient with cancer?

Can you tell me what number of non-smokers die of cancer each year in the us?

Can you tell me what number of people die from pancreatic cancer in the u.S. In a year?

Cancer patient having fever. What can I do to help him?

Cancer: A tough but necessary question. Will most/all people with cancer usually die from cancer? Ever true remissions?

Could a doctor please give any info on this condition and does anyone know its connection with cancer, the probability and severity if cancer is contracted ?

Could a person develop heart cancer?

Could a person have heart cancer?

Could carrot be good for person with cancer?

Could somebody have leukoplakia and got cancer after 3 years you learn that you have this disease?

Could the sweat of cancer patient cause allergy?

Could you die of eye cancer?

Could you give any info on this condition and does anyone know its connection with cancer, the probability and severity if cancer is contracted ?

Could you tell me if there is no cure to cancer, how do people beat it?

Could you tell me what are forms of childhood cancer from the ages of 10-15..?

Could you tell me what groups are there for people who are healling themselves of cancer?

Could you tell me what happens if a person doesn't know he/she has cancer?

Could you tell me why was thyroid cancer prevalant among the population that was exposed to radiation from the chernobyl disaster?

Deadliest form of cancers? How many people a year did from cancer? What age are you likely to get cancer?

Do a lot of people get liver cancer?

Do all people that have advanced pancreatic cancer fear their eventual demise on a daily basis?

Do cancer patients die of pain?

Do cancer patients keep burping when they are about to die?

Do cancer patients who have had a lung removed have a harder time processing alcohol?

Do doctors often misdiagnose cancer as something else?

Do incidences of recurrent multiple bladder tumors tend to become more aggressive with each recurrence?

Do lots of people get liver cancer, or is it unusual?

Do lots of people get oropharyngeal cancer, or is it unusual?

Do lots of people get squamous cell cancer, or is it unusual?

Do people die from bladder cancer?

Do people get cancer of the urethra, and if so, how rare is it?

Do people with bcc skin cancer get good cures after surgery, or is it only a matter of time to a recurrence?

Do people with cancer don't sleep very well?

Do people with pancreatic cancer have a lot of pain?

Do so-called miracles ever happen for the benefit of those diagnosed with cancer?

Do you know anyone who has survived cancer of the esophagus?

Do you think many cancer deaths attributed to the disease may actually be caused by effects from chemo?

Doctors are telling me they can't give me a prognosis because the cancer I have is so rare. Is that true?

Does all type of cnacer have symtoms, or will one silently kill you someday?

Does anyone have some information on parathyroid cancer?

Does anyone know anything about the budwig diet for brain cancer?

Does anyone know much about peritoneum cancer?

Does cancer become more fatal as you get older?

Does colon cancer ever occur in young people?

Does having allergies somehow protect against cancer? Nor is it the other way around? What cancers and allergies are involved?

Does heart cancer exist?

Does stage 3 rectal cancer affect children different of people with colon cancer?

Dr., i like to ask what is the highest factor for a person to have liver cancer?

Expert opinions? Which body systems have the greatest number of cancer cases and cancer deaths?

Florida has a high amount of people with skin cancer. Does this mean some of these cancer patients will need chemotherapy?

For what length of time can a person have cancer or a disease and not know it?

Found out I have a rare cancer called neurofibroma sarcoma. what are the chances my kids can get it?

From initial onset of symptoms, how fast does pancreatic cancer tend to spread and kill in a patient when diagnosed (i know if varies, but generally)?

Grandpa has bladder cancer and CLL leukemia. What causes these? So i know what to do to avoid ever developing either of these

Has anyone here survived renal cancer?

Have you ever heard of a native american dying from pancreatic cancer?

Help can chemotherapy cause a person to develop azoospermia?