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I had hysterectomy a few years ago have family history of ovarian cancer and now have alot of discharge and spotting?

getting uterine polyps despite progesterone therapy no hyperplasia/cancer how do I stop the growth read ablation can mask if cancer develops?

Monoxidel 2% for women causes cancer?

.I have 17 mm thick endometrial. Is this cancer?

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Are the symptoms if endometrial cancer bleeding if you're in menopause?

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Are there proven ways to help prevent endometrial cancer?

Are there still chances of cervical cancer after hysterectomy ? Hysterectomy was done because had mutiple fibroids which were growing in size .

Are there things I can do for endometrial cancer at home?

Are uterine cancer, endometrial / ovarian cancer, and uterine fibroids/other abnormalities detected through pap smear other than cervical cancer?

Bilateral endometrial cancer (low grade 1-2) with an early grade (1) endometrial cancer. Removed surgery have been on HRT 1mgclimaval do u agree onc?

Can a 18 year old get endometrial cancer?

Can a woman who has had a complete hysterectomy get ovarian cancer later?

Can a woman who has had a complete hysterectomy get ovarian cancer?

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Can an 18 year old get endometrial cancer?

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Can the estring (estradiol) caused uterine cancer?

Can u determine if a woman has endometriosis with a cervical cancer biopsy?

Can u determine if a woman has endometriosis with a cervical cancer biopsy?

Can uterin fibroids turn into cancer? Do i neen surgery?

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Can uterine fibroids lead to cancer?

Can uterine fibroids turn into cancer?

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Cervical cancer and endomitroese runs in my family. My question is cervical cancer and endomitriosis hereditary?

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Could uterine cancer lead to ascites?

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Do we know what causes endometrial cancer?

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Do you have information on endometrial cancer ?

Do you know which cancer would cause myelofibrosis in a 57 year old woman?

Doctor said endo uterine cyst. What is that and could it mean cancer?

Doctors, whats the youngest you have seen with endometrial cancer? Have pcos. Im nervous. 20 y/o

Does IVF causes cancer?

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Endometrial hyperplasia can lead to cancer, really?

Has my cancer spread beyond the uterus?

Have endometrial polyp was told no vascularity is that a good sign since I am petrified cancer ?

Hello docs. I was wondering can uterine cancer grow in 12 months?

Hello, i am writing regarding my mom she has been on her period almost 11 she is 42 years old can it be pre-menopause or ovarian cancer?

How can aspartame cause cancer and infertility?

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How high are my risk of endometrial cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor of 6 yrs. Am on tamoxifen. My sister was diagnosed with endometrial cancer,?

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How is endometrial cancer treated?

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