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In light of the recent article in the ny times on breast cancer would you recommend surgery for a 90 year old woman recently diagnosed with DCIS?

2.8 cm irregular cyst found on right ovary, had ca125 test. I'm 38 no kids, on BC for 15 mth, family hist. of breast cancer (mom) could it be cancer?

23andme shows I have a gene that increase breast cancer risk by 1.2. My mom has the same variant and got breast cancer at 53.I plan to get a prophylactic mastectomy because of this.Do I see a surgeon?

31 y/o h/o fibrocystic breasts. What are chances of stage 3 or 4 cancer being dx or missed bc doctor thinking lumps were fibrocystic breast disease?

A friend with breast cancer is losing her toenails. Possible symptom of it metastasizing?

After a papilloma biopsy was the chance of getting breast cancer?

After someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, do they start treatment right away?

Am I more likely to get breast cancer if my mom has it?

An 18 year old had three abdominal cts. Is it possible for an 18 year old male, with no family history or risk factors other than vitamin d defficiency, to get breast cancer?

Are people with big breasts more likely to get breast cancer?

Are the chances of breast cancer low in a 31 year old with no family history? I have fibrocystic breasts and constantly worry about different lumps.

Are there different ways someone can get breast cancer?

Are there steps I can take to prevent getting fibrocystic breast disease?

Are women who have had breast cancer more likely to develop deep vein thrombosis?

Are you able to examine your own prostate? And my nan has had breast cancer so should I get examined?

At what age can you get breast cancer?

At what age should a woman get tested for breast cancer?

At what age should a woman start being checked for breast cancer? I'm 22.

At what age should I start getting mammogram with a close family history of breast cancer?

At what age should you get checked for breast cancer?

Been having breast discomfort for awhile now.Is it because they're too big?I'm 23, 40d, obese, & have no family history of cancer.Can i get mammogram?

Breast cancer and problem with urine flow?

Breast cancer runs in the family, would it be a good choice to consider taking out the real breasts and get implants or will the cancer still take over?

Breast cancer runs on my fathers side of the family what are my chances of getting breast cancer?

Breast change - should I get it checked? Do you need to have lumps to have cancer?

Breast tumour will turn to cancer after sex, is this possible?

By having tiny breasts naturally, is it still possible to get breast cancer?

Can a 24 year old get breast cancer?

Can a person have Paget's of breast or any forum of breast cancer for 5 years and not know with breast rashes that go and come for that long .

Can a test for cancer in a breast lump be wrong? It was tested not cancer but it grew back now doctors are worried.

Can anyone tell me more about a breast biopsy? What can I expect?

Can armpit pain be caused by having breast cancer? There is a family history of breast cancer.

Can birth control pills cause cancer? My doctor says they are fine! my question is can they cause breast cancer or other cancers?

Can breast cancer be passed down through the generations? How can it get removed permanently?

Can breast implants increase the chances of having breast cancer? My gma had breast cancer so its kinda in the family..

Can having a baby or two help me prevent breast cancer?

Can having fibrocystic breasts increase your chance of getting cancer?

Can I do anything to prevent myself from getting breast cancer?

Can i get breast cancer by being repeatadly pinched on the breasts and nipples?

Can I get breast implants if I have diabetes type2?

Can I get information on malpractice suit for missing a breast cancer?

Can I get mastectomy without having cancer?

Can I get my breasts checked for breast cancer while i'm pregnant?

Can l know the symptoms of breast cancer and what is the healthy life style not to suffer from cancer?PS:l have family history of breast cancer.

Can lexapro (escitalopram) up your chances of breast/ ovarian cancer?

Can lumps from deodorant usage make one vulnerable to breast cancer?

Can men get "breast" (pectoral) cancer and if so how likely is it? By age? Signs and symptoms?

Can pregnancy induce breast cancer?

Can putting the nicotine patch on your breast increase your chances for breast cancer?

Can someone tell me how long will it take to find out if you have breast cancer or not?

Can taking medroxyprogesterone cause breast infection or cancer?

Can the eczema on my nipple become cancer in the future?

Can triple negative breast cancer come back after 5 years?

Can u get breast cancerfrom persistent breast trauma?

Can you get breast cancer at the age of 23 year olds?

Can you get breast cancer from being hit in the breast?

Can you get breast cancer in your early 20's?

Can you get breast inplants if you have beast cancer?

Can you get cancer from breastfeeding?

Can you give me suggestions, extremely worried about breast cancer!?

Can you guys tell me how best can I keep up the fight against breast cancer?

Can you please discuss the other breast cancer symptoms?

Can you please explain why breast cancer is getting so much more awareness than others?

Can you tell me about getting breast cancer what age should you consider having a prohpylactic mastectomy?

Can you tell me are sore as well(but I am not pregnant). No history of breast cancer in my family. Could have something been overlooked?

Can you tell me exactly when is it a good time to start screening for breast cancer?

Can you tell me how likely am i to get breast cancer if my grandmother had it?

Can you tell me how to do a proper breast cancer test on myself?

Can you tell me how to prevent breast cancer or other breast diseases from happening?

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Could a 15 yr old get breast cancer?

Could a guy still get breast cancer?

Could a teenager between the ages of 12-16 get breast cancer?

Could bf be checking your breasts for breast cancer?

Could getting hit with a softball cause breast cancer?

Could i get a double mastectomy without having breast cancer?

Could i get breast cancer at 30?

Could i get breast cancer at the age of 16, if I have no family history of it?

Could I have best cancer if I have liquid coming out of one breast?

Could i really get breast cancer at 14?

Could my breast lump be serious I don't know my family history I was adopted?

Could someone get breast cancer at 30?

Could you be afraid of your own breasts?

Could you get ovarian cancer if you don't have family history and you never had breast cancer early.?

Could you tell me if in the family tree, nobody have gotten breast cancer before will there be a range of people getting breast cancer?

Could you tell me if my mom has breast cancer what are my chances of getting it (im male)?

Couldanyone tell me more about a breast biopsy?

Cyst in breast does that correlate with possibility of a tumor ? My mom had breast cancer 1st person in the family to ever have it .

Deodorant can cause breast cancer, true or false?

Diagnosed w/breast cancer. What now?

Do doctors put implants in women with family history of breast cancer if they want it?

Do lipomas under armpit have anything to do with maybe having a higher risk for breast cancer?

Do people with breast cancer have to get their breasts cut off?

Do you have to cut your breast off to get rid of breast cancer? What do I do?

Do you think I should get mammograms earlier or be tested for the breast cancer gene?

Do you think I should I get checked for breast cancer at 20?

Docs, could a guy still get breast cancer?

Doctors can you tell me when should I get a breast cancer examination?

Does breast cancer get too much publicity?

Does breast cancer run in families?