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Abnormalities found in mother's Pap smear then had bout 3 more done then 2 biopsies and now told to get another Pap smear is that normal procedure?

Pap HPV negative & negative for intraepithelial lesions or malignancy but noted moderate inflammation. What does that mean? sex occurred 48hr before

"had a pap smear in conjunction with an HPV test. Lab returned pap test negative for malignancy. Does result include HPV results?

2010 pap smear abnormal. Colpscopy showed mild hpv. 2 normal pap smears since. Did another pap smear 4 weeks ago. If it is abnormal what is treatmen?

3 which is now 4 groin lumps in a week..Had pap smear which was very painful. They haven't before but had abnormal pap prev and hpv. Cervical cancer?

6 years ago I had an abnormal pap but didn't follow what are my chances that I could have cervical cancer now?

Abnorm pap and + HPV test then colposcopy and biopsy. Result low grade CIN 1 cervical dysplasia. Chemical peel done and flouroplex prescription vag. What is it?

Abnormal pap 6 weeks post partum, no fam history of cervical ca. Why would my dr do a biopsy first before a repeat pap?

Abnormal pap smear not yeast infection, what to do?

Abnormal Pap smear result- I'm 19 & results were LSIL, EPCA, MIDH, with no endocervical component identified- should I wait 6mo/year and then re-pap?

Abnormal pap smear result, chart online says A in "Flag" category w/ HSIL. With title "Pap IG, CT-Ng, rfx HPV ASCU what does this mean? Do I have HPV?

Abnormal pap smear results. How soon do I return?

Abnormal pap smear, should I be concerned?

Abnormal pap smear. Tested positive for hpv. Follow up pap smear almost 2 years later. No results yet. What are my risks of cervical cancer?

Abnormal pap test for 5 years. (got 3 tests that were abnormal. Never had a normal pap?

Abnormal pap was thought to be agcus and asc-h on further exam they believe there are signif. Atypical trophoblast cells. Is this confusion normal?

Abnormal pap with HPV after never having an abnormal result and 10 years with my spouse. Should we wait to have sex until after my colposcopy?

Abnormal pap. +HPV. Colposcopy biopsy was normal. Next pap still abnormal. Should I be worried?

Abnormal pap. Dr said cell changes with signs of yeast. What could this be?

Abnormal Pap(ASCUS)1 yr ago and another this yr. Neg.HPV. G-ma had cervical cancer. Mother had many abnormal tissues removed.Cervical cancer possible?

Abnormal pap/high rsk hpv. Never had a colpo cause dr never called with results. Just found it(year after) I'm terrified. What are my chances of canc?

Abnormal pap/hpv 16 in may 2013, colposcopy june 2013 cin1 (doctor said looked like cin2), repeat pap jan 2014 abnormal . Colposcopy or leep next?

Abnormal paps for 9 years. Last colpo was 2009 result was CIN 3. I had paps w/ascus results. My WBC has been high over a year w/ no infection. Ideas?

Acus twice.had colpscopy/biopsy 1 CIN 1,2 negative x dysplasia.hpv negative. did pap test in June and normal i need colpscopy in december?

After 13 years of not having a smear i recently had one after childbirth i've had results high grade dyskaryosis what are the chances it being cancer?

After contracting hpv, how quickly can it be detected in a pap smear?

After having a leep of CIN 2-3, my latest pap smear says I have metaplastic squamous cells. What does that mean?

After having a pap smear i was told i had abnormal cells. Can anyone explain this to me in more detail?

After my pregnancy i got my period every month up until 2 months ago no period. A pap smear revealed i have abnormal cells, does it mean cancer ?

After pap smear came back with squamous cell carcinoma, , my doctor only recommended a second pap smear in six months. What would you recommend?

AGC and HPV negative on recent Pap. Irregular bleeding for last few months. Scheduled colposcopy. Odds of this being cancer?

All 14 high risk numbers came up on my Pap smear for cervical cancer. Does that mean I have i?

All about HPV 66.?

All my pap smears normal. Last one 8 months ago - normal. Pink discharge 9 weeks postpart. Could it be cervical cancer? Waiting for pap results

Are abnormal pap smear and HPV the same thing?

Are blood clots normal after pap smear?

Are endometrial cells over 40 normal on a pap smear?

Are pap smears mandatory after the age 21?

Are pap smears nescessary after 70?

Asc-us & now abnormal; negative hpv. What might it be?

Ascus on a pap.. Could it be cancer?

Ascus pap negative HPV 14 months ago. Six months later pap redone and was normal. How likely this pap going to show cancer she's married for years?

Ascus pap negative HPV 14 months ago. Six months later pap redone and was normal. How likely this pap going to show cancer she's married for years.

Ascus pap negative HPV 16 months ago pap 10 months ago norml colpo normal have discharge & periodic spotting swabs normal what can be I do have dermatitis?

Ascus pap result, HPV 18 positive. Had colposcopy, 3 spots were biopsied and ecc done. How likely is this to come back as cancer?

ASCUS pap then normal then ASCUS. Does this indicate cancer ..? HPV unknown. Dr plans repeat pap six months. Ok to wait ..?

ASCUS pap then normal then ASCUS. No HPV testing. not standard in Ontario Family Dr said redo pap six month. Ok to wait ? An concern for cancer

Ascus pap w/hpv high risk. Biopsy says ectocerv. Squamous mucosa w/inflm. N reactive changes. What's this indicate? Doc said bact. Vaginosis. I disagr

Atypical glandular cells - favor neoplastic was my pap smear test result. Negative colposcopy- & endocervical curretings result. Please explain.

Biopsy results -hpv cin3 what does that mean?

Can a bacterial infection cause an agus pap result?

Can a cervical smear test detect cancerous cells?

Can a colposcope see anything else besides cancer or precancer cells in the cervix? What other abnormalities can it detect?

Can a doctor perform a pap smear against my will or not?

Can a gynecologist tell you an abnormal pap smear is cancer right away without further tests?

Can a pap smear alone detect high risk HPV or does the colposcopy determine that? How can a doctor tell how long the HPV has been in someone's system?

Can a pap smear cause irregular bleeding?

Can a pap smear detect a pregnancy?

Can a pap smear detect epithelial cell abnormality?

Can a pap smear detect HPV if so how soon after infection can it be detected?

Can a pap smear detect pid?

Can a pap smear detected any STD infections ?

Can a pap smear determine whether you have chlamydia?

Can a pap smear diagnose uterine cancer? Can uterine cancer show up on a pap smear test? .

Can a pap smear tell if i can have kids if my cervix is open?

Can a pap smear turn out abnormal (atypical epithelial cells, neg hpv) if I just had miscarriage 3 weeks before?

Can a pap smear turn out abnormal if I just had miscarriage?

Can a recent herpes diagnosis cause a pap result to be lsil?

Can a STD or STI cause a abnormal Pap smear ?

Can a vaginal infection be present even if my pap smear is normal?

Can abnormal cells in the cervix be sexually transferred if it's not hpv?

Can age and medication play a role in abnormal pap smear.

Can an abnormal pap mean you have hpv?

Can an abnormal pap smear be due to candida?

Can being pregnant cause an abnormal pap smear? Help please?

Can bleeding during a pap make the results to be abnormal?

Can bleeding during a pap smear cause abnormal results?

Can Crohn's disease be found through a cervical biopsy or pap smear test?

Can doctors test for genital warts with a pap smear?

Can fingering trigger an abnormal pap test? The result I had was endometrial cells found at cervix.

Can hormone changes cause abnormal paps?

Can HPV 16 go away on its own? Had leep for severe dysplasia. Recent pap showed borderline changes and HPV 16 again. (pap was 2 mnths ago, leep year

Can hsv 2 cause an abnormal pap smear .

Can I be HPV free but still have irregular cells?

Can i have a pap smear even if i'm only 20 yrs old but have been sexually active?

Can I have normal pap smear after leep procedure?

Can i have pap smear done 3 weeks status post d&c? My biopsy showed chronic endocervicitis with squamous metaplasia.

Can I have pap smears while on my period?

Can I have sex after pap smear ?

Can I still join the army if I have an abnormal pap smear result?

Can mirena (levonorgestrel) removal cause abnormal pap smear results?

Can moderate dyskaryosis be easily treat? And can it turn into cervical cancer even if its been treated? Can a smear test show cancer cells? :)

Can not having a period for a year cause abnormal cells in the uterus Should I ask for a smear test? I'm only 17 years old.

Can not having a period for a year cause abnormal cells in the uterus? smear test? 17 years old, have PCOS& family history of cancers.

Can PID be detected during routine pap smear?

Can semen skew the results of a pap smear?

Can someone have MS and not have any leisons ?

Can stress cause an abnormal pap smear?

Can surgical abortion done 2 months ago cause an abnormal pap test such as atypical squamous cells? I was 8 weeks pregnant at time of abortion

Can the cause of an abnormal Pap smear be miscarriage?