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"what causes a burning sensation on the feet?" i feel a burning sensation under the feet every day all day and it does not go away, what is it?

Both of my feet have a tingling/ burning sensation that won't go away. What could it be?

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Burning sensation on my right foot top of my toes what could it be could it be diabetes?

Burning sensation on outside of the top of my left foot . What could have caused this?

Burning sensation on top of foot. Not hot or swollen. ?

Burning sensation right hand right foot what can it be?

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Can poor circulation in your legs cause hot or a burning almost numbing feeling in your feet?

Can you advise me if having burning sensation in foot its a problem?

Can you have edema without swelling? Can a feeling of tightness and burning in the hands and feet without seeking be caused by this?

Can you tell me what can cause a sensation of tingling in the feet?

Cold aching burning feet and legs?

Could deplin be the cause of swelling in my hands and feet as well as a burning sensation in my stomach?

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Developed intense itching and burning on the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet. Difficulty walking due to itching and burning of my feet. ?

Diabetes-can you experience a warm sensation in your leg or feet?

Does a burning sensation in my ankles mean I have ankle arthritis?

Does crps cause burning and a cold feeling in the feet and lower legs?

Does MS cause a sensation of burning feet?

Every time i walk and there a burning sensation up my side of my foot, what did i do, what to do?

Feeling burning sensation all over my body, specially feet and palms. What causes it?

Feet and toes r burning, tingling and my heel is sore my right is heel is sore

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How to stop your foot from having strange tingling?

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How to treat burning sensation with broken ankle?

I am 21. Why do I have tingling and burning from my feet to my thighs?

I broke 2nd & 3rd metatarsals on my left foot a week & a half ago. Every now & then I feel a burning sensation in that area. Is that normal?

I don't think I have diabetes but I get a warm sensation in my right foot once in a while?

I dont have athletes foot but my feet have a burning sensation in and out of shoes, they are peeling as well. Should i get checked for diabetes?

I get a burning feeling in my feet and toes but only when sitting and sometimes when laying down. No diabetes .what could it be?

I get a burning sensation in my left hand/fingers and my left foot is swollen and burning, and my right thigh burns and goes numb?

I get a burning, freezing, wet sensation in my feet when i put shoes on? What might be the cause?

I had my leg amputated, but I can still feel or sense an itch on my foot. Is this normal?

I have a burning feeling in my heel?

I have a burning sensation in my ankle bone, what could that be?

I have a burning sensation in my right big toe because i had an gout attack . What can I do about the burning sensation?

I have a burning sensation under big toe. What should I do?

I have a burning,numb,tingling sensation in my big toe what could it be?

I have a pain, more like a burning sensation on the outside of my foot, where the 5th metatarsal is located, what could that be?

I have a tingling cold.sensation in my calf and foot and i believe it is swollen...what could it be?

I have a warmness in the bottom of my foot it feel more soothing than hot.What could this be? There is no numbness nor pain no weakness

I have an iron deficiency , would this be the cause for burning feeling in my legs and feet?

I have athletes foot and burning sensation under my scrotum?

I have been experiencing burning sensation in feet. Has it anything to do with CKD. What am I supposed to do?

I have being feeling some pain and tinkling in my palm and foot for almost a month.Please what could be the cost.?

I have burning and numbness on my foot and also diarrhea. Are these connected and what is it?

I have burning feet after a back injury, what to do?

I have burning feet that my neurologists says is not neuropathy. He does not know what it is. Very painful. Any suggestions of what this could be?

I have burning feets any advice?

I have burning paining feet what can help , what do you recommend?

I have burning sensation in the sole of both the feet. It is like touching like a pin. What are the causes. I am non-diabetic person. Kindly advice?

I have burning sensation with broken ankle, what do you recommend?

I have burning sensations in foot after stroke, what to do?

I have burning/tingly sensation in my feet, what to do?

I have cerebral palsy and sometimes my feet get swollen and I feel a pinching and burning sensation when I move my foot. What could this be?

I have feet that feeling like they are burning?

I have numbness and burning pain in my feet. I do not have diabetes?

I have one kidney, for the last couple of months I have been struggling with my feet. Any pressure causes a burning sensation. Even a blanket, shoes.

I have slight tingly feeling in both feet its on and off. Then sometimes feel cold feet im not known to be a diabetic but i have a little burning back?

I have swelling and burning sensation on top part of my left foot; what is causing this?

I have swelling in the top of my left foot, and also have a burning sensation.

I have this tingling in my vagina and my feet at the same time. Only at night when I'm in bed. I don't know what it could be. Please help! Thank you!

I have tingling and I burning sensation in my toes on my foot. will magnesium and the B6 vitamin help this problem. I am not diabetic.

I think I have Achilles tendonitis what are the symptoms it is very painfull and I have a strong burning sensation in my heel area?

I'm 13 weeks 2 days pregnant and the bottom of my feet are always hot and have a tingling sensation is it normal or should I see my dr about this?

I've been having this warm sensation at the palms of my hands and feet these 2 nights. No redness or sign of swelling. Just the heat sensation. Help!

If I am suffering from diabetes and have burning sensation and numbness in my feet, is this tyypical

Im getting burning sensations in my toes and fingers what is this?

Intermittent burning sensation in middle toes of one foot for a few months. Many times/day for several sec. No swelling or heat; no injury.

Is gabapentine helpful for burning feet?

Is my fibromyalgia be the reason the soles of my feet are burning like fire?

Is there anything that can cause an intermittent cold sensation on the top of the foot?

Is there anything wrong if I get pleasurable tingling sensation sending chills from head to toe when feet are massaged & legs in stockings are rubbed?

Just wondering what may cause my feet and legs to burn, tingle and be numb. ?

Left foot always feels like it's tingling just my foot I don't lose my balance or nothing just tingling in the foot?