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back pain (severity: severe) (side: left) , burning sensation and painful skin when touched. pain when pushing on the area.3 days now not better?

1 week history of intermittent tingling and burning sensation all over the body, more in right side. Possible causes?

18 year old male. Having symptoms of tingling, burning and constant itching. Having weird brain sensations. Pain on left ear and left side of head?

2 weeks ago, a burning sensation started at my right pinkie. It traveled up to my shoulder, down my back, and around my stomach and chest.What is this?

A burning feeling across the back of my left shoulder. How do I treat this?

A burning sensation in both sides of stomach and backside i m not comfartable?

Ache in my ribs and when I laugh it's like a burning sensation an aches more ?

Been having a burning sensation for about a month now in my LLQ but closer to my left side. Wondering the cause of this? Was under stress too.

Been having sharp pains and burning sensation in left side and upper center of stomach area. But no gas. What could this be?

Bubble popping feeling in my chest area no pain, or discomfort but very annoying what could it be?

Bubbling sensation in my lower back?

Burnin/stingin feeling on my left shoulder been there for about 2 days now. 21 year old no history of much. Only hurts with certain movements.

Burning feeling near right ovary. What should I do?

Burning in back and side after eating ?

Burning in bottom of back and in left side of abdomen and chest sometimes get burning sensation in legs muscle loss and weight loss what could this be?

Burning in left arm, alcohol related?

Burning in my back n pain in my side. I have a defibrillator is it because of that?

Burning in right side of groin no other symptoms ?

Burning in stomach burping and sour tast pain in left arm pressurein the ttop of my chest pain in top back it's ben 7 months still have symptom 21?

Burning in the middle of my chest?

Burning itchy sensation on my left side of back , 20 inch below my left shoulder,always happend during my period.any idea??

Burning pain for a few seconds when I move my left arm a certain way; also the area that burns is numb. Any ideas?

Burning pain in bladder/groin, smarting pain at top of buttocks, pain in left hand side of back and chills and feel abit unwell what could this be?

Burning pain in the center of the head? 43 y o woman, more than 1 year feels that burning several times a day, what is the cause?

Burning pain in upper stomach Acid in my throat like choking Low left pelvic dull pain Burning when urinating and constant Serious pain, Help :)

Burning pain on right thigh after pregnancy?

Burning pain, what does it mean?

Burning sensation and pain in left abdominal area, accompanied by nausea and pressure in bottom area?

Burning sensation and slight pain in chest even after one month of angioplasty.why?

Burning sensation at mid chest?

Burning sensation by my ackle bone?

Burning sensation coming from the inside out with a constant pulsing pain. The pain is mostly coming from the bone are under the elbow and down into m?

Burning sensation in arms, upper back, and face. Have severe anxiety. Can stress and anxiety cause the burning sensation? Also have GERD

Burning sensation in left upper chest on and off feeling dont think its heartburn feels like a dull burn cant tell if its skin or deep in sometimes fe?

Burning sensation in middle of back Just to the right of the spine Could this be caused by gallbladder?

Burning sensation in my lower right abdominal, what could this be?

Burning sensation in my right breast mainly nipple area.And pain in my back my underarm kinda has a slight pain/ burning..Could this be ibc.

Burning sensation in my right armppit but no rash at all?

Burning sensation in upper and middle back are sometimes travel to arms and ribs persistant off and on for months 27 year old female?

Burning sensation in upper right hand side of body?

Burning sensation inside right breast?

Burning sensation lower left ribcage, and frequent urination?

Burning sensation on left side?

Burning sensation on my left upper arm?

Burning sensation starts in upper back and goes down arms?

Burning sensation/pain in the back of my right heel. Any thoughts, suggestions, or way to "fix" this? What could it be? It's so painful.

Burning stinging pain feeling in left breast what could it be ?

Can a dislocated rib cause a burning sensation in the breast ?

Can a left l4-5 bulge/herniation cause burning sensation in scrotum on same side?

Can a stomache bug cause chest pain and burning in arms ?

Can chest wall pain feel like burning or squeezing sensation?

Can itching and a prickling sensation be a symptom of fibromyalgia, also burning upper back muscles ?

Can migraines also cause a burning sensation the the center if the chest?

Can you die from htlv and can it calls a burn sensation on my left side of my stomach under the rib cage and also a burning sensation my left leg from?

Chest burning pain ....Burning throat....Ear pain?

Chest pain with burning sensation down left arm?

Chest pain, lump in throat feeling, and flushed/burning sensation in cheeks? Weeks ago, had chest pain, hot flash feeling, numb right arm. 26/female.

Constant migraines, constant breast pain on the right breast , constant numbness and tingiling, weakness and pain all over and constant sore throat?

Constant mild pain in my lower abdomen area for 2 weeks, today i experienced a burning sensation when urinating.Any idea what i might be facing?

Constantly in pain, constant right breast pain don't feel any lump the pain is pinching, burning, stabbing, numbness and tingling no discharge help ?

Could Lyme disease cause a painful burning sensation in your ribs in your back?

Could porphyria explain my burning sensation in the abdomen and severe back pain?

Dr. I feel pain in penis head, sometime its severe and also a burning sensation + pain in anus. Why this pain is and what's the treatment?

Dr. Thinks I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. I have a burning sensation in my back should I be alarmed it's also throbn like a heartbeat ?

Every so often I would have a burning sensation in my right breast what could it be?

Experiencing an itching burning and popping sensation on my lower back .I do not have a rash there. What could this be ?

Experiencing headache (side: back, front, left, right) (quality: dull or aching sensation, sensation of pressure or fullness, throbbing sensation ?

Feeling burning sensation on back of my neck and sometimes forehead! No pain whatsoever but this burning is irritating!

Feeling of pressure all over with light headed along with sweating mainly on the feet with on/off bloated mild burning sensation on lower left side?

For 5 days I have had a lump right below my ankle bone, and for the past 2 days I have been experiencing an on and off burning sensation. pain as well?

For the passed two days I been having this small sharp/burning sensation on my left lower side. I only get the feeling when I have to go urinate.

For the past 2 nights I've had the strangest sensation in my right leg. Dull pain behind my knee, hot and cold sensations, and numbness. Any ideas?

Generally unwell with burning sensation in right lower abdomen?

Getting burning feeling on my calf's no pain.

Have a burning sensation up one side of my leg, no rash and no other symptoms. Should i be worried?

Have MS. Jumping sensation beside navel. Burning when urinating. Pain at pubic bone. Should I be worried?

Have pain mid waist and left upper quadrant. Feel burning and sensitive to touch.

Have rib cage pain on the left side. Skin feels warm and itchy but no rash. Pain is more of a constant irritation.

Have top and lower back pain that throbs with a burning sensation that gives me a general feeling of sickness. My dr. Think it is inflamation. ?

Having burning sensation on my back, with certain moves? What is that referring to?

Having constant pain at waist, right side, back with pinching sensation that seems to be getting worse. No discomfort with urination.?

Hello Doctor I am a 40 years male and I been having this burning sensation on my stomach after a meal and it radiates to my middle back but No pain?

Hello I have recently been feeling what i can only describe as a burning sensation on my shoulders and just above my chest what could this be?

Hello I have this burning sensation in my left abdomen what is the cause ?I'm also 18 weeks pregnant.

Hello...I am having a burning sensation on mid right back since two days..

Help please? What is causing the burning sensation in my left breast ?

Help! could stress cause a burning sensation on the left side of brain?

Help! I have burning pain in bicep. I don't work out so what are the causes?

Help! I have burning sensation in the right side of the body. What is this a symptom of?

Help! I have burning sensation underneath my left breast. What does it mean?

Hernia? discomfort & slight burning sensation above my pubic area! no stds. feel when i bend or twist.

Hi I'm 19 and from the time I was 16 I have been experiencing burning/stinging pain in my right hand's vein is that normal are should I worry?

Hi there I have a sharp burning pain in my left side groin it comes and goes and I've been feeling hot on and off without a temperature?

Hi, for the pass 2 years i'm having very bad burning sensation on my right side abdomen ?

Hi, i have been experiencing internal tingling and burning sensation all over my body from my head, arms, stomach, chest,back etc?

Hi, I have had a burning sensation around my anus, for nearly a week and now my lower back is doing the same. Please help.

Hi; everytime i wake up in the morning I have a mild burning sensation across the lower abdomen what can it be?

Hi....I would just like to know why all of a sudden im experiencing irritation and burning during my period right now...I never did b4...What is it?

Hiw can I releive right abdominal burning sensation?

How to treat burning sensation in right side of chest?