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'Rash like' underneath my breast how to reduce the burning and itching sensation ?

2 weeks of burning/chilled sensation in whole upper body and arms. No pain. Symptoms come on when exposed to cold weather.Herpes?MS?Heart?

8 year old is in tears over burning legs. ( they are not hot to touch) seasonal allergies are bad. Burning swollen itchy eyes. Why are legs burning?

A burning feeling on my scalp, for 5 days, started randomly, I have used the same shampoo for over 6 yrs, no new products, no irritation or redness?

A couple wks ago had an sharp prick like sensation in both legs,then slight numbness in skin above both knees and now geting prickling all over body?

After sex a friction burn immediately appeared. 1 week later a few water blisters . Occasional tingling and itching. Lots of sweating. Herpes or not?

All of a sudden I started feeling a burning on the inside of my body and itching on the outside all over?

All over arms, legs & body, I get really annoying itching + stinging sensation. The stinging/tingling also feels like it's burning :(

Any idea on what could be causing internal itching of feet? It is occasional, not constant and very irritating. Sometimes I wake up from it

Any ideas why applying eyedrops results in a burning sensation?

Been experiencing itching/burning sensations at various parts of my body e.G arms, legs, groin, ears with no visible rash what could be wrong with me?

Been having an intense burning sensation within the middle of my spine,normally worsened by sitting up or standing, the skin also itches,what is this?

Black pigmentation from toe till knee. What could be the cause? No itching/ burning sensation

Blood in mucus, chest burning sensation also present?

Brain injury. Skin crawling. Very itchy. 2 days of numbing in the leg and tingling pins on the skin. ?

Burning and itching sensation on face and neck over a month no other symptoms just came and never left what could be causing it theres no rash?

Burning eye sensation last week, feeling fatigued and feverish, back pain, vomit at times, skin irritation -> insomnia. Having a lot of reactions,?

Burning sensation because of light swelling in penis , is there any home remedy for that ?

Burning sensation (feeling hot)on specific spot on feet,very mild and occur only a very short time, often at night ,why?

Burning sensation clavicle area. No skin irritation, no reddness.Occurs intermittently but notice it mostly. When swallowing. ?

Burning sensation in buttocks on both sides for 4 months . No redness , skin looks completely normal. It increases and decreases but doesn't go away?

Burning sensation in hands and swollen after putting in bleach what should I do?

Burning sensation in the lower part of buttocks on both sides for 4 months , no redness the skin look completely normal.

Burning sensation of skin left leg in area of calve (like sunburn, but don't have sunburn). Not hot to touch, no rash. What could be causing this?

Burning sensation on skin of my back, sensitive to touch, and clothes, without rash or redness.

Burning sensation on skin of upper arm/shoulder for 2 weeks, but nothing there, skin looks completely normal. No rashes or other symptoms. What is it?

Burning sensation on the skin of stomach on outside above the navel?

Burning sensation only with different types of movement on my shoulder. 2 days now. Feels like under the skin. No marks or bruises on skin. Just burns?

Burning sensation under skin.. Gets worse when angry.. What is this called?

Burning that turns to itching starts at top of head and travels down body?

C section 2 years ago, have a burning /stinging sensation around scar, and one side above scar looks swollen?

Can a herniated disc cause widespread skin itching, crawling, and stinging that is causing insomnia? I am about to go insane!

Can a throat viral infection cause muscle pain, flashing joint pain, a rash, tingling feet, burning sensation, itchy skin. Happens on and off.

Can chiari malformation cause burning sensation of the skin leading to rash?

Can co codamol cause you to have itchy sensations ?

Can crawling, tickling, tingling, light itching, light head ness, gentle skin jumping Over all body and scalp can be related any way to cancer?

Can headaches and skin burning sensation have any relation to each other?

Can herpes cause a constant tingling/itchy/annoying feeling on the penis? Daily weird sensation. Not sure if it's just mental. Not diagnosed.

Can menaloma cause severe burning sensation where the mole is located?

Can skin burning/ flushing be a sign of liver, gallbladder or some other problem? Had a baby 3 months ago and I'm experiencing burning/ flushing skin.

Can someone explain to me how come my tattoo burning?

Can something like wearing a hat all the time cause a neuralgia in the forehead or irritation that would cause a numb sensation?

Can staph present a crawling sensation on skin?

Can stress/anxiety cause skin crawling/prickling sensations ?

Can sunburn cause neck tightness and numbing sensation when you turn it?

Can too much vitamin d make you itchy/prickly ?. I take 1000 i.U. Per day plus have a very good diet. I have prickling/burning sensations in my legs.

Can u tell me ifi feel a burning sensation in different places in the skin of my body when i touch the skin .What well bi that?

Can you use neosporin on the outter part of your vagina if you have a rash...burning sensation?

Chaffing burning feeling for a moment when reaching with either arm, same spot on either side but not at same time? No rash present. Ideas on cause?

Cold, wet sensation on face, legs & arms but when I touch my skin it's dry. Been happening for several years now. ?

Could laser hair removal cause a long-term burning sensation on my shins? I don't have a rash, and it is worse when touched. Thanks!

Could prickly inner thigh sensations/pain be caused by driving a lot ? Nerve pain etc ? Feels like a fiberglass on skin feeling.

Crawling sesation on skin....Could it be stress?

Crawling, burning pain localized in scalp. Pressure helps. But movement makes it worse. What can cause this?

Daughter complains about scalp feeling of burning, itchy, pin/needle feeling. Scalp is clear and healthy, but hot to touch. What is this?

Dizziness, burning sensation in response to cold on fingers & tongue. Help?

Do I have a bad sunburn? My skin is RED and it KILLS and feels really tight! What can I do to subside the burning feeling?

Do you feel skin burning upon contact with battery acid?

Does a meningitis rash feel like its burns. I don't mean to the touch. I have a pin prick rash on my hands that feels like its burning.

Does a staph rash usually feel hot and burning?

Does elidel (pimecrolimus) cream cause constant burning hot sensation in face for more than a day.Feels like face is on fire.Or it should not.Is it a temporary side effect that should subside in less time.

Does h pylori cause joint pains, skin redness boils, numbness and tingling, burning feet and skin, headache & ear pain, white lines on palms & feet?

Does lidocaine patch for neuropathy annoying sensation be affective on scalp?

Does pin and needle sensations ( tingling) go away? It's all over my body. It started after a allergic reaction to antibiotic

Dr diagnosed chronic urticaria.Burning, tingling sensations before red rash appears then goes, remains a bit sensitive to touch.Cyclical.Is it normal to have no major itch, more askin crawling sensation?

Ears don't feel like they are burning all the time. It is not any type of rash. Sensation feeling. Warm to touch..?

Every time I use any lubricant i always feel a burning sensation does it mean i'm allergic to it or is it normal. Some burn very bad some not so bad. ?

Everytime I get Goosebumps, the skin on my arms and legs (primarily) becomes inflamed and I am overwhelmed with an unbearable burning/itchy sensation?

Experiencing pain and redness on penis head for two months constantly, what skin/genital issues could cause this?

Extreme burning sensation with rash on face, maybe allergic to petroleum?

F/23 burning sensation in upper chest, radiating heat. worse when at rest. skin on chest very sensitive/irritated, no rash. has lasted on/off ~5days?

For about a month I've felt sudden burning/stinging in my eyes almost daily, once or twice. Often in am, but day or night, anywhere. What could it be?

For about half a year now the skin beneath my hair doesn't feel comfortable. It is a light burning sensation which is worst after a shower?

For the last three nights I have been woken up with a burning itching sensation that begins in my hands penetrates through arms,waist,thighSee attach!

For the last week I have been itchy all over with some burning sensation on my face. Nothing has changed, and my mother feels the same. ?

From some days my heart is burning as hot stove.And 2 weeks before i was burping.This <3 burning makes me crazy.What to do?

From time to time I get an extremely uncomfortable cold burning sensation on my face and arms. It borders on painful .

Full body is paining pinching burning and feeling bitterness in toung. joints paining sweating. Please give me some solution.

Getting random allover prickly, tingly skin. Not exactly itchy no burning. Was cured of hep c. What could this be now?.

Have a burning, tingling & numb sensation on my vagina lips...What can it be?.. Also have white patch on top that's where i feel it more..Hpv positive

Have been feeling tingly numb sensation in face, makes skin feel tight. As if skin had been rubbed with ice. Cheek skin looks striated sometimes.

Have neuropathy in feet. Improving. 3 weeks ago started getting strange sensations mid-back. Skin is itchy, pulling. No rash, marks. Related?

Have really bad hands swollen red cracked skin burning sensations. What could it be?

Having burning sensation on my fingers since last 2 days. What would be the efficient treatment I can do?

Having irritations on my skin during this summer, i sometimes have a burning sensation in my eyes which is painful, had some runny stomach last week ?

Having random symptoms on the entire right side of body. Skin,from head to toe,feels raw,irritated,sunburned but it's not. What could be causing this?

Hello sir for my grandfather some burning sensation is there in skin from many months so would u give my some soloution?

Hello. My wife has had a prickly feeling in her skin. Can't find the answer . Neurologist said it is in her skin. Three months now. Tired of it Help?

Heve a burning sensation in my arms and hands when i pass water?

Hi My feet feel like they have been in stinging nettles at the side and very itchy. I am diabetic type 2 with insulin. Do you know what it is. ?

Hi I am a male 55 yrs of age, For three weeks now I have had a burning sensation un my skin just under my left boob. Also the skin is hot to the touch?

Hi, I have a burning sensation under my breast but close to my rib its like the muscle between them, I dont have any bumps or redness.

Hi, I have an intense itch on my toe where nail meets nail bed. It is a burning sensation. Has been happening for a while. Any help?

Hi, recently I've been itchy all over my body, and feeling a burning sensation too. A few weeks ago i was inflamed all over with these symptoms but now?

Hi. I have itchy burning sensation on my palms, mostly near my joints. What could be the cause? How can I make it stop?

Hot, red skin, burning sensation on hands, feet, thighs, neck/chest, what could be causing this?

How can i get rid of the tingling sensation in my vagina?

How come I have an itching sensation and keep sneezing?

How do if u are allergic to percocet? I feel like burning up and sweating, itching everywhere, sob and can't focus

How to cure Burning sensation on the Skin of my stomach after Cesarean?