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I have a pimple- like thing with no pus located on on my left wrist. It causes no irritation and feels a slight pain when i pinch it. What is it?

! have a burning sensation in my bottom lip. Right had throbbing. Went by the fire station, blood pressure a little high.

2 lumps in my armpit that sometimes hurt if I touch them. Plus some burning sensation, should I be worried?

2 week ago.i notice smal (2mm)lump in back roof of my mouth.burning sensation if touch it.burnng sensation gone but still light pink lump.what is this?

2 years ago i had severe vertigo , right after i lost a lot of feeling in the left leg and arm.Cold/hot sensations to the skin very painful.

20 yr old healthy female, I have a tingling sensation on the front left part of my scalp and I've just felt a small lump there, any idea what it is?

20 yr old male. Right nipple is sensitive & has strong burning/stinging sensation that gets worse when my shirt touches it? Just noticed it today.

34 weeks & 5 days sharp pain in vaginal area . What can this be? It almost feels like I sharp needle or something. Get it quite often throughout the day

4 months pp from c-sec this morning in bed I stretched & now I feel stinging sensation internally above my incision left side like I pulled something?

4 wks ago burning both knees eased up now but bruised like feeling in certain parts of body, aching all over on off. no injury, no obvious lump worry?

8wks pp from a c-section & noticed bellow my bellybutton above scar it's still tender when I touch & also have lil stinging and pulling sensation?

A burning sensation on the right side of my neck comes and goes even when gone it is still tender?

A patch of skin just above my right knee suddenly became numb to the touch. No pain, and I can feel pressure, just nothing barely touching the skin.

About 4 yrs old son had sudden pain in his outer right thigh area.Upon masging area felt bit warm.He is feeling somewhat better.What could be reason?

About 8days experiencing leg pain, tenderness to touch and feels like something is pinched around inner thigh. Feels like a sunburn pants irritate.

Above navel below lft breast twitching slight pain worse with food but sometimes without. somtimes feels alomst like a burn and numb but not numb?

After a partial hysterectomy I have been experiencing extreme burning on the top right side of my vagina. It looks swollen and tender when touched?

After an inversion yoga class my right leg, shin area started having a strange sensation, warmth feeling with a slight pins & needles feel, 2 days now?

All of a sudden i felt a pain just as if 10 bees were stabbing my lips and 2 minutes later my lips were swollen&numb?15 min later everything was normal.

Always have sinus issues. Noticed a knot in front of ear no pain or color change. Only noticeable by touching the area. Also burning feeling.

Am a female and 22 years old. I have noticed something hard thing under the skin in my armpit. Its not moving and not feeling much pain. What is it?

Am having heat sensations on left side of my stomach, it's really uncomfortable, this happens mostly when i sit down 15mins or more.Pliz help.

Annoying feeling under right breast and armpit what can it be and numbness all over and pain all over if feels prickly help?

Are visible veins on scrotum supposed to be normal? When is it varicocele? I feel some strange feeling sometime on left, like tingle, no pain though.

Awful, unbearable stinging in base of eyelashes, what to do?

Back pain x 2 weeks now I have burning in genitals and hands. Upper lower and mid back pain. Feels like hands and genitals are on fire what's happening?

Been experiencing a sharp pain inside my foot when i push on it. Doesn't bother me day to day, but hasn't gone away after a few months. Thoughts?

Been experiencing a burning pin and needles type stinging in the outer right side of my right heel . It only last briefly but has occured several time?

Been getting really sore burning feeling and pain in my left nipple and its real white in colour what could cause this?

Been having burn/itchy sensation that come and goes in both front hands (just under the fingers). Even if i scratch, it don't help. Feel itchy inside?

Broken collarbone, moved wrong lastnight & experienced a burning sensation near my armpit. Muscles swollen/pulling on something. Should i see doctor?

Bruise like feeling on left breast with slight skin numbness. I'm 28 years old and i'm not pregnant. What could this be?

Buring sensation in my anus and also occasional and mld pain in my buttocks with pins and needles. goint to the toilet does not seem to change anythin?

Burning anus and sore no lumps very painful when sitting better when on stomach?

Burning feeling on right leg, 3 days increasing in frequency. Sometimes all or part of leg; burn comes and goes. No pain. When should I be concerned?

Burning in lower left abdomen and other parts of stomach/ribs. Like little pinpoints of heat. Possible cause? Not warm to touch

Burning in solar plex and under left rib. Started a few days ago. Any ideas? Antacids don't help ... It feels bruised to the touch.

Burning sensation behind the knee of the right leg especially with the cold, with small swelling, no redness, no purplish, can be nerve? Started 3days

Burning sensation feels hot inside my back upper thigh under buttocks what are causes, i had a sore calf before like a tight muscle easing now no clots?

Burning sensation from right hip to knee. Chills in that area with pain going all the way to right foot. Skin feels burned or bruised to touch. ?

Burning sensation in right groin/thigh a few minutes after ejaculation. Sounds like prostatitis. Does herpes cause this or sound like a possible cause?

Burning sensation on and off in left breast near top inner area going on for 2 days only in one breast. no swelling or redness?

Burning sensation on my scalp. It feels hot to touch. Also having spots of pain in parts of my head and forhead. What could this be?

Burning sensation on the right scrotal area when touched and stretched.No wounds.had and eczema on scrotum 2 days back. Could it be due to that?scared

Burning sensation on top of my head (inside), like a pressure in there, like something is moving inside and produces a burning sensation (top and back?

Burning sensation up arm after shootin meth and where i couldnt find a vain moments before the injection the burn feels like its seaping out of holes ?

C-section 2 weeks ago, upper thigh numb since then, now entire outer thigh is numb. Doesn't tingle, started to feel burning sensation. Should I worry?

Calf aching, burning sensation at times, not swollen, wakes me up and worse at night should I be worried?

Can anxiety cause "hot spots"? A burning sensations in arms, back, between breasts, under left breast. No rash or redness. Just a feeling of pain.

Can feel weird spot under the skin of my earlobe. It was causing discomfort at first but is completely painless now. Any thoughts?

Can nerve pain travel from your private area to your neck and head? Does neerve pain feel like burning, aching feeling?

Can u tell me why its feels like the veins or nerves in my right forearm and right thigh are burning?

Chronic pelvic pressure feels like heaviness/fullness/hardness right above genital area but seems like I can feel it inside at top of genital area?

Constant burning pain in stomach and hurts to touch skin in that area I have been like this since I can remember being a little girl pain never stops?

Constant itchy feeling on my neck, feels very warm and prickly what could it be? Haven't been in the sun recently

Constant tingling in my left ankle. nothing hurts. not aware of any injuries. sometimes feels hot inside as if the blood is only just getting into it?

Doctor I found some bulging spots on my penis . felt like itching sensation from past one week . Please help me with this.I feel itching in thighs and?

Dr. Said I have BV on day 5 of med I feel a bit better but not 100% I still have mild burning sensation inner thighs and butt is that normal?

Ears neck and back are burning and red. Feels like sun burn. I got it randomly at 10:45PM. Started with burning in the ears?

Every once in a while, i get a burning feeling at the pit of my stomach. Occurs randomly and then disappears?

Everyday 1x a day,I get a pain above my left eyebrow,Feel it in my ear to. Its very brief but painful. Any ideas,thanks ?

Extreme burning in genitals then stopped and went to hands now its in my right eye lid. Burning, feels like its in a fire. Stops then goes elsewhere. ?

Extremely painful lump in right underarm. I am having a hard time moving my arm bc the pain is so bad. No redness on skin. Feeling unwell ?

Feels like I'm feeling discomfort on my testicaler area; feels like after being hit on the testicles,often sharp pain in penis and around groin area?

Felt a slight downward pulling and twitch sensation in right lower cheek and jawline area. Lasted like 12-15 sec. No pain, slurring etc. Any idea?

Few weeks ago I started getting pain when having erections. Pain feels like it's localized at the base of my penis (not excrutiating pain). Feels like there is a slight indent at the base of penis too?

Few weeks ago I started to feel pain when having an erection. Pain feels localized at the base of penis(not excruciating pain) feels as tho there's a slight dent at the base of my penis too?

For a couple weeks I have felt this bubbly sensation right above the right side of my pubic bone. Now I have yellow liquidy diarrhea and cold symptoms?

For last 2 months i been getting burning and stinging in my left upperarm an shoulder it doesn't really hurt either but it worries me what could it be?

For the last three days I have been getting the sensation of having a rubber band around my upper ankle. Feeling only lasts for a few seconds. No Pai?

For the past few days I have had a cold sensation on my outer left ankle. It feels as though there is a cold wind blowing on that one spot.

Gargling sensation? In middle area of chest, towards bottom. Epigastric region. Not painful very uncomfortable. Bubbly feeling like water bubbling

Getting random warm feeling on outside of left thigh, like warm water running down for a few secs. No change in appearance, pain or swelling. Concern?

Good morning I would like to, know why I get s burning sensation on my feet ev ER ry morning?

Good mrn. I Have a cold sensation on my upper inner thigh near my genital and I feeli it when I'm moving or when I rub my hand against the spot.

Had a c-section 2 weeks ago, my right outer thigh has been completely numb ever since. Doesn't tingle, feels some pressure. Should I feel worried?

Had gallbladder out 1 week ago. Left outer thigh is constantly numb, tingling, & painful! more pain at night. What can I do? Heat, pills not working

Had wet dream last night and woke up felt sharp pain at the lower area of penis head (gland)?

Have a doctor's appointment in 10 days for what I think is epidemitis but today I noticed on front of right leg in groin area I feel a warming sensat?

Have a pain on left side of stomach, get it more when i eat, also when i touch the outer surface of skin where it hurts, i can feel the sensation?

Have a small area on front of leg with sensitivity to touch-feels pins and needles-y when touched. Now also having a vibrating feeling in same leg. ?

Have this one spot that randomly feel like a needle tingle on right side of upper scrotum, how to tell if hpv?

Have tingling and itching and a little pain on left eyebrow going up to hairline, pain not really bad feels like hot wire but mostly itching?

Have warm sensation on top/side of left foot. Comes & goes for acouple weeks now. Healthy and active, no other symptoms. Should I be concerned?

Having a tight, sometime warm feeling but mainly tight & sore around my crease of upper groin area. I've been to urologist. Test were normal. Ideas?

Having a warm sensation in the back of my thigh. Quite annoying. What could it be?

Having an uncomfortable feeling in my vulva area. slight stinging, off and on. makes me aware of area. feels a little hot sometimes? help.

Having pain behind my knee, is feeling warm and tingly but I don't have any visible bumps?

Having very intense feeling of tightness in my hip area past few months. What could be the cause/solution? It's causing me a lot of irritation.

Heavy feeling below ribs in center wen I eat. Tender to touch an on/off burning/stinging feeling in shoulder blades ?

Hello , i had pain in left tesicle testicle months ago plus somthing like a bag of worms behind, now am suffering from burning sesnsation in area, help?

Hello an 18 yr old teenager.recently i had a pricky feel on the upper part of my private area n a lot of discharge from the feels itchy when touched n sometimes i urinate worried.pls help?

Hello yesterday I started to have this burn feeling in my shoulder blade and it is still here and when I touch it, it feels like it's burning. ?

Hello, I have urethra, what i refer to "zings." Weeks later I'm getting shooting, painful stings to my right testicle. I'm scared. What can I do?

Hello, I seem to be having a constant itch, but its deep inside my left thigh.. What is happening? please explain

Hello, I was asleep and woke up to a burning sensation at the top of my stomach that comes and goes. If I move it hurts even more. What can it be?

Hello, my left testicule sting at The bottom. It comes and goes but lately, it doesn't really hurt , but it's like stinging.and I have to shake my leg?

Hello, recently i have been suffering flare ups what seems to constantly be there on the right side of my face (cheek) burning sensation and redness?

Hello, when i touch the bone under my right eye it send a sensation of pain, though it only happens when I touch it. There is no brusing?

Hi Both sides of my forehead are swelling but when I touch on it I feel comfort. Also the veins are numbing pls help?