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After eating the top of my mouth had a tingling sensation is this weird?

All over Body itching, burning sensation, headache, dizzy, tingling in feet and left side of face feels swollen?

Are tingly sensations and numbness in the fingers a cause for concern?

Both arms have felt numb for 2 days. No tingling just a sensation of numbness and can still feel external touch. I have carpal t but feel same in legs?

Burning sensation in left arm that goes up to my neck?

Burning sensation in right arm with no other symptoms?

Burning sensation on left side of neck tingling and numbness on right arm/hand, feels like blood gets cut off is this from a pinched nerve?

Burning tingling sensation in the bottom of middle finger on left hand. Keeps coming and going. What is this?

Buzzing sensation on TOP of both hands? Sometimes one at a time

Can a stroke cause a burning sedation in the arm w/o any other symptoms. No numbness nothing. Just a burning sensation?

Can anciety be causing cramping in hands (not whole arms) tingling feeling!?

Can anxiety cause a burning sensation in the face, arms and abdomen?

Can fibromyalgia cause a prickly sensation ?

Can Neuropathy be related also for tingling, crawling sensation in head or only for hands and legs?

Can someone tell me how to get rid of "tingling" sensation in my jaw?

Can you get a prickling sensation when you have weak and sore rhomboids ? Is this to do with nerves ?

Can you give me advice weird sensation in left arm!?

Causes of sensation/numbness in fingures?

Could a tingly feeling / numbness in the neck area be caused by anxiety?

Could occasionally feeling a sensation of burning drops falling on my hand when I put pressure on my arm by laying on it be a symptom of neuropathy?

Could this be a pinched nerve? I have a tingling sensation on the top of my head, along with pulse sensation. no pain. what could this be?

Could this crazy tingling sensation on my scalp (no pain or itch, just a weird buzz) be peripheral neuropathy? I've had some weird feelings like fingers and feet are being skewered by needles too.

Every night i experience this crazy itching all over my body, arms legs, tingling sensation in feet, its weird, what may it be ?

Feeling burning sensation (pins/needles) on left side of face,arm,leg and hip.

Feeling stinging sensation between shoulder blades randomly. What could this be?

For a month now, i have had tingling along with a burning sensation on the left side of my face. my right arm and hand also tingle numb also foot?

For the last 3 days I've been having pain in pinkie and on the side of my hand in that area and very sore with a tingling sensation. What can this be?

For what reasons might your foot/leg have a weird pain sensation after the tingly numbness is gone?

Having body tingles at night only no pain no numbness just tingeling.

Having tingling and numbness in right arm also loss of strenght what could this be. Burning sensation up and down arm

Help! can anxiety cause tingling in the vagina?

Hi area on my neck , when I touched it had a burning ache sensation , then my calves had the same sensation..& was tingly . Are my nerves bad?

Hi, I awoke one morning to find the corners of my lips tingling with a burning sensation once tingling subsided they're sore as if burnt?

How to get rid of "tingling" sensation in my jaw?

How to relive nerve sensation of tightness? Constant tightness feeling in face due to irritation of nerve.

How will i know what does a tingling sensation in ur fingers mean?

I get a tingling sensation in my middle finger what could cause this ?

I am 22 years old feeling tingling sensation top of my wrist not so much the fingers. Slight pain and whenever I touch something vibrating it tingles?

I am 50 year old women I have a pins and needles sensation in my both sholder blade it seems more like a crawling and burning sensation it's irritat?

I am a 30 y old woman. Having left arm heaviness and burning sensation in fingers after heavy lifting and also on cold mornings. What could it be?

I am always tired and have a tingling sensation in my hands/arms...What could this mean?

I am currently experiencing tingling, numbness and a burning type sensation in my right calf. ?

I am experiencing a shooting pain, or a burning sensation or a freezing cold hand in my right arm. This has been for 9 months and is getting worse.?

I am experiencing cramps and a burning sensation in my left arm. A little numbness also. What can cause this and how to fix it?

I am feeling an uncomfortable, tingling sensation in arm. Any ideas on what this is?

I am having a tingling sensation in my right ankle. It's coming and going. What could this be?

I am having numbness and tingling sensation on my arms, legs and all over the body. This is happening for the past one year. Why is it happening?

I am having strange tingling sensation on upper left buttock. Its like mild pins and needles. Do you have any hint how to stop it?

I feel a burning and tingling feeling on my right foot. Is that normal?

I feel less sensation in left feet .

I feel tightness and weakness in my fingers why ?

I fell and hurt my hand 6 days ago now I'm having tingling and burning sensations on my palm, what could this be?

I get tingling feeling in my right hand and leg at random times of the day, what could be causing this?

I had a tendon transfer in my hand 2 weeks ago and I am noticing a sharp burning sensation?

I had a tendon transfer in my hand a week ago. Is it normal to feel a burning sensation?

I have burning arm sensation which also leads to pain in ring finger (left arm). What can it be?

I have a burning sensation and numbness of upper lip, what could this be?

I have a burning sensation in my arms, neck and lips doesn't last long?

I have a burning sensation inside my wrist & is moving up my forearm. Also it sometimes ache. Why is this?

I have a burning sensation under my right arm going to my triceps! What is that?

I have a cold tingling sensation at the back of my throat, could it be from drinking lemon water? Also tingling and numbness in hand

I have a constant throbbing pain in my hand and a slight sensation like pins and needles. ?

I have a constant tingling in my genitals.

I have a hot tingling/burning sensation. Followed by a headache. Any idea what this could be?

I have a numbness/tingling feeling in my fingers. Possible causes?

I have a pin pricking sensation and pain ... It started two days before.. what may be the reason?

I have a slight tingling and burning sensation in my left arm should i be worried about anything?

I have a strange full burning feeling under my right ribs and tingling sensation in chest and both hands?

I have a strange tingling/burning/numbing sensation on the entire top left half of my head that is really uncomfortable. What could this be?

I have a tingling itchy feeling in my uretha?

I have a tingling and numbness sensation shooting down my forearm and into my right hand. It is not painful. But not pleasant.?

I have a tingling feeling on/ in my left hip. Before it was a tingling sensation but gradually it gets worst now it won't to away. What could it be?

I have a tingling numb feeling in my left four fingers. Is this a sign of a heart attack?

I have a tingling sensation and numbness through my entire body. Any ideas?

I have a tingling sensation on my chin causing me to worry a bit. ?

I have a tingling/tickling sensation in the back am area keeping me awake and all day. What's causing it ?

I have a very intense tingling sensation in my right arm in the same spot each time. It's very annoying and has a wierd feeling. What is this?

I have a weird sensation on my lip which is not tinglinging, numbness or herpes. I am worried about it, what should I do?

I have an extreme burning sensation in both soles of my feet.Could this be related to my migraines as I get numbess and pin and needles down the right?

I have bad pins and needles for two days accompanied by headaches. This sensation has just turned to burning sensations up my arms what could this be?

I have been having a constant numbness and tingling feeling in both my arms all the way through to my fingertips it's constantly all day?

I have been having burning in the tips of my thumbs, a crawling and tickling sensation all over my body, what could this possibly be. Please help me.

I have been having tingling in lips and tongue, pressure on eyes/double vision, burning sensation on extremities. Any ideas of what could be?

I have burning sensation in my right index finger what is it?

I have experienced a burning/tingling sensation on my face, lasting 30-60 mins, 5 times over the past month. What could it be?

I have frequent numbness & tingling on my left arm & fingers. It started a few months ago with consistent intensity. What is it and what should I do?

I have numbness in my right arm and a burning sensation and headaches lately should I be concerned ?

I have off and on tingling sensation on my shoulder blade for a week.Its not numb or painful and I haven't injured or worked it much.What should I do?

I have pain, numbness, tingling and a burning sensation in my feet. What should I do?

I have persistent burning pain, weeknes, tingling sensation in my arms and fingers.

I have strange sensations in my right arm, what is this?

I have swelling bruising and a very strong tingling sensation on my left collarbone what would cause this?

I have this strange pinprick sensation on random spots on my body always followed a tingling sensation over my left scalp.

I have this tingling sensation on my left hand. What could possibly the reason?

I have this tingling sensation that lasts anywhere from ten to fifteen seconds that's been happening over the last few days, could it be anxiety?

I have tingle and a burning sensation from my mid sholder to my hands?

I have tingling around my mouth and chin, sometimes in the arms, its a very low sensation and it comes and goes , what would it be?

I have tingling followed by a burning sensation on my left cheek, which last for a hour. Had it for a week now?

I have tingling in my arm and hand inĀ  2 smallest fingers and by a sort of burning pain and loss of feeling in left arm only for last few months?

I have tingling in my genitals, any suggestions on what is going on?