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21 y/o male, thin, relatively healthy. Wound healing is delayed and skin cuts or scars heal very very slow. What could be the cause? Digestion?

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Can foban cream be applied to wound on face. The main point is will it slow down the healing process? I want the wound to heal as soon as possible thx

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Diabetes type 2 and slow wound healing, what to do?

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Do you know of any remedies for mononucleosis besides simple fluid and rest? Anything that can speed up the healing process?

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Does seawater promote the healing of surface wounds and infections? If so, what are the likely causal mechanisms at play?

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Does smoking marijuana affect wound healing after 1 month of fistulotomy surgury wounds are still being packed and still have to wear bandages?

Does smoking marijuana inhibit healing of tissue in the wrist after surgery?

Does smoking marijuana inhibit healing of tissue in the wrist?

Does smoking marijuana inhibit wound healing?

Does smoking marijuana slow down bone healing?

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Does sugar intake slow down wound healing?

Does the mineral zinc help in healing the perforated intestine?

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Following laser ablation condyloma, what is the healing process?

Had a vulvar biopsy done a few days ago, it's still pretty tender, any thing i can do to help speed the healing process?

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How can you speed up the healing process after dental surgery?

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How long is the healing process for a mastopexy?

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I am about 21 year old and is having arrested sexual growth, less hairs on my skin, delayed wounds healing and marks of wound left behind after healing?

I am experiencing abnormal wound healing.

I am healing from skin burns caused by antiseptic (savlon), what to do to speed up recovery?

I had a boil removed by an doctor how long is the healing process

I had a few acne scars before and over time they healed. Now I have a few again and they are healing slowly. Can i speed up the healing without lasers?

I had a laproscopic hysterectomy is having a smell is part of the healing process and after i heal is it ok to douche?

I had fistula repair surgery a week ago. Wound was left open to heal, no stitches. Are sitz baths with epsom salt advantageous, promote healing?