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black eye still a little visible after 2 months! i put ice & arnica creme first few days. any creme would help? or anything else? thank you

i was wondering if i was allergic to hydrogen peroxide because when i used this product on a popped pimple it flared and now that area is swollen ?

1 wk ago,I had a 2nd deg. small burn(1/2'X1/2')that had a blister.I took the dead skin off the wound. I should cover it with a bandage until it heals?

1/4" cracked heal. It's not infected, but it hurts. I tried a liquid band aid, but wouldn't hold. Next, hydrogen peroxide & antibiotic cream w/bandaid?

10cm cyst removed from scalp. How do we look after the wound? Dr told us to use vaseline. What signs do we look for infection?

24 hours ago i cut my hand on a weight rack at the gym. I washed it and applied neosporin (gyms have lots of bugs i think); now it's red and painful. Should i see a doc or give it another day?

2nd degree burn. Saw a doctor. Was prescribed silverdene which I will pick up hopefully today. Blister is still intact. How do I safely clean wound?

2small cuts 2 inches above anus after stretching & rubbing the area.Neosporin is healing the cuts quickly. They don't bleed or weep what could this be?

2yr old has moist lesion along the back crease of his ear; put neosporin after cleaning the area well. What could it be and what's best to treat it??

3 days noiced small red dot on butt. Put bleach & round bandaid. Outer look like partial circle size of bandaid. Not itch. Burn with bleach. Ringworm?

3 stitches between toes. Any reason super glue or liquid bandage over area is bad idea? Can I briefly swim with it covering &/or waterproof bandaide?

3 weeks of hard yellow crust on penis head w/ redness/inflammation. Azithromycin (1g) and clotrimazole (2x/day for 10 days) did not work. Advice?

3 yo has scrape. Started out light and it's getting darker red around and scabbing over yellowish red. Using abx ointment. Is this normal healing?

3.5 mos lips peel daily. Deep red like sunburn. Other times swell, weep and scab. Tingle and burn. Tried Vaseline, antibiotic oint & pills, Claritin (loratadine). ?

3cm diam. Boil on my right hip lobe.Using an ointment for it.Ingredient;80%vaseline, 10%─░chthammol, 10%lanolin.Had small abscesses before.Will it work?

4 fingers swelling flake skin and lg cuts my son has it to antibiotic hasn't helped was told a staff its painful and bubbles under the nails help!?

4 y/o bit on the ear by another child. Nurse said skin did not look broken. 3 days later, all redness gone but very tiny scratch Need antibiotics?

4 year old has acne like sores around mouth region for quite a while now. Have tried vaseline, coconut oil & polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin). What is it & treatment?

5 ds ago i've a small superficial burndt steam i put mebo, today i cover it e vaseline gauze for 3 hrs&after removing it i found small blister why this?

6mo old with bug bites from 6wks ago that won't heal.. Most on her face. Should i put anything one them? She's on 0.05% betamethasone for eczema.

7 stitches in ring finger. 4 days later itches crazy. Wrapped up in gauze with bacitration, what is normal healing/discomfort?

9th day of cold sore on upper lip, it's scabbed over & flaky. Is it safe to trim hair near it w/ a mustache trimmer w/o spreading the infection?

A stye on my lower eyelid has drained but the skin over the bump has also peeled off, leaving a reddish, raw layer of skin exposed. Should I disinfect the area or apply an ointment such as vaseline or A&D ointment?

A facial boil that burst last week after taking antibiotics. The boil left a small hole and I am wondering if the core is gone o should I continue to clean with hydrogen peroxide solution and neosporin or what?

A good ointment for a diabetic who has cut/bruised his father is using neospirin & betadine but he saw rash itch no

A wart on my finger became infected & I treated it with neosporin for 2 days. Swelling went down, Now it turned brown? Safe to peel off? is it dead?

Acne filled with pus in pubic area.Last 5 days i cleaned with warm water.Yesterday onwards applied Fucidin oitment.No sign of getting rid off.Pls advi?

After a cut is stitched up, after how many days can you start to bathe or shower that area?

After a punch biopsy is done, can I use bactroban (mupirocin) on it to help it heal better?

After a scrape 7 days ago, & putting a plaster and betadine/iodine paint, I developed a red, blistering rash.Doc gave betamethasone but its not working?

After getting a shot, can we scrub the area with cotton?

After gingivoplasty, what does the doctor keep in your mouth as bandaging/dressing, anything?

After i burned my hands and treated them with equate's triple antibiotics ointment many small bumps showed up on the same area; they itch like crazy?

After sex, the inner lip near my urethra was raw, became red, and burned. I believe it is an abrasion. What can I do or use to heal this? Ointments?

After using a light peel my vagina is inflamed, red, and burning. I've tried triple antibiotic ointment it still burns, what can I use ? To reduce pain

Allergic reaction to steri strips, what to clean wounds with?

Allergic to hydrogen peroxide or infected ear piecing? (cleaned ears with peroxide they swelled up, painful, red and oxidation of the skin occurred)

Almost 6 yr old has a school sore being treated with cream and antibiotics. Blister already burst. Should I remove excess skin from blister?

Any advice on what to use dor my 1yr olds face its raw red and dried and cracked from teething.Tried cream and vaseline. Not working?

Any advice? What should my sister put on her burn?

Any recommendations for helping a 78 day old ear piercing fully heal? Aquaphore, neosporine, alcohol? Anything?

Applyi histofreeze directly in skin for warts, is swallow and red burning, is that normal?

Applying aloevera on my lips daily;past 2nights I applied apple cid vin like I use to mon ago. i noticed on my lips inside was white did i dry it out?

At home red light therapy at 650nm, how effective is this when using it for popped pimples? Does it help it heal? Reduce redness, and swelling ?

Baby accidentally burn by hot hair straightener, he developed small water filled boil on fingers, n now those boil rupture how to treat them?

Baby's eczema spot became open wound as she was able to scrape the crust. 5 days of mupirocin made it worse, stopped and using polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) it ok?

Back of hand at nuckle stuck by natal plumb sticker through glove. Slight swelling and tenderness, no redness. Topical ointments or ice?

Bandaid put on my breast after given needle, now the spot is puffed out red in a square where needles was, and itchy.. Allergy?

Been using proctosone ointment for about a day. now a small red sore white tip lump has appeared on my index finger the finger I use to apply with.?

Bellybutton piercing oozing slimish gu; doesn't look infected or hurts I've been cleaning it with a sensitive bar Soap & sea salts soak spray everyday?

Best cream/s to apply on small wounds for no scaring and fast healing?

Bitten by dog - urgent care? Washed the wounds out with soap & water, applied badnages & antibiotic ointment. Urgent care worthy, do you think?

Blister because of hot water burn got popped accidentally. Now it's oozing yellow liquid. I am using over counter antibiotics cream. What should I do? Do i need to see a doctor?

Blisters on heels ripped off, skin raw. Been using antibiotic ointment but "new" skin is yellow & has pus. Red around edges. Infected? Urgent care?

Boil on corner of mouth keeps coming back. Appeared under scar on face. Kept putting antibiotic cream everyday but maybe boil absorbs it. What to do?

Boiling water spilt on top of foot. Red and painful. No blistering so far. Can I treat this at home?

Boyfriend has a very large blister on big toe and it popped on it's own. The fluid that came out was brown. The swelling in his foot has gone down.and he can move his toes. I drained it and clean around with an alcohol swab then antibacterial soap.

Boyfriend tendon in his left hand. The er dr stiched it up&told him to wash it twice a day& put neosporin on it but the follow dr said no to neosporin

Burned a small area of arm pretty badly, might be slightly infected. No money for dr, what OTC stuff can I use for it. And how do I care for the burn?

Burned myself in the kitchen. Don't want to go to dr. Know not to put butter on it. Blisters have opened. Clear drainage. What can I put on it?Y

Burned skin under lower lip 2mo ago & have a healed pink line that gets red if I use warm water is this permanent? I don't think i need silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) now!

Burned small area of my scalp with boiling water. It is extremely painful, pink/red and has started to drain (down my face) serious or home treatment?

But a band aid on two days ago, took it off this morning, and now the skin where it was is itchy, warm and read, and a bit inflammed. Help? What to do

Can a anal boil after heal leaves it hy bottom or fistula? After healing start my itch and a pink mark in center, on coxis like a fistula by scratch

Can a chemical like peroxide touch a wound?

Can a cold gel pack cause frostbite and leave blisters on a child's skin?

Can aids spread through dressing a wound with antiseptic oil, what do you suggest?

Can antibiotic ointment be used to seal an open wound once cleaned and clotted?

Can bandaids help prevent scarring from a thin and not deep cut?

Can dermatrix ointment be used on a 5-day-old wound?

Can hand gel prevent wound infection?

Can i apply baneocin ointment for the cut near the anus area?

Can I apply neosporin for a minor infected wound on my 3 ur old?

Can i apply vagisil if my vagina have a cut?

Can i clean my penis with surgical alcohol?

Can i keep hydrocolloid bandage on minor wound indefinitely? I dont want it to rip scab off nipple & make it itchy and weepy again (happened before)

Can i put antibiotic ointment on inner lip stitches?

Can I put benzamycin on spots even if they don't look green and infected?

Can I put concealer on my scabbing facial cut?

Can i put cortisone cream near a large open (healing) wound? I have a very itchy rash from having to keep the wound covered.

Can i put mebo in my vagina?

Can I put mupirocin on my vagina?

Can i put neomycin sulfate ointment on a small tear on the opening on vagina? It's a tiny cut cause from dryness. Can i put this ointment on the cut?

Can i put neosporin on a blister inside my vagina?

Can i put neosporin on a cut near the eye of my 5 wk old?

Can I put neosporin on a sore irritated vagina?

Can i put neosporin on blisters on forehead?

Can i put neosporin on my vaginal lips?

Can i put on neosporin after stye surgery?

Can I put polysporine on a burn from a lightbulb?

Can i put travocort cream inside penis?

Can i put vaseline on on blister to help with the pain?

Can i shower, while using mupirocin ointment, do i cover the affected area or is okay to get it wet?

Can I split open an antibiotic pill and use it on my wound will that heal it faster ?

Can i tell me how i can keep clothing from sticking to a wound?

Can I use baneocine cream on incisions to make it heal?

Can I use betadine in treating baby's wound?

Can I use betadine on a cauterized wound or should I just stick with the neosporin?

Can i use dettol to clean and heal wounds on my penis?

Can I use ichthammol ointment on pustules that haven't came to surface yet. I have clear skin, but here and their a pustle may appear?