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Is it okay for me to remove my stitches at home?

Is it okay to have stitches above the eyebrow removed one day later than the doctor had wanted?

Is it okay to put bacitracin on my surgery area after stitches are removed?

Is it possible to remove internal non-absorbable stitches without opening the incision?

Is there a difference between stitches and sutures?

It's been a month since I had laparoscopic surgery and I still have stitches sticking out of the incision sites. Shouldn't they have dissolved by now?

Just had dissolvable stitches put in after having ovarian cyst removed through keyhole surgery, do my stitches need to be constantly coveted up?

My daughter had "dissolvable " sutures in her eyebrow approx 3 weeks ago. The wound is healed but the sutures have not dissolved , can I cut the ends?

My doctor removed my abdominal staples, the wound opened up about an inch. Will it close on its own?

My skin is growing over my stitches, they are prolene(non dissolving). Should I be worried?

My stitch has dissolved after a vulval punch biopsy but there is a hole, will it always be there now or will it heal over completely?

My stitches in my knee opened up, not sure what to do?

Non-absorbable sutures ever cause a problem?

Once removed the thread from the sutured wounds in the face after 12 days are more likely to scar? When the thread of the wound should be taken out?

One stitch on cheek, wound not fully sutures due to it being from a dog. The stitch was removed yesterday what are the chances of it reopening?

Please help docs! where can I buy surgical suture?

Please help! what is the difference between sutures and stitches?

Please help! what is the surgical suture material?

Removal of stitch marks completely in the forehead?

Removed cyst from inner calves and wound re-opened after stitches removal. Will it keep bleeding?

Something is poking me at episiotomy site. What should I do?

Son had gash stitched up 17 days ago with dissolveable stitches, but the stitches are still clearly visible. Is this okay?

Stitches don't dissolve in C-section scar, do they?

Stitches not dissolving and pneumothorax/portacath incisions are itching. What do I do?

Stitches opening in episiotomy, is this normal?

Stitches that are still inside the wound and not properly remove?

Subcuticular monocryl sutures do they dissolve?

There is dry dermabond stuck in my incision 5 weeks after surgery. How do I get it out?

Upper labial frenectomy dissolvable stitches for oral surgery, tell me more info?

What is the procedure called when a blister is opened? Covering removed i had the covering of a two inch blister removed with a scalpel. What is the procedure called?

What are stitches made of?

What are the surgical sutures made of?

What can happen if i cannot remove embetted sutures?

What can I do if my dissolveable stitches are falling out after oral surgery, this normal?

What can I do if my stitches are not dissolving and pneumothorax/portacath incisions are itching?

What can I do if my stitches scar from having a cyst removed stings to the touch. Why?

What can I do to remove the remnants of invisalign attachments or "buttons"?

What causes a laceration to reopen after having stitches removed?

What do I do? Still have a lot of swelling after suture removal?

What do I do? Swelling after suture removal?

What do you advise if i had a frenectomy last week, and now my stiches are gone wrong?

What do you suggest if my stitches have been in for 7 years?

What do you suggest if my stitches post debridement Achilles tendon surgery came apart, what is poking through my incision?

What does granulation me with respect to an incision?

What happens if a large wound isn't stitched closed?

What happens with over granulation of surgical wound?

What if stitches don't come out after septoplasty surgery?

What is a metopic suture?

What is dehiscence? What do they do about it?

What is suturing of the aponeurosis?

What makes the prettiest scars-- stitches, glue or staples?

What should I do if my stitches from my gallbladder surgery reopen? The inside of my stitches are yellow.

What sutures are used for skin closure?

What to do for an incision that is too wide to be stitched, will it have to be skin grafted?

What to do if I had a frenectomy last week, and now my stiches are gone wrong?

What types of sutures are required for an abdominoplasty?

What will doctor do during gallbladder surgery follow up? After removing bandages, will he put anything on incision scars? There's no stitches/staples

When a hematoma develops after a deep laceration with staples, what should be done?

When do you need stitches in place of a perineoplasty?

When removing an external fixator will my doc use staples or stitches?

Who will stitch me if I tear?

Why are there different kinds of stitches or sutures?

Why are incisions left open after liposuction my doctor told me that he was going to leave the liposuction incision sites open after my procedure. Why not close them with stitches? Won't leaving them open cause more scarring than stitching the incisions u

Why do surgical site open after stiches are removed?

Why is an open wound look deeper now then it was after surgery?

Why is it that absorbable sutures (catgut) are not recommended for skin closure?

Why is it that sutures hurt more at night?

Why is laceration reopening after stitches removed?

Why is my laceration reopening after stitch removal?

Why is my lip wound still open after stitches removed?

Why isn't my wound vac incision site on my abdomen closing almost three months after having it removed? Could scar tissue be keeping it from closing?

Why stitches open up? I had biopsy excision to remove a lump on base of penis. What is the best option to close up the wound again.

Will gauze stick to sutures?

Will I have staples after hip resurfacing? What will the sutures be after hip resurfacing? Staples or stitches? .

Will i need to remove gauze stuck to a dermabond-closed wound?

Will the incisions from tumescent liposuction require stitches?

Will the surgical glue that the doctor closed the incision sites with wear off?

Would it be better to have stitches removed by a doctor or an amateur? I have 7 stitches above my eyebrow.

Would it be safe to swim in a pool after minor eyebrow operation with stitches that are 1 week old stitches?

Would it be typical for dermabond to still be on after 14 days?

Wrist surgery 2 days ago, 1 stitch loose, ~5mm opening. No internal suture, only external chromic dissolvable. Steri-strips suffice? Tensile strength?