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9 days post-wisdom tooth extraction & dissolvable stiches - 3 sites closed, 4th big gaping hole (not painful) = normal?

About to shower for the first time after my appendectomy. Do put new bandages on the stitches (dissolvable)? It was laparascopic.

acl surgery 9 week ago. 4 weeks ago a bump on my patella formed internally . Surgeon said it was vicryl absorbable suture/scar tissue. Will this heal

After laparoscopic surgery, if the stitches have been removed already, is it necessary to protect still the wound with any plast?

After surgery is the incision wound suppose to be hard?

After the removal of a stage 0 melanoma on face, the stitches were removed. The wound opened up and is opening up more. I don't want a bad scar. What should I do?

After the stiches removed from the face wound when can you put some make up on the scar?

Any advice? What suturing technique is used in placing a jackson-pratt drain?

Are dissolvable stitches possible instead of staples even if i'm overweight for C-section external closure?

Are dissolvable stitches used to suture a septoplasty? I don’t want stitches ripped out of my nose after a septoplasty. Will they use dissolvable stitches? .

Are non-absorbable sutures truly non-absorbable?

Are steristrips a good substitute for stitches?

Are stitches and sutures the same thing?

Are stitches used in blepharoplasty? Does the surgeon actually put stitches in the eyelids during blepharoplasty, or are the incisions closed some other way? .

Are there stitches that dissolves in the body? I.E. No need for a post surgery to remove the stitches?

Can a wound on the upper thigh heal on its own after opening up following the removal of stitches?

Can i be having a reaction to surgical sutures?

Can I remove my own surgical stitches?

Can i request dissolvable stitches to suture a neck lift? I am so worried about stitches being removed after a neck lift. Can i request that they use dissolvable ones? .

Can i rupture my abdominoplasty stitches?

Can you tell me more about earlobe repaired from being ripped?

Can you tell me more about my burr hole surgery?

Could a small minor scar be reopened to get stitched ?

Could absorbable sutures be used in a hemi-thyroidectomy?

Could doctors give an anesthetic while stitching a small wound?

Could having stitches removed hurt?

Could I return to work after stitch removal?

Cyst on scalp removed by doc, he didn't give me stitches but the hole is the size of a pencil eraser. aftercare suggestions?

Deep cut, joint of my finger, it was glued 10 days ago, bandage off, wound had been reopened, now scarring across the gap, too late for stitches? Scar

Dermabond on the perineum after ripping through 2 sets of stitches, what to do?

Did the eyelid surgery, should I have stitches outside?

Do all frenectomies require the use of sutures?

Do you think I should clean my cut that has surgical sutures on it?

Do you use glue to close incisions?

Does "puckering" at the end of a stitched scar go away when the sutures are removed?

Does a wound need to be completely healed before removing sutures or not?

Does surgical glue come off on its own?

Finger laceration had 6 stitches. Flap came up after removal. A steristrip fell off after 10 days. Flap is open with fatty tissue. Who should I see?

Forgot to ask my surgeon... Gallbladder removed by lap 13 days ago. When can I remove the tapes from incisions? Tape is really irritating my skin.

Gauzes stuck on skin glue. How do I remove them safely?

Had a ganglion cyst removed from hand. Three stitches. When the stitches were removed, incision was still open. Is this normal? Skin didn't close?

Had a nephrostomy bag removed on May 17, doctor who removed it didn't stitch up the hole. It has been draining a lot since. What should I do?

Had a pea-sized cyst removed from shoulder. 6 nylon sutures. Nurse left part of one stitch in during removal & said it'd "work out". Is this normal?

Had laparoscopy and glue broke open! should it have been stitched?

Had operation, now cyst on stitch area, should I sue?

Had VAVD But stitches resulted in superficial gaping . Plz help will that heal without repair or stitch again?

Have dissolving stitches in after keyhole surgery 8 days ago Small bit looks open Is it or that normal?

Hello I'm having stitches removed but there's an scab on last stitch what should I do?

Help doctors! what're the two kinds of sutures?

Hi I had a hydrocele surgery I m worried about stitches My doctor said the stitches will disdolvewhat about the stitches which are seen by naked eye?

Hi i had a pilonidal cyst remove surgery and my surgery is closed wound i'm scared.Is closed wound dangerous ??? please help me

Hi, how to clean a stitched/glued area?

How are stitches removed or dissolved after a corneal transplant?

How can I numb my gash before stitching it shut?

How can you check if a fragment of a non absorbable stitch was left in the skin? Ultrasound? The stitches were removed 1.5 months ago

How can you tell if you've tore internal stitches?

How do doctors remove stitches?

How do you cauterize a wound in surgery?

How do you know when staples are ready to be removed without a doc?

How do you remove surgical glue from eyebrows?

How do you stitch an open wound on the inside of your for arm?

How does self-adhesive tape that is placed over the wound pull the wound edges together?

How effective is silver diazinine cream at preventing scarring at incision site after stitches have been removed?

How long the suture or staples can be removed after surgery?

How many days surgical wound gets healed and the staples can come out?

How many stitches or staples does a typical C-section require?

How much bleeding is normal after suture removal?

How to tell if stitches tore open after a dental procedure?

How will i know if my incision is healed inside?

Hymen repair surgery with absorbable sutures. Is it guaranteed to get tightness there again?

I am almost 4 weeks post laparoscopic cholysetectomy and I have a disslivable suture poking out of 2 wounds and not healing around them?

I got vicryl sutures for an acl reconstruction 8 weeks ago. There is a bump on the patella where the bioabsorbable suture is internally. Will it heal?

I had a lower frenectomy and it is not healing. The area that the skin was removed from is not closing up. Should they have put stitches to help out?

I had a mediport placed approximately six weeks ago. Now I have a suture coming out of the scar. What should I do?

I had a mole removed on my nose and my plastic surgeon used non absorbable stitches to internally close the wound. Now they stick out. What do I do?

I had an appendix removal and one of the dissolvable stitches hasn't dissolved. Its been 2 years. A little bit is sticking out and is itchy sometimes?

I had hernia repair 2 weeks ago. Where I have been stitched up theres a raised hard lump all across where the cut was, stitches should have dissolved?

I had right breast abcess surgery on 4th jan with 4 inch cut is not healing much. Doctor removed stitches as well. Not sure how it will heal.

I had stiches removed and the wound reopened.

I had stitches removed from my scalp injury 3 weeks ago, but now I'm having pain in that area that the stitches outlined?

I have a gash on my arm and I think it may need stitches, how will I know?

I have a week old scar on my nose post SCC flap removal. Sutures have been removed. Which direction do I apply micropore. Across or down wound?

I have an abdominal wound that will not heal. My dr has surgically removed undissolved dissolve able sutures twice. What's next?

I have an infection on my nipples and the detached after stitches were removed

I have currently have facial stitches. There is a small opening at the end of the wound where there isn't a stitch. Will this leave more of a scar?

I have stitches and Dermabond where my pilonidal cyst was. It's been 8 days since the surgery with wide excision & ACell. It itches! What should I do?

I have stitches on my upper left neck they are absorbable or non absorbable?

I'm having a gallbladder operation. Will the insisions be closed with glue or will they be stitched with dissolvable stitches or staples?

I'm having laparoscopic cholecystectomy to remove gallbladder. Will the wounds be stitched with staples or glued ?

I'm having my gallbladder removed in few weeks time by laparoscopic. Will my wounds be closed with glue or will they be stitched. Thank you ?

I'm very nervous about suture removal, please help?

If I have stitches, how would I change my bandage?

In a testicular torsion surgery, will the surgeons use normal stitches or dissolvable stitches?

Is a cerclage the same size as a sewing thread or shoe string?

Is it normal for a c-section incision to open after 2months p.p? I was glued closed instead of stitches and staples

Is it normal for cut to be open after suture removal?

Is it normal for dissolvable stiches after a septoplasty to feel very tight.

Is it normal for stitches to dissolve a week after surgery?

Is it normal for stitches to itch after a week?

Is it ok to apply pressure to an incision sealed with staples?