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Acid burn on left sclera.Experience dryness on burn area.Incident happen 3 months ago. Will the dryness be gone and full recovery possible?

Any way to get rid of a third degree burn without surgery?

Are there any good Ayurvedic therapies to help with my bad sun burn?

At home, what can you do to help with heart burn?

Because of an injury (it band syndrome) i cannot run for awhile. How can I burn the 400-500 calories i would normally burn doing this?

Burn on my elbow that's now healed but if I put any weight in it I'm in agony it's so sore what could it be?

Can a grass burn get infected?

Can electrical burns get worse over time and could harden skin and tendons if current was strong enough?

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Can you get lymphedema from burns?

Can you put neosporin, pain relief cream, on a second degree burn?

Can you tell me about it's like to try jillian micheals 14 day cleanse and burn?

Can you tell me exactly when is a sun burn bad enough to go to the doctor?

Can you tell me if there is something to treat a horrible road burn?

Chemical burn on left arm over a year ago i still feel the chemical burn when i go outside. I breakout from sun block how can I stop the burn feeling.

Could 1st/2nd degree burns qualify as "great bodily injuries?

Could 2nd/1st degree burns qualify as "great bodily injuries?

Could 2nd/1st degree burns qualify for "great bodily injuries?

Could allergy have turned into 2nd degree burn. is that possible?

Could getting 2nd degree burns on skin disqualify someone from donating eggs?

Could i donate skin to a burn center?

Could second degree burns to the fingers cause long term pain?

Could use expert help with why my chest burn when i run?

Could you pick up a burn from compressed air?

Do thermal injuries mean smoke inhalation or the actual fire burns?

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Does anyone else have burning, itching eyes from bike riding?

Does exposing pelvic radiation burns to the air help to heal ?

Does first degree av block get worse in time?

Due to survive heart burn can you get burning feet to is all this causr of heart burn?

Fingerstips burn like on fire what can be done to relief pain?

First aid for burns and fractures, what to do?

Got burned with gasoline, 2nd degre, now all burnedplaced have been closed so no infection, now i to treat those to not get any scar in future?

Have a chemical burn on my cornea from gasoline.Got under my contact, all of it didn't wash off, didn't bother me til 2 days later.Will it heal?

Have a crater/ant hill looking wound that may or may not be a chemical burn. What should I do?

Have someone that needs to be treated for Burns on there face from explosions do this person needs intubation ?

Heart burn at the age of 23 really bad?

Hello docs. I was wondering can too much ibuprofen make it burn when you urinate?

Help doctors! what're the visual distinctions between thermal burns and frostbite?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is acidic-micro-abrasion?

How can I address pain during burn recovery?

How can i deal with a severe burn

How can I get relief from heart burn?

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How can I identify how bad a burn is?

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How can you treat house hold burns?

How can you treat water slide burn on shoulder?

How dangerous or debilitating is neuralpathy? I have several points on my body that burn when rubbed or stretched. Spots will also burn without reason

How do I protect my 12-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 15-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 18-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 2-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 2-year-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 4-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 6-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I protect my 9-month-old from fire and burns?

How do I take care of chemical burns on my throat and tonsils. The burns are from a chemical called mdma, aka molly. I can't see a doctor. No insuranc?

How do I treat a minor burn? Got burned by a cigarette a week ago and it's still not healed.

How do I treat a partly healed second degree burn? My husband burned the back of his hands with a sedilien torch a couple weeks ago. We've been treating it with neosporin ointment. It still stings and itches him. What else can I do?

How do I treat a really bad burn that has busted open?

How do u treat a burn from a exhaust pipe from a motorcycle?

How do you know when a skin graft from a chemical burn is going to be required? How can you tell if chemical burn is healing/accident 1st of nov.

How long do 2nd degree electrical burns last from a flat iron?

How long does it take a chemically burned vagina to heal? Due to Monistat .. It's been 3 months now .. Still burning & pain

How long should you wait after suffering second degree burns from boiling water before tanning?

How much time does a person with third degree burns on their hands and feet have to stay in the hospital?

How should I approach burned areas after a wildfire?

How should I treat a really bad burn that has busted open?

How to increase the recovery rate after getting chemical burns?

How to prevent post burn contracture in 2 degree burn in legs???

How to reduce swelling of the first degree burn causeed by motorcycle pipe?

How to stop burning from a steam burn?

How to treat a freezer pack burn?

How to treat a second degree burn on my feet? Skin has become white and burning has calmed after a few hours?

How to treat my knee with freezer burn?

Hydratinitis will it eventually burn itself out?

I am now getting these burn looking things on my breasts. They aren't spider bites nor burns?

I burned my leg 2 months ago, severe 2nd degree. It's healed but now there are blisters forming over the scar? What should I do? Goto the Doctor?

I burnt myself using my flat iron one week ago. Is it possible for me to get a keloid from this 1st degree burn on my chest?

I do about 100 sit-ups per day. That burns off a lot of caleries right?

I got a 2nd degree burn last week on the back of my hand. It is starting to peel now and blisters when I exercise. How should I proceed?

I got a 2nd degree partial thickness burn on nose 10 months ago. Still itches and hurts. Does this mean that it is still healing.

I got a 3rd degree burn from carmel oil. What are my options?

I got a burn from wax., what would you recommend?

I got a chemical burn from useing nair ion my vaginal area how long do i need to wait before getting into a chlorine pool?

I got a severe bacon grease burn on my left breast, how is the best way to treat the burn to prevent scarring and infection?

I got my skin burns with a hot wax ..Its a 3rd degree burn......Plz suggest me some medicine or a home remedie medicine .....?

I got second degree burn on my chest 3 days ago the doctor prescribed me silver suf. Is there anything else i can use in assist to scarring & blisters?

I got some burns on my arm, how do i tell what degree of burn it is, and how do i know if i need to seek medical treatment?

I had skin grafts on both arms due to burns, and back open wounds from burns still healing. Am I able to go in sun this summer if I wear 50+sun scr?

I have 2 day old 1st degree burns on my arms from cooking oil. What is the risk of permanent hyper pigmentation and how can I mitigate?

I have 2nd degree burns and my mum "can't afford to care." what do I do?

I have 3rd degree burns under my tongue, should I go to the ER?

I have a burn from a deep fryer with a lemon size blister, should I go to the emergency room, is there any way to speed healing, I am losing work?