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Injury which got infected. And The doc. removed it which became a hole. And Can See The bones. on my ankle. they said to do skingraft as well AsFlesh?

Why is it recommended to leave friction blisters intact unless already ruptured?

10 days ago, had wound on finger treated with hemostat. Vein on bottom of finger now sore, though wound seems to be healing fine. Should I be worried?

2 mo. post op pilonidal cyst. Wound has not fully healed. There is yellow fluid inside wound, redness around site, and burning pain. Infection? Rash?

3cm long wound on the knee, the wound is not very deep. Some black skin around it. Infection occured eventhough antiseptic cream applied. 2cm around t?

After a head laceration what are signs to watch for as it is healing?

After a minor scrape wounds are becoming red around it an pimpled with puss under the skin. Also taking long periods of time to heal an scaring after.

After dermabond get peel off from wound in above right eyebrow in forehead within how many days wound be cured fully ?

After swimming in a lake, I had crusty eyes that had to be pulled open. Infected?

Am very curious to know that what are the signs for a diabetic wound to turn into gangerene. Will there be pus or any fluid coming out of the wound.

Any problems having stitches underneath a temporary (1-2 weeks) cast? Seems like a good way to grow bacteria near a wound (though the wound is bandaged and I'm on 7-day prophylactic,oral antibiotics)

Are there some effective ways to close an x shaped wound?

Can a csection wound still get infected at 6 wks?

Can a cut/wound be infected if there is no type of drainage but it has a ring of red around it and is sore?

Can a wound that looks like a small tear on my kid's ear lobe that doesn't heal for 2 months be a fungal infection?

Can covering a open and infected wound actually make it worse?

Can ebola penetrate the skin and cause infection? or does it need a cut?

Can HIV infected blood go through a dry healing cut on your skin?

Can i get tetanus from a cut that only pieced the skin and only bled for 30 seconds ? The wound was caused by a rock in a forest.

Can i put neosporin on large wounds that formed puss due to continuous skin agitation from wearing an event monitor over a month?

Can i tell me how i can prevent infection in cut on my bum?

Can incision get infected if staples are in too long?

Can redness around a wound always mean infection?

Can wound cultures be done on someone's excoriated palms and elbows?

Can you take a bath with an open infected wound? (Upper thigh)

Can you tell me what you suggest if its normal at all for some skin to be developing and closing the wound from the top?

Could an infected wound on my abdomen cause me to have an uti?

Could a healing infected wound be bright red?

Could somebody tell me if vaseline will help fight infection if I cut myself to the bone?

Could the bacteria in feces cause an infection if they touched an open cut or puncture wound?

Cut finger on metal 24 hrs ago. Tetanus ok, washed, doesn't look infected. Very tiny bit blood when change bandage. Normal healing or need stitches?

Cut leg shaving deep with bleeding post 2 days. Pain when walking or touching near area. Yellow skin near cut site. Have been cleaning it. Infected?

Cut my finger 5 days ago, tetanus up to date- finally starting to heal. As long as its not red or painful then it's not infected, correct?

Cut myself with a razor wound looks like a line filled with pus now, no redness around it. Is it healing or infected?! no soreness nothing just pus

Cut on arm from 21st. Cleaned the wound not sure whether it would be considered deep but white can be seen. How to care asap and minimize scarring?

Cut out a non-infected encroaching toe nail and pulled out skin with it. It bled very little, but got infected. On antibiotics 3xdy for 1wk. Heal time?

Cut out toenail and skin that got infected after the fact. On antibiotics, redness mostly gone, but toe still hurts, why?

Dad(57) has diabetes.His wound mark on leg is not curing after many ointments.And the wound is painful and dark colored on leg.Please advice?

Deep abrasion above eye healing but is extremely itchy and oozing. Please recommend?

Dirty nail puncture wound seemed to heal well with antibiotics. now, 4months later, it is painful to walk, especially when i am flexing my foot. why?

Do dissolving internal sutures hurt 8 weeks later? 4 CM wide head laceration cut to bone. Site tender. Want to dye hair but is wound too fragile?

Do I need oral antibiotics for a minor infected cut? It's been a week. There skin is pink and hard around the cut with pimples.

Do i need to see the doctor for an infected puncture wound under my fingernail?

Do open fractures in finger usually get an infection, even when they're bandaged?

Doctor's opinion? My wound healed but the colour of my skin is pink?

Does periosteal reaction always mean bone infection? My son had a dirt bike accident. He had two wounds. One stitched with dirt still inside. Another puncture wound was noticed later. About a month later the infection was bad, 3 bacteria involved, was

Dog bite on thumb didn't break skin, but already have a little dry and broken skin on otherside of thumb. Risk of infection? If so what infections?

Dog bite; the skin was broken, healing well, but the area immediately around the wound the skin seems firm/hard and swollen. Should I be worried?

Dr.I am getting reapeted puss wound near anus area, the chances increases when I do lot of driving on two wheeler.Pl.Suggest the treatment.?

Friend has deep puncture wound in arm you can see grease. Not bleeding, already put antibiotic. Now what?

Friend on antibiotic given by dr for a wound on toe.Has diabetes.But wound area looks black & skin rough.What to do now.Help.

Friend on Stafcure LZ for 4 days now for wound on toe.Has diabetes too.The oozing stopped & skin hard but a lil black. Does it mean its healing.Help.

Gash fr manhole & ER doc sent me for stitches. Was refused (in China, don't know why); tetanus shot only. Healing wound now has ITCHY red rash. Help!

Got a few tiny cuts on 1 hand 2 days ago. No swelling, fever, drainage, etc, but there is a reddish spot near (not on) one cut. Could it be infected?

Got a large abrasion 3 d ago and have kept covered with neosporin. It's red around the wound, but not warm and no smell. What else to do? Redness ok?

Got bit by a dog &busted open lip. have 3 stitches & lip is severely swollen. Any aftercare besides ice & neosporin to minimize pain & cosmetic damage?

Got burned (minor). Wound got infected twice. Removed skin and put on salt. Now wound is black and red puss came out (accidentally pushed on it). Help

Got scratch by dental bur. It cut through the epidermis. But no bleeding. Will there be chance of infection?

Had a staph infection in my foot from an infected blister.Antibiotics healed it completely but is there anything i need to watch for/worry about?

Had an accident . After which the recovered skin became dark and my healed wound has a clot like growth.

Had an infected sebaceous cyst removed 2 wks ago. No stitches; daily dressings. Has been healing well. Suddenly, I notice redness around the wound. ?

Had huge Morton's Neuroma removed.Wound did not close.No infection,just large gaping wound.Bone and tendons exposed.Wound care stumped. Please help.

Had small scratch from someone's nails, broke skin, completely healed in 2 days. Does that mean no infection or germs got into my body or bloodstream?

Had underwire mastitis and breast infection went to local surgeon cleaned wound after popped but there is still bleeding and mucus coming from wound?

Have deep stab wound that doesn't look infected but is still seeping fluids. Waited too long for stitches. No free clinics here. Is it safe to bathe?

Hello doctori had a foot infection from a puncture wound. I took a course of dalacin c but the wound is still sore and I have a rash on my palms and feet. What should I do?

Hello i had incision and drainage under arm for a boil. The cut was 4cm deep. Its been almost 3 months and the wound still oozes some blood and pus.

Help plz! Can skin tags formed by over granulation leak serious fluid once healed?

Hi doc.. i have a wound on my toe due when i did myself a pedicure 2 weeks ago.. it got infected and it seems like it's not healing..

Hi so the other day i scratched my labia and noticed two open wounds. The wounds later multiplied to 7 and all round open and burn. Pls help!?

Hi, can abscess drainage leave hard lump under the skin something like a scar tissue. Abscess was pretty big and healed by granulation 10 yrs ago?

How can I prevent a bb gun skin wound from getting infected?

How can I tell if my abrasion (road rash) is infected?

How can i treat wounds formed due to scratching?

How can one care for a wound in which shiny whiteness is observed?

How can you tell if a scratch wound on the skin is infected? Area around the wound is pink. Home treatment with neosporin ok?

How can you tell staph infection is healing? It's mrse on my lower back. It's an open wound with raw skin.

How do I avoid getting cellulitis from a hematoma?

How do I take care of a blood blister on a navel piercing?

How do I treat an infected laceration on my thumb?

How do you treat a 'bed sore' that is open and penetrating the muscle?

How do you treat an open cut on your foot due to popping a blister?

How does the wound heal after a condyloma is removed from the genitals?

How early does infection show up in a stitched wound?

How long and what are the signs that a spider bite is properly healing? I am in antibiotic for it now. It's still purple and puss

How long do you have to clean a wound before bacteria causes infection? Scraped my leg on a rock by the lake. Cleaned with peroxide right after.

How might you heal a open wound on the back of your leg?

How should i treat an already open blister that is stinging?

How should you treat a puncture wound to the heal/palm lower part of the hand?

How soon would cellulitis be apparent after getting a cut/injury/etc?

How to stop granulation tissue of toenail I am 53 non-diabetic healthy female with chronic ingrown toe-nail, which i usually manage conservatively. About 10 days ago it became infected and formed an area of pus, which has drained and now appears to be he

How will i know if I have an infection from dog bite? Bite didn't break skin but dry, broken skin was already present. Scared of passing infection on?

I am diabetic and I am not sure if my scab is infected. Around the wound is red and the scab is green. Does this mean it's infected?

I am very depressed and i cut myself my arm swelled wound is this serious?

I bite my nails and now I have a red sore area on my finger. Is that considered a open sore?

I cut like two days ago and the laceration will not heal and looks like it's infected. WhAt should I do ?

I cut my foot and now there's some fluid discharge off the wound. Is this normal?

I cut my foot in the pool and it was bleeding could it get infected from the chlorine?

I cut my foot on a dog bone a few weeks ago and it didn't hurt until a few days ago. Its now a lump and its white. No pus. Could it be infected?

I cut my hand 2 years ago and didn't clean the wound well. Now its forming into a lump i believe its dry blood or hypertrophic scars. How do I get rid?