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been feeling really down lately&have cut myself on my thigh it's really sore and I don't no what to do. How do I prevent the cuts getting infected?

I cut a chunk of the tip of my thumb off. Had it cauterized. Didn't get clear instructions in care. Please help. I start work again in 8 days. ?

.5 cut on finger w/hedge trimmer. It stopped bleeding within 10min and a couple hrs later i bent my finger a little & bled some.Do i need stitches/dr?

25 days ago i cut bottom of foot on a bed frame. Cut 1-1.5 inches. No sign of infection but still hasn't healed completely. Is this normal for a foot?

2yr old cut her self on finger with razor. Has been bleeding for 10 min. Should we take her to the hospital?

3 days after a biopsy, is it normal for the small cuts to hurt after having the gauze off of them and letting them breathe?

3yr old cut finger wd knife. Put Band aid for 3nights 2days. Thn let it open in air but It start bleed again after few hrs, applied Band aid, worried?

3yr old cut finger wd knife.Bandaid 4 1night 1day.It bleed again whn bndaid removd.Apply bandaid for 2nights 1day,let it open air.It blood aftr 3hrs?

A crime occured with a friend my age where his penis was cut by a knife & thrown sparing the testicles. Now he is in the hospital. Is it over for him?

A housecat bit me on my thumb 5 days ago. Had stitches. Small holes are festering. I'm taking penicillin. Why is my whole hand weak? Can't make a fist

A week ago, while I was shaving I accidentally cut my leg. I believe I have an infection, what should I treat my cut with?

About 4 hours ago i cut myself by washing a drinking glass. What should I do to prevent my knuckles from scarring?

About two weeks ago i fell on a brick and i got a deep cut. I've been treating it everyday, but it hasn't turned into a scab yet.

Accidentally cut myself because i'm clumsy. Any tips on what to use to make a cut hurt less?

Accidentally sat on a pencil,And for stabbed in the leg. Small puncture wound.I cleaned it and put a bandage on. Should I see my doctor?

Accidently cut labia minor trimming hair, not deep just a slit . How do you care for this?

After female circumcision how do they use the cut off pieces?

After i cut i wash off the blood and it looks like i never even cut. Is this normal?

Age 26 i have small cut in tip of penis since last 1 yr which is not heal.Cut happened due to cotton with tight supporter.

Any tips on how i can cut off my acid trip?

Are you supposed to cut yourself if you get frostbite or is that just in movies?

At barbar shop i got a slight cut on my neck. I am not sure he changed razor blade or not! Almost after 15 min i got cut! Chances of HIV?

Baby gums cut, bleeding little, piece hanging?

Baby stuck finger deep in my nose and her nail cut inside. It caused a lot of bleeding, stopped shortly after. Alcohol and Neosporin. Risk of sepsis?

Between my toes, I get cuts similar to blade cuts. Applying miconazole helps but if i discontinue, it happens again. It's not due to water. Wht is it?

Bro had last three fingers cut today by glass and drs said its vein of one finger that has been cut. He is in uk and i m in pak. Need to worry??

Can a 1/4 inch deep/wide cut heal without stitches? Bleeding stopped after 5-7 mins and it's been 3 days but part of the cut hasn't healed yet.

Can a razor with slight rust (not even enough to see) harm me? I cut myself shaving with it and it won't stop bleeding. I'm freaking out. Help!

Can a tampon cause nerve damage in the vaginia cause I can't even stick anything up there cause it hurts like knives. Can this be treated, or not?

Can bone get infected if you have deep hand cut?

Can HIV get in to a scratch on your hand or does it have to be a open sore or a deep cut?

Can I avoid a big scar from the cut on my leg after a motorcycle accident?

Can i swim in the sea after i got my mole cut?

Can people who cut themselves get that endorphine high all the time or only when they intentionally cut themselves?

Can someone get blood poisoning from a cut from a pair of scissors?

Can there be a way to heal that little cut you get on the side of your nail or cuticle?

Can you get HIV from a old cut on the finger wasn't bleeding if inserted in the vagina(fingering) the cut was yellow looked like healed.

Can you get sepsis from a small cut or scrape?

Can you get tetanus from a small cut on you foot if it is not bleeding?

Can you tell me if a carpenter cuts off his finger with a saw while working, would he bleed to death?

Can you tell me if a cut is bleeding after 2 hours and is numb to the touch does it need medical attention?

Can you tell me if i got aids blood in my open wound on my hand how fast would I have to cut off my hand to avoid getting aids?

Clipping lizards toenail and toenail hit me in eyelid and cut it. Cleaned with soap, peroxide, and neosporin. Will i be okay... Still hurts a little?

Could I get any infections if I got cut on leg from sharp piece of metal (not rusty?

Could i get hep c by removing someone's pad that they put on after surgery? I have cuts back of hand. The pad was touching the cuts could be dry blood

Could it be bad to cut your thighs?

Could it be something bad if I have arm cut?

Could you pick up gas gangrene through small cuts?

Could you tell me what happens if you cut off circulation to the temples?

Could you tell me why i occasionally wake up with random cuts/scratches?

Cut a c shaped flap in tip of ring finger put bandaid on tight for pressure for 1.5 hrs.took off still I need doctor?

Cut by a dirty blade a month ago and today neck's blocked , not sure If it's my gym or TETANUS ? When cut no inflam signs , took amoxillin after cut

Cut by a dirty blade a month ago and today neck's blocked , not sure If it's my gym or TETANUS ? When cut no inflam signs , took amoxillin after cut.

Cut eye my daughter clipped her toe nails and one flew in her eye, i think she cut it, how long does it take to heal? Should i worry, and take her to the dr?

Cut finger at joint 12 days ago, artery cut, sutured, now periodic throbbing pain, no infection. Sharp pain at suture site, feels like i cut it again.

Cut finger while cutting fruit. Knife had a small amount of rust on it. I had a tdap shot 2 yrs ago. Cut healing but is red and raised. Needtreatment?

Cut from something in the ocean, what to do, should I be concerned?

Cut in the anus while simulation. Not able to sit . Cut due to my partners thumb nail. Advise.? Also have piles.

Cut index finger with sharp knife yesterday it has not closed or scabbed not bleeding red around & inside tender cause?Pcos htn lisinoprilhctz provera (medroxyprogesterone)

Cut knuckle, not sure how deep, but looks bruised around cut opening and tender. bleeding stopped after 1/2 hr. butterfly suture enough?

Cut l pointer finger about 20 hrs ago w steel knife cut is still bleeding i don't take any prescription meds should I be worried?

Cut little piece (about 2 mm round; 1 mm deep) off of thumb at knuckle, bleeding hasnt stopped. Is it ok to cover & leave alone?

Cut my finger about 10hrs ago. It looked deep quickly cleaned and dressed it, now you can barely tell I cut it. Is it possible to heal this quicly?

Cut my finger half an inch deep. much blood, cant afford stitches. sprayed liquid bandaid on it, cant wash because excrutiating. will it heal and how long???

Cut my finger on a sharp place on one of my teeth.. I don't think it's big enough to need stitches but it's deep enough that it doesn't want to close?

Cut my finger open with a broken pot. If there was a pice left in the cut will the body slowly push it out without issues?

Cut my hand when dropping a glass of water, i cleaned it u and put bandages on it, should i be concerned or will it work out on its own?

Cut my hand with a kitchen knife on tuesday. Today my throat is very tight and sore and it hurts when i swallow. Do I have tetanus or another infection related to the cut?

Cut my knuckle open with razor. Should i go to the er?

Cut my left index finger 11 dys ago. The cut was over the top, thru the nail bed and was pretty deep. Cut is closed, but now I have pain and swelling?

Cut my middle finger. Got stiches they come out 1 week. How long for cut to completely close and can it reopen after stiches come out?

Cut my toe on asphalt, do I need to see a doctor or is some anticeptic and time enough to avoid infection? It is about 4mm in length right on the tip

Cut myself on my bike wheel but it was a light scrape, no blood but some skin removal. Do I need to be concerned about tetanus or no chance?

Cut off my eyebrow by accident. Is there a way to get them back?

Cut on finger bleeding for five hours do I need stitches ?

Cut on my leg. Had band aide on it all night i take it off in the morning its still bleeding but i didn't cut a vein so am i okay?It may have stop now

Cut open a mole now i'm bleeding like crazy, what is going on?

Cut part of finger off (chunk of skin) in kitchen. It seemed to stop bleeding but when changing gauze it starts up again. Normal ? It's a lot of blood

Cut the pad off my little finger, can't be stitched. How long will it take to heal?

Cut thumb badly, got 9 stitches in ER but nail is still cut in half, will it heal back on its own? What aftercare should I do to help it heal?

Cut thumb in kitchen using apple dicer. It looks semi deep but together. I put hydrogen per. Neosp. gauze. Do I need stitches? Bleeding under control

Cut thumb with razor blade. Clean cut. Got 2 stitches. Thumb hurts bad. Very sore. How long will pain last. Bout inch cut. Got tetanus shot also.

Cut tip of finger off and got stitches two days ago but the pain and throbbing won't stop nothing helping?

Cutting my hair down below got a very shallow and small cut from scissors which had very slight rust from water it has been 5days.tetanus shot I need?

Daughter cut her hand and it has dirt in it--what should be done for it?

Dear doctors, any reasons of headache everytime getting a cut? Or symptom of something else? E.G : cut on finger+small size bleeding

Deep cut had 17 stitches 1 week old foot is swollen cut looks good worry about food.

Deep finger cut treatment? I cut my finger deeply yesterday while cutting hair with shears. I was advised by my educator to use super glue but all i own is wood glue and I have no time or money to go see a doctor... What are your recommendations?

Deep smallish cut on knuckle. Like deeeep paper cut. Stopped bleeding @1hr, alcoholed, bandaged but very bruised/tender today. Basic first aid enough?

Do i need to get my arm x-rayed? I was in a car wreck two months ago and i had a rather deep laceration on my arm. It was cut to the tendons and bone, but nothing is broken. The cut is now healed and its a scar that looks like a red abrasion. My arm is st

Do i need to worry about tetanus if a small cut is healing normally?

Does it hurt to be cut there without local if delivering fast?

Earlier on I was 'tidying' my lady parts and I was using scissors to cut most of the hair I have a cut and it won't stop bleeding. Should i be worried?

Everytime I use a nail cutter and cut my toe nails. I end up cutting myself and it bleeds. How do I stop bleeding quickly and prevention from future?

Feel as if i will explode if i don't cut. Cant get in to dr until mon. Where is best place to cut to cause least permanant damage? Tryin to overcome it

Feel on metal that didn't appear to have rust on it and scraped my knee through my pants. I got a tiny cut should I worry about tetanus. Cleaned cut?

First aid for someone who got their arm cut?

For how long do I leave stitches on a cut wound on a leg before getting them out ?

Frenulum ripped, can it get gangrene, what to do?

Hangnail bled lightly when got mani.she "dipped" cuticle scissor in what i think was alcohol and cut the hangnail. worry about disease? no infection.