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Noticed one single bump on ghe under side of penis and it was irritatiolng so i popped it and white puss came out. could it be herpes?

On 1 of the pimples I rubbed cucumbers.the next day the pimple was huge so i pop it. yellowish pus came out. and there is something hard there. ?

On my finger is a red raised bump hurts to touch and exposed to cold. Today I saw it had a white center like a pimple and tried to pop it, clear fluid?

On one of my breasts close 2 the nipple, I have a small pimple like hard bump n when I squeezed it, white hard cheesy smelling pus oozed out w blood

On the shaft of my penis i had a bump that looked like a regular zit and i popped it and a lot of pus and blood came out. Do u think its herpes?

One red bump on vagina lip. Popped it earlier white stuff came out. Now a little itchy. What is it? Is it an std

Pimple like on outer top lip of vagina.have had3days total.doesnt hurt.formed right after period.squeezed yesterday&puss(think was puss)&blood.all ok?

Pimple near my groin area turned a light shade of grey.popped it a lot of blood came out. hurt a lot and pimple got bigger. what can i do to treat it?

Pimple on lip line, thought herpes, but no pain, tingling etc. Popped it, little puss, today had scab bit, underneath just bright red skin, justa zit?

Pimple on nipple for 10 days. Its dried , today i touch it accidentally and a little blood came out. Should i squeeze the rest or leave it?

Pimple under mole, popped it, white stuff and blood came out. Redness still around mole, pain is less now.. pcp said infection not to worry.Should i?

Pimples inbetween vagina and anus, tried to pop but nothing, seem more scabby like, bled from where i picked at it, any ideas?

Poped a large tender pimple on my leg that came to a head. Gently squeezed it & the pusses color had a brownish color to it. Why would it be brown?

Popped a big whitehead it came out and some clear liquid came out 30 seconds after taking out the whitehead.What is it? And is that normal?

Popped a lump on my nipple and,clear liquid came out and it hurts like,a,bruise? What is going on here?

Popped a pimple and it's bleeding a lot. Should i be weird?

Popped a pimple and now theres a blood clo on my cheek.whats the remedy for it?

Popped a pimple on foreskin and white stuff came out ?

Popped a pimple that with a bit of a grey shade. a lot of blood spewed out, but pimple is still there. hurts when i pinch it. what is this? treatment?

Popped bubble in mouth, then a second one appeared. What's going on?

Popped bump on lower penile shaft, pus came out and now its purple. Should i be concerned?

Popped pimple inside nose and started bleeding. In "Triangle of Death" what should I do. Should I be worried?

Popped pimple, blood came out, normal?

Pus filled bump on gums, popped drained went away fine no pain then came back in a few days what is this?

Pus popped inside of finger. Any concerns?

Puss filled bumbs that came and went through my life and still continue to. No answers on the internet please help?

Puss filled lump i started of with one bump now its a painful lump inder my skin.The bottom part of it is hard and the tip feels like is filled with fluids when it came to a head i popped it and its been draining whitish yellowy puss and blood since lastn

Question: recently popped a zit and white stuff came out and scab is formed. How to heal a popped zit?

Raised bump on my lower back that I believed at first was a pimple. When it popped pus came out, and blood. Then it filled up again?? It won't go away

Recently I'm getting tiny pimples under my nose, close to the entrance of my nostrils. I'm worried because I never had pimples there before. Plz help ?

Red bump on forehead with red skin sorrounding the bump tried to pop it and a little blood and clear liquid came out?

Red bump on labia majora. Popped it early and white stuff came out. Now red and a little sore. What is it?

Red bump on my mons pub area. I went to pop it and white stuff came out? I do shave but im kinda freaking myself out. It feels pretty hard as well.

Red bump on pinky squeezed it and blood blister popped up now i'm feeling sick?

Red bump on vagina lip. Was white popped it and white stuff came out. Only hurts when I touch it what is it?

Red bumps on my penis that resembles a pimple. I pop it and a bit of pus comes out and then it bleeds. It scabs over n goes away. What could it b?

Red vaginal pimple on vagina. Popped it and blood came out and now it's flat?

Root of helix on ear itches from time to time nd when pressed on/itched a liquid comes out. Has been happenin since i was little. What is this?

Sebaceous cyst just popped on its own. Tip black & blueish; tissue around red/inflamed. Pus & blood came out but not all. What should I do?

Sebaceous cyst or syphilis? Woke up with large closed lump on penis. It was painful to pop and blood came out. Looks like a chancre after being popped

Seeing Dr takes 4ever,need idea..... flesh colored bump had pus when 1st popped then got slightly bigger & hard then turn into whitehead, could be?

Small bump on foreskin 5 days ago became inflamed after popping. Popped again today more white stuff came out still inflamed painless. Can it be staph?

Small lumps around breasts have had for years when squeeze them white pus comes out or black which assume is blood any idea to ashamed to see gp ?

Small painless bump on my buttock for years. I tried to pop it using a needle but nothing but blood came out and its still there. What could this be?

Small pimple on viagina.Hurts alitte. It has pus/white stuff and goes away but comes back when its moist or not properly cleaned. Neverhadsex. Normal?

Small red lump under my r. Armpit for about 2 wks? Little pain. I poked and squeezed it. Yellow stuff and blood came out. Now, open wound. What now?

Small white painful pus filled bump on bottom lip, got worse when I popped it....Wht could it be?

So i got a lump in the inside of my upper right leg. It looked like a ingrown hair. I popped it and blood and pus came out. Now looks like holes in it?

So I got a pimple on the back of my head .. I popped it .. Should I be worried about an infection ?

So i had a small pimple on the outside of my vagina and i popped it and it has now gotten bigger and very sore. I'm getting worried. What should I do?

So I have a cold sore on the corner of my mouth and it has been hurting for a few days so i squeezed it and puss stuff came out is this mersa?

So i have a tooth abcess that looks like its ready to bust im on keflex but its got like little red lines on the pus ball is that normal?

Soft bump in armpit. Not a pimple or a boil. Doesn't have a head and when squeezed nothing comes out but a little blood.

Some dry skin on my stye came off, so I picked it and then some of the pus came out, I don't know what to do, should I pop it?

Son has Red bump on chest hurts and hot to the touch my mom popped it and said pus came out im getting over mrsa..could he have contracted mrsa???

Squeezed nipple because I seen a white colour in them and a puss like substance came out,only in left nipple,should I be worried,zit?im not pregnant

The bumps on my nipples sometimes get yellow (as if coming to a head.. much like a zit) and if popped a yellow substance comes out. Is this normal?

The hard painful lump I had on my mons pubis became soft a few days later. I popped it yellow pus came out. Again I'm 20 and not sexually active. Help?

The pimple on my vagina popped by itself and pus came out then blood.. I'm really scared what should I do? I don't want to go to the doctor

There appeared a pimple like thing near my pubic area. Few weeks ago it popped and pus and blood came out. Now its 4weeks its not healed. What is it?

There is a bump on my vagina but its huge so i squeezed it and a bunch of puss came out of it and now its gushing out blood what could it be?

There is a painful knot on my earring hole and I squeezed it and yellow-red pus came out . Do I need to see a doctor?

There's a pimple on my nose.When i poped it , water came out.Then the next day it started to hurt and my nose is red.What do I do?

There's a small lump on the inside of my thy near my genitals. It's sore to the touch. I squeezed it and some pus/blood came out. What is it?

Theres a boil on my buttcheek ( Y. ) &it's not on my buttcrack but close to it. it started bleedin then drained a little but stopped, is that normal?

Think its a pimple on my outer top of my vagina lip. had for3days.doesnt hurt.squeezed yesterday&some puss&then a lil blood. Seems smaller. All ok?

This clear small bubble under my tounge appeared and it was gone like in 15 minutes this was the first time it ever happened to me should I be worried?

This morning i woke up to find a pimple on my dick in the shower i poped it and clear smelly puss came oout can this be a sign im 17

Twice i had painless (until popped) red bumps on my vagina. First time many, sec. Just one bump. Popped blood & hard pus, sec. Clear flu herpies?!

Twice now I have had red bumps appear on the outside of my vagina. When first popped blood and hard puss, recently it was clear fluid. Herpies?

Very close almost on lip, small pimple. Popped and white strand of semi-solid puss came out just like pimple. Can cold sore pop this way?

Water filledblisters on inner leftthigh. Scabbed brownhoney looking color. No pain. Just alittle discomfort when they popped. What could this be

Weird flaky zit on breast? It was originally a zit (then I popped it which I know I shouldn't have done) and now it's not healing and red and flaky.

What causes vaginal boils?I knowits not an std because have been having them since I started my period.They look like pimples but are sore pus filled

What do I do for little pus bumps on my forearms? I have these little bumps on my skin that have occurred within the last few days. It started with only a few bumps that had pus in them, and i would push it out. Then more came next to the old bumps. Almos

What does it mean when you have ichy bumps all over your body with puss coming out?

What happens if a cyst on the labia minora pops inward? Felt like it popped as i squeezed it but nothing came out so if it popped inward what happens?

What happens if you pop a blind pimple? Mine is still really red and I popped it yesterday. Should I be worried? Thanks!

What happens when you pop a herpes bump? And what does it look like when they've popped.. Does blood come out? Or pus? Idk

What is occasional bump on labia minora, at first hurts to wipe then just hurts. Will pop when i wipe or i pop it, filled with pus little blood.

What might i have? Three bumps appeared on leg, one leg two bled out the other swelled development has been about three weeks for all three i squeezed the swollen one and was to believe puss came out clean after and realized a hole about the size of a too

What should I do about many little liquid filled bumps forming on my fingers and recently the backs of my hands for the past 2weeks or so?

What should I do if I didn't know that the "pimple" on the inside of my elbow was actually a boil/infection until today and picked at it yesterday and drained it slightly because I thought it was a pimple/cyst?

What to do for small yellow dried heads on face......that have to be popped out....

What to do I break out with boils i gusse they are if i squeez them the will turn purple and red then i pop it and grren stuff comes out i got 9scars from this what is this

What to do if i popped a pimple and it has just scabbed up for a couple weeks should I worry?

What's a good way to check if my cherry has popped?

When i popped bump on edge of lip, clear stuff came out, hurt really bad now it looks like its pus filled but just swelled when i tried to bust, herpes?

White pimple looking thing on the bottom under side of my penis I popped it and blood came out and then it came back the next day bigger what is it?

Why are in grown hairs so sore and hard? What is all the blood and pus that comes out

Why do I have bumps on my vagina and when i pop them blood and puss comes out and it kind of hurts?

Why is there a huge pimple on the head of my penis lots of green puss and little aliens starting to break out

Would a cysts on your vagina lip itch? I think it popped because white stuff and a little blood came out and now it itches a little