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I popped a pimple on my face, it was only once though will anything happen? Also a tiny dot with little blood came out but will i be ok?

I popped a pimple on my hand then a white thing came out after that blood came out then a clear fluid started coming out-a little. what is it?

I popped a pimple on my upper leg yesterday. Today the area around the pimple is hard and red. Im wondering if maybe it is infected?

I popped a pimple that looked like a zit coming to surface that i popped early ans now I have a scab that turned black like a blood clot, help!

I popped a stye should I be concerned?

I popped a zit on my neck last night, and notice that there wa still a bump. So I've been squeezing yellow/clear liquid out of it all morning. whatnow?

I popped an ingrown hair bump then puss came out then blood, after all of the fluids came out i am left with a small white chord, what should i do?

I popped my stye and I didnt know that was a big dont. What should I do?

I popped the infection on my finger drained the pus out and now looks like I have a huge blood blister under skin & it's kinda hard there now?

I popped what I thought was a blackhead on my lower lip. A longish yellow/white thing came out. It doesn't hurt, just tingled at first. What is it?

I recently got a pimple that i popped was to early, i think it was going to become a zit. Now it's like a scab on the inside, what do I do?:( l

I recently had a bumb on my pens it popped and leaked green like puss seen my doctor said it was a ingrown hair,now the hair has gone its left a hole?

I removed my own stitches and just noticed where the stitch went through the skin had like a zit type bump which I popped it wasn't chunky or anythin.

I saw a puss filled almost like a pimple but a little bigger on top of my thigh i barley squeezed and clear liquid came out what could this be?

I saw a very tiny bump on the side of my penis the color of my skin, I popped it and a little bit of clear liquid came out, should I be concerned?

I saw little pimple like bumps on t belly of my penis, I tried pop it and white puss came out and the bump was gone, I'm still a virgin. "?

I saw white sore on the inside of my vagina. I put pressure to see if there was pain. None, but it "popped"& bled. was gone in 1 day. Herpes?Have pic

I shaved a couple weeks ago and since I can't see that much bec I'm 33 weeks pregnant, I cut myself with the razor and now I have noticed I have like a "pimple" in my vagina lips it hurts and looks like it has white stuff.will it dissolve by itself??

I shaved my armpit yesterday and today I see a pimple with puss on my armpit. Should I be worried?? It doesn't hurt and it very tiny.

I shaved my pubic then busted out in a rash but then some had white head or uss n it itched than it popped n raw tben fdried and healed. What it yhat?

I shaved my vaginal area last night with a raor now today its a big pimple hurts so bad has a white head and white puss and bleeding. What do I do?

I sqeezed a pimple or cyst by the side of my nose. Some pus came out but then it bled quite a bit. It is very sore now. Should i put something like b?

I squeeze a bump on my penis and blood and clear pus came out what is it?

I squeezed a bump on my leg and orange discharge came out. What is this?

I squeezed a bump on my vagina lip. What does that mean cuz blood and puss came out of it?

I squeezed a few white dots on a mole and white pus like substance came out. Should i be worried?

I squeezed out a blackhead which was 1.5cm really hard and my nose turned into a redish brown,is it bruised?Any concern?

I squeezed what looked to be a blackhead on my thigh, but once the white stuff came out something else did too, and it looks like meat. What is it?

I think I have a spider bite and its located on my right breast it had a white head on it and i squeezed it and greenish puss came out?

I think I just popped a stye. The tip of it was white already, I'm not sure if that was a bad idea?

I think it's a pimple I have on my vagina lip-the outer top of the lip, not inside or completely on the side. I squeezed it yesterday& some puss& after some blood came out but that's it. I just want to know if it's normal. I haven't really checked yet but

I think it's a pimple I have on my vagina lip-the outer top of the lip. I squeezed it yesterday&puss&some blood came out but that's it. What do I do?

I think my tattoo might be infected It got kind of red around it about a week after I got it and there looks like there might be some puss under it?

I thought i had a boil bottom part of my eye but after a few days poped out and only blood came out. Is this possible? Why pus didn't come out?

I tried to pop a pimple on my chin. It was hard and when I popped it only clear liquid came out. So I kept squeezing it and now its turned into a raised red rash - almost like a chemical burn.?

I used nair on my buttocks and after time i got a lot of red bumps. Some have ruptured and blood and puss came out. The bumps are dark now.

I wanted to know when you have a stye does the pus come out little by little or all at once ?

I woke up one morning and I had 3 little bumps on my bottom lip , they're so small I popped one and like puss came out help?

I woke up tp have a pea size bump on outside of my vagina few days ago.I tried to pop it. Nothing came out. Now it has spreaded. What could it be

I'm 19 and have Clusters of skintag looking lumps on vagina near the bottom, no pain till I picked yesterday! There's no whitehead on the lumps.

I'm 20wks pregnant, i noticed a tiny black hair & squeezed my nipple & more came out, i pulled it out with a tweezer, is that normal?

I'm going to a free clinic tomorrow, but I have a red bump on groin just under belly and popped it with some white stuff coming out and there is still?

I'm not sexually active but I've discovered two pimple like bumps. One popped like a zit, the other one just bled a little. Is it likely I have herpes?

I'm very worried that I may have herpes! I have two pimple like bumps on my left labia but it was hard to pop, no fluid and it bled... Is it herpes?

I'm wondering if this pimple I have on my forhead turned into a boil or mesa or is just infected. It has light brown or yellowish brown pus that came ?

I've always had a bump on my cheek but I think it got I infected because overnight it got huge. A week later puss was coming out. Its still really big?

I've always had a tiny flesh-colored bump on my nose. 2 times I picked and it bled. Today I saw a small scab, picked, bled a lot. Should I see a dr?

I've had a bump on my face for about two years. I started squeezeing it today and some brownish stinky stuff came out of it.can you tell me what to do?

I've had a wart on my finger for a year. I have picked it off before but it grew back. Now i picked it, & it became swollen and red. Is it infected?

Iam 21 years old. yesterday i saw a lump on my inner thigh when i tried to clean it there were no pus it was only tissue and blood.should i be scared?

Iam breastfeeding and i have found a bump on my chest and it hurts very bad and I tried to pop it and yellow pus came out?

If i popped pimples while it has yellow tip .. Wht will happen?

If my cherry isn't popped can i still get pregnant?

Im wondering if wht I have on the top is my lip is acne or herpes? Yesterday puss came out when I popped it but today is a little sore, red.

Ingrown hair in my vaginal area.. Got swollen puss stuff & blood when i squeeze it.. How do I get rib of it & infection if thats what it is?

Ingrown hair in vagina lip it had a white head but it popped by itself i just squeezed it a bit because pus was coming out, but it's still hard and irritated, it hurts when I touch it. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Can I use aquaphor? What else can I do?

Is a very small bump on the chest a sign of breast cancer? While taking a shower, i noticed a pimple sized red blotch near my chest area. When i squeezed it, some yellow-ish white pus came out, then it bled a little. I freaked out, and i don't know what t

Is it normal to get a pimple on the areola? because I just got it today and it's very painful even when I squeezed it white pus came out of it

Is it normal to have pimple like around the bikini line and i squirt and blood or brown pus comes out ?

Is it ok to pick the puss off a white headhead?

Ive had this stye for about 6 months. It popped today on the outside of my skin, but i can see that it didnt completely drain. What should i do?

Ive tiny of what seems to be pus filled cirlces under my lip skin. Ive googled vesicles and cold sores and it doesnt looklike that. What else can itbe?

L little red sores in my vagina were little pimple like things that had pus yellowish pus come out burns when i pee possibly follucitis?

Last night I realized I had a bump on the inside lip of my vagina, now I felt a pinch and its like ozzing pus and then stoped and now its bleeding, what could it be, ?

Liquid in bellybutton that crusts over. Hasn't been scratched or anything. Just happened randomly. What is this?

Little bump in pubic hair. Looked like pimple, tried to squeeze, puss and blood came out. Bruised after, still rather big. Unsure what it is?15.Virgin

Little bumps come on my penis from time to time. They come and be sore and they hve clear pus in them. Wht are they?

Lump on my vagina... it popped by itself and blood came out... the size of the lump has reduced, but hasn't gone...

Mole turned into a scab has white puss coming out. What do you recommend?

Monday it Started out as a red bump on mons pubis that I thought was an ingrown hair so I popped it and a little clear stuff came out and now there's tiny red bumps all over that itch but don't have heads or anything but just itch. What could this be?

Month ago I got a tattoo, unlike the last 1 this tattoo keeps having random red bumps like a pimple but when squezzed it comes out clear, what is it?

My 13 year old, who is not sexually active, has bumps on her rear. Some look like zits but some are hard and when they are busted, have bloody puss. They leave deep holes and when they scab over they leave a purple scar. What couldthey be?

My 17 year old son had a zit on his face yesterday so he popped it, which produced a lot of "puss". Later his face swelled and is still today.

My 18 mo. Son had what appeared to be a boil on his butt. It popped and blood and puss came out what should I do he is in pain?

My 4 1/2 year old had a lil red bump on chin. Is it possible for a toddler to get lil pimples? It's not pus filled at all..

My 4 year old son had a strand of real tiny hard bumps pop up on his stomach about 5 months ago and they haven't gone away. A few more have popped up.

My 4 year old son has bumps with puss coming out...what could this be?

MY 6 month old has a pimple on his knee. Its big and hard. I popped it 2x white and clear puss came out. Not sure what to do.

My back dermals got infected. I popped the puss and press them in again, but i can't see them, i don't know if they got rejected. What should I do?

My belly button was itching earlier today but just noticed there is a pimple like bubble so I tried to pop it and little blood came out, what is it?

My bf has a bump under his armpit and he was trying to pop it puss came out and now it's a bump and he says it hurts him very much what does he have?

My blister pooped , and it has been hurting, now it is a pretty deep hole and is black inside the hole and red around it.

My boyfriend had 1 but now 2 small bumps inside his ear,it pops blood & pus sometimes and he says it hurts?the doc gave Fucidin 2%.but does not work

My boyfriend has a bump on the back of is ear lobe. He has popped it once and a dark gray pus came out. Should we be worried?

My boyfriend has this boil looks like it's red hard and has heat and yellow and blood comes out is that staph?

My boyfriend has what looked like a circle formation of whiteheads on his check , his check swelled up and now it won't stope oozing. Help! ?

My daughter got a scrap on her knee about a week ago but last night I saw it had pus and when I applied a cotton ball pus came out leaving black hole?

My daughter just popped a boil on her arm and a hard round black core came out. Is this common?

My finger was swollen but i popped it. Then pus started coming out. What might it have been? After i popped it i just put peroxide in it and put on a band-aid

My husband gets these little irritated red bumps on his upper thighs. When squeezed a clear liquid comes out. What is this he has always had them.?

My lip in my vagina has a zit on it i just popped by accident. Pus came out and its swollen/sensitive.I shaved there recently how do I make it go away?

My lip started getting pus filled bumps on it yesterday. Now today my lip is swollen and they seem more pus filled. Do I have herpes?

My popped pimple left a hole, what does this mean?

My sebaceous cyst felt crusty. I absentmindedly was rubbing it when I noticed a big piece came off. It was bleeding a little. Is this normal?

My sty popped and only a little puss came out, what do I do Now Ijust want it to go away ?

My stye popped today and a little blood came out. Later I did a compress and there is still a bump there looks like there's more to come out?

My upper lip has a lump - i squeezed it as if it were a pimple, but a long yellow thing came out. Is it just a pimple, or do I have ring worm?

My wife ate some very crispy green beans after this she got a blood blister in her mouth that popped and hurt a lot doc says its herpes can this be ?

Near my vagina a pimple with clear liquid loking, When I squeezed the pimple only blood came out and then something white just stayed under my skin.

Not sure if I have a cold sore or just a blister from popping my small lip pimple too hard. When popped hard whit puss came out now yellow blister?