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I have a little pimple with a white head and had puss and blood that came out of it. It is not hard but is painful. It is on my left little toe bottom?

I have a lump in my scrotal sack.. I squeezed it and a bit of puss came out that is followed by blood, help?

I have a lump on my inner thigh and when popped brownish puss and then blood came out.. What is it and what caused it & how do I treat it?

I have a mole in my butt and it itches as well as hurts when pressed and white stuff comes out... Its the first time it has ever happened?

I have a mole on my cheek that became sore I picked at it. Eventually white stuff cane out of it and now it is a itty bitty scab should I be worried?

I have a mole on my cheek that's been there my whole life. Yesterday it was sore and hard. Today I squeezed around it and white stuff came out. Normal?

I have a mole on my lower back & was sore so i had a look, noticed something white coming out. So i squeezed & hard white stuff came out??? Ahh

I have a open wound that looks like it may be a cyst and it's all swollen and red around it! there's some white puss looking stuff in it what shouldid?

I have a pimple like, hard to touch bump near my genitals. It popped and discharged white/yellow fluid followed by blood. What could this be?

I have a pimple looking thing on the bottom shaft of the penis . I popped it, white puss came out and only blood. What could it be?

I have a pimple on my penis (top) . It doesn't hurt, however does hurt when squeezed. What is this ? There is this white stuff in it as well. Please h

I have a pimple on my penis and when i squeezed it , a little bit of puss came out. Should i be worried ? Is this an STD ? Its only one pimple not multiple.

I have a pimple on my penius that i pop and pulse came out. I have noticed wgat look like little black heads in thd same area what could this be?

I have a pimple under my breast I picked it + pus came out then blood.It was healing + I picked the scab now bleedin again. Breast Cancer or jus boil?

I have a quarter size ball of fluid or pus on my knee. it pop today and mix of blood and yellow stuff came out. what should i do. dr is closed.

I have a red bump around my nipple area. Once popped yellow/white puss came out & I was curious if it's just a pimple or something more serious?

I have a red bump kind a looks like a pimple on my right breast underneath aorta .. I squeezed it andsomething came out should I be worried?

I have a red dot on my right breast it hurts sometimes i squzzed ot and it popped and blood and puss came out is it just a pimple?

I have a red sore spot on KY left breast tried to open it nothing came out what can I do?

I have a small bump on my left Ariola and I squeezed it just a little and it seemed like I popped a pimple on it, what does this mean? it was white

I have a small looking bubble on my back. It started off looking like a pimple but it got bigger. I tried to pop but it just bled and hasnt gone away.

I have a small red bump on my inner thigh. I squeezed it & some clear fluid came out. I am negative for genital herpes, but i'm still scared thats it?

I have a small red spot on lower penis. When squeezed clear liquid comes out then scabs. No pain. Wha is it?

I have a small white head on my actual lip and I popped it and puss came out. I've head a cold sore before but this doesn't seem like one. ?

I have a small white lump that is not sore or filled with puss on my vagina,it seems that it is nearly gone after shaving,is this herpes?

I have a solid dime sized red lump on my leg was very sore. Thought it was an ingrown hair so I popped it and it bled a little but is now draining clear liquid...

I have a sore bump filled with white pus. I popped if IT AND IT CAME RIGHT BACK.

I have a sore bump on my inner thigh when I squeezed it clear liquid came out but not puss and The bump is hard?

I have a swollen line that is above my anus/ goes into my rectum, i've popped it 2x, 2nd time brownish white fluid came out, what is it?

I have a white bump with a little black dot in the middle right at my panty line. Is this just a pimple or is it a boil? I put prid on it

I have a white pimple like bump deep under the skin on my face, poked with needle and pus came out but its back?

I have a white pimple shaped like on the side of my nipple doesn't hurt but only when i squeeze it white puss comes out I am 20 yrs tryin to get preg?

I have a whitehead on my scrotal sac that I popped but nothing came out, like it deflated almost... It is slightly swollen, which ointment do I use?

I have an in grown hair , it had a dot on it my mom popped it an blood came out but it still hurts an the bump what does that mean ?

I have an infected thigh pimple that i had popped tonight. A lot of blood and puss came out and when you look inside the hole it looks very black. Prior to popping it was harden in a weird way.

I have an ingrown hair... What do I do? I've been to the doc and that's all she says it is. It wouldn't pop until today and a little bit of white pus

I have bumps around my vagina when I squeeze them they remove blood and puss and I don't know why it's happening please help me ?

I have bumps on my head that fill up with puss and when i pop it blood come out to what come that be?

I have bumps that form on my vagina sometimes. The bumps are really big sometimes . When i pop them liquid puss nd blood come out. Is this normal?

I have got many marks on my ckeeks because of pimples and pus. Whenever one pus goes another comes. Most of the time its pus only. What should I do?

I have got some pimples then what I do?

I have had a bump on my back for a few months that looks like a blood blister, I have popped it like a blood blister and it went but came back?

I have had a cluster of itchy bumps in a ring on my arm for 3 days and when i popped it a sticky clear fluid came out. I ate scalllops the day before.

I have had a ring of itchy bumps on my forearm for 3 days. I poped it and a sticky fluid came out. I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it. ?

I have had a small bump where the pubes are for a while now, i recently popped it and some white/yellow puss came out I don't know if it's a cyst or a pimple?

I have had a small white lump on my vagina for a while it is not sore or filled with puss, I got a spot next to it,is this herpes or ingrown hair?

I have had small painless lumps under my armpit, neck and back . Some I have tried to squeeze and out came a whitish, buttery oily stuff. What is it?

I have like a small bump on my foreskin filled with puss, it started off small but has got a little bigger over the past few days?

I have meatitis when I pressed on the bump clear fluid came out I have doc appointment on Friday is there anything I can do in the mean time.

I have mole. It became bigger and today it popped like a blackhead, the liquid that came out was like a blackhead. Then the mole size went down. Help?

I have MRSA bumps all over my back, which look like pimples but are tender and some puss filled. I just started antibiotics. It's probably been 2 weeks since the first bump appeared. Did I catch it soon enough? I was never swabbed for it. Should I be?

I have one bump on the outside of my thigh. It just appeared overnight and when I popped it clear stuff came out. Its not itchy just sore?

I have one small, pimple-like sore on the outside of my vagina. It doesn't hurt and only bled when I popped it. Doesn't bleed anymore.

I have pimple like bumps on my vagina some of them went away but scared and know they keep poping up im freaked out what can it be?

I have pimple on my face and they r not gone frm 4-5 months. The r 1st red and then got filled up with yelowish white liquid?

I have purple bump inner thigh. Had for one month. Popped today and squirted blood. Lots of blood. Its never painful. Just purplish and shiny.

I have sex. On period& I already have folliculitis but today different kind of pimples showed up. 5 small, not clustered, stings, white pus,pops easy.

I have small red bumps pop up everywhere slowy, i havnt used anything differnt please help?

I have these bumps on the top of my vagina and the itch but when they pop I have a huge hole that stings only blood and white stuff comes out..Help?

I have these bumps that have been appearing on my butt for a while now they turn red and puss and blood come then they scar up and more come ?

I have these dots on my penis and pubic area they don't hurt or itch and when I pop them they just bleed no puss or clear stuff comes out just blood?

I have these little white pimple things around the areola but there under the skin one popped but some dont. Does this mean I'm pregnant? Or what?

I have these small painful almost like pimples on my upper thigh..its a cluster of them. I squeezed them today and clear fluid came out from it.

I have these small pimples with water inside it started with one on my lip then the next day more & more appeared. Once popped it becomes like a scab?

I have these weird puss pimples on my left ring finger I don't know how i got it or where it came from they are clear puss pimples that just started ?

I have these white dots under my pee hole and I've tried popping some but they hurt. Any ideas on what they are?

I have this brown spot on my nose . It is the size of a zit but it isnt red and wont pop. Its been there for 3 weeks without going down . What is it ?

I have this bump near my genital area and well I thought it was a pimple but well I popped at and quite a bit of blood came out. Should I be worried?

I have this bump on my neck that came out puss. Not too much but now forms a bump. Are there any ways i can help heal it myself rather than goin 2 doc?

I have this huge pimple on my forehead it turned yellow the next morning , what does this mean? what should i do?

I have this pink bump right at the base of my nipple. When i tried popping it thick white stuff came out, just like a zit.What is this? Can it harm me

I have this stringy puss that's on my penis. They're almost like little pimples. If I aply pressure to the one end, stringy puss comes out. Isthatbad?

I have this water pimple on my leg it's growing a little bigger last time a popped it it grew back inside it is water it's kind of yellowish white.

I have this weird cyst like bump on my upper thigh right next to my vaginal area and it won't go away . i popped it once and blood and pus came out re?

I have two blisters I pop one and something kind of yellowish came out ? Is tht herpers ?

I have two holes on the under side of my penis, started off as pimples but I took the puss out and the holes are big. Should I be worried? I can liter

I have two red dots in my pubic hair, when i squeezed them clear fluid and blood came out. Should i be worried about herpes?

I have two small cyst looking bumps in my vaginal area. Both popped and a bit of pus came out. What could it be? Should I be concerned?

I have very very small red pimple on my nipple from last week. No discharge no liquid. But it hurts little. Should i be worried ?

I have what I believe to be a razor bump. It just popped and had bloody pus. Is that normal?

I have what looks like a boil or bad ingrown hair on my testicals. It poped yesterday and a lot of pus came out. The sore looks deep should i be scard?

I have white pus coming out of my armpit but theyre is no bump previously i had bumps come out but this time its just two open pores what does this me?

I have.Huge bump on neck. I can poke it with needle puss comes out. What is it?

I hve a small pimple under my armpit except dat it has been there for like a year now. Months ago i squeezed it but now its back to its size what 2 do?

I just got a tattoo and now I have little bumps all around it filled with blood n puss but they are spreading they itch hurt n tingle the tat lookfine?

I just recently had my first yeast infection i discovered a few small white bumps. I tried popping them one is a little sore from trying to pop it.?

I just recently saw i had like a pimple inside my virginia, what could it be?

I Keep Getting These Painful Bumps Its not On My Vagnia But Its Above I Pop Em Nd Blood and puss comes out! Do I have herpes?

I notice a pimple in my arm with pus so i pop it and clean it great it look smaller then a week later the pimple came back with more pus now what?

I noticed a red like pimple on my vagina near my pant line I popped it and clear fluid came out and then blood , what is this ? I also was just recently diagnosed with chlamydia and was treated, I didn't know I had it for a year and it is now gone. I am s

I noticed a tiny secretion frm my nipple wen i squeezed it too hard.Is it normal?Im 20.This is the first tym i noticed.Happens only when squeezed hard

I noticed what seems to be a pimple on the inside of the outter labia. I tried popping it a few days ago, pus came out but now it's bigger?

I peirced my lower lip, how do I know if i popped a blood vesil ?

I pop a pimple near my pubic hair line. It bled a little and it went flat. Still red. Is there a way i can rule out it was an STD before going to a dr?

I pop my boil a lot of puss and blood came out it's still dripping what to do?

I popped a boil on my back that left a pinkish red hole - should I be concerned?

I popped a cyst on foreskin, blood came out. now it grew twice in size and with a black dot.. Went to a doctor he gave antibiotic but it is the same?

I popped a cyst on my mons pubis that was big and deep. Clear fluid came out and then when I squeezed it dark blood came spraying out of it.

I popped a pimple of the edge of the triangle of death, it's a little red but when I popped it blood came out. Should I schedule a doctors apt?

I popped a pimple on my chin, and puss came out,then a little while later a clear fluid started coming out-a little bit at a time, what should I do?