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I am 27weeks pregnant. And I have had 2 spot like blisters on my vagina walls I have popped them just blood. They don't hurt and go away.What is tis?

I am on my cycle and my partner was sucking/biting my nipple and a very little white discharge came out. Why? It looked like a small pimple were popped. On another occasion he was doing the same thing and clear discharge came out

I checked a condm by putting water in it, and nothing was coming out but then i did it agan and it popped two little holes? Was it not effective?

I discovered a bump when washing my vag I popped it, it opened up (it's healing now) my vag was sweaty(workout) the next day I discovered a cluster ?

I discovered a pimple like bump right on the lip (not lipline) and I popped it and clear liquid came out. Does not hurt at all, cold sore or pimple?

I don't know if i have a cyst or a spider bite. It's been swollen for 3 days, when i go to pop it brownish/red pus comes out then it refills?

I get a small pimple on my lip line almost every month for the past 5 months when i get my cycle.It has white puss when i pop it. Herpes? Another?

I get black heads in my inner thigh and these pimples one time i popped one and the color wasnt white it was an off white and came out watery not hard?

I get bumps on my breast that are filled with blood and puss and was wondering should I be alarmed?

I got 2 pimples inside my lip. They looked like if they had puss in them. One had big inflamation, i popped it and solid puss came out. What is it? Ty

I got a IUD about 6 yrs ago since then I have gotten under the skin bumps that are filled with puss and blood in my private areas why is this?

I got a pimple next to lip it has a white head. I popped it now its bigger with a bigger white head... Is it just a pimple or somthing else?

I got a pimple on my chest, popped it and it became a blood blister. Been there for a week. How do I get it to go away?

I got a some sort of pimple on my tattoo, first it was itchy then I popped it and water came out?

I got a wart frozen yesturday and the blister popped, should I be concerned?

I got an odd big bump on my inner lip, not red & no pain. I popped it a needle & clear goo came out. It came back. What is It?

I got bit by a bug a few days ago. Now, out of no where, it's tender, sore to touch like bruise, and clear pus if I squeeze it. Should I be worried?

I got my hair braided and two days after i seen a bump its hard and my white meat is showing i squeezed it and nothing came out what is this?

I got my nose pierced a few weeks ago and a lump has appeared above it, it is red and was filled with liquid but it popped, what is it, what do I do?

I got ringworm on my bikini line and then ball grew today is bursted and yellow greenish stuff came out?

I got this "pimple" in my pubic area for about a week. No blister , doesn't hurt. After i shower i pop it and blood came out. Any tough?

I had 3 pimples next to each other then i squeezed and picked them, they became open wound pimples which I've had before but then the outside of the s?

I had a black spot on my breast, it was itchy so I scratched it then it became like a pimple. I squeezed it then white pus came out then black pus?

I had a boil in November on the lower back of my head, bad-smelling clear pus came out when I squeezed it, then it healed. Now I have a reddish raised bump in that spot. What could this be/what should be done, if anything?

I had a boil on lower stomach. It popped in shower and puss drained out. Three weeks later it popped again. Just blood came out. What do I do next?

I had a boil that recently popped on its own a few weeks ago and the hole started to heal, but just a couple days ago it seems to have opened up again and is giving off an odor. What should I do?

I had a bump in my ear that I left alone for about a month. I accidentally popped it just now and a clear fluid came out. Should I worry?

I had a cluster of "pimples" on butt. Is it herpes? Does not hurt or itch. Popped them and clear fluid and a small amount of blood came out.

I had a dark pimple like bump on my leg. When squeezed a lot of thick dark blood came out. What could it be? Should i be worried?

I had a deep pimple on the side of my face which I squeezed and picked until it popped. I continued to touch it and it became raised, off white and blister like. I got so fed up with it that I picked and peeled it until it became flat. Now it's slightly d

I had a hard lump on my neck had it for months it got bigger and it burst and this thick green stuff came out and its smells?

I had a hemorroid, treated but i think is infected now I have 2 little white zits or gains that I have sqeezed and pus comes out, what should I do?

I had a large lump on the inside of my butt cheek and when I sat down today it busted open. A bloody puss type of fluid came out what could it be?

I had a little pimple on top of my breast. Didnt hurt was there for few days until it became dark . I press on it and drainage and blood. Is it bad?

I had a lump on my breast, I panicked and squeezed it and white/yellow pus came out and it won't stop bleeding!? What do I do, ?

I had a painless clear blister on my hip. I tried to pop it, the only thing that happened is it turned purple and looked as if it filled w/ blood.

I had a pimple on my face and I popped it. The next day I started to pick at it and it drew blood. It is now a scab, how do I get rid of it?

I had a pimple on my nose, popped it with a needle, burned the needle and put it in alcohol, some black stuff from the needle got in the pimple should?

I had a pimple on the lower part of my mouth and i scratched it and it got bigger. Today the pimple was big and had yellowish pus pimple or herpe ?

I had a pimple with a whitehead on the top. I tried to pop it but nothing came out and it turned into a sort of blood blister. What shall I do now?

I had a pus filled spot on the base of my shaft and I squeezed it & it popped, just wondering if thats normal or if somethings wrong, not an sti?

I had a really big pimple and I think i popped it cause a lot of puss came out but, now its black on one side and red all around. what do i do?

I had a small bump like a blister in back of my ear that had blood in it is that something to be worried about?

I had a small pimple on my lip i popped it an white stuff came out next morning it was all red an sore an swollen but i can still push white out.

I had a small pus and blood spot on the end of my nipple.I squeezed it and it bled alot.I now got a blood spot still ozing. Should i be worried about?

I had a small redish mark on my breast which I thought was maybe a pimple but I scratched at it and now it's turned into a blood blister. should I be ?

I had a std test 2 weeks ago and I came back clean but today I found a small white lump in the middle of my bottom lip ?

I had a very lumpy swollen bump with a slight white head on it near my smile line like a bite almost i squeezed it and a clear fluid came out a lot it?

I had a white spot on my nipple and I squeezed it and it was just like puss from a zit,should I be worried,please help I'm 16 btw ?

I had a zit I popped above my lip and it turned into looking like a blister and tingled. I popped it again and white puss came out. Herpes of zit?

I had clear little bumps on 1vagina lip that was painless so i popped them in clear fluid came out now the next day its alil pink in sore?

I had last week a pimple like a pea on the upper of my buthole it hurted only when i wipe i put fucidin on it now its smaller and white!is it serious?

I had paronychia about a week now. Wht should i do?now the blister getting bigger n there is white liquid leaked last night but still swollen n hurt

I had spider bite that just got bigger looks a looked red around it has white bubble top I poped it and white stuff came out yellowish?

I had this blister for a week and now i finally popped it, it was bleeding is that normal?

I had this boil lookin thing on my inner thigh so i went to pop it with needle when i did it went in about half the needle was it a boil? It pussed

I Had This Bump On The Bottom Lining Of My Right Breast. When i "popped"it blood & puss came out. But now the "pimple" is still hard? BreastCancer?

I had this painful bumb under my arm. And when I squeezed it hair and deoderrant came out. It freaked me out what is it?

I had this pimple and when I popped it a hard black rice sized object came out of it what is this called should I see a doctor?

I had this tiny pimple on my nipple, i popped it and white stuff came out. Is it normal to get pimples in the nipple?

I had used a condom and the next day i had clear pimple like bumps on the base of my penis. I popped them and now they are gone...What could that be?

I had what i think was a boilon my butt rupture when i wiped today. It bled a lot. There is a big hole and it is deep red in color. Is this a boil?

I had what seemed to be a boil on the inside of my inner thigh. It popped and some blood mixed with puss came out. Any type of ointment I can apply?

I hada lesion underchin..white hard puss came from it with no known cause.lasted several months and I became lathargic..what could it be?

I have 1 spot on the outta lip of my vagina I popped it and puss came out its now scabbed over should I be worried it has got smaller?

I have 3 bumps in my pubic area and I squeezed one and puss came out I'm scared do you know what it is?

I have 3 clear bumps on my waterline. Should i be worried?

I have a big bubble like bump on the inside of my ankle it finally busted and it leaked now it's all black .what could that have been?

I have a big red painful pimple on my inner thigh. Pus came out on it's own, should I squeeze it until the whitehead comes out?

I have a blister type bump on my breast. It kinda popped today. The stuff inside was not a liquid but very firm and smelt kinda abnormal. Is this some?

I have a blood blister inside my left cheek.In last 2 months there have been 4 bb, they poped up and now this new one happened. How to get ride of it?

I have a boil on my vagina. It was small but then became bigger and has white stuff inside ..this morning it popped on its own and blood came out. ?

I have a boil, it made a scab, came off and I drained all thepuss. it left 2 holesholes in the skin that you can look into. what do I do?

I have a bump in my nose i cleaned it with peroxide and it popped with pus and blood coming out. Came back. What is it?

I have a bump next to my vagina and its really big and painful and i tried to pop it and blood was coming out but it wasnt shrinking what is it?

I have a bump on my chest First thought it was a pimple but ended up not be one it has been there for over 4 months Should I be worried ?

I have a bump on my genital area, I squeezed it and puss came out. What could this be?

I have a bump on my mon pubis that grew and when it burst, pus came out and now it is very irritating. should i be worried?

I have a bump on my mons pubis, didn't mess with it, had it for a week, just recently popped and white pus & blood came out, it is painful &a sore. ?

I have a bump on my penis shaft, and i don't know what it is. It isn't painful or anything. I popped it once only blood and pus came out. Any ideas?

I have a bump on my penis. Looks like a pimple. It came to a head, I squeezed it and exhumed a solid whitehead. Should I be worried?

I have a bump on my vagina an it's filled with puss an blood it hurts an sometimes itchy what could it be should I go get check?

I have a bump on my vagina lip its red, swollen and painful i tried squeezing it and nothing came out what can it be?

I have a bump on the back of my head, and when i got my grandma to squeeze it she said blood came out. Is it possible for it to be a boil or cyst?

I have a bump on the outside of my vagina that normally is filled with puss and i can pop. Tried to drain today and blood came out. What could this be?

I have a bump on the side of my vagina and inner thigh popped it several times and blood and puss comes out but it comes back weeks later. Wat do I do?

I have a bump that has been cracked and blood and puss came out on penis and now same thing on my arm. I've only recieved hand what could this be ?

I have a bump thats been on my hand for a while. It itch when i first got it and when i squeezed it juice came out now nothing comes out what is this?

I have a bumps on my right breast that look like pimples, I get them frequently but have never messed with them until today, all that came out was puss. What could this be?

I have a c-section scar from 20 years ago. Yesterday it felt itchy and when I touched it, there was a little pus and an odor.

I have a couple of pimple like bumps (no itch/pain) on my labia maj.popped them and puss came out cleaned it with alcohol and put poly on, herpes???!

I have a couple thick spots on the inside of my leg which wont heal and gives out blood and puss when squeezed what can this be ?

I have a cyst it was red but now it poped and liquid came with a white pus it starting to hurt is this normal ?

I have a cyst on my buttcrack I notice it had a white scab and I decided to pick it then a lot of pus and blood came out what can I do for it to heal ?

I have a disgusting spot or something under my fat on the waist line I popped whit puss out earlier then bled a bit now hurts to touch ?

I have a hard bump on my vagin that hurts...Ive put a hot towel on it and it csme to a head, I squeezed it and puss and thin blood came out, it went down and stop hurting but its still there and sometimes itchy. What could this be?

I have a hard bump on my vagina. It hurt so I put a hot towel on it, squeezed it and puss and thin blood came out. It went down but it's still there and it itches sometimes. It's on top of the vagina were the pubic hair is.

I have a hard lump best my vagina lip, I popped it a couple of days ago and blood with some clear stuff came out hasn't gone away, what can it be?

I have a hole on top of my knee It was a dark red blister. I lanced it n a lot I mean a lot of puss came out n shot everywhere. I got it clean n now it's a dark red hole that leaks clear liquid. Around the hole is red and beneath the skin the size of a ha

I have a ingrown hair and the bump popped. Some white stuff came out of it. Some blood came out. What to do to it.