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2mm slightly raised clear-ish bump w/slight dent middle. Extracted once, white stuff came out, healed, but came back. Could be cancer, or mulloscum?

3 small cysts on neck. How do I treat them? Dr popped one and white stuff came out but it came back. I popped one & just blood came out. Ok to pop them and can just blood come out with no white stuff

3 weeks ago i got a small lump come up on my finger, a week later a head appeared on it and now it is all opened up and the flesh is exposed.

4 days ago my husband noticed I had a cluster of small red clear fluid filled blisters on my lower abdomen. they did not hurt itch till yesterday ?

7 month baby has two spots on Face, never go away. One I popped pus out. It's still there and Red. Whats the possibility I've scarred him? Worried

A big white zit was on top of my vaginal area. I squeezed it, & white stuff came out of it. Now it's just small & red.Not sex active. Is this serious?

A painless lump under my bumcheek thought it was a boil without white head when i squezed hard watery blood came out and went down slightly What is it?

A pimple on my nose popped, and minimal blood and pus came out. Should I be worried?

A red pimple looking lump popped up on my chest. That night it popped. It bled then scabbed over. then bled again on and off for 3 days. now puss comes out. it is still completely red. what is it?

A small reddish bump near my vagina appeared a week ago and i popped it and blood came out what could this be?

A spot on my hip popped up tht looked like a blood blister but seemed to be attached to fat and was deep, was told its cellulitis and now its allover!

After bitting the skin off my lips i got two bumps and several white dots. It looks like puss but nothing came out, only clear fluid when i smiled.

After popping a boil I have a huge hole should I be worried?

After Shaving About A Month Ago Pimple/Bump Appeared On Outer Labia Popped It Pus Came Out Scabbed And Went Away What Is This Another Came And Same?

Almost black bump on the outside of leg.Reminded me of a pimple, and it hurt. I squeezed it and lots of dark blood came out like pimple but no puss?

Are warts on lips common I got all 3 vaccines. Bc I had a white head popped it and now I have a red/nude looking pimple where it was. ?

Around period, I get lots of pimples. Got one large pimple above my breast. Its now a scab and has been for 3ish days. Should I be worried?

Before i took a shower today i looked at my armpit in the mirror and found white chunks which i thought was just deodorant but when i squeezed it whit?

Big black bump on my chest popped it so much puss came out now it looks like a big hole or crater and its yellow and redish any answers or thoughts

Big pimple in my ear, on the concha. It popped and pus, yellow stuff/blood came out. Now it's refilling with pus again.

Boil has popped and stopped bleeding. But it is hard under the skin.

Boil on the side of my breast for3 months now. I popped it myself and pus and blood came out. But there is a white hard mass that wonT come out itdeep?

Boil/ abbess on labia majora for 7 years. Squeezed daily sometimes white stringy puss comes out and other times plasma, what is it?

Bump on butt cheek leaking blood and puss for 3weeks. ?

Bump on vagina?Feels like its under my skin. Its hard & can't rlly be seen. No discolouration. When popped sum yellow puss cameout. Should i be worried

Bump on vagina.4 days ago I seen it.Tryed to pop it nothing.Yesterday I tried again.Clear stuff came out & skin pilled off like a sunburn. What is it?

Bumps with puss not scabies told it's exscama but I don't think it is it hurts and itches n it's sometimes yellow puss and white ?

Bust my lip got it stitched and puss is coming out why?

Can a mole pop like a pimple/cyst? Bump under tattoo that popped when squeezed concerned it may not have been a cyst. Unable to tell color

Can a zit on the corner or your mouth crust over when it's healing? It had a white head and popped so i assume its not herpes but I am still worried.

Can genital warts bleed? I have these dark colored bumps on my libia. Iv popped them they bleed and went away and one popped on it on. What is this?

Can gential warts be clearish small bumps and be popped? Then go away and come back a month later?

Can skin cancer pop? Had pink bump on arm that got bigger quickly. Popped it, clear fluid came out and it went flat but seems to be coming back now.

Can you tell me is it bad that I've popped the blissters from posion ivy and puss is coming out?

Clear fluid filled, light pink pimples that meet where the dick and ballsack are. they itch. popped them and now they are scabby, red, dried and swoll?

Clogged pores and some come up in a skin coloured bump that goes down once squeezed but refills a month later with white stuff again nothing works?

Cut my hand last wed still hasn't close and it looks like puss coming out what should I do?

Cyst on back on my earlobe popped today, green pus and some blood. What should I do now?

Dark brown mole that grew like a pimple & became itchy &painful- similar to a pimple. I popped it and watered down blood came out. Do I see a Dr?

Does skin cancer pop and go flat? Has pink bump on arm that got bigger quickly, popped it and clear fluid came out and went flat. But not going away?

Dr squeezed my breasts really hard and a tiny bit of fluid came out of both.I was 23, never had baby she said it's normal?

Every few month I have this white crust in my nipples IV got to pick out. Is this normal?

Felt a pimple type tiny bump in my ear near lobule but the bump is on the inside only(doesn't show)I pressed white stuff/puss came out from piercing ?

Female friend has a whitehead looking dot on skin of clitoris when pulled up. It accidentally popped and little blood came out. What is it?

For 5 weeks a bump with a white head on stomach. Thought it was acne, squeezed it. Kept coming back. Now, scabbed over with raised red ring around.

Found a blister or pimple like red lump in my belly button. Clear fluid came out of it. What could it be? Put dettol on it. Doesn't smell or itch.

Found three really tiny clear bumps on different fingers. When popped tiny bit clear fluid came out and then disappeared. What is this?

Found what looked like 1 red pimple near butt crack-it was really hard to pop but i did it and clear liquid and blood came out. Herpes?

Frequent zits on my nipples and when i squeeze them black and red stuff comes out. Is this serious?

Genital lesion that i pulled off and when i squeezed it , it looked like wax. What could it be?

Got a blister like bump on my hand.I popped it and clear liquid came out but now it looks like blood n there.It hurts and itches wut could it b?

Got a pimple on my chin, hard white stuff came out. Clear liquid, crust. Went away; one came in below it, now one on my butt cheek. What is this?

Got a red bump on my thumb that's been there for months, I popped it once and white stuff came out but the bump didn't go away and it's still here?

Got bit by a cat Saturday and since then a pimple like bubble has formed over the wound and is getting red around the area and pimple is getting large?

Growth on inside of labia menora. Tried to squeeze, only a little blood came out. Put hydrogen peroxide on it, and now white.Nothing coming out. Help?

Had a blister type bump on my upper front thigh it looked like it had puss in it but when i barley squeezed all that came out was clear liquid.Herpes?

Had a hyst, then six weeks out felt a kind of pop and yellow stuff came out. What was that? Should I have told someone?

Had a pimple on my inner thigh. Very large, but under skin. Popped it, but no puss came out. I felt it pop under my skin. Should I worry about this?

Had a single bump on her vagina near the top and it came to a non watery head and poped it and after head was gone there was clear fluid she's shaved?

Had bump near tonsil came out filled with pus.took antibiotics it got shrink but still a very tiny pus dot on it?It never pop even i press.shudworry?

Had sex yesterday&I already have folliculitis but today different kind of pimples popped up. small, not clustered, white pus,popped easy.herpes?sweat?

Hard lump in armpit. Hurts. I finally squeezed it yesterday &whitish green liquid came out then some blood. It keeps filling up again. What do I do?

Hard pea sized lump in the vaginal area just got it today and popped it and puss like stuff came out what could the bump be? It's still really hard.

Have a bump next to the arreola n puss came out when i press it is it a pimple or something worse help im worriedh?

Have a persist pimple like lump near the nose hole but inside, it lasted few weeks, what do I do?

Have a red bump on forehead, been there for over a month- pea size. When attempting to pop, a little clear fluid came out.

Have a small cyst in front of my ear has been there for years. I noticed it broke open and a lot of pus came out should I be concerned?

Have boil between butt cheeks.Tried squeezing it, only blood and clear pus came out and tore skin off top.Now hurts bad and is really big. What to do?

Have clogged pores but theres abit on my chin that is raised i squeeze it and white stringy stuff comes out it shrinks and refills again a month later?

Have found a bump above Vagina near thigh. Popped like a zit and had pus and blood. Could it be herpes?

Hello doctor I have got a verucca with puss in what do I do ?

Hello I have a itchy pimple inside my inner labia and it has been there for a couple of days. I recently popped it. Should i be concerned?

Hello I have a pimple on my vaginal hood and I've recently popped it the other day but still sore an looks like might be coming back ?

Hello I have this thing on my vagina looks like a boil but it's not . Brown puss came out of it looks like it's infected ?

Hello, i'm having some problems with the tip of my nose.. its very red and tender and sore as heck... squeezed it today and puss came out.. ?

Help something on genitals so idnt relly know how to describe this but I have something on my vagina , the surface. It isnt really a bump, but it does have this white stuff in the middle but its not puss , i can pull it out and it breaks off , what is thi

Herpes? Or infection? I had about 5-7 "pimples" on my butt. They did not itch, or hurt when i touched them. I popped them, it was clear and light blood

Hi 20 years old recently i popped a pimple on my face and it kept bleeding could something be wrong worried and scared?

Hi a bump came up in my daughter left ear, when my wife used a Cotten swab to clean puss came out of it .

Hi Dr. saw a bump on my shaft, yellow crust &pimple aspect, I popped it and pus and a white fluid followed by blood came. Can syphilis start like that?

Hi I got a boil at the lip of my vagina it got a small hole an drain but it leave a lump in it thats hurts have not gone down back to normal ?

Hi i had something onmy face near my cheekbone it looked liked a pimple that was teady to be poped but every time i tryed it just would not tonight i got a needle and poked a hole in it..what came out was a tiny little ball it was hard and there

Hi i had a boil on my bottom i popped it and it scabbed for a bit, but then that ripped off and now it is a bit of a hole weeping blood and puss, ?

Hi I had a cyst on my neck for 2 years now,but recently it turned yellow like a pimple does so I sqeezed it and got some stuff out,but now it has swollen to 5 times the size and is hard as a rock and hurts and sometimes get those white spots like pimples

Hi I have a ? I had a small pimple looking thing on the lip of my vagina. It formed yesterday and popped today and had puss and blood come out of it. Should I be worried?

Hi I have a huge white head inside my nose and it s really irritating i popped it and now there is a hole what can I do it was white and brownish in t?

Hi I have a red spot on my labia majora went to doc said it was pimple but it's still here after a month tried popping only blood came out what can it?

Hi I have some red pimples on my face with puss mixed of yellowish & blood comes out since past 3 years?

Hi there, my forth toe is swollon, with a greyish looking lump on the side of the toe nail, i just popped it and a creamy brownish puss came out of it?

Hi, I have a bump on my vagina, just noticed it. I tried to squeeze and blood came out, should I be worried??

Hi, i have a hole under my stomach, its only small but a bit of puss is coming out. i suffer from boils alot and just wondered if it was one of those?

Hi, i just popped a boil (i think it was a boil) along my panty line and it has caused a slight hole. Im super worried about it. Is this normal?

His scabbed cold sore came in contact with muy nipple and as he sucked it hard he left me a small cut.... I'm so scared. What should I do?

How can I get rid of a pimple on my lip line? I squeezed it a lot and now it hurts. A lot of white stuff came out. I never got a pimple here before.

How can u tell if a one year old cherry been popped or messed with?

How do you know if your cherry is popped? My boyfriend fingered me and there was bleeding a while back. Did he pop it?

How do you no if a guy poped your cherry?

I accidentally burned myself it's really small & now it's alil bubble am i suppose to pop it ?

I accidentally popped a mucous cyst on my lip. Should I be worried about the risk of infection?

I already asked my question got 3 answers from shaving vaginal and now it popped and white puss and blood is gone. Warm rag helped a lot still hurts?