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have a small pinkish fordyce on my penis shaft. The rest are all white does not pain, itch & is the same size. What could this be?

I have these spots on the underside of my penis that are filled with a cheesy liquid they have been there for about a year and wounded what they are?

17, male, i have a small red spot on my scrotum. can it be cancer?

2 tiny ( less than 1 mm) white bumps on my penis shaft for 3 weeks. Painful and hard when i try to squeeze them. Dont change during 3 weeks. Any idea?

2 white unpoppable bumps on testicle sack?

3 skin colored painless bumps that don't itch appeared on the top of the head of my circumcised penis that I don't know what it is..

7 month old son has a white bump size of pin hole on the tip of his penis. What could this be and what should I do?

9 month old has red spots on testicles and penis, should I be concerned?

A small part of the skin on my glans penis has turned grayish in colour. It is not painful. I want to know if there is anything to worry about!

A very small red pimple-like bump literally just appeared on my penis shaft should I be worried? How do I get rid of if?

A white slightly risen patch appeared on the bottom shaft of my penis. Its painless doesnt flake or itch but Has raised my concerns on what this is?

After sex noticed red small dots on my penis and it's very itchy?

Are little tiny skin colored bumps normal on the trunk of my penis?

Are pearly penile papules always in a row or can they be random? 3 white head pimple looking dots on either side of frenulum

Are white spots on penis contagious?

At the tip of my penis there is some bumps that looks like it is spreading an it's white and it scratches?

Been having 8-10 red, raised, painless, bumps with white tips on lower penile shaft for 5 days. Each one has a single hair follicle growing from them.

Big red bump on penis. What are possible causes?

Black colorin on my tip of penis?

Black dot on my penis? Dear doctor- i have a small black dot on my penis shaft, I have no idea what it is. I am only 16 years old and i've never had sex. I never feel pain or anything from my penis, the dot is just there. It's almost like a freckle but o

Black/purple spot on the tip of my penis. What could this be?

Boyfriend has tiny white bumps on his penis, is this warts?

Bruise like purple mark on foreskin of penis. What could this be?

Can anyone tell me what could these little white itchy bumps on my penis be?

Can anyone tell me what white itchy bumps on the shaft means ?

Can masturbation causes small white head looking bumps to show up on the penis?

Can pearly penile papules have a hint of red on it or is it able to have reddish color?

Can you get pearly penile papules near or on your frenulum I have 3 small whitehead looking dots on either side of frenulum?

Cause of purple spot on penis?

Clusters of tiny white bumps beneath penis glans, appear after intercourse, std?

Could you tell me please what are the cause of 7 red pimples above my penis.Thanks?

Could you tell me what are really tiny little spots or dimples on your penis are they common?

Could you tell mewhat could 6 or 7 red like pimples above my penis be.thanks?

Dr my penis has changed colour, it has lost its colour. I am a white man but the top 20% of my penis has become colourless, white. What can I do.

For the past 4 months I have been having three white dome shaped looking pimples show up on the shaft of my penis. Is this herpes?

Foreskin is itchy with white substance, should I be concerned?

Getting white patches in my penis. ..Why...?

Going through puberty have little white bumps on my shaft on my penis but one reddish bump that is towards the top of the shaft. what is it?

Good day! I am curious about the small white patches around my pubic area and around my penis and sometimes its itchy and sometimes not. What is it?

Grey/white patches on underside of penis glans, what is this?

Had small lesion on penis shaft. Urologist removed. (Not std, not cancerous) After, the skin turned white. 6 mo later, still white. Scar tissue? Ok?

Had unprotected sex about 4 months ago and notice there is small painless flesh colored bumps around my penis head and around ring and slightly red ?

Had white bump on penis shaft for a few days, came a day after shaving, popped and left blood only, is this normal?

Hard white skin under rim of my penis, what could this be?

Have a small white ovular spot near the glans of the penis. It is ever so slightly raised. I also have epididymitis-(hernia related?What could spot be

Have red tiny patches that come and go on my penis. What should I do?

Have tiny white pumps on shaft of penis. What is this.Had this for four years. Tingles sometime.

Hello doctor, I have these white pimples on my penis shaft and balls sack, and its increasing, its been there for almost 2 months now, it doesn't itch?

Hello I have been having some itching on my penis. No discharge but I have tiny small bumps on the head along with the skin a little red and pink help?

Hello, I have a bright reddish pink spot on the base of my penile head as well as scabbed spot that formed where the head touches the sack. it itches?

Hello, i have alot of small white bumps on my penile shaft, what can i do to get rid of the bumps?

Hello, i noticed small red or pink spots on the head of my penis a week ago. There were some near the urethra and more concentrated on the left sectio?

Hello, i recently noticed that I have small shinny spots all over my penis that were not there before i don't know what it is, i looked it up and i think it's Fordyce spots.

Hello. A couple days ago i first noticed a small pimp/bump halfway up my penis. It was red on the outside with a white center. Hello. A couple days ago i first noticed a small pimp/bump halfway up my penis. It was red on the outside with a white center. T

Help me please! there are small red dots around penis head, what do I do?

Help please! A few days ago I noticed 3 small tiny black dots on the shaft of my penis. They are not raised and do not itch or hurt. Thoughts?

Hey I have little white dots on the base of my penis kinda like white heads. What should I do?

Hey, I've noticed that underneath the head of my penis that theres these little white bumps and when I have an erection they they turn red. ?

Hi doctor i have little white pimple dots on my penile shaft i popped one and now it is scabbed over and red but it doesnt itch or hurt or anything?

Hi I have a pale white spot on the head of my penis when i pull my foreskin back. It was never there before what could it be?

Hi I have just seen that I have small red dots on the inside of the tip of my foreskin but I'm a virgin what could it be?

Hi I have these tiny white spots almost looks like a rash all over my penis head and some on shaft, it's not ppp, it looks like tysons glands.

Hi i'm 24 white and have noticed some bumps on my penis. Flesh colour like above the 4 skin . What is the best way i can tell if it HPV or warts ?

Hi my husband has a small purple circle on his penis what would it be?

Hi there can u tell me what it mean your foreskin & penis is painful & red?

Hi, i have a flat white patch on the head of my penis, its about 1cm in diameter. It has never hurt or itched, what could it be?

Hi, i have little white bumps on my penis all around, and little bumbs on the edge of the head. What is this?

Hi, almost a month ago i found a single white/fleshy coloured bump on the lower part of my shaft of my penis. should i be worried?

Hi, I have four, small, whitish, slightly raised bumps on the right side of my penile shaft. I just shaved last week but also I have never had sex.

Hi, I have little red bumps on my penis and doctors said its common for guys to have this. Is there an ointment to help smooth out the bumps?

Hi, I have yellowish tanish small numbs on my scrotum and my penis shaft? I don't know what it is please help. Thank you

Hi. I discovered a tiny patch of scar-like spot on the penis outerskin. On and off for the month. No pain, nothing. Any advice please?

Hi. I have white patches on inside skin on my penis. can you suggest how to clear them.

How can I get rid of a small red patch on penis head?

How do I clean an uncircumcised penis so red spots do not show up?

How to lose a tiny spot on my penis?

Hwy i have these yellowish bumps at the end of my forskin not underneath the forskin. Can u help me?

I am a 26 year old male. I have painless pale red small lesions on penis and scrotum.

I burned off a flat mole on my penis glans, it's white now after 2 days, will it stay white forever?

I found three small white bumps on the tip of my clitoral glans that are irritated when touched. Is this something serious?

I got small spots on my penis just wound ring what it is ?

I hav small white bumps on my uncircumsized skin of my penis?

I have 1 puss filled spot on my penis, should I be worried?

I have 2 raised red bumps on base of penis?

I have 2 red dots on the foreskin of my penis it doesn't hurt and doesn't itch should I be scared and what do you think it may be?

I have 2 small round, raised bumps on my penis shaft. They are painless and brown in colour and don't look like warts or Fordyce spots?

I have 2 small ulcers on the shaft of my penis about a centimetre apart. they are dark in the center with a white ring around them and red inflamed ?

I have 3 little white bumps on the shaft of my penis that's kinda swelling what can it be?

I have 3 or 4 brownish colored bumps on penis shaft. The poped up about 5 months ago. Never seen them before then. I do have pictures.

I have a black large dry patch on my penis below the head. Any idea what it could be?

I have a bruise looking dot on my penis that wasn't there this morning what could that be ?

I have a cluster of yellow little bumps around the head of my penis and some on my shaft it itches at night and skin is scaly and sheds when erect ?

I have a couple of small red dots on the surface of my penis, I have a bunch of small cuts on the tips of my penis' skin it comes and goes really itchy?

I have a few small red spots on the shaft of my penis, what are they?

I have a few very small, raised, skin/orangey coloured bumps on the base edge of the head of my penis. Should I be worried?

I have a flat black spot on my penis shaft is this normal?

I have a flat black spot on my penis shaft is this normal?

I have a huge red Fordyce spot on my penis that is 3 times the size of my others and has a white dot on the top of it. Its very painful?

I have a little tiny red spot on my penis head it doesn't hurt and it doesn't burn but is noticeable?

I have a lot of little bumps with a white top on my penis, what could this be. And how to threat it?