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16wks pregnant. Feels like I have a sunburn on the back of my legs from my butt down to my feet & it hurts to the touch or when I sit. Help??

18 years old, female and a virgin. Right side bottom of my vagina hurts as well as the lower face of my butt. It hurts before my pee comes out?

37 weeks pregnant with a large boil in groin area. What can I do for it it hurts so bad i can barely sit down?

A huge lump is on my pubic hair area & it hurts very bad it's even hurting my tummy what is this?

After sex the top and the lips of my vagina always tend to hurt - the left side of the top of the vagina or pubic bone really hurts when pressed on?

Am a virgin but the bottom of my left labia is swollen and hurts when i walk?

At the tip of my butt crack/ end of my tailbone it stings almost like a stabbing. I haven't done anything to it. And im unsure what it could be?

Bad pain in the top of bum when i sit down, what do you recommend?

Between my legs from my bum hole to my ball bags I have what seems to ba a long scab what could this be?

Bump under skin outside of vagina by thigh/bikinni line, hurt but no longer hurts, getting bigger, been there for 3 weeks and hasnt goneaway is it cancer?

Butt continually hurts and burns plus itiches every night, this has been going on about 2 months what can cause this?

Butt hurts and scrotum is raw, what's happening?

Can hemorrhoids make tailbone feel swollen?

Can tight pants be the cause of constipation ? Whenever its too tight my insides hurt.

Can yr keddneys swell up and press on the bowl?

Clitoris area feels sore or bruised. If I sit a certain way or my pants push against that area it makes it worse?

Do motorcycles hurt the butt?

Earlobe is itchy with bumps on it and burns and water comes out of it. It hurts when I lay down ?

Gny doctors please help urgently? Bottom is burning from depilatory so can't sit.

Had a fall and have a very swollen bum cheek could this be anytjing serious?

Have a knot on inside of vaginal. Doesn't hurt to touch, but it hurts wen i sit or get up from sitting. What could this possibly be?

Hello i am 20 years old boy, it has been 2 days since i have got big pimples around my butt, and it hurts when i sit or walk what to do?

Hello , I've recently got two pimples inside my crack line and it hurs like crazy to pee or walk what can I do ?

Hello good morning I have this rather large bump on the inside of my left butt cheek close to my anus hole it hurts really bad and makes it hard to use the bathroom what could this be?

Hello i have a big problem i shaved my vagina area and i have red bumps that r hard and cant touch them they hurt so bad its hurts to stand?

Hello, it's been 2 days that i have a hard bump on the outside part of my vigina that hurts a lot when I walk or sit. I have used antibiotic cream?

Hemorrhoid, doesn't hurt to use the bathroom, hurts to touch or moving around. Will it go away on its own? don't want to go to doctor. Size of a pea.

Her inner lip I belive is quite swollen and is poping out. She said it's quite uncomfortable to walk , sit , & pee; it burns & it itches at times ?

Hey I put veet the hair removal on my butt area and now my butt and butt hole is very sensitive and burning . It hurts when I walk when I sit down an?

Hi i have a bump on the outside of my vagina near my thigh it doesnt hurt its about the suze of a dime it feels as though it may pop but im not sure

Hi I have a tiny wound NEXT to my anus, just OUTSIDE the anus ring... It does not hurt when pressed. It goes away when I rest a lot but when I walk it comes back. What is this?

Hi I recent had to get a shot in my butt and now I have a lump and its very sore its hard for me to sit down what should I do ?? Please help

Hi, I have a bump in or on my anus. It hurts when i wipe it and itches when i walk. Do you know what this is?

Hi! I have had a few bumps on my inner thigh that won't go away. They don't hurt, itch or burn. They're just there. There are maybe 5 of them?

Hi. I have had a bruise on my butt crack for several days now and it gets worse everyday. now has a white head on a lump. I cannot sit down anymore.

How am i supposed to sit down and not irritate the boil on my butt?

How can I help my 3yr old not have such a big bm i know its got to hurt her bottom..Is there anything to give her?

How come my anus hurts at random times like sitting in long meetings?

Hurt my groin 3 weeks ago. Today I accidentally irritated it more. But now under butt cheek and back of leg all the way down hurts too. What can I do?

Husband slipped and fell on wet stairs now he has a lump at the top of his butt crack that's very painful and swollen. Any ideas?

I am a 23 year old female. I have a golf ball sized lump on the top of my butt- crack. It is very painful i can't walk or sit. What could this be?

I am a woman and shaved it hurt to walk now i noticed a bump hard on top of virginia?

I am having pain near my navel area. It hurts when I stretch or get up and walk. It don't look infected. What could it be?

I developed a sudden bump on anus. I have had it for a week. It does not hurt to touch, but I feel pressure when standing too long. I am 35 years old?

I feel as if I pulled my groan from my private area. What should I do. Very painful when I walk?

I fell down some stairs about 2 years ago and now I have a large lump on my butt, at times it swells and hurts. How can I get it to go away?

I get a bump on my butt sometimes. It dries up and goes away after a week or two. Is it from sitting too much?

I got my boil lace six months ago and it still hurt why?

I have a knot on the inside if my leg almost the tween my leg. Hurts very bad . Pants are very uncomfortable when they rub it . What do I do.?

I have a big lump on my vigana lip and its big and it hurts I can't wait or sit what can I do so it will shirink?

I have a big pimple like bump on my skin in between my balls and my ass, it hirts to walk and sometimes sit. What do i do?

I have a big red sore bump on my vulva & when i stand or sit it hurts what home rememedies should I do toget rid ofit& i don't have sex what can it be?

I have a big red sore bump on my vulvua and it hurts when i pee stand or sit what OTC oitment to take i don't have sex?

I have a boil on my right buttock in between the two buttocks, below vagina not on or near anus.Hurts to sit, walk, etc. No health insurance help?

I have a boil on my right thigh it burst blood and pus came out the area is hard red and swollen also it hurt when I walk and sit.please help?

I have a boil on my tailbone where my butt crack starts its really hard and hurts so bad what should I do?

I have a boil on the inside of my labia. It is swollen and very painful to sit, walk or do daily activities. What should I do?

I have a boils very near between my anus and vagina and its very painful n getting bigger. I can't sit or walk properly now. I'm afraid its tumor?!

I have a bone right inside the top of my anus and it makes it difficult to do sit ups. ?

I have a bump at the top of my butt crack. It hurts to put pressure on it. Any way to tell if it's a pilonidal cyst before I can see a doctor monday?

I have a bump on my bicep and it only hurts when it is touched. Is it a knot because I did push ups a couple a days ago. If so how can I get rid of i?

I have a bump on my butt ~1.5in away from anus. It hurts to sit. What could it be? Will hydrocortizone help? Or ice pack?

I have a bump on my buttuck that itch and I put neosporin on it and in 3 days it's going than maybe two or three month it come back its this sacral?

I have a bump on my vagina and it hurts when I walk or sit down can u tell me what I can do I have soak in warm water for 3 days now?

I have a bump on the inside of my vagina lips by my hole. It hurts bad and i am really uncomfortable. It hurts when i walk, sit and stand? Help me??

I have a bump on the rim of my anus it doesn't bleed but hurts when i touch it and gets irritated when i walk could this be a hemorrhoid?

I have a bump rite between my butt cheeks its by anal.I don't know if its a zit but everytime i sit are walk it hurts really bad & causes discomfort.?

I have a bump under my vagina. I tried popping it but it hurts really bad. What do I do.

I have a cyst near my vagina.Dr told me to sit baath. To sore what can I do?

I have a golf ball size abcess on my right labia minora. I cant walk, sit, or even sleep. Its red and hot. Idk what it is, but its extremely painful.

I have a hard bump at the top of my butt. It's sore to the touch and if i move or sit a certain way it's very painful. Any idea what it could be?

I have a hard lump on my inner thigh (next to my scrotum) it dosent hurt to walk but it hurts when i put pressure on it it feels under the skin.

I have a hard painful bump over my sacrum. I can't sit down, stand, drive, lay down unless on stomach. It is inflammation. Is it normal for it to scab?

I have a hard sopt at the front of my butt hole, what could this be?

i have a hard thing inside my penis on the top of it near my stomache... it hurts when i try to bend my penis down or if i touch it...

I have a inner boil on my back thigh with no head. Everytime I touch it or when I wash and I run a rag across it,it hurts and itches at the same time. It also feels like a tender hole behind my skin. What should I do?

I have a lager painful lump near my anus it's squishy it moves I can't sit down how do I get rid of it ?

I have a large bump under skin between my vagina and my leg. Hurts to walk and when I do, it seems to get bigger. What is it? And what should I do?

I have a litte pumr outside the lip of my vigina and it kinda hurt, cant u please tell me what is this...thank u...a?

I have a little brooze at the top of my bum crack that is very sore and i can't sit down and walk properly :( help?

I have a lump on my inner vagina that hurts when i tpuvh it or if i sit a certain way?

I have a lump on my underwear lline and everytime i sit down it hurts a bit like it irritates it what could it be?

I have a lump on the inside of my outer vagina lip it painful when I walk sit or just stand with my legs to close. It feels like a big bump on vain?

I have a lump on tip of butt crack get it frequently and can't sit down rite or lay down rite hurts to get up and also hurts to bend over?

I have a pain on my bum cheek, I looked and it's swollen making it very hard for me to walk or sit down? What should I do

I have a painful hard round lump just out side my vaginal canal. It hurts to stand, sit, walk, and lay down. It also itches. What is going on?

I have a painful lump on the inside of my vaginal opening it hurts when I sit a certain way when I walk and it's very painful during sex I am 49 years?

I have a pimple like bump around my upper leg and it hurts like hell. Whenever I'm walking my jeans rub against it. Please tell me how to remove it. ?

I have a pimple like bump in between my butt and vagina. I wear tight jeans occasionally. When will it go away?

I have a pimple On my booty and it hurt?

I have a really big pimple on my butt it hurts really badly and the only way i can sit is sitting on one butt cheek my butt hurtss!?

I have a small bump in my butt hole and it hurts to stand or tighten my buttocks together.. just started today 7/23/14 less then an hour ago. ?

I have a small lump on the top of my buttcrack. Hurts bad when I sit and lay down. What could it be?

I have a sore between my vagina and my thigh. I've had it for 5 years, doesn't hurt/itch but bleeds if I pick it then comes back. Why won't it go away?

I have a sore hard lump on.My vigina. What can I ddo to get ride of it?

I have a sore in the top of my butt crack it's itchy and painful it has gone away and come back about 4 times lasting 2 weeks what do u think it is?

I have a sore or a bump of some kind rite at the end but inside of my butthole. It hurt when i poop. What should I do or what is it?

I have a spot in my butt when i do poo it really kills what is this all i cant harldey walk sit down then?

I have a spot in the crease of my thigh and vagina that is very sore and smells really bad. It is very hard to walk because of it. I dont wear underwe?

I have a swollen lump at the top of my buttcrack and between. Visually it looks normal but it hurts when I sit or lay on my back. What is it?