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I have a red bump on my lower labia majora. It is not risen from the skin and only have pain when touched. Is this an ingrown hair?

I plucked and ingrown hair on bikini line and now its big and red. Can't sit normally or wear underwear. What should I do? It can't pop it.

1 bump on my penis near hair, little irritation. Appears to be a zit. I popped it white pus came out. Is it an sti, pimple or in grown hair?

1 wart on labia majora formed years ago (when i was a virgin). Looks like ingrown hair i had a few years back. It doesn't hurt. Is it genital warts?

17 yr old picked hair off penis. It now looks like a pimple. Had it for 3-4 weeks now? Not sexually active.

19 year old female, not sexually active.Noticed red itchy bumps in pubic area , they only go away if i shave.Regrowth of hair, itching & bumps reoccur?

2 months ago i shaved my genital area and 2 bumps appeared. At first i thought ingrown hair but they're still there. They don't itch or hurt.?

3 bumps where pubic hair is. Sore only 2 touch. Looks like acne pimples. Bled when i pop them. Present for about 4 days. Shaved w/ nondisposable razor?

3 red painful bumps on mons pubis. Not an ingrown hair or pimple. I am HSV1 positive, but this looks nothing like any previous outbreaks. My lymp?

3 red patches on penis which have been popped leaving only blood, has been red for a week after? Removed pubic hair just before with tweezers

3 tiny vaginal blisters right below pubic hair growth that I popped >1 day after they appeared did not hurt no red outlining the blister not itching ?

4 days ago I found a single groin bump above my shaft. Its a bit sore with no fluid. I feel great otherwise. What could it be? A cyst or ingrown hair?

4 ulcers/sores on vagina, but separate locations. I think I see hair growing out of them. Not painful just minor discomfort. STD? Ingrown hair?

4yrs I operate painful bumps on both of labia majora with hair, located between clit and leg groin. Doc says no big deal. May laser hair removal help?

4yrs I operate painful bumps on labia majora with hair, between clit and leg groin, no breakout, deep under.Doc says no big deal. Laser hair removal?

5 small red bumps 1inch below my waist pubic area-Not infected hairs &are irritated could they be warts that transferred from legs by using same razor

6-8 of the hair follicles on the base of my penis in the pubic hair region have raised a bit and turned darkish-gray or black? Genital warts?

A bump grew on my bikini line. It popped healed not in or on vulva but got 1 more around pubes again. Std's have to actually grow on or in vagina?

A couple of months ago I got a purplish spot on my pubic area after shaving. I thought it was an ingrown hair, but it is still there. What is it?

A friend of mine has a small bluish bump in pubic region, near hairs that is painful and starting to weep. She has never had sex. What could it be?

A month ago I had what I thought was an ingrown hair in inner thigh. Red, painful, had puss. Now it's purple with hard bump under skin?? I'm std free

A pimple has grown on my pubic area. Its paining and its red in colour. How to get rid out of it?

A pimple has grown on pubic area. Its paining and its red in colour. How to get rid out of it?

A pimple in my pubic area & shaved 4 days ago. Not sexually active. The 2nd time but not in same area. Painful and popped full of blood and puss. Help?

A pimple is there on the inside skin of my eyelashes since 4-5 months.what could be the reason ?

A red ingrown hair looking bump. Picked at it now it's a sore and itches. What could it be?

About 3 months ago I shaved my pubic hair for the 1st time. Few days later I noticed there's a bump and it bleeds it's still there and still bleeding.

About 4 weeks ago, I shaved my pubic hair and noticed that it was pigmented. Also, my urehtral opening is black. No pain no itching no other issues.

Acne in pubic area, about 3 weeks ago I had a Brazilian bikini wax done and I noticed today that I have acne there. What can I do? Why does it happen?

After an infection from an ingrown hair that healed up I still have a little lump there it's been about two weeks how long until it goes down ?

After hair removing of my vagina every month i got boils full of pus and it is painful.Wat can I do ?I used razor to remove hair.Plz suggest me

After i shave my legs i get these white dry bumps with small black hair sticking out sometimes all over my legs and it itches. What is this?

After I shave my vagina I get red pimple-like/ ingrown hairs. It hurts to shave it and the bumps hurt. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

After shaving, I noticed small open sores on vaginal area (mainly the outer lip).they are painful and have hair growing out the middle is it herpes?

After waxing, developed bump on mons pubis that grew bigger and sometimes drained. It has been 3 months. What is it?

Almost positive I have ingrown hair on vagina lip. It popped a little in the shower? What do I do to keep from infection?

Am sexually active & now I have bumps on vagina area but it's happened b4 after I shaved & gets itchy only when hair starts to grow. Is it a concern?

An ingrown hair on my pubic area became a huge boil its been 2 weeks now and I have had several in that area, nose, and armpit what is going on?

Any reasons why my legs get ingrown hair bumps?

At first I thought it was an ingrown hair or just a pimple from shaving in my public area, but now I have a cluster of puss like bumps.

Below penis shaft shiny,red, hair follicles inflamed can't see blisters? Protected Sex, shaved around area. Fish smell or myb sweat?No pain, but itch.

Boil or ingrown hair above pubic line- turning red now purple no pus center. Hurts so bad can't touch- no money for doctor is it ok?

Bump above pubic bone cyst or pregnant?

Bump near the pubic bone, should I be concerned?

Bump on labia grows for a couple months and is hard then becomes infected. several year ago I pulled a balled up 6 inch long hair from it. What is thi?

Bump on vag lip, looks like a blood blister/ingrown hair combo, painful when touched, on bikini line straight across from vag hole. what could it be?

Bump under skin, above penis where pubic hair grows. Slight redness, hard, and pain when pushed on. Concerns?

Bump.Under arm found it in january still there it's hard and hurts burns when not shaven not ingrown hair but possibly cyst?What else could it be?

Bumps on legs like hair folicles, what is this?

Bumps on my scrotum are close to where the pubes grow. I don't know what they are. They don't hurt or ooze. I need to know as soon as possible.

Bunp in middle back like in grown hair?

Can a pimple grow on or under a mole? I have a mole that recently started hurting and stinging like a pimple or an irritated ingrown hair recently.

Can Fordyce spots get infected? Shaved my labia kind hurriedly 3 days later noticed 3 tiny white bumps. They don't look like ingrown hairs necessarily

Can Fordyce spots on labia become irritated or inflamed and itchy due to shaving?

Can I use differin (adapalene) cream on labia majora area as i normally shave mh pubic area but past 3 weeks I have had spot there which i burst but it came back.?

Can ingrown hair on my vagina wall get swollen ? If so what can I do

Can moles get lighter in areas constantly exfoliated / shaved, like thighs? I can't recall how it was before.

Can small blisters form ontop of a large ingrown hair?

Can you get pimples in the pubic area? I've had one now for a few days. Doesnt hurt and it can ooze wasnt sure if its a pimple or cyst.

Can you get pimples on your penis? And what does it mean when you are sore and feel bruised where your pubic hair is? Will it go away soon?

Corner of mouth outside is red/painful it cracks and peels no apparent bump/acne/hair follicle etc sometimes goes almost all away then comes back?

Could herpes look like ingrown hair?

Could i cure it myself? I have a small pus-filled bump on my genital area.. Sometimes it swells up and is very painful and it is hard for me to move. I had a dr look at it and he told me it was an ingrown hair. I researched ingrown hairs and that is not

Could this be herpes? I pulled a hair out 4 days ago and it stayed there.

Dark raised bump under belly button. it's been 6 months and it won't go away. was an ingrown hair not sure if I got the hair out. I dig at it every day trying to see if the hair is deep inside, bump never goes away.. what can I do at home or purchase inst

Dark spots neithr painful nor itchy nor swollen on d outter labia. Could it be an irritation or alergy to d way I remove my pubic hair?

Do ingrown hair on vagina hurt and have mucus in them?

Embarrassing bikini line. Whenever the hair is removed, you can see the black hairs and I end up with bad razor bumps. PLEASE help.

Every once in a while i get a large bump in my pubic area after the hair starts to grow back after shaving. It hurts, and my clothes irritate it.

Everytime i shave my hair folicles bump.up and dont go away around my vaginal and under arms. It also leaves dark marks. It is embarrasing. What is it?

Flesh colored/reddish, raised growth under pubic hair, near top of pubic bone. Started growing while pregnant. What is it? Mole? Wart? Skin tag?

Folliculitis or herpes? Big bumps upper inner thighs, a hair in center, there for weeks no change/slight worsening, some red some black, some bleed.

Found 3 red bumps near the bottom of my labia majora. They don't hurt and they aren't clustered together. herpes or ingrown hairs? I shaved a week ago

Found a bump with a black center on it three days ago on the foreskin of my penis. Tried popping it as if it's acne. I still removed it. What is it?

Found a pea sized painful lump (only when touched) on bottom of pubic hair/ start of genitals. Did use shaver to trim yesterday. Likely Ingrown hair?

Getting laser hair removal so I have to shave inside my anus. It hurts and itches and I get bumps, any suggestions?

Got 1 CM wide hard bump under skin at bikini line on inner thigh. Came when bikini wax started growing in 1-2 months ago, no growth or pain. Thanks!

Got a pimple over a month now on the vulva area near the fatty area where the pubic hair grows today I pulled out a ingrown but why does it stil hurt?

Got vaginal exam for hair bumps but he didn't know what to give me. Health tap Doc said a gyno would know. What Other place can help with razor bumps?

Had bumps about 3-5, saw hair growing out of most. The bumps are just now starting to heal. Since its been 4+ weeks herpes or ingrown hair? No pain

Had ingrown hairs on pubic area, but now getting more as well as red raised bumps and cysts & very painful bumps after scratching hair out Im a virgin?

Had two pimples on penis with whiteheads. One had a hair coming out of it and the other one has healed but there's a small hole right where it used to be which looks a hair will grow out of it soon. Pimples were painless and didn't itch. Herpes?

Hair loss after pregnancy. Now I have small itchy/painful red bumps all over scalp, could it be ingrowns from my hair coming back in or something more?

Hair on the penis and balls at the base of the hair is a small bump I have a bunch without hair does that mean hair will come through the bumps too ?

Have 2 little red bumps on my right testilce, I pulled a hair out of both. & both look like swollen hair follicles and not an std. Is that what it is?

Have follicles in the head and they have pus and bleed when tweezer out?

Have hard lump painful to pressure beneath skin left of clitoris. Found after 9hrs of walking. Shaved pubic hair one day prior. Feels like a bee sting?

Have what looks like swollen hair bumps on my labia. They are skin colored & hurt a little. They have hair growing out the middle too. What it it ?

Hello, as long as I can remember I've sufferred with not so smooth skin around my vagina and butt cheeks. is this from shaving? Painless and not itchy

Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem. My pubic hair hurts when i touch or itch it. Can you please tell me why this is and how i can treat it. Thanks ?

Hello. I have got razor bumps in the pubic region. They appear like pimples. Please help me. It hurts. Applying Propysalic NF ointment would be ok...

Hello. I have got razor bumps in the pubic region. They appear like pimples. It hurts please help me. Applying Propysalic NF ointment would be okay?

Here recently when i shave my bikini area, it gets little red dots and itches, how do I get around that?

Hey doc I got some bumps on my pubic region, at first they were ingrown hairs but after using different methods they weren't going away, then I started investigating further it could be molloscum but they were no dimples in the center. Still could be an i

Hey i shave down in my male parts i think i got ingrown hairs a b thry kinda hurt what should i do?

Hey there so i recently noticed this red bump on my neck. i am not 100% sure if it is a ingrown hair or a boil? and has a lump under it forming.

Hi onmy pubis area i get lots of lumps that then turn in to puss like a pimple or ingrown hair very painful lots of blood and no hair in there?

HI after a patch of my pubic hair was ripped out I got little red bumps that would bleed slightly if I squeezed them there was hair directly in the ce?

Hi I am 22years old and have dark skin and when I shave my biking area and stomach I started getting razor bumps and ingrown hairs with dark spots is there anything I can do to get it to go away I don't have a lot of money so I can't really get lazor hair

Hi I get razor burn and ingrown hairs from time to time. I shaved my pubic region Friday and noticed light bleeding in two spots at the top of my vulva where the hair is near where it folds and has lots of moisture. I had sex a few times over the weekend